The Best Free Attractions in Manchester

In recent years, Manchester has risen in prominence to become one of the UK’s leading tourist destinations, thanks to its wealth of excellent modern and historical attractions. This doesn’t mean a trip to see the sights of Manchester necessarily needs to be expensive though, especially when you look for the best attractions in the city that don’t cost anything at all.

Many of Manchester’s museums are up there with the best in the UK, and can be even more appealing for their lack of entry fees. The Manchester Museum in particular is a popular destination, and was even voted one of the UK’s must-see museums in a recent survey. This eclectic museum offers a comprehensive overview of many aspects of science, nature and history, from dinosaur fossils to artefacts from throughout human history, and can make a great day out for visitors of all ages.

The city’s art collections are up to the same high standard, with centres such as the Whitworth Gallery being particularly acclaimed. This art museum contains more than 55,000 exhibited works, including special, limited exhibitions that often make the headlines for their controversial nature. A fine alternative to the likes of the Tate Modern in London for those travelling to the North West of England.

Another important side of Manchester culture not to be overlooked is its impressive musical heritage, which can be enjoyed at famous venues like the Manchester Academy. While it may not be the biggest venue in the city, the Academy has the distinction of being the hand-picked venue of choice for many local, national and international acts passing through Manchester, due to the crucial role it has played in developing Manchester’s music scene.

Manchester is also one of England’s greener cities, meaning it has plenty of outdoor activities too, especially when heading to its large public parks. Heaton Park is perhaps the best known, and contains a playground and animal centre for kids, but Wythenshawe and Queens Park can make for equally enjoyable strolls if you’re in the neighbourhood.

You can spend some of the money you’ve saved visiting Manchester’s free attractions by taking a shopping trip to popular retail areas such as the Trafford Centre mall, which draws shoppers from all over the UK, to find bargain mementos to take home on your Manchester flights. Manchester city centre contains an abundance of great shops too, including boutiques and one-of-a-kind outlets if you’re looking for that special purchase.

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