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Enjoy Top Ten Destinations in Australia This Christmas

This Christmas thinking to go on a trip to some extraordinary place that caters you not just beach activities, sightseeing opportunities, and wonderful cities but also some wild exotic animals, snow-capped mountains, rainforests or maybe a desert too. Then, keeping in this mind, Australia would be the right destination for you to enjoy your Christmas vacation. The top 10 destinations…

2011-06-26 09-16-48 Mauritius Rivière du Rempart Cap Malheureux

Mauritius 101 – Fast Facts for First Timer

For the first-timer, Mauritius holidays can seem about as exotic as travelling to the moon. As such, there are inevitably thousands of questions to be asked in order to clear concerns and generally come to terms with the basics – of which the following represents a select few of the most frequently asked and pressing examples: In a nutshell? Mauritius…

Honeymoon in Polynesia: white coral islands in the Pacific

According to the travel news and this travel blog, the place is situated in the air Oceania Eastern Polynesia is a region made up of several islands of the Pacific Ocean. Let’s start with this little definition to avoid the confusion which exists between this region and other areas of the planet, such as the Maldives. The name Polynesia in…

The Impact of Taking your Children to Disney World

Disney is a brand that has transcended many generations. Many people do not know this, but when Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs together with Pinocchio were released in the 1940’s, they were timeless classics that were revolutionary in terms of what they did. Masterful storytelling, enchanting soundtracks as well as cutting edge 2D animation that was the best at…

Travel items

Five “I Will Not Travel Without” Items

Everyone has a security blanket. No, not some warm piece of fabric that we’ve been carrying around since childhood. In this case, the security blanket is the item(s) that you simply won’t leave behind because they either mean that much to you or they are really that practical. Doesn’t matter if I’m hopping flights, camping out or simply visiting family, there are five items that I won’t travel without. Want to know what they are?

Texas Wedding

5 Best Wedding Locations in Texas

They don’t call the big and best “Texas-sized” for nothing. Texas is a big state that doesn’t do anything half-hearted; it’s big on fun and carefree days, big on style and gentility. Texas is the gorgeous western locale with rolling hills, picturesque deserts, and dazzling cities that lets you be whatever you want to be. It’s the perfect place to…

Pests Abroad

Pests I Have Encountered Abroad

Traveling into foreign countries will definitely bring you into contact with pests you might not have even realized were pests. This happened to me in South America several times and once in India. The most common and unnerving pest encounter was while learning the value of high-end hotel rooms. When traveling abroad, it is worth the little bit more you…

Sharm El Sheikh beach

Things to do Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite locations in Egypt, and for that matter, the world itself. Situated near the Red Sea, this spot is a favorite amongst holiday goers looking for luxurious experiences and awe-inspiring sights. Littered with fantastic hotels and breath taking beaches, it’s a fantastic place to spend your holiday with your friends, family and…

Travel to Venezuela

Venezuela Travel is a lifetime experience. It has that typical South American touch engraved with a bit of Caribbean touch too.

Flying With Pets – How Can You Keep Your Pet Safe And Healthy When Traveling On Commercial Airline Flights?

   If you are planning to fly with your pet, you are part of a growing trend that has been increasing for the last number of years.  Most airlines, for a nominal fee, will allow your small pet to fly with you if it will fit in a FAA approved pet carrier that can be stowed under your seat.  The…