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Cyprus travel

Reasons to Visit Cyprus

When you’re thinking of booking a holiday, one of the first things you think of is what the weather is going to be like once you’re there, and how hot it will be, so if you want guaranteed hot weather you should look no further than the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. If you’re wondering why, then read on: 340 days…

Livingstone Zambia

Spontaneous Destinations for Valentine’s Day 2012- New York, London and Zambia?

We have all of the usual things to think about such as what is an appropriate gift to give, how much money should be spent and whether the present should be an experience or tangible item but these days, we also have to consider originality when it comes to picking the perfect present.

Save on Travel

Simple Ways to Save on Travel

How to Save for Travel It’s the start of a new year and you are just starting to think about what holiday to take this year. The thought of jetting away to a sun filled paradise may seem like a dream when reality comes crashing in and you remember your finances. Here are some savvy ways to make that sun…

Exploring Australia

Exploring Australia- How to stay safe in the bush

If you want to see the real bush, you do need to know the dangers and stay alert. If you’re prepared to face the risks, grab some cheap travel insurance and come and have a look. A simple fact- People die in the bush every year. Bush hazards are very real, and not always obvious: Heat: Dehydration can kill, quite…

Free Guidebook to Lanzarote Out Now

Despite the credit crunch and weak state of sterling the holiday island of Lanzarote still expects to welcome well over one million tourists this year. The bulk of them from the UK and Eire.  And anyone planning to visit Lanzarote this summer can now get their hands on a comprehensive 96 page guide to the island – entirely free of…

port of Hoi An

Tour Around Vietnam’s Most Beautiful Offerings

In Ho Chi Mihn City you can visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, some of which, humorously, have been made wider and taller for tourists. The tunnels are part of a greater network of tunnels beneath much of the tunnels, which were used during the Vietnam War. The War Remnants museum is in Ho Chi Mihn City, providing some historical context…

Some Helpful Tips for Your South Africa Holiday Plan

When planning for holidays for far flung destinations like South Africa it is never so easy. But, looking through some holiday tips to these destinations is always helpful. A holiday trip to South Africa is exciting and truly memorable but requires an advance planning like booking of flights, accommodations and car hire, which can make your trip hurdle free. This…

Mount Everest from base camp one

Fancy a Trip up Mount Everest?

On 29th May 1953 Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing became the first people to reach the summit at Mount Everest. Ever since, adrenaline hungry mountain climbers have been heading to Nepal to try and conquer the great mountain. But Nepal offers many wonderful alternatives for those who don’t fancy being lodged on a snowy mountain. Mount EverestRupert Taylor-Price / Foter…

Yosemite National Park, California, USA

Your Guide to Camping Holidays around the Yosemite National Park

Many people claim that their trip to California has been the holiday of a life time. The State is so huge and diverse that it ultimately always has something for everyone in it. Whether you like the hustle and bustle of the streets of San Francisco, the glamour and the stardom of Hollywood and Los Angeles or the remote and tranquil feeling of the area known as Death Valley, there is one place that people always talk about; Yosemite National Park.

A Guide to Athens, Greece

Athens, the capital of Greece is one of the most famous cities in the world. Its name originates from the Greek Goddess Athena. It is the place where the great Olympics began. There are a host of four and five star hotels where you can have a lavish and comfortable stay. Some of the main hotels are Residence Georgio, Hotel…