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Slovenia’s Culinary Secrets

Where can you get the best pizza outside Italy? You might not expect it, but in…. Slovenia. Yes, Slovenia! On the Mediterranean coast of Eastern Europe, Slovenia’s been intimately connected to Italy throughout its history. Nowadays Slovenia restaurants serve some of the best pasta in the world- and, perhaps unexpectedly, Slovenians take exceptional pride in their pizza. Think thin crispy…

Can Air Flights Create Health Risks For You When You Are On Vacation?

When flying on commercial airlines, airline passengers can develop some medical problems which tend to be minor.  However, some symptoms may develop into more serious medical conditions, such as deep vein thrombosis, which can quickly become life threatening.   The following paragraph lists a number of the most common in-flight medical symptoms.   The usual in-flight symptoms you may experience…

Blue Mosque

Turkey: A Destination for Every Tourist

Some locations are associated with certain types of tourist. For instance, the Canary Islands are great for families, Paris for couples and Ibiza for younger travellers. Turkey is an exception to this as it offers something for everyone with its unique mix of the outdoors, cultural attractions and great beaches. Cheap holidays to Turkey are perfect for every traveller. Turkey…

Naukuchiatal Lake

Naukuchiatal – A Travelogue

Naukuchiatal is a small amazingly beautiful valley located in the central himalayas (popularly known as kumaon) with a number of other pretty places close-by. The hill station of Nainital, the queen of kumaon is just an hour’s drive away from here. This is a travelogue written by me when I visited the place 2 years back.

Cinque Terra

Cinque Terre which means Five Lands, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Cinque Terre are one of the most uncontaminated areas in the Mediterranean Sea. Five miles of rocky coast among two promontories, thousands of kilometres of dry-laid stone walls, five small towns castled up on stone spurs in minuscule creeks.

Dromoland Castle

Honeymoons With a Twist

Couples are determined to create the ultimate romantic trip when it comes to their honeymoon with no expense spared. But increasingly luxury holidays spent lying on the beach are being replaced with more unusual options as honeymooners seek a unique and special way to spend their first few weeks together as husband and wife. Here are three honeymoon destinations with a difference.

Ski Chalets

The Ski Chalet Experience in Europe!

Ski Chalets really are a home from home in another country, and provide an enjoyable experience designed for people from all over the world. France and Austria are the two most popular ski destinations in Europe, closely followed by Italy, but for the best ski chalets, you are definitely best sticking to Austria or France. The great diversity with these…

Grand Canyon - Lower Tapeats Campground at the Colorado River

A Handful of the Top Backpacking Destinations

Backpacking across an untamed landscape is as much a sport as it is an art form. While a considerable level of skill and endurance is involved, the real rewards are the views and the experiences that one is allowed when traversing untamed regions of the world. Thankfully, there are a number of ideal destinations that will offer unforgettable experiences to…


Prague Stag Do

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic is without doubt the most famous destination for a lad’s retreat. Often cited as the original stag do abroad destination, it is no secret as to why this city continually attracts the likes of Britain’s weekend warriors! Nicknamed the “Golden City” Prague is a tourist’s paradise. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain tourism…

Great Kahayan river

Indigenous Borneo

Cruise the jungle via the Great Kahayan river If there was an uber-destination award for wilderness travel, Borneo would be a top contender. The island’s biodiversity alone is worth going for, with over 350 new species discovered since the mid 1990s. Borneo’s legal and illegal deforestation, and the subsequent plight of its endangered orang-utan population, have been well-publicised. The forests…