Asia’s Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations

To properly enjoy your once in a lifetime vacation, look no further than Asia. Asia is a land of enchantment and many unique honeymoon destinations can be found on this beautiful and diverse continent. From the urban centers of Hong Kong and Beijing to the jungles of Vietnam, many beautiful honeymoon destinations are waiting for you to explore. Here are 5 of the most popular today.

1: China

Great Wall of China
Image by matt512

One of the most popular Asian honeymoon destinations is China. It is a country that still has remnants of an ancient civilization that can still be seen today. Some of these are the Great Wall, Terra-Cotta warriors, and the Yangtze river. Honeymoons in China could include tours of the modern city of Beijing which was made even more modern during its preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics. You could also include a tour of the country’s vast interior where you will come in contact with many of China’s friendly people and ancient customs while you enjoy regional cuisine at one of the many neighborhood teahouses. No visit to China is complete without a cruise up the Yangtze River. Today’s China is not only home to many international hotels such as Ramada, Sheraton, Hyatt, and Hilton, but also many hotels that are managed by Chinese firms to cater to the international travelers. Many of these hotels offer luxurious packages that include romance packages and spa packages so that you can enjoy time of relaxation while enjoying the sights of the beautiful and diverse country.

2: Thailand

Maya Bay of Koh Phi Phi
Image by Argenberg

Another great place to consider as one of your Asian honeymoon destinations is Thailand. This is a very popular destination for Americans because of its beaches, ornate religious temples, and destinations within the country such as Phuket and Chiang Mai. Many different honeymoon packages can be found that offer the best of this beautiful and enchanting country. Many hotels in Bangkok and Phuket offer the spa option where you can enjoy ultimate relaxation between visits to the cities. Tour the many temples and palaces of Bangkok that take you back 1000 years to early Thailand, and experience a traditional dance show like no other in the world. No trip to Thailand is complete without a visit to the floating market of the Karan people.

3: Japan

Mt. Fuji
Image by skyseeker

Japan is another one of the great Asian honeymoon destinations. Its relationship with the United States since World War II and it being the closest Asian country to the U.S. makes it a favorite tourist destination. It is appealing to honeymooners because it has urban cities, tropical beaches and islands, amazing countryside, and snow covered mountains as well as an ancient culture. A great way to tour Japan for your honeymoon is by taking a self-guided tour. These can range from the more romantic hot springs where you can get pampered with assorted spa treatments in between city excursions to one of the bustling cities of Kyoto or Tokyo. It can include a ride on the famous bullet train or a stay on the famous Japan sea coast in the Lamp-No-Yada hideaway which will provide you with a very unique romantic experience. There are also many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful tropical countryside in the shadow of the snow-capped Mt. Fuji.

4: Hong Kong:

Hong Kong
Image by Kabacchi

Now a part of China, Hong Kong is near the top of Asia’s popular honeymoon destinations. Though small, Hong Kong has many opportunities for romance on your once in a lifetime vacation. You can enjoy packages that include hiking in the country’s interior and dolphin and bird encounters at one of its parks. Maybe you have always wanted to cruise on one of the famous junks in the harbor on your island getaway or in the bustling city where you can experience the world renown nightlife of this modern city-state.


5: Vietnam:

Image by plusgood

Rounding out the top 5 honeymoon destinations in Asia is the country of Vietnam. This has become a top honeymoon destination in more recent years because there is much diversity within the country. You can enjoy a spa vacation at one of the luxurious resorts or you can enjoy a romantic honeymoon within the countryside where you can get a taste of the Vietnamese food and culture. You can spend time at the beach sinking your toes in the sand and then take a tour through the dense jungles that the country is known for.

Its your honeymoon, your vacation, your experience. Enjoy the enchantments of Asia.

Wedding Guests Travel and Hotel Accommodations

Wedding guests are a delight but a bit of headache in booking for plane and hotels. The best way to make the travel pleasurable for your wedding guests is to book them into just one hotel and try to get a discount for all your referred bookings. This way you will be able to provide them better but cheaper hotel accommodations and services.

Saving cost for your guest

Surprise your guest by paying a bit of their plane ticket or hotel bills. A small percentage of their hotel bills paid by you in addition to the discount you got for them would be quite a treat and relief to their pockets.

Arrange for the airport transfers from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the wedding venue. You may hire a tourist bus or 2 mini vans for your guests. This is a very easy convenient way to help your guests manage their time and to ensure that they show up at the wedding venue in time.

Surprise… surprise…

You can show to the guests your engagement ring with certified loose diamonds. This way they can share your excitement and show their appreciation on the design of your ring. This will also help couples planning to get married get an idea where to buy quality engagement rings. Wedding or engagement rings are very difficult to shop because it involves choices between two people that involves considering culture and meanings between two people. Have fun listening to the comments of your friends and family about the design of the ring. Different shapes of the diamonds give different kind of attraction.

Here is another surprise idea for the guests….

You give them mementos from your place. A little gift that they can use such as key chains with your names embedded on it. Take pictures of them in the hotel and placed them in a picture frame.

A little tour around the city would be fun for your guest. Rent a bus, show them a half-day city tour, and then let them buy something else in the nearest mall.

No hassle delegation

Hire a wedding planner who could take care of the wedding preparations and the guest accommodations. This is a no hassle option for you to eliminate stress and look good before and during the wedding. Remember that stress could make your beautiful skin appear dry. Control the cost, hire a wedding planner, and let the wedding planner struggle with your guests and wedding preparations. All you need to think is that you need to look happy, well rested, and beautiful on your wedding day.

Wedding planners

The wedding planner takes the stress and the headache from you. Always remember to create a contract with the planner before hiring. Include the guests accommodation and organization in the contract. Wedding planners have more contacts and could get more discounts than you can. Save effort and save money by delegating the wedding details to the planner. Make a list of what you want accomplish and let the planner present a proposal for the wedding preparation.

Who pays what?

You and your partner should have a joint account for the wedding and honeymoon expenses. You can put the amount you want in your bank account and get all the expenses from there. This way there will be no finger pointing who pays what expense.