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Sharm el-Sheikh is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite locations in Egypt, and for that matter, the world itself. Situated near the Red Sea, this spot is a favorite amongst holiday goers looking for luxurious experiences and awe-inspiring sights. Littered with fantastic hotels and breath taking beaches, it’s a fantastic place to spend your holiday with your friends, family and loved ones.

However, the area is perhaps most popular with fans of underwater activities. With pristine warm water and some of the most beautiful coral reefs on the continent, it is of little surprise that Sharm el-Sheikh has become a must go to location for divers. There are many diving centers that will take both novice and experienced divers on some of the magnificent coral reef tours. The national park on the tip of the Sinai Peninsula in particular, is one of the most famous dive sites in the world and should not be missed. The coral gardens are some of the most varied and beautiful on the continent, so be sure to gain the relevant training to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

If the idea of snorkeling and diving is a somewhat daunting one however, you can still experience some of the under water delights the sea has to offer. Many glass bottom boats do tours that will give you an impression of how things look down there without the need for you to get your feet wet.

If you’re hoping to spend a nice relaxing time on some of the numerous beaches however, there are a huge amount of activities on offer to keep you and your family entertained. Everything from thrilling beach activities such as kitesurfing and parasailing to the tamer boating and canoeing can be easily be organized through your hotel concierge service.

If beach activities are not your thing you can always venture into the desert for some fun. If you are looking to learn a bit more about the people of Egypt and how they have lived for thousands of years, be sure to go on a Bedouin camping trip where you will be guided into the desert by knowledgeable locals. If you plan to camp overnight be sure to wrap up, the desert gets extremely cold at night and is not an experience for the faint hearted.

Sharm el-Sheikh is by far the most expensive part of Egypt, with prices being almost three times as much as anywhere else in the country. There are generally very few low cost accommodation options but if you look around you can find some reasonably priced hotels. Flights to Sharm el-Sheikh are usually in pretty high demand so it is worth booking well ahead of time and shopping around for the best deal to help keep costs low. Regardless, this little slice of heaven is well worth the visit for those looking to enjoy the sea and desert.

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Egypt For Honeymooners

Egypt For Honeymooners
Egypt For Honeymooners

If you’re planning on tying the knot and are looking for somewhere different, exotic and at the same time culturally significant to spend your first days as a newly married couple, then why not consider Egypt?

Situated in northern Africa, the country is easily accessible, particularly for Europeans where there are numerous low cost flights operating out of most European cities. It is also easily accessible for North Americans with some direct flights; however it’s quite easy to get a long haul flight to one of the main European airports – Heathrow, Amsterdam, Paris – and be in Egypt a few hours later.

An important consideration is the time of year you are planning your wedding. Being in Africa Egypt can be very hot in the summer, hotter than most people will be used to. Hitting Egypt in some of the cooler period is often a better option for those who come from cooler climates, so if your wedding is booked outside of the summer period Egypt is definitely still a good option.

Cooler weather means you will be able to spend more time outside exploring – rather than taking a nap during the afternoon – meaning you will get to see a lot more and reduce the risk of looking like a lobster in all of your honeymoon photos. Another plus for visiting outside of the core summer period is that things will be slightly cheaper – in the mid to low season period, accommodation and flights and generally cheaper – and there will be less tourists, so it will be less crowded.

The pyramids of Giza are one of the most popular places to visit and no matter what your plans for the trip are, they should definitely be included along the way. Naturally this is one of the most touristy areas, so don’t be disappointed by the coaches and guided tours.

Egypt is a big country, so planning is definitely needed in order to see the most sights. Many travellers fly into cities in Upper Egypt such as Luxor and Aswan, but only then realise the actual distance to Cairo (720km) – where the pyramids actually are.

Sharm El Sheikh is another popular destination; however it is quite a distance from Cairo. Despite this many tourists still manage to visit both, although it is worth keeping in mind the distance and planning to spend at least a couple of days in both in order to make the trip worthwhile.

For those who just want to relax, enjoy the sunshine, learn to scuba dive and eat on their honeymoon, a Sharm El Sheikh holiday could be just the ticket. The resort is well known for its luxury hotels and top class restaurants, all of which are perfect for a relaxing honeymoon abroad.

Wherever you decide to visit in Egypt, whether it’s for scuba diving in Sharm El Sheikh, visiting the pyramids in Giza, visiting the city of Cairo or taking a cruise down the Nile – the country has plenty to offer newlyweds and honeymooners – just be sure to remember its size.

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