Barcelona Club Life: 5 of the Hottest Venues in the City

Barcelona´s Club Life is One of the Hottest in Spain
Barcelona´s Club Life is One of the Hottest in Spain

Not only famous for its architecture Barcelona is also well known for its club life.

Choose from relax lounge clubs with seafront decks or  go to one of the more discotheque like venues to spend your Mediterranean night out. Barcelona a bit of everything to offer.

Here are five of the hottest venues to experience in the city.

Shoko Club

This Oriental themed club and restaurant is one of the best places in Barcelona to enjoy your weekend. Located at Port Olympic, Shoko Club combines dining with dancing in a unique way. Grab your bite with one of their Japanese/Asian fusion menu´s and relax on the large seaside deck in an all Feng Shui/Buddhist like atmosphere until midnight. After midnight Shoko Club turns into a sophisticated dance club.

Sala Apolo

Famous for its clubbing nights Sala Apolo is popular with both locals as well as with students. You can find Sala Apolo in the Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona just a couple of minutes off the Ramblas. The club also brings you some stand up comedy during certain weekdays. Sala Apolo is kind of ´wallet friendly´ if you compare it with some other venues in Barcelona. With 3,50 a beer, it´s definitely one of the most ´normally priced´ clubs in the centre of Barcelona..

Carpe Diem

The Carpe Diem (officially called Carpe Diem Lounge Club) can be described shortly by  the keyword ´to watch and to be watched´. Also located at the Port Olympic section CDLC with its posh interior brings you a combination of restaurant, lounge bar and club. On Fridays it attracts a somewhat older crowd than most of the other clubs (25-35). The Saturdays are visited by a wide variety of people, from students and tourists to ex-pats flashing around in sharply dressed ´Ibiza themed´ party gear. Luxurious and chic, CDLC brings you a unique blend of the Orient and the Mediterranean.

Opium Mar

Being open until 6:00, Opium Mar is one of the hottest places for the later part of the night. Located just next to Shoko, Opium Mar is also sophisticatedly styled night club. Have you drinks at the seafront deck which overlooks the harbour and dance your way through the night on one of the dance floors. Often visited by models and playboys Opium Mar is the ideal place to posh. Just make sure you´re inside before 2:00 or you might pay an entrance fee up to 20 Euros (in the summer months).

Sala Razzmatazz

Got enough of the chic lounge clubs at Port Olympic? Try Sala Razzmatazz. This dance club is divided in five different areas, all with their own style of music, ranging from minimal house to rock. Very popular with students during the weekends, Sala Razzmatazz is also a concert venue starring popular bands like The Script and The Killers. If you come in early it is an excellent place to start your weekend at.

This article was written by Thomas Carter, a writer for Apartime, provider of Barcelona holiday apartments


Booming Barcelona

A Few Day Trips In And Around The City



Cava Crawl – Cava is Catalonia´s speciality!  In and around this region you will find the people splashing down this sparkling wine before they get their fill of Tapas. Tapas crawls can be attended anywhere in Spain but Barcelona is home to the infamous Cava crawl. There is no better a way to taste the glory of this region. There are many Cava tours located about an hour south of Barcelona but if you are looking to get your fix of Cava locally in Barcelona, a great place is El Xampanyet, a family owned place since the 1930s, great snacks, delicious Cava and a great atmosphere! Located off the yellow metro line ( Jaume 1).

Montserrat – Montserrat is refereed to as the Sawtooth Mountain because of it´s jagged peak. This is a perfect spot to get a little history by taking the Aeri de Montserrat, cable car, to the top to learn about the home of the Benedictine Monastery. For the more adventurous crew looking for a good workout, Montserrat is a place for rigorous hiking and hard-core cycling. Regardless of your desire for this inland trip will be able to see spectacular views of the entire city from this historic Mountain top.

3 Sitges
Looking for a beach day? If you think the beaches of Barceloneta are pretty, you must travel to the small town of Sitges located just 40 minutes south of the city. This beautiful and quaint town has a board walk along the entire cost with cafes and paella restaurants. Just a little inland you will find adorable little boutiques and of course along the coast is the most picturesque beaches. Sitges is known for its Carnival celebrations signifying the start of Lent in Barcelona, other than this week the town is very quaint and relaxing. Give it a try, you wont be disappointed!

Parc Guell – One of Gaudi´s signature creations makes for a perfect day trip! Tucked away into the mountains of Barcelona is this beautiful park flaunting the architecture of Gaudi while creating a Candyland-like image kids and adults will be sure to love. Due to its placement in the mountains, it allows for a perfect picnic spot to sit and overlook the beautiful city of Barcelona. Located just about a ten-minute walk from either Lesseps metro stop or the 24 bus takes you directly there. Enjoy your day!

BIO: This article was written by Thomas Carter, a writer for Apartime, provider of Barcelona apartments for rent