Cruise Casinos – Gambling at Sea

Cruise casinos have arrived and that means gambling at sea is a available to those wishing to take advantage of such adventures.

Is it really much of a secret people love to venture on gambling related vacations? Considering the enormous popularity of gambling resort towns, such a “revelation” is not much of a revelation. We all know that millions of people love to descend upon cities such as Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City, and the like or simply take the chance playing online craps for real money. But, did you know there is another option available to those that love gambling? There is and it comes in the form of cruise casinos like for example the SunCruz Casinos or the MS Golden Princess.

As the name implies, cruise casinos are luxury boat liners that provide on board gambling for those that wish to try their luck. Then again, if you have a lot of experience with gambling you might not need much lick. Rather, you can put your personal skills and talent to the test.

And there would be a wide range of games in which to do this! Card games, table games, games of chance, and, of course, slot machines are all part of the mix with cruise casinos. You will never run out of variety as these types of cruises are no different than traditional “land based” casinos.

Some might look at the concept of cruise casinos as something new. This is really not the case. Anyone that knows a little bit about gamin history is probably familiar with riverboat gambling. Cruise casinos are basically “at sea” versions of this type of gaming. So, rather than just take a short trip up the river, you would be taking part in an actual cruise. Needless to say, a cruise such as that brings with it a lot of potential fun and excitement. Why take part in the traditional casino vacation when cruise casinos have so much uniqueness to offer?


When you take part in a casino cruise, you not only have access to a wide range of gaming options, you also have access to the fun and excitement that a cruise can offer. For example, you have access to all the fine entertainment and dining cruises are known for. Depending upon the cruise line you select, you might gain access to all manner of onboard fun and entertainment.

You will have the great option of exploring the destination the cruise takes you to when you arrive at port. There are cruise casino ventures launched from all over the world. You will never run short of exciting destinations to visit which means such gaming cruises will always be exciting to take part on.

In short, a casino cruise is…a cruise. This means it presents a two-pronged approach to the traditional gaming vacation. In addition to all the fun and excitement at a casino, you can also be treated to the fun and excitement of a cruise. For those seeking a uniquely exciting vacation, a combination cruise and gaming excursion might be the perfect solution.

The Top 5 Largest Cruise Liners – And Their Best Features!

Oasis Of The Seas

In a world where bigger is always better, aside from skyscrapers and some bridges, some of the biggest things that you are likely to see (if you live by the coast) are massive cruise liners that you can see miles off the coast.

Now while most of these ships are huge, there are a couple that dwarf the rest and are virtually floating cities that can hold as many as 6,000 passengers at one time.

I thought it would be a great idea to highlight the biggest cruise ships, who owns them, and a quick rundown of their best (and most impressive) features.

Who Is Behind The Largest Cruise Liners?

Before we get into the huge numbers and impressive features, I think it is important to mention that all 5 of the largest cruise ships are owned and run by just one cruise company – Royal Caribbean International.

With 42 ships in their fleet and over 25% share of the cruise market, Royal Carribean is definitely one of the major players in the industry – and having the 5 largest ships is just icing on the cake for this global cruise juggernaut.

  1. MS Allure of the Seas

    Holding the title of the worlds largest passenger liner, the Allure of the sea was created to be identical to it’s ‘sister ship’ the Oasis of the Seas, but is actually 2 inches longer.

    At 360 meters long and weighing over 200,000 tonnes, this ship definitely creates a feeling of awe when pulling into a dock.

    Interesting Facts:
    The Allure of the sea is the first cruise line to haves its own Starbucks, as well as being guest to Taylor Swift, for the first concert of her Speak Now World Tour.

  2. MS Oasis of the Seas

    Being the sister ship of the Allure, we already know the key stats for this ship. So let’s just straight to the interesting facts.

    Home to a full mini golf course, multiple night clubs and five swimming pools, there is plenty of things to entertain every member of the family.

    Now home to The Dreamworks Experience, this Oasis now has 3D movies, ice shows and water shows with some of your favourite Dreamworks characters.

  3. MS Freedom of the Seas

    The MS Freedom of the Seas, shares 3rd place with both the Liberty and Independence below – as they are all part of the ‘Freedom Class’ of ships based on the same frame.

    Being able to to house 3,600 passengers and 1,300 crew at capacity, the freedom class ships are not exactly dwarfed by it’s larger cousins.

    Interesting Facts:
    Complete with water park and 11 path rock climbing wall, the Freedom would satisfy the most active of cruisers.

  4. MS Liberty of the Seas

    The Freedom, Liberty and Independence are basically the same ship, so the features are practically the same on each ship.

    Equiped with a nice skating rink, boxing ring and full sized sports courts there is defintely plenty to do on the Liberty.

  5. MS Independence Of The Seas

    The MS Independence wraps up the top 5 largest cruise liners, with it’s gross tonnage of 160,000 tonnes and 339 meters of length – it is no baby.

    Cruising through a range of destinations in Europe and the Caribbean, be sure to check out their Casino, Shops and cantilevered whirlpool.

Kenneth Beckham is a cruise fanatic, he loves finding packaged cruises with airfares included as it allows him to see the world from two very different perspectives – one from a birds eye view and the other sailing the high seas.