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Laser Vision in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Hotels: Go Big or Go Home…Broke

When it comes to hotels in Las Vegas, or at least the ones on the strip, there’s no better way to describe them than out of this world. Every major strip hotel in Las Vegas is themed and you can choose from Pirates, to The Beatles, to an Italian Renaissance theme and you can even stay in a pyramid. Las…

Finding The Best Snorkeling in Caribbean

There are over 700 islands, but the best snorkeling in Caribbean are Antigua, Aruba, The Bahamas, Belize and Grand Cayman. Explore marine life much closer! What is the most favorite activity you love to do when visiting a beach? Swimming and sunbathing have been too usual. If you want to have more challenging and relaxing experience, you can consider to…

U.S. Interstate Highway Travel

When traveling nationally, a car can often be the most efficient way of getting around. You are able to take short cuts, stop whenever you want and travel at your own pace.  Not to mention now queues at the airport, no risk of DVT and no jet lag. One of the best ways to travel by car in America is…

Best Ski Resorts in Europe

Europe has a number of ski resorts dotted throughout the Alps in countries such as Italy, Austria, Italy and Switzerland and even the smaller country of Andorra. Europe has a number of competitive skiers and snowboarders, even Britain got involved when Eddy the Eagle gained international recognition during the 1988 winter Olympics, albeit for coming last in all the events…

The Worn Picket Fence

Be Safe! Beach Hazards In Florida

Florida has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, and every year millions of people flock to the sunny state to catch a glimpse of the golden shores and crystal blue waters. Beaches offer the ultimate relaxation setting, and who doesn’t like to spend some time walking the coast, sand massaging their feet, sun warming their skin? Sadly…

Tips for Planning a Trip to India

Traveling to India is a dream for many people, but a trip to India is not something that can happen on the spur of the moment. Not only is airfare expensive, but there are some important legal and health concerns to be addressed before you go. The weather and an abundance of festivals make October to February the best time…

bike and door

Make The Most Of Magical Morocco

DO AN ADVENTURE TOUR Morocco is not only magical but for sheer diversity, it is the perfect destination for adventures and adrenaline rushing activities. From the imperial cities of Marrakech, Meknes and Fez with crowded bazaars conjuring up flavors of Arabian Nights to contrasting mountain ranges in the south and to the glimmering sandy dunes of the Sahara, Morocco is…

Summer Cruise

3 Top Summer Cruises for 2011

What are your plans for this summer? Is it to stay home and bake in the hot sun as you do every summer? Is it to travel to see family, which you have likely done on too many occasions? Or is it to do something special? If you’re an adventurer who likes to make the most out of life and you fall into the latter category, the best option for you is a summer cruise.

Aggravating Street Sellers

I’m a well travelled man who’s journeyed into near every corner of the known world, apart from them horribly cold countries and north Korea (they wouldn’t let me in), there’s a multitude of annoying factors about visiting a new country but the one which really rubs me up the wrong way are them irritating market traders. Market traders are the…

How to Save On Your Next Vacation

For many people the recent downturn in the global economy has made it even harder to save up money for their next vacation. If your in the majority you’re always wanting to save money and saving an extra $100 or more on your next vacation package could be the difference in having the money to take the trip or not….