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The Resort Madh-marve – One day picnic destination

“The Resort”—a 5 star deluxe hotel is a Raheja Corp. endeavour. Located at the majestic shoreline of Madh Marve beach, it is just within an hour’s drive from Mumbai. The meticulously planned infrastructure and the stately ambience make it the perfect get-away from the city. Because of its excellent cuisine and accommodation, The Resort has become the preferred escape zone…

Holiday Hotels And Resorts – Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite When You Travel On Vacation

Even the best luxurious five-star hotels and resorts can occasionally get an infestation of bed bugs.  This is sometimes unavoidable because many hundreds, or even thousands of travelers and tourists can be staying at a hotel or resort at any given time. These little blood drinking critters can easily hitch a ride on unsuspecting travelers or hide in their luggage. …

Exploring The Golden Coast without Going Far

I blinked as the sun glared in my eyes. The tall skyscrapers barely hid the sun as it towered above. I had just walked out of the hotel I had been staying at, the Chevron Renaissance. I glanced at the pamphlet in my hands, carefully making note of all the interesting things the Gold Coast had to offer. On the…

Hostel Mostel

Top Party Hostels Around the World

If you’re travelling you’re partying right? If you prefer your hostels a bit more ‘rock n roll’ than ‘book n bed’ you’ll need to pay close attention to the following party hostel recommendations, who said hostels were just for sleeping in anyway?

Egypt For Honeymooners

Egypt For Honeymooners

If you’re planning on tying the knot and are looking for somewhere different, exotic and at the same time culturally significant to spend your first days as a newly married couple, then why not consider Egypt? Situated in northern Africa, the country is easily accessible, particularly for Europeans where there are numerous low cost flights operating out of most European…

Airline Baggage Rules

Airline Baggage Rules to Know

Traveling is stressful, take a moment to understand common baggage rules to avoid mistakes

Many things to do in Banff this time of year

When Americans think of international vacations to go on, they don’t think of their neighbor to the north as often as they should. But even though most people think of Canada as a winter spot, it actually gets some of its best tourism this time of year. Although there are many places to visit in Canada, one of the most…

Some Facts to Know About the Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful and the third-largest island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is to the south of Turkey having a Mediterranean climate. Cyprus is famous for its beautiful mountainous backdrop, pristine sandy beaches, taverns and friendliness. The beautiful island is a wonderful holiday destination due to its location in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea with wonderful…

Honeymoon in Bali

Honeymoon in Bali

How to make Bali the perfect honeymoon destination to travel to You want your honeymoon to be the most memorable holiday of your life. You should be able to relax, have fun, and also have the most romantic experiences possible. All of this is available on a honeymoon in Bali. Bali holidays are one of the most sought after destinations…

La quiete PRIMA della tempesta

Nightlife hotspots you shouldn’t miss on a Cancun holiday

Cancun in Mexico has got itself a bit of a reputation as a party destination, making this the perfect place to visit if you want to let your hair down in a fantastic beach setting. Of course, as with any city, some bars and clubs offer a better experience than others. Cancun holidaycincinnato / / CC BY-NC-SA Check out…