Three Romantic Activities to do in Bali

Romantic Activities in Bali
Romantic Activities in Bali

Without a doubt, Bali, Indonesia has been popular destination for romantic getaways. Honeymooners planning to take a drip down to the South East will definitely have a wonderful time enjoying the breath-taking attractions and sceneries it has to offer. Here are the top activities you can line up in your Bali vacation itinerary:

Horseback Riding

For whatever reason, horses have always been a fascinating creature for humans.  And many Western women absolutely fall in love every time they see a horse.  So, along the lines of that thinking, a superbly romantic idea would be to go horseback riding during your Bali vacation.

This is perhaps the best and most majestic way to see the island up close and personal.  The horses know the lay of the land better than most humans and are trained to provide you with the most comfortable ride of your life.  And the sheer beauty and elegance of the horses is enough to make even the most stone-hearted come apart.  There are almost countless stables located in Bali, so it is up to you to decide what areas you wish to explore.  If you are looking solely for romance, then a brisk walk down one of the glorious beaches is definitely the answer.  Many of the guided tours stop at beautiful locations such as waterfalls and caverns.  And if the weather is right, you may even be able to swim with the horses, which is not an experience you will soon forget.

A Private Villa Rental

Nothing says romance like curling up in a breathtakingly beautiful villa on the ocean shores.  If romance is your game, make sure to book a villa that offers a lot of privacy.  That way you can ensure that you and your loved one have time for what matters most: each other.  A villa rental in Bali can vary widely in terms of cost, so it is important to know what you are looking for.  A quick search online will give you a great idea of what is available and what the most romantic hot spots indeed are.

Getting Pampered in the Spa

Statistically speaking, men are more likely to use a spa than women.  But there is no good reason for this.  An afternoon at a spa can be just as relaxing for a man as for a woman and can in fact turn out to be an extremely rewarding experience.  And why not, you’re on vacation!  So take full advantage of any one of the great number of wonderful spas on the island.  You can have the stress worked out of your body with a full traditional Balinese massage, or enjoy a tropical aromatherapy flower bath made especially for the two of you.  There is no way to go wrong with a visit to the spa, as the owners have made a worldwide reputation of providing the absolute best in comfort and relaxation.  The Balinese believe that complete relaxation can only be accomplished by a number of interconnected means.  They will induce your sense of smell, relax your muscles and relax your mind.

And once you leave the spa, you still have the entire night ahead of you to grab a beautiful dinner on the beach and go for a moonlit walk.  Whether it is your honeymoon or just a romantic getaway, you are sure to leave even more in love than when you arrived.

Eight Great Things to do in Bali

Bali travel

Bali has been voted one of the best islands in the world by several leading travel magazines. A holiday in Bali is like no other and it is impossible not to be touched by the magical scenery and friendly people. Here are 8 places you might want to travel to in Bali.

Cooking class

Many hotels and restaurants in Bali offer cooking classes for their guests. The classes usually start with a visit to the local market, where the fresh ingredients are bought for the class. Balinese food is simple but very delicious. Some dishes use a lot of chili, be prepared for some spicy food.


Bali is well known around the world as a world class surfing destination. Some places are for experienced surfers, but for beginners Bali is a great place to learn surfing. Kuta Beach is a great place to learn from local surfers and you can also rent a board. Some schools guarantee that you will be able to stand up on the board in just one day of instruction.


You can even enjoy water sports away from the beach in Bali, by rafting along one of its many rivers. Ayung River is the main place for rafting and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. There are several operators that provide instruction and western grade equipment.

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park is set on 40 hectares of land. The park has more than 400 different animals and more than 80 species. You can even get your picture taken with a baby tiger or orangutan. The park is set in lush gardens and has become an important place for protecting endangered species. The park also has swimming pools, which are a great way to cool off.


If you have kids, the Waterbom park is a great place to spend a day swimming and playing on the many exhilarating rides. The park has many attractions, suitable for a range of ages. The gardens and the whole place is kept immaculate. Parents can enjoy just relaxing by the pool. There is even a swim up bar, where you can order drinks and make new friends.

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is a temple located on the rocky cliffs and is one of the most photographed places in Bali. Most people visit at sunset and it is a great place for professional and aspiring photographers to capture their own piece of Bali.

Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest in Ubud is home to hundreds of ravenous monkeys. You can buy peanuts and bananas to feed the monkeys. The monkeys can sometimes get a little aggressive, you do need to take care a little.

Day spa

Most hotels have some kind of spa within their grounds, but there are spas and massage centers all over the island. Balinese are excellent masseurs and can provide a range of treatments for your body and skin. It is a great way to wind down after a busy day of exploring the island.


Ammanda runs a hotel in Lovina, Bali.

BALI HIDDEN PARADISE SERIES ( A Special place in East Bali)

Many visitors know of Kuta, with its stylish shops and cafés, and Ubud, Bali’s cultural heartland. But not much is known of the less touristy east Bali,East Bali has plenty of unspoiled natural beauty – thick forests, misty mountains and tiny villages give way to blue seas and emerald rice fields. Classical Balinese architecture of old palaces and archaeological remains further add to the attractions.
East Bali lies in the shadow of the island’s “Mother Mountain”, the cloud-shrouded Mt Agung. The towering volcano last erupted in 1963. Today, it draws a steady trail of trekkers attempting the four-hour midnight climb to see the sun rising from thick clouds. Across the Lombok Straits, the glorious Mt Rinjani can be seen.

Bali has some hidden places that are special and here is some Hidden Paradise in Eastern Bali:
Seraya , a small village out in East Bali, on the coast close to Ujung Water Palace. For me Seraya is one of the best ways to capture a feeling of being in Bali. The swaying palms, crashing surf and very relaxed atmosphere make me want to recommend this place to everyone. Traditional Bali is right here without the commercial trappings of Kuta. In Seraya now provides a comfortable place to stay to enjoy this part of Bali. For those wanting to take a day or afternoon trip from Seraya Shores there are several options. The drive around the coast to Amed offers views of sweeping bays and traditional fishing villages. The life out here is very simple and local people will often stop and greet you as you drive past. A circuit round the coast should also include a stop at the water palace at Tirtaganga. Scuba diving can be a great experience and there is the famous wreck of USS Liberty just up the coast in Tulamben.

Five kilometres north east of Candidasa on the east coast of Bali is Pasir Putih, an isolated, beautiful, white sand beach fringed with coconut palms. Pasir Putih is a five hundred metre long, crescent shaped beach, separated from the rest of the world by green headlands at each end and a steep cliff behind. On the beach are just half a dozen warungs put together from bamboo and palm fronds, serving cold drinks and food, and offering cushioned lounges under umbrellas for hire. At the far end of the beach is a group of traditional, red, blue, green and yellow striped, outrigger fishing boats.On arrival at the beach, visitors can select a warung and negotiate a menu and time for lunch with the owners. Rather than selecting from the blackboard menu, ask the owners what they have available, as this is more likely to be fresh and in season.Then it’s into the cool, crystal clear water for a swim. Sections of the bay near the headlands also offer great snorkelling. After enjoying the ocean, have a soft drink or bintang, the local Bali beer, and watch freshly caught seafood, chicken or traditional Indonesian dishes prepared before you on a makeshift barbecue. Lunch will be served with rice and fresh salads on a white table cloth in the shade of your warung. In the early afternoon watch as previously unseen local fishermen mysteriously materialise, launch their crafts into the water, unfurl colourful, triangular, curved sails and skim across the ocean, heading out to sea for the day’s catch.

Amed is the most recent tourist development area in Bali. It was only in 2000 that tarmac was laid on the roads, telephone lines were installed in 2003, and it took until 2007 for a bridge to be built over a section of the road that regularly washed away during the rainy season. To this day, phone lines are so limited in the area that most hotels only have one landline each. It is wise to bring a mobile phone when visiting, if you need to stay in touch with the outside world. Local Indonesian SIM cards can be purchased in thousands of places around Bali. There is also a public telephone office in the centre of Amed and a couple of internet cafes. However, one should note that the connection speed is very slow. For entertainment, a local band performs live at once a week and there are sometimes free Balinese dance performances in some of the restaurants. Most people come to Amed as a getaway, including expats from other parts of the island. It’s a favourite honeymoon destination for tourists and is also popular with divers and snorkelers. Sailing trips in small Balinese sail boats can be arranged, and day trips to local places of interest such as the Water Gardens of Tirta Gangga and Bali’s most sacred temple, Besakih, high on the slopes of Mount Agung. Activity can enjoy in Amed are: Snorkeling — Amed has some fine snorkeling within meters of the coast. A reef follows the majority of the coastline. Due to the limited number of visitors to the area, the sea life is healthy and abundant. Condor Sailing, Enjoy nature and go with the wind on a traditional sailing boat for sailing, diving, fishing, exploration, dolphin watching, snorkeling,Scuba diving- or just swimming and relaxing. AND NEW ACTIVITY: powered and operated by adimelali buddy
( Komang bajing & Ketut Surya W) EAST BALI BIKE TOURS.

One of the greatest place in Bali that has strong spiritual aura is Sidemen Valley that located at Karangasem East Bali regency. Many temples of Hindu Bali, the majority religion of Balinese people, located in this village. This village located at the valley, surround of many hill and most of the area is a paddy fields that irrigate by Subak, the Balinese traditional water system for rice field. The housing area separated with the field area, the housing area located at the right side from the road, and the field area located at the left side, that make this village very unique. The area is famous for stunning scenery, and a simple, traditional way of life. Sidemen village has produced masters of Balinese literature and Hindu theology, as well as generations of skillful weavers. For decades, or perhaps millennium, Sidemen has also served as a secluded heaven for the world-weary. It just severall homestay and hotel in this village, but you will not find difficulties for get accomodation for travel around this beautifull village. Many tourist, painter, and student from around the world has come to this village every year. In Sidemen you will find your place, get the absolute tranquility here.Sidemen village located at the Karangasem Regency, east part of Bali , in the Sidemen valley is an idyllic place poised 1,400 feet up, on the slopes of Mount Agung , the highest mountain in Bali . Sidemen village is home to about more than 7,000 people, most of them supported by farming. The whole Sidemen village is spread out over three separate river valleys which encompass a population of about 27,000. All castes of traditional Balinese Hindu society are represented here : Brahmana live in Geria, Ksatria in Palace, Waisya in jero, and Sudra in their own house, and there is also a small Muslim population that the descent of former the soldier of Karangasem palace from Lombok Island when the Karangasem Palace subjugate it, which has long coexisted harmoniously with their Hindu neighbors.
Sidemen is one of the most important place in Bali history. Former, Sidemen is one of the small pallace above Klungkung Pallace. The Sidemen Royal Family have strong relationship with Klungkung Pallac e because the ancestor of both place is a brother. Sidemen also have many unique place with great view. Every part of Sidemen is wonderfull. There is not many accommodations in this place. But the hotel is most wanted by travelers and students from all over the world. If you want to life like in Bali some decades before but still comfortable with good facilities you must visit this village. You can also feel the fresh air because the situated far away from hustle and bustle within the cool atmosphere, Sidemen is around 1 hours 30 minutes drive from the Ngurah Rai international airport. Sixty years ago, the renowned painter Walter Spies moved from Ubud to the Sidemen area to seek peace and inspiration. He felt that Ubud had already become too crowded. In Sidemen he found his place. There is nothing ready-made; it is an internal experience The appearance in Sidemen of several centers devoted to meditation and retreat seems to underline this particular quality of the area. The location is very strategic indeed. If you feel reckless, while staying here you can dive at a prime site one day and then climb Gunung Agung the day after. All are set up to be friendly with the environment. For those who dream of clean. Sidemen is first and foremost a place for peace and introspection. However, should he choose to take his rest in this magic valley, the sophisticated traveler will find that it is in fact an ideal location for enjoying some of the best that Bali has to offer, not all of it entirely restful. There is accommodation available in various local inns and retreat centers, from which one can venture forth in all directions.Travel tips To EAST:

– KARANGGASEM is one of Bali’s nine districts covering some 83,954 sq km. A new highway has reduced the previously three hour-long journey from Denpasar’s Ngurah Rai Airport to east Bali to just 1½ hours. It is recommended that you stay at least two or three days in a local resort to explore the area, although the sights can be seen in a day-long east Bali tour.

– The easiest way into Amed is by hiring your own transport and driver. Beware that Amed is stretched out over ten kilometers so make sure that transport to your hotel is included in the price. Or for details please visit our web at: http://www/

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The Luxury of a Bali Vacation

Taking a vacation can be the perfect experience to help to take the mind off a stressful job, spend time with family, and just unwind and relax. A great place to visit is Bali!

Why visit Bali?

Bali is an island located in Indonesia. The country has 33 provinces and has diverse and unique landscapes. The island has mountains that have elevations over 3,000 meters and also consists of volcanoes. The volcanoes make the soil very fertile. Bali is full of coral reefs and breathtaking white sand beaches. Some of the beaches have black sand. The island of Bali has a beautiful culture. They are known for making sculptures, handcrafts, wood carving, and paintings. They also perform balinese orchestra music. The countryside is full of beautiful greenery, rice paddies, and exotic jungles. Bali also has a wondeful nightlife which is great for those that would like to go out and have some great food, cocktails, and dance the night away under the bright stars. The local people of bali are very friendly, and will make the stay extremely comfortable.

Getting to Bali

There are numerous airlines with flights to this asian island. Bali requires a visa for visitors from 36 nations. These can be purchased when arriving in Bali, depending on the number of days that you will be staying. When getting to Bali there are different ways to get around the island. There are shuttle buses, motor scooters, taxis, and bicycles that are driven by drivers to get you around the island.

The delicious cuisine of Bali

Bali has some delicious and unique foods. The foods come from different parts of the globe. Many dishes include indian style ingredients such as indian mustard, curries, eggplant, and cucumber. Fron China comes the chinese cabbage and stir-fryed vegetables, from the arab culture, Bali features kebabs, and from European culture there are peanuts, pineapples, tomatoes, squash and cauliflower, just to name a few. Many spices are used as well as coconut milk. Bali grows lots of rice, so this is included in many of the dishes that are made. Around the island, there are carts that have all sorts of gourmet delicacies such as meats, soups, spring rolls, and spices. They also have sweets such as banana fritters and exotic fruits. Bali has a wide variety of delicious, juicy fruits. They are known for having the famous durian, which has been known to be an aphrodisiac. It has a custard texture and is full of vitamins and minerals. Bali also has such fruits as bananas, papayas, mangoes, longans, rambutans, markisas, pineapples, snakeskin fruit, salak, melons, oranges and many more.


There are great hotels on the island of Bali. There are beachfront hotels, as well as those near night-life and also there are homes that are rented out by the owner and bed and breakfast hotels.

Taking a vacation in Bali will surely be an experienced that will be unmatched by any other place. The culture, food, and beauty of the island, make it a must for a vacation experience!

This article was written by Natasha Tasha, on behalf of Escape Travel, Australia, offering great selection of Bali holiday packages.