5 of the Best Nightclubs in Sydney

Whether you and your friends are celebrating a special event or simply going out at the end of a long week, there are many great nightclubs in Sydney to accommodate everything your heart desires.

With great music, good food and various vibes from the décor, everyone will find what they are searching for to have a great night. Here are a few of the best nightclubs in Sydney.

Chinese Laundry
111 Sussex Street
Sydney, NSW

Voted the number one nightclub in Sydney several years in a row, the Chinese Laundry is located under the Slip Inn, a hotel for both business and pleasure. If you are in the mood for music, one of the three bars, including the Tuscan-inspired outdoor garden, will help you party the night away in style. This happening club, recently ranked number 67 in the world, consistently brings in the best music in interstate, international, kings of house, Baltimore, progressive, tech, breaks and electro for club-goers musical pleasure.

The Argyle Hotel
18 Argyle Street
The Rocks, NSW

You won’t find The Argyle Hotel under any cheap hotel search because it is actually six venues of nightlife packed into one spectacular space. The premiere venue is the Argyle or the sandstone courtyard where visitors go back in time with a mixture of modern and original décor. There are the preserved cobblestone pathways and festive, colorful drapery, lights and extra-large tables and lamps plus dancers on special nights on the red carpet. At its heyday, the Argyle Hotel was one of the premiere Australian hotels and dining establishment in town. The building dates back to the 1820s and is one of the country’s oldest commercial buildings still welcoming guests. In addition to the courtyard party area, there is the Gallery and the Belvedere, the Aviary and the lush Reibey. The food is fabulous and the entertainment in each section is as varied as the décor. This is a great place to come after work, with a client or with friends for a celebration or just to kick back and relax.

The Gilmore Rooftop Hotel
96 Cumberland Street
The Rock, NSW

If you did a search for cheap hotels or wanted to find hotels in the Rock area of Sydney, you would come across one of the favorite watering holes of that area, The Gilmore Rooftop Hotel. No other nightclub offers the 180 degree view of the CBD or the Sydney Harbor. People come from miles around to enjoy a leisurely afternoon in the beautiful beer garden and sample some of the lands finest brews. Built in 1921, the beautiful Gilmore Hotel retains most of its colonial charm and character of the English settlement that first arrived on the Rock in 1788, but is equipped with modern conveniences.

The Retro (Bristol Arms Hotel)
81 Sussex Street
Sydney, NSW

A Sydney hotels search will not find any other like this one because it is not a hotel at all but one of Sydney’s Premiere nightlife locations. The Retro is not one bar but five bars under one roof and then the roof is also a party haven with a spectacular view. There is also a great restaurant to enjoy a bite before or after partying.

There is the Retro Basement which offers the Retro Meal Deal. It is only $20 during the week, $32 on Fridays and $42 on Saturdays. This offer gets you a three course meal, karaoke in addition to the club entry.

Party Central is where sports fans want to be for anything and everything sports. It is located on the ground level and features four plasma screen televisions with various sports playing every day and night, all the time.

Pure Retro is where you want to dress in your best 80s attire. Footloose and legwarmers seem to be the way to go in this busy bar. It’s a fun blast from the past with all your favorite music and dance moves.

Old Skool is open on Saturday’s and will rock you or let you boogie down with the best of the partiers. And if you are wanting a more relaxed evening, try the Rooftop Terrace for a romantic evening, a birthday or other celebration with a spectacular view.

The Arthouse Hotel
275 Pitt Street
Sydney, NSW

Search for cheap hotels and you will find Australia hotels that are not really hotels at all. Take for example the Arthouse Hotel. It boasts four unique and distinct bars, each one more elegant than the one before. The Arthouse Hotel offers a fine dining and drinking experience in their Dome Restaurant and Bar with lounge and table seating, artist paintings on the wall, fabulous food and a private cocktail bar all located under a hand-painted dome ceiling.

The Gallery Bar at the Arthouse Hotel is located on the ground floor and offers table or lounge seating for your entire party. There is DJ facilities, a private and public cocktail bars and streaming music, just perfect for intimate parties and gatherings for the office or personal. The Verge Bar is a large open space, certified for aerial acts, theatre and chapel events. It is a dazzling space, perfect for dance parties or movie screenings with the large projector and 3m screen. The Attic Bar is the most casual of the three with a cozy atmosphere and a vibe of the art school days. It features a private entrance and built in projector and screen for world premieres of videos and short films.

It doesn’t matter if you and your mates have lived in Australia for many years or you and your friends are visiting from another country, the nightlife is something to experience. You can party the night away with a cocktail or two and dancing until dawn or you can find a cozy, secluded spot where people watching and conversation are more enjoyable. Try one or more of these exciting nightspots next time you find yourself in Sydney.

This guest post article was written and provided by Erica Gustafson, freelance writer, avid Australia traveler and online media consultant for Expedia.

Walking Tour Around Sydney

A great way to appreciate the sights around Sydney is by taking a pleasant stroll around its environs. There is a lot to do and see around Sydney, its harbour district, the well-maintained parklands and its iconic buildings.

The main tourist locations are in the centre of Sydney and can easily be reached during a days gentle wandering around the streets and roads. The majority of attractions are free but the occasional sight may charge. Sydney is a reasonably flat city with only modest slopes and there are plenty of locations to stop off for a drink or bite to eat during the trip. See also the following ideas for five free things to do in the city.

The Walking Tour

Sydney Town Hall, Sydney Square is a great starting point for most walks; its central location is where many locals meet, the bus depot is here as well as the Town Hall train station.  From Sydney Square you can head off in a number of different directions in search of adventure. The Town Hall has an impressive interior complete with a lovely pipe organ.

Across Sydney Square is the entrance to St Andrew’s Cathedral, once you have had a good look around leave by the side exit and walk up Bathurst Street to Hyde Park. As you cross over Elizabeth Street you pass the Obelisk and on into the park.

In Hyde Park you will discover the ANZAC Memorial, entering on the ground floor where there is a staircase that leads into the Chamber of the Eternal Flame and from here you leave through the main entrance, down the stairs and past the reflecting pool.

To the right is the Australian Museum, which if time allows is well worth a visit, here there are exhibits and displays that cover the natural science, indigenous species and cultural events from all over Australia.

Continuing through the park you will leave at Park Street and head for Archibald Fountain, here you turn eastwards and head towards St Mary’s Cathedral. After you have looked around this unique cathedral head out via the gift shop towards Macquarie Street and the Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney’s main male prison until 1848.

Continuing along Macquarie Street you will pass St James’s Church and Queen Victoria’s Statue. A little further on you will reach Martin Place, a magnificent open space and a perfect place to take a breather. Parliament House is next and here they offer free tours, then you’ll reach the State Library and discover for yourself the magnificent old reading room deep in the bowels of the building.

Cross the road into The Domain sports fields, this is where you will find the Art Gallery of New South Wales following Mrs Macquaries road into the Royal Botanical Gardens. This is an excellent place to explore, relax and have a picnic. From this point you can walk up to Mrs Macquires Chair a large sandstone bench cut into the rock. Alternatively follow the harbour wall all the way round the coastline and get a marvellous view as you approach the Sydney Opera House.

Getting there

Smart Traveller wrote this guide to the airport the arrival point for international flights to Sydney and suggested the following museums to visit while on holiday in the city

5 Places To Visit On A Sydney Layover

5 Places To Visit On A Sydney
5 Places To Visit On A Sydney

Sydney’s a pretty good place to be laid over. If your ticket allows you to leave the airport, (check your ticket) you can have a good time in one of the world’s most exciting cities. Sydney’s a big place, and there’s a lot to see and do. Hostels in Sydney are excellent, and there are plenty of choices of where to stay.

Before you do anything, make sure you leave your luggage safely stowed away. Sydney International Airport has a service called Smarte Carte, which has a pretty straightforward scale of fees for types of luggage and terms of storage.

Things to do and see

The good thing about Sydney’s best known landmarks and attractions is they’re actually pretty close together in the business district.

You’ll find:

1. Sydney Harbor- Circular Quay, Sydney Harbor Bridge, and the Opera House

Circular Quay is at the harbor end of George Street, a useful navigational street in the city. The Opera House and the Harbor Bridge are right there.

So are The Rocks, a great, good quality tourist shopping spot (even the locals don’t mind shopping there) The Museum of Contemporary Art, the opal dealers, and as much good food as you can eat wherever you look.

2. Sydney City and surrounds- Chinatown and Darling Harbor

Sydney city’s a business type of place, but the fun’s always pretty close at hand. At the other end of George Street is Chinatown, an Australian legend, where you can find the latest from Asia as well as the original Chinese culture. The shopping at this end of town is completely different. World Square, a former city block turned into a building, is a case in point. Old pubs, Tibetan eateries, Chinese herbal businesses, and the celebrated Paddy’s Markets, where you can buy anything.

3. Oxford Street and Paddington

At the lower end of the city next to Hyde Park South is Oxford Street of Gay Mardi Gras fame. If you follow Oxford Street through to Paddington, a few blocks away, you’ll find another different culture. This is the original inner city zone, and it has a fantastic hybrid of old Sydney, new Sydney, and the upmarket shopping boutiques and markets.

4. Bondi Beach

Despite its fame, Bondi Beach actually is a great beach. Just outside the city by public transport, Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction are good places for a great swim and exploration trip. It’s also a good way to check out the city and learn to find your way around all the best places in the eastern suburbs, which are literally only a few minutes away from the city.

5. Manly

At the end of Sydney Harbor near the Heads is Manly, which the proud locals claim to be the greatest place in Sydney, and it’s only a short ferry ride across the harbor from the city. Manly has great beaches, and if you take a tour, some of the best visual evidence of what an incredible part of the world Sydney really is.

The problem with getting laid over in Sydney is you’ll find you want to keep doing it. Don’t find this urge, because you can’t win.

6 Reasons Why Sydney Is More Than A City Holiday Destination

When we think about Sydney, we think about the Opera House, Sydney Harbour, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, probably including Bondi Beach. Sydney is more than just that. Sydney is more than just a city and there is a huge range of activities, like going on a blue mountains tour, that will take up many days of your schedule if you are to get a feel for the place. Lets look at some of the must-do things when visiting Sydney.

  • Blue Mountains. As mentioned just above, the Blue Mountains will take the greater part of a day’s tour. Starting early and heading up to the mountains and experiencing the size and beauty. Unless you have been you will really not appreciate how stunning and beautiful they are.
  • Manly and other beaches. Bondi is only one of the famous beaches of Sydney. They are many and actually spread all the way up north and down south along the coast. You might be surprised at some of the amazing hidden rivers and estuaries with great spots for jumping off into deep lagoons. Excellent for romantic days hidden away.
  • Canberra. Despite popular international belief, Sydney is not the capital of Australia. The truth is that many Australians have never visited their own capital. It is possible to go on a thought provoking and interesting history lesson to the capital territory and city of Australia, Canberra. A memorable and educational way to spend a day.
  • Wineries. What visit to any part of Australia would be complete without a visit to its amazing wineries. Sydney is no different. A perfect choice for a day tour, as you don’t have to worry and think about drinking and driving. The historic Hunter Valley is dotted with world renowned wine makers and there is not much better than spending the day tasting some of the best wines in the world.
  • Marine life. Australia is famous for its wildlife, why not see what the oceans have to offer. Not far out from Sydney there is ample opportunity to see Dolphins and other marine life in their natural habitat behaving foolishly. There are a range of excellent tours and very well equipped luxury boats and ships of the ocean to take on a day of adventure and education.
  • Sporting events and more. If you do a little planning ahead you can join in some of Australia’s unique sporting events. Sydney was home to the 2000 Olympics and has all the sporting facilities you would expect. The legacy of this is a huge number of world class sporting and entertainment events around and just outside the city. Make sure you are aware of them and catch some of the real Australia while you have the chance.