The Gold Coast’s Best Nights Out

Australia’s Gold Coast is known for it’s spectacular beaches, awesome surfing, and a breathtaking skyline. There are an endless variety of attractions and activities you can engage in to fill your days. But it’s the nightlife that brings many people back again and again.
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Bars, Taverns and Pubs

Surfers Paradise Beer Garden is known for some of the best live music on the Gold Coast. The bar offers different themes daily, such as Ping Pong Monday and Girl Power Wednesday. Friday and Saturday enjoy live bands until five in the morning. On Sundays come join in on something totally different — goldfish racing!

The Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern once hosted a concert by Nirvana. Here you can have a drink on the waterfront, listen to some great tunes by live bands, or even play Keno.

Clubbing the Gold Coast

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There are literally hundreds of places you can dance and party, but beware — three in the morning is lock out time. If you step outside, you will not be allowed back in. Saturday and Sunday are the biggest club nights, with plenty of choices on where to spend them.

Platinum Nightclub

The Platinum is known for it’s large space allowing up to 1,500 people to hang at once. Customers can receive free water at any time, and you will never wait in line for the rest room. DJ Flash is one of Australia’s most popular DJs, and is guaranteed to keep the club hopping all night long.

Ruby Tramp

Ruby Tramp is one of the most awesome clubs to party at, but very picky on who they let in. Maybe you will get lucky and be one of the selected.

Vanity Night Club

The Vanity night club is something totally new. Relax on a bed with your own personal TV, listen to some awesome music, and dance, dance, dance.

Melba’s on the Park

If Top 40’s are what you like to listen to, Melba’s is a great spot. Very touristy, but a lot of fun to meet people and listen to some of your favorites. You can also find 80’s and 90’s, golden oldies, or whatever genre you might prefer.
Australian Outback Spectacular

Dinner Theater

When it’s time to dine, there are some entertaining dinner shows for you to attend. The Australian Outback Spectacular combines music, lights and some outrageous horses for an awesome show. Add in some cattle, camels and bush vehicles, and you have definitely entered the Outback. While you are intrigued by the show, dig into a scrumptious feast of barbecue tenderloin beef steak and garden vegetables, and baked pavlova for dessert.

If you have flown to the Gold Coast, car rentals are easy to find and very convenient for your sight seeing. You may even have the option to rent a car with your vacation package. Check it out.

Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant is something totally unique. Mix some comedy and music with vampires and what do you get? A super fun evening that will have everyone laughing. A night of B-movie horror that is not for small children. From the moment your “finger” foods arrive to the presentation of your “death by chocolate” dessert, you will be in stitches. Hopefully not literally.

Dracula’s recently opened it’s own Haunted House as well. Do you dare walk through the five levels of Gothic scares, “dare” doors, and the deadly Australian creature? Get up close and personal with a shark, funnel spider and giant crocodile.


The Wax Museum on the Gold Coast is the largest south of the equator. It houses over 110 wax figures in genuine costumes. See villains and movie stars, scientists and explorers who look so real you will do a double take.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium is full of all sorts of strange displays. Enjoy interactive displays, bizarre and unusual exhibits, and amazing illusions. Count how many times you say “I don’t believe it!”

Other Night Attractions

The SkyPoint Observation Deck is the place to go to get the absolute best view of the Gold Coast. Located atop one of the world’s tallest towers, more than 750 feet above the ground, you can see some amazing views. Get a 360 degree view of the Gold Coast and all the surroundings. Take one of the world’s fastest elevators, or climb the 1,331 steps to the very top. Have a drink in the coast’s highest lounge bar, or salsa the night away on the dance floor. The city lights are a breathtaking backdrop to your evening entertainment.

For those who need to get the blood pumping, check out the bungee rocket, sling shot, vomatron or fly coaster. These super adrenaline rides will test your courage. Not to mention your stomach.
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Casino Fun

Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino is great for all your nightlife activities. Play some gaming machines, tables or poker. Have a few drinks at one of the six bars in the casino, enjoy live music, comedy or a meal. Or head to the theatre and be entertained by internationally known artists such as Jason Derulo, Rod Stewart, or Michael Bolton. Be sure to ask about the special casino promotions. The casino also has excellent rooms and service if you choose to stay there.

The Gold Coast is an endless adventure waiting to be explored. No matter the weather, you can find activities indoors or out to keep you going all day and into the night. Whether you are alone, on a romantic holiday or with a group, the attractions available will keep everyone entertained and content.

Plan your next trip to the Gold Coast for the total package. Sun, sand, surf, great dining and shopping, awesome shows, and nightlife that never ends. What more could you ask for in a holiday destination.

Top Four Beaches in New South Wales Australia

Beaches in Australia are characterized by their pristine soft white sand and crystal clear blue waters. Many of the beaches are ideal for surfing, snorkeling, diving and numerous other activities. Visitors of Australia will enjoy nearly 16,000 miles of coastline. New South Wales Australia is a year round destination. Some experts recommend November to March for a beach holiday. Other experts suggest that June, July and August are the peak beach months. Travel dates will depend on your availability and personal preference. The temperature during this time ranges from 19 degrees Celsius to 31 degrees Celsius. Though Australia officially enters winter in July, the weather is still pleasant during these months.

New South Wales Australia is home to some of the top beaches in Australia. Peering through the clear ocean waters, travelers will view some of New South Wales most breathtaking sites. The coral reef barrier is one of the largest in the world. Sydney alone has over 70 beaches where guests may enjoy this national treasure, as well as, indigenous wildlife such as dolphins. Whether you are seeking a relaxing day at the beach or an island adventure, our New South Wales beach guide can recommend a beach to cater to your needs.

Manly Beach, New South Wales

This beach is one of the well known beaches in Sydney for scuba diving, surfing, sailing, biking or volleyball. The area also attracts numerous artists to capture the beauty of the mountainous landscaping juxtaposed with the cycling blue waves. The name was given by Captain Arthur Phillip. He thought the indigenous people were characterized by the term, “Manly.” Visitors should consider the beauty of Manly Beach for their beach holiday.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most famous and well-known beaches. This beach is a mile long and is coveted by surfers, hikers, backpackers and true nature lovers. Whale and dolphin sightings are not uncommon at this particular beach. Bondi Beach was the host of the 2000 Beach Volleyball Olympics. The beach also features events such as Sculpture by the Sea, World Environment Day and Flickerfest. These events are held annually and bring visitors to the beach from all over the world. Hotel Bondi is a famous landmark of the area. This hotel features numerous bars and restaurants.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is located on the North Coast of Sydney. This beach is characterized by white sandy beaches and ideal surf breaks. Long boarders especially enjoy this stretch of the beach. The waves are often long and tubular. Surfers feel as though they are riding on a pocket of air. Dolphins are not uncommon in this area and may often approach surfers or swimmers near Wategos. Beach goers of all types enjoy Byron Bay’s immaculate beaches.

Hyams Beach

The Guinness Book of World Records has recorded Hyams Beach as having the “whitest sand in the world.” Hyams is a quiet beach recommended for a romantic excursion. There are numerous cottages and resorts catering to both couples and single travelers. Gourmet restaurants and cafes are available for the guests to enjoy as well.

Pebbly Beach

This beach is famous for its frequent visits by kangaroos. If you are searching for a wildlife adventure, Pebbly Beach has all the essential components of a beach vacation: Beautiful scenery, interesting rock formations, sand and surf. This beach requires a drive, but is worth the opportunity of viewing the kangaroos up close and personal. Because of the abundance of kangaroos, the beach is associated with a National Park and is considered one of the park’s main attractions. Birds, such as parrots and goannas are also indigenous to the area. Hilly grasslands, along with tidal rock pools, are not uncommon in the area. The beach is also conducive to surfing, as well as, surfing.


Beach vacations are a glorious way to relax and unwind. Australia’s beaches are some of the most coveted beaches in the world because they not only offer sand and surf, but beautiful underwater exploration. Activities are numerous for those who desire active beach vacations. Most of the beaches are within one hour or less of an area with cosmopolitan nightlife and bars. This type of activity is often within a few minutes of the beach area. Australian beach vacations will impress even the well-traveled individual.

The Natural Beauty of Australia

“G’day mate!” is the common greeting Aussies give each other and their guests as they enter the country located down under. Australia, known as the island continent, boasts of the most breath taking natural landscapes known the world over. Here are but some of the natural sites of wonder located in Australia.

The Australian Fossil Mammal Sites. Also called the Naracoorte or Riversleigh Caves, this natural wonder is a park area that preserves over six (6) square kilometers of fossil remnant vegetation. These fossils are scattered all over twenty six (26) caves spread over a land area of over three (3) square kilometers. The park has a visitor destination and its prized possessions are the areas where fossil deposits have been found, providing the visitor a peek into the time before man. These are found in the Victoria Fossil Cave and Blanche Cave where collections of fossils of mammals and other land creatures have been preserved. Also, there are other natural preserves such as the Bat Cave where thousands upon thousands of bats breed, spelunking or adventure-caving and picnic grounds for families and individuals wanting to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Fossil Mammal Sites
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The Great Barrier Reef. This is the world’s largest reef system with nearly three thousand individual reefs. This is also one of the natural formations that can be seen from space as it is spread across over three hundred thousand square kilometers in area near the Coral Sea off the coast of Queensland in the northeast region of Australia. Its visitor center is called the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and it houses a center where Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islanders provide the cultural as well as economic importance of the reef to their people and way of life. The reefs are formed by tiny microorganisms called coral polyps that produce substances that fuse together in a wide array of shapes, colors and sizes to form the reef systems of the region.

Great Barrier Reef
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The Macca or Macquarie Island. Located on the southwestern corner of the Pacific Ocean between Antarctica and New Zealand is the island. This area has the most diverse flora and fauna concentrations in the world. These include the many species of fur seals that seek refuge and breed on the island, Elephant Seals and the many kinds of penguins that migrate to the island to breed and then return to the Antarctic regions. Also found in the island are truly endemic flora which rarely grow higher than a meter in height and most of them are soft vegetation, without the hard bark woody plants common in the mainland. This provides a perfect breeding ground for the migratory fauna. This island has become a major scientific hub as many studies on global warming and animal research has been conducted in this world heritage site. There is also a visitor center located on the island for tourists and other enthusiasts to the beauty and ferocity of the wild Antarctic continent.

Macquarie Island
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These are but three of the most known sites that Australia can provide you to visit. All are natural wonders that are framed by Australia in all its beauty and splendor. When visiting Down Under, put these areas on your itinerary to make your visit a truly enriching and enjoyable experience.

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6 Reasons Why Sydney Is More Than A City Holiday Destination

When we think about Sydney, we think about the Opera House, Sydney Harbour, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, probably including Bondi Beach. Sydney is more than just that. Sydney is more than just a city and there is a huge range of activities, like going on a blue mountains tour, that will take up many days of your schedule if you are to get a feel for the place. Lets look at some of the must-do things when visiting Sydney.

  • Blue Mountains. As mentioned just above, the Blue Mountains will take the greater part of a day’s tour. Starting early and heading up to the mountains and experiencing the size and beauty. Unless you have been you will really not appreciate how stunning and beautiful they are.
  • Manly and other beaches. Bondi is only one of the famous beaches of Sydney. They are many and actually spread all the way up north and down south along the coast. You might be surprised at some of the amazing hidden rivers and estuaries with great spots for jumping off into deep lagoons. Excellent for romantic days hidden away.
  • Canberra. Despite popular international belief, Sydney is not the capital of Australia. The truth is that many Australians have never visited their own capital. It is possible to go on a thought provoking and interesting history lesson to the capital territory and city of Australia, Canberra. A memorable and educational way to spend a day.
  • Wineries. What visit to any part of Australia would be complete without a visit to its amazing wineries. Sydney is no different. A perfect choice for a day tour, as you don’t have to worry and think about drinking and driving. The historic Hunter Valley is dotted with world renowned wine makers and there is not much better than spending the day tasting some of the best wines in the world.
  • Marine life. Australia is famous for its wildlife, why not see what the oceans have to offer. Not far out from Sydney there is ample opportunity to see Dolphins and other marine life in their natural habitat behaving foolishly. There are a range of excellent tours and very well equipped luxury boats and ships of the ocean to take on a day of adventure and education.
  • Sporting events and more. If you do a little planning ahead you can join in some of Australia’s unique sporting events. Sydney was home to the 2000 Olympics and has all the sporting facilities you would expect. The legacy of this is a huge number of world class sporting and entertainment events around and just outside the city. Make sure you are aware of them and catch some of the real Australia while you have the chance.