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Consider Visiting Panama

Panama City is a city of rich culture, stunning landscapes and a bustling nightlife. You can spend your day on a sunny beach, perusing the local shops or taking in the sites on a fascinating canal tour. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach holiday or a lively city getaway, Panama City is the holiday destination for you. First, if…

Hotel Stars

How Do Hotel Star Ratings Work?

When it comes to choosing a hotel or a holiday, the pressure of making the right decision can make the process a rather stressful one. Can you trust what you read on the internet? Should you go somewhere that has been personally recommended to you?

a summer day at the beach

Home or Away – Where to Take Your Holidays this Summer

As summer approaches the lingering question is whether to travel abroad or stay at home. While staying at home may seem a little bit boring considering most people you might know may be travelling abroad for summer, sometimes it may be wise to stay on. Travelling abroad needs a lot of planning, extravagant accommodations, long queues and not forgetting the…

Travelling to Africa

Travelling to Africa

Africa is the second largest continent, as it consists of 54 countries and some other territories. With close to a billion of people, it is only behind Asia as the most populated continent in the world. Africa is home to the Sahara desert, the Nile River, Lake Victoria, The Victoria Falls and Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a fascinating place to visit; however, many people are cautious about visiting Africa because of safety concerns.

Stay Connected

Travelling with Mobile Broadband: Stay Connected

Being able to stay connected pretty much wherever you go has become something we almost take for granted when it comes to phones. However, increasingly, we are also expecting to be able to stay online while we’re away from home and, thanks to the plethora of latest gadgets, that’s now becoming easier and cheaper to do. If you already own…

Tanzania Safaris | Amani Afrika | Satisfied Clients

G’day i have been in Africa now for just over a year and recently scaled the biggest mountain with a great mate. We went up with Temba and his smiling team of helpers, cooks and story tellers. The trip was just amazing with definitely one of the best experiences I have had so far on this continent and my life….

Romantic Activities in Bali

Three Romantic Activities to do in Bali

Without a doubt, Bali, Indonesia has been popular destination for romantic getaways. Honeymooners planning to take a drip down to the South East will definitely have a wonderful time enjoying the breath-taking attractions and sceneries it has to offer. Here are the top activities you can line up in your Bali vacation itinerary:

Wedding Photos

Top Honeymoon Destinations

Although some marriage traditions are now considered outdated in the modern world, one part of the proceedings that’s never lost its appeal is the romantic holiday for the bride and groom, allowing them to celebrate their new wedded lives. Although couples often look for different things from honeymoon destinations, there are a number of common factors that make some destinations…

A luxury hotel deal? Now it is possible

I have been travelling in several countries worldwide with more activity in Europe and central Asia but also some travel in the USA and Middle East, which, guess, is more related to business than leisure or holiday travel. In my experience a hotel stay from a 4 star hotel and above, say 5 star and 5 star luxury hotels is a pleasant condition…


Top Value Skiing for 2012

Here are four ski resorts that will offer you the best bang for your buck in 2012