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Choosing a Hotel that Fits Your Needs

It often times happens that people will have a perfect vacation planned, but then for some reason, they skimp on the hotel. This could be for a number of reasons actually. Maybe after planning a vacation packed full of different activities, the budget just simply would not support the more luxurious hotel accommodations. It could just be that the upon viewing the hotel, it looked like more it cracked up to be, when in reality it was not. The fact remains though, that a perfect vacation could ultimately be ruined simply because the hotel led to an awful stay. In order to ensure that a vacation stays a vacation rather than turning into a nightmare, it is important that you choose a hotel that best suits your needs.

Choosing a Hotel

First of all, a hotel that does not offer the right amenities to suit you and your family’s needs could completely ruin what could be the greatest vacation. Some people require different things so choosing a hotel completely depends on the preferences of the person seeking to stay. If someone needs three beds in a room, but all the rooms in the hotel are equipped with only two, then that hotel could pose a burden. Likewise, if you needed wireless Internet to communicate with your place of work, or even to continue attending your MBA online classes, then you would need to make sure that the hotel you plan on staying at is outfitted with wireless Internet. Other amenities people look for are pools, restaurants, room service, fitness centers, spas, nightlife, breakfast options, and even TV channel options. The best way to figure out if a hotel is equipped with everything you and your family needs, is to go online and check to see if the hotel in question has a website. Most notable hotels will have a website that describes everything from amenities to pricing, in order to expand their exposure and attract more customers.

Good accommodation is importan
Good accommodation is importanMartin Sojka .. / / CC BY-NC-SA

Aside from amenities, the budget you have allotted for accommodations is equally important. It may turn out that after the activities, food, and other essential vacation needs, that there is not enough money left over to stay in the hotel that you had in mind. No worries though, as there are a number of fine hotels that are not too harsh on the wallet. Also, with the Internet as popular and innovative as it is, there are a number of websites now that make planning and booking accommodations, and even travel arrangements, much more convenient. Sites like Expedia and Travelocity are some of the most popular vacation booking sites and have helped many vacationers find vacant rooms at luxurious hotels for cheaper prices. The reason that these site can do this, is because hotels use the sites to fill vacant rooms, usually meaning that a lower rate will accompany these vacancies to attract potential customers.

Consider choosing a good hotel
Consider choosing a good hotelWanderingtheWorld ( / Travel Photos / CC BY-NC

Other things to consider when choosing a hotel is whether or not the hotel is family friendly, and the location of the hotel. If the vacation or trip is catered to strictly adults, then just about any hotel is an option. However, if kids will be present on the trip, then you do not want to stay at a hotel catered mainly to adults. A hotel filled with nightclubs would not only be boring for a child because they are not allowed in, but also just inappropriate. A child needs to be entertained when on vacation and if a hotel offers absolutely nothing in the way of entertainment or family-friendliness, then it would be safe to say that a different hotel should be considered. Likewise, if you are seeking a beach vacation that keeps you on the beach, then a beach-front hotel would be the most suitable option. If a hotel is four miles from the beach, but you want to be right on the beach, then a dilemma has been created. Therefore, when planning a vacation, it is important to take into consideration the actual address or location of the hotel.

A vacation can be one of the happiest, most memorable moments for a family; however, if the accommodations are not equally as great then the vacation as a whole will suffer. It is perfectly okay to plan that perfect vacation, and spend a little extra money on fun little things, but you want to make sure that you keep room in the budget for a hotel that satisfies the needs of you and your family.

Residence 6 Luxury Serviced Apartments in Leeds

Residence 6
Residence 6* Luxury Serviced Apartments in Leeds

If you are looking for alternative places to stay when travelling around in the UK and abroad there is the option of the renting a short term apartment. These short term apartments can be a home away from home which offers luxury and comfort all rolled into one.

These kinds of short term apartments are usually used when you are wishing to extend your stay. Maybe you are going on holiday for a longer period of time and you need more space. Or you might be on a business trip where you do not fancy coming back to a hotel room every night. These kinds of apartments could be the answer you have been looking for.

Another plus point is the self-catering nature; you are not dictated by a Hotel when your meal times will be. This way you are free to make your own meals, which would be cheaper or you can go out and find a nice restaurant nearby.

One such place, Residence 6, can be found in Leeds City Centre. They offer luxury but with all the homely comforts you are used to. The rooms as typically around 3 times bigger than an average hotel room in the city centre, which gives you enough space to relax in. They have a 24 hour concierge service that will be able to help you anything you need. There are Molton Brown products available in the bathroom. The location could not be any more perfect being right in the city centre, around all the transport links, shops, bars and restaurants. They have links with a variety of the coolest places all over the City so whatever you need Residence 6 can arrange it for you. All their apartments come with the latest gadgets to keep you entertained while you stay. One good thing about these apartments is the length of time for which you can hire them for, it could be as little as a day or as much as a year. So whatever your situation there will be an opportunity to hire it for the amount of time you need.

Living Room Overlooking The Lounge Bathroom Bedroom Set

There are many other such apartments around the globe. From Melbourne to Bangalore, there are apartments all over the world which are available for you to rent. They are all fully furnished and have modern and stylish furniture. These apartments are great if you want to stay in a group as there is more room and at times it would probably work out cheaper than renting out hotel rooms for the same amount of time. With the variety available it may be hard to decide but make sure you shop around for the best deal.

So if you planning on making a trip to the great cities of the world make sure you check out short serviced apartments before you think about booking anything else. Having a homely place to stay in will really add to your trip.


World Cup South Africa

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Road safety during the World Cup in South Africa

South Africa boasts an excellent road infrastructure; therefore driving through the country can be a very rewarding experience.  South Africa is a beautiful place, and preparations are underway for the most exciting event of the decade to be staged in the country – the Football World Cup.

South Africa is a great country to drive through thanks to its beautiful setting and friendly locals. But the country is huge, and not at all possible to be traversed in one day. In order to really enjoy a self drive experience in South Africa during the World Cup, you need to plan carefully before departure. If you are driving from one city to the next, make sure you break during your journey as fatigue is a main factor contributing to motor vehicle accidents in South Africa.

While most of the national roads in South Africa are well tarred and in a good condition, the more rural roads are not in the same condition, and are most likely pot-holed and poorly surfaced. But as long as you take normal, common sense precautions, your trip to South Africa during the World Cup should be a memorable one.

Planning your journey

Before you start your journey, take time to plan your route and prepare your vehicle. Study your maps and routes, as well as your estimated times and the amount of petrol you will be using. Make sure you know the distances between rest stops and petrol stations before embarking on your journey. Make sure to take a 15 minute break after every two hours of driving and make sure you get enough sleep every night.

Distances between the cities where the different games are being played are quite far, therefore you need to be properly prepared. If possible, have more than one driver along on the journey so you can rotate.

Make sure to check the overall roadworthiness of the car before you leave. Make sure that your vehicle is in optimum condition. Check tire pressure, fluid levels, windscreen wipers and the lights of your vehicle. If you are using a rented vehicle, make sure you have the company’s contact details in case of an emergency. And always make sure that you have enough fuel to reach the next petrol station.

South African roads

The highways, freeways and provincial main roads in South Africa are built and maintained to the highest possible standards. Together with excellent driving conditions, your self drive trip in South Africa is guaranteed to be a smooth and safe one. All South African national highways have petrol stations at reasonable distances between them. Most of these petrol stations have restaurants, restrooms and shops within them.

In total, the entire South African road network is 755,000 kilometres.

Many of the national highways between major centres are toll roads, so check the fees before you leave. These toll booths usually charge per vehicle, and can range from anything between ZAR2.50 to ZAR50.00.

There are few roads in South Africa where you would require a 4WD vehicle. But even in national parks and off the beaten track safari areas, driving conditions are generally very good.

Service/petrol stations

South Africa boasts a large network of petrol/service stations spread all over the country. Most of these toll gates are open until late at night, while others are open 24 hours a day. Most service stations along all national highways and main roads are fully equipped with rest rooms, restaurants, shops and repair shops. The great thing about these service stations is that they are conveniently dispersed along the highway in such a way that you can make scheduled stops every two to three hours. An important thing to remember is that even though service stations are prominent along the national highways, they are further apart in rural areas, so plan your journey carefully, especially for refuelling purposes.

Petrol stations in South Africa are not self-service. Smiling and friendly attendants will take care of your petrol needs, and will be happy to check tire pressure, wash windows, and check oil etc for a small tip of anything between ZAR3.00 and ZAR5.00.

Shell, Engen, Caltex, Total and BP are the most common fuel brands sold in South Africa. Although not accepted in the past, some petrol stations do now accept credit and debit cards as a form of payment. Check with your attendant before using their services. Regardless, most service stations have on-site ATMs in case you are short of cash.

Driving conditions during the World Cup, South Africa

Planning your journey means preparing for all sorts of road accidents or emergencies. As much as we hate to admit it, accidents can happen, and you need to be prepared. During the World Cup, South Africa expects a huge influx of visitors, so you need to be prepared for possible chaos on the roads, especially before and after games.

Know that emergency services will be out in full force during the World Cup in South Africa, and that help is just a phone call away. When in South Africa for the World Cup, keep your wits about you while on the road, plan properly, and have fun.

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Accommodation Guide for St. Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg travel
St Petersburg travel

Visiting the Cultural Capital of Russia can be a breathtaking and memorable experience. Choosing the best accommodation for your stay in St. Petersburg will ensure you meet your travel requirements and find the best “home away from home” to meet your budget. This can be one of the most important parts of planning your trip and this guide will assist you in making the best choice.

When choosing the best place to stay in St. Petersburg we have devised some tips:

1. High season means higher prices – From May until September prices for accommodation in St. Petersburg are more expensive than in the winter. Although the city has a wonderful winter program and a great array of indoor attractions, most foreign tourists arrive in the spring and summer.

2. The center of St. Petersburg is often the most convenient place to stay – One of the main reasons why reserving accommodations in the center of the city is convenient is because St. Petersburg has a multitude of bridges which open in the evenings (except during the winter) and stay open for most of the night. The bridges are beautiful and it is very romantic to watch in the summer during the famous White Nights, when the sun is glowing in the sky, but not if you are on the wrong side of the bridge.

Another reason the center of the city can be very convenient is that many of the main attractions in St. Petersburg are located in the historical center. The Hermitage, Russian Museum, Nevsky Prospect, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, and the Church of Our Savior are all within walking distance.

3. Make sure your accommodation has all the extra services you require – For example hotels offer some extra service but apartments can offer more privacy. It is notable to mention that few hotels offer wheelchair access and handicapped access / rooms. Hotel Vera in the center of St. Petersburg is a hotel that offers both services for guests.

4. Choose a place to stay based not only on price – Ask questions directly to the hotel and check their website Try to find some recommendations from previous guests.

5. Use Google Maps to view your location and some of the main attractions – See where your chosen accommodation is located in relation to the attractions you want to see. If you are on a tour or shore excursion usually a business will collect you from your location.

6. Use the Internet to find the best price and special offers for all types of accommodation – There are many resources on the Internet for booking all types of accommodation in St. Petersburg and many include special offers. Very often you can find special offers and discounts by doing some research.

7. The brand name is not always the best choice – There are many unknown but wonderful accommodations in St. Petersburg waiting to be enjoyed.

St Petersburg
St Petersburg

Types of Accommodation in St. Petersburg:

Hotel – There is a ever growing list of hotels in St. Petersburg and this is the standard way for most tourists to arrive and enjoy their time in the city. Hotels offer security, all extra amenities and services, and a higher price to match.

Serviced apartments – These are apartments that are serviced and cleaned the same as a hotel. The benefit is that you have privacy, you can cook yourself, and very often you can rent a serviced apartment for less than a hotel room. However, a serviced apartment can’t offer some of the extra services and support a hotel can offer.

Mini-Hotel – Especially in the center of St. Petersburg, there is very little space for new construction. From this grew the mini-hotel market which offers the same services as most of the hotels in St. Petersburg and a discounted price to sweeten the offer.

Hostel – Budget travelers and students will find that hostel accommodations in St. Petersburg are in demand. There is not enough supply to meet the growing demand for budget travel. We advise you to book early.

Cruise Ship – Most American tourists, for example, arrive St. Petersburg arrive by cruise ship. This is a very convenient alternative as the process for obtaining a Russian VISA is simplified, however, the cost is much higher than even a hotel stay.

Cabin at St Petersburg
Cabin at St Petersburg

About the Author: TJ Travel is a fully authorized and licensed tourist company offering a selection of St Petersburg shore excursions for cruise ship passengers and general St Petersburg tours. Our friendly and multilingual St Petersburg tour guides will ensure your visit to our beautiful city will be truly unforgettable. The shore excursions and city tours we offer include the most famous and memorable sites in St. Petersburg including the Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, Peterhof, Pushkin, and perhaps some sites you can’t find in a guidebook.

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