Bali Honeymoons

After the Wedding, the Dream Continues in Bali

Wedding Bali
Image by Bali Wedding Photographer - Pre Wedding Bali Photo

You’ve said your vows and tied her to you for the rest of your lives. You’ve finally claimed that one woman you’ve been searching for forever. You have just done something that will change the rest of your life for the better and you cannot express in words how totally content and excited you are about the rest of your lives together. You are more than joyful and beyond in love and you want to gift your new bride with a honeymoon that is more than words can say or hearts can contain.

Take your new wife to Bali, the Island of the Gods, the one place on earth where heaven touches down and kisses the sea with its beauty and glory.

A honeymoon (even a 2nd or 3rd honeymoon) in Bali is the perfect gift for the bride that deserves only the best. You can choose to reserve a honeymoon package through a hotel, or you can go the more intimate route and get a honeymoon package for one of the islands delightfully exclusive Bali villas. Vacationers find that Bali villas rental are inexpensive, easy, and totally the most amazing accommodations this side of Nirvana. Who would think that you can have an all inclusive private beach villa for as little as $300 USD a night? Can you picture your beloved bride sun bathing next to your own private pool? Can you imagine long and soothing walks on the beach located just outside of your property? These are all things that can be included in a honeymoon package through Bali villas rental.

So, now that you’re seriously considering ditching the clichéd honeymoon to Hawaii, you’re probably wondering what is included in the honeymoon package through the many Bali villas. Well, here are a few things that you can expect to find the with honeymoon packages at Bali villas:

  • A one bedroom suite (these Bali villas rentals are on par with exclusive luxury hotels in Milan and Paris)
  • Spa treatments
  • Guided island tours
  • Fine Dining Certificates
  • Yacht Chartering
  • Private beach access
  • Private scuba lessons
  • Private performances by Balinese dancers
  • Much more…

Bali is the second home for many of the world’s high powered men and women, but when you step onto the island you get the sense that you are a tiny speck of dust in a vast forest of immense beauty and timelessness. The locals are extremely friendly, the weather is perfect, the food is delicious, the ocean water is warm, the culture is vibrant, the travel is easy, the cost is low, and the lifetime experiences are worth every moment.

The wedding was just the beginning of the dream wedding experience– from proposal to planning to the actual saying of, “I do”. If you want the dream to last a little longer, like say a month, you can choose to take a break from the world of mere mortals and spend an extended honeymoon on Bali.

Love for a Lifetime: Dream Weddings in Bali

You’ve just proposed to the love of your life. You’ve been waiting to put that ring on her finger for months now, and now that she has pledged to be yours forever, you want to solemnize your actual wedding vows in a place as close to heaven on earth as you can get.

Bali Wedding

If you’ve looked for the perfect place to have the perfect dream wedding, you’re probably drowning in a list of mediocre locations that are so passé that everyone from the neighbor lady to the dog walker is getting married there. You don’t want to get married in a place where your neighbor lady got married! You want to get married in a place where you will make your own memories—a place that will leave people jealous and oohing and ahhing over your wedding pictures.

If you are despairing of ever finding a place like that, don’t! You just need to set your sights on the small Indonesian island of Bali.

Bali is known as the Island of the Gods—and for good reason! Bali is like paradise on earth, the perfect place for a dream wedding. If you want to have your wedding in a unique and beautiful place, you should take a look at the wedding packages offered with villa Bali rentals.

Bali villas are small intimate accommodations that are close to the natural beauty of the island, but have the luxury appointments and amenities of the high priced hotels. Villa Bali rentals are surprisingly inexpensive, but the amount of perks that come with all-inclusive wedding packages will make your head spin—you’ll find it hard to believe that you can have a dream wedding while spending so little.

You can choose to have your dream wedding with a lot of people and reserve several villa Bali rentals, or you can have a private legal ceremony and rent out one of the luxury Bali villas with a single room and a lot of intimacy.

Bali wedding packages come complete with, not only the rental of Bali villas, but you will also get the ceremony, the choice of exotic location, the choice of officiate, and tons of other post-wedding perks that will have you smiling all the way to the beach. A few of the wedding packages for the Bali villas can be expensive (starting at $6,500 USD), but a few of them, depending on the villa, can be more affordable. To find out the specifics of the rates you should do some online research, find a villa Bali rental and also look into wedding packages.

Bali also offers couples the perfect location for vow renewal ceremonies. Who wouldn’t want to renew their wedding vows in the same gorgeous location where they shared their very first vows? Not only can you relive the beauty of the moment when you were first married, but you can build a whole new set of memories to cherish for the rest of your lives.