When Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit The Lake District?

Home to some of Britain’s most spectacular natural scenery and wildlife, the Lake District remains an undisputed gem on the northern landscape. Covering a total area of just over 885 square miles, the Lake District is an intricate network of lakes, mountain peaks and woodlands which has been categorised as a protected area since 1951. Its popularity as a tourist destination continues to swell with every passing year, as visitors from the UK and all over the world flock to see nature in its most glorious and unaltered form.

Lake District
Lake DistrictEnnor / Water Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

When to Visit the Lake District: How to Make your Decision

As a traveller, one of the most important considerations is deciding exactly when to visit the Lake District. To make an informed decision, you will need to consider the following factors and the type of holiday that you are hoping to enjoy: –

Weather and Climate

The Lake District is renowned for its inconsistent weather, and the fact remains that heavy showers can strike at any time of the year. That said, statistics suggest that the worst of the regions rainfall is usually reserved for the beginning and the end of winter, so you may wish to avoid travelling between the months of November and February. Excessive snow has also been known to fall during these months, so you are best served planning your trip at a time when the climate is a little more conducive to experiencing outdoor activities.

Busy Periods and Activities

The busiest season for tourism in the Lake District is between June and August, and this surge in demand triggers soaring prices, heavy traffic and high levels of congestion. Travelling during this time may impact on the quality of your experience, especially if you are hoping to enjoy a slow placed and relaxing holiday. If you are looking for a more active break, however, a summer excursion will allow you to access several gardening and good food festivals, while it also provides an ideal opportunity to enjoy the numerous fells and hiking routes in glorious sunshine.

Wildlife and Natural Plant Life

The Lake District is also known to attract wildlife enthusiasts and students, as it is home to several species of rare and fascinating life. If you are hoping to enjoy the local wildlife as a part of your holiday, you would be best advised to visit during the autumn months and from the beginning of September. Not only is the region less well populated during this time, but the cooling climate also provides an ideal environment for many of the Lake District’s resident animals. An autumn excursion will also enable you to save money, as many hotels are forced to compete for potential business during the off-peak season.

In Conclusion

While it is clear that the timing of your Lake District trip is primarily dependent on your personal preferences and expectations, as a general rule you should avoid visiting during the months of winter. Taking into account all of these factors, however, travelling in late spring or early autumn will allow you to enjoy an affordable experience that offers exceptional value for money. Your choice of accommodation may also influence the timing of your trip, as reputable operators such as South Lakeland Parks are renowned for offering excellent deals all year round.

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