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Long Beach, BC

The Magic of Long Beach, BC

You’ve seen pictures of Vancouver Island’s Long Beach; the white peaked waves coming up out of nowhere as if from the endless, vivid blue skyline, crashing the silky, pale grey sand of the beach.  Well let me tell you that these pictures have not been modified and the descriptions you hear don’t do Vancouver Island’s west coast justice.  It’s something…

Vietnam travel

Travel in Vietnam – Far From The Maddening Crowds

When most people think of Vietnam it is fair to say that they think of the bustling ancient motorcycle filled metropolis that is Hanoi (the nation’s capital). However whilst Hanoi is  awe inspiring and a must see destination, Vietnam should also be remembered for its stunning tropical getaways and white sandy beaches. So with this in mind, let’s take a…

Valentine Day

Romantic Trips to Spend This Valentine Day

Valentine day is a perfect time to indulge in a romantic holiday. To spend this valentine day, think of a different way to amuse your lover. Taking your time you can look through various hotels and destinations where you both can spend a romantic time with each other. For this big day just few days are left to go. So,…

Experience the beauty of North India

Travelling in India brings a lot of excitement, as this incredible land has many interesting tourist destinations. Leave yourselves in the land of the folklore, complete with kings, queens and fairytale palaces.

Guide to Manila in the Philippines

Go to the Philippines, and you will find Manila, a city in the heart of the country, overflowing with history and culture. The city having spent hundreds of years, the country regained its independence in the late 1800’s after a revolution, which was until the United States took the city a few years later. Again Manila earned its independence, shortly…

London Night

Making a night out in London unique

It’s generally easy to have a good night out when visiting a city centre – especially abroad – but sometimes people want something a bit different to make the night special and so begins the hunt for bars with that little extra to them. One great city to have such a night in is London. Millions pass through the streets of…

Tuscan Villa

Study Tours of Italy

A trip to Italy can be many things–a beach vacation, a tour of the Tuscan countryside, an exploration of historical areas, or it can be a chance to learn about cooking, art, archeology, or the beautiful Italian dialect. In fact, your Italian holiday can be all of those things rolled into one.

travel safe

Traveling Safe

Traveling abroad can be exciting yet it comes with its own set of hazards. While going to another country on vacation or business there are certain facts you need to keep in mind. Booking Get organized. People who plan their itineraries and book their journeys well in advance rarely come to grief. Since most international flights land in the night…

Famous film locations to visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California is where countless movies are written, filmed and released. Unofficially the filmmaking capital of North America, the city is full of famous buildings and recognizable streets from some of the most iconic movie scenes. You can experience the filmmaking culture in Los Angeles by visiting these iconic film locations. The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles is the…

Family Crossing

A Day Out On A South Africa Family Safari Tour

Experience a day out on a South Africa safari family tour. Read about my experience to South Africa, a family holiday that I’ll never forget. Safari Tour for Families, South Africa orkomedix / Family Photos / CC BY-NC-SA Leaving Krugar airport after an 11 hour flight to Johannesburg and a 2 hour transfer I was immediately hit by the hot…