Petite Ile and the Other Attractions of Reunion island

For most people, a mention of the Indian Ocean automatically conjures up images of its most popular islands, which are Seychelles, Mauritius, and the extremely expensive Maldives islands. This is actually quite normal since these islands rely a lot on tourism as a major part of their economy. As a matter of fact, in the case of the exotic Seychelles and Maldives islands, you can even say that they rely exclusively on their tourism industry. Mauritius is a bit different in that it has successfully managed to diversity its exports, which include sugar and textile, but it is also heavily dependent in tourists as a source of revenue.

Petite Ile
Image by françoise_b (

One island that most people are however quick to forget is the small island of Reunion, which is located a mere half an hour from to the west of Mauritius. This is quite normal as, contrary to its Indian Ocean neighbors, Reunion does not advertise its tourism industry as heavily. Although the island does have a thriving industry with a lot of tourists visiting the island every year, it does not rely on it so much. Indeed, because Reunion is French territory, it could pretty much ignore its visitors completely and still get on fine.

However, just like its neighbors, the island of Reunion also has its fair share of attractions and is an exciting place to visit. While it lacks the beautiful beaches of the other Indian Ocean islands, it makes up for this with some unique sights and incredible coasts and forests. In fact, the extraordinary differences from town to town are just one of the most remarkable aspects of Reunion. As an example, Petite Ile, located in the south of the island, is filled with flowers, some of which are unique to Reunion, while Saint Paul is popular for its buzzing street market.

You can also find the Domaine du Relais in Petite Ile, which is a park where visitors can either ride horses or simply go on a long walk punctuated by a picnic. The Domaine du Relais is one of the most famous places of the whole island as some of the views are simply amazing. It is however still far behind Reunion’s most popular attraction, the Piton de La Fournaise (usually called the Peak of the The Furnace in english) volcano. Most people will have already heard about La Fournaise, which is also one of the world’s most active volcanoes and whose last eruption occurred as late as December 2010. As you would have guessed, La Fournaise is the main tourist attraction in Reunion.

Another widely famous tourist attraction in Reunion is its High Plains, which offers the most amazing scenery of the island. The High Plains is a huge forest bordered by verdant cliffs and with incredibly dense vegetation. It is located near the Piton de La Fournaise Volcano and the views from the top of the plains are quite breathtaking. It is however recommended to rely on a guide when visiting the High Plains as it is all too to get lost in this huge forest.

Ashvin Sawmynaden, now based in Petite Ile and Guito Ramoune, is a travel blogger who blogs mainly about the Indian Ocean destinations

5 Tips For Driving a Rental Car in the United States

Unlike Europe and Asia where public transit is ubiquitous, travelling to the United States means at some point you may have to drive. In fact, driving is an integral part of the American experience, with every town and municipality flooded with capacious freeways, parking lot deserts, and long stretches of two lane blacktop.

Given the distance between destinations, in some cases it’s the only viable method of transport, making the very idea of an American vacation seem a bit challenging. However, if anything, driving in the United States is remarkably simpler than driving anywhere else in the world.

Following these 5 tips will help make the transition even easier.

1. Preparation

Before you rent your vehicle, make sure to get the proper liability coverage, provided you are not already covered by your existing car or travel insurance. Most rental car companies will offer a damage waiver that protects you in the event of damage or theft. This insurance will cost approximately $10 to $20 per day, depending on the value of the car.

Purchasing a supplemental insurance policy is especially helpful for exotic vehicles such as motorcycles, sports cars, or mobile homes, which may otherwise not be covered by the insurance policy you have at home.

Once you receive your vehicle, be sure to check its condition, including the tyre pressure and the fluid levels. A rental car is like a hotel room, its list of owners long enough to fit a dozen encyclopaedias. By performing a number of cursory checks, you can quickly identify if the car is adequate enough for the journey ahead.

2. Get a Navigation System

Most rental cars in the United States can be equipped with on-board satellite navigation systems to help you reach a destination. Not having to memorise your route will free your mind to concentrate on the dangers of the road. If a satellite navigation system is too expensive, using Google Street View or another online map service will help acquaint you with a route before you travel.

3. Driving on the Right Side of the Road

Like much of Europe, Americans drive on the right side of the road. For someone from the UK, this may feel as unnatural as standing on your head. As a foreigner you may feel the need to stubbornly cling to the left lane, despite it being dangerous and unlawful and quite possibly an act of war. However, in reality there is nothing natural about driving in either the right or left lane. This particular rule of the road is completely arbitrary, and once you overcome the initial awkwardness it should come naturally. Just be sure to stop, look, and take your time at each intersection. One of the more frequent causes of road accidents is a lack of attentiveness.

4. Eliminate Distractions

One of the ways to maintain attentiveness is to proactively eliminate distractions. Turning off the radio will help you maintain focus, and keeping your eye level raised will allow you to better anticipate dangers further down the road.

5. Rules and Regulations

There are far less rules and oversight in America in general, and the roads are no exception. Generally speaking, the standard rules of the road apply in all 50 states. If you feel uncomfortable or are having a difficult time finding a location, it’s proper etiquette for slower vehicles to stay in the right lanes, with faster vehicles on the left. For this reason, cars typically pass on the left as well.

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Can Serious Danger Lurk Under The Sun On Your Tropical Vacation?

Even though these sun related problems, sunburn, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke, are not diseases, they can be very serious and could put a real damper on your holidays.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when dealing with the sun.  Keep in mind that the sun’s rays are more intense between noon and three p.m. in the tropics and at high altitudes, even if it’s a cloudy or overcast day.     

What can you do to prevent getting a sunburn when you travel to sunny holiday destinations?

In general, the fairer or lighter your skin is, the easier you may sunburn.  Even clouds offer little or no protection from a severe sunburn.  So why take a chance of ruining your holiday when getting a painful sunburn is easy to protect against?  To prevent getting a bad sunburn, especially if you sunburn easily, use a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 30, or stronger if possible.  Use the sunscreen liberally, wear a wide-brimmed sun hat, choose UVA and UVB protection certified sunglasses, and wear a long-sleeved shirt and slacks.  Try to stay out of the sun between noon and three in the afternoon.  Build up your exposure to the sun gradually, day by day.  Limit the length of time that you spend in the sun to about fifteen minutes the first day, and increase your time in the sun gradually on subsequent days.   
What can you do to treat a severe sunburn?

You can ease the pain of a sunburn by soaking in a cool bath three to four times a day.  If you add some baking soda to each bath, it will help even more.  Cool showers will probably hurt too much, and they are not as effective or soothing as cool, relaxing baths.  To help with headaches, or pain and swelling, take aspirin or other pain medication such as Advil or Ibuprofen.  Do not take any aspirin based pain medications if you are on blood thinners or have an ulcer. If you are not sure if it’s safe for you to take these pain relievers, check with a doctor or medical clinic.  To avoid dehydration, drink at least six to eight glasses of water per day.  Do not break any blisters if you can help it.  Broken blisters can easily get infected, especially in the humid weather of the tropics.  If they do break, wash them gently with soap and warm water. 
If your sunburn does not appear to be getting better and you still have pain after a couple of days, you develop a high temperature or fever, have a splitting headache that won’t go away, are vomiting or have diarrhea, feel dizzy or confused, or your eyes hurt and light bothers them, you must seek medical attention immediately.

What can you do to prevent heat exhaustion?

Heat exhaustion is completely preventable.  Wearing a wide-brimmed sunhat, drinking lots of liquids, and staying out of intense heat and humidity will help you avoid this serious problem.

What should you do if you have the symptoms of heat exhaustion?

Heat exhaustion is caused by a combination of very high temperatures and humidity.  This may result in the loss of fluids from your body through excess sweating.  These fluids must be quickly replaced or heat exhaustion can result.

The symptoms include headache, fatigue, lethargy, giddiness, and muscle cramps.  The treatment is to immediately move out of the sun or heat and drink plenty of liquids, preferably commercial beverages containing electrolytes, such as Gatorade.  Do not drink any alcohol as this will make your condition worse. 

If you do not feel better and show positive signs of recovery within a very short period of time, have someone help you get to a hospital immediately as your condition could easily progress into a true medical emergency called heatstroke.

What actions must you immediately take if you get heat stroke?

When heat exhaustion is not successfully treated immediately, it can result in a very serious medical emergency.  Heatstroke is characterized by high body temperatures of 102 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit, or 39 to 41 degrees Centigrade.  There is also a cessation of sweating.  The symptoms of heatstroke include flushed, red skin, headache and confusion which can progress into delirium and convulsions, and can be fatal.

Note:  Someone must help you by quickly taking you out of the sun or heat and rushing you to a hospital immediately.

Dorothy Yamich has a passion for travel. She has lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe as well as traveled in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean.  She is a travel consultant and specializes in luxury cruises as well as vacation packages.  if you are looking for information on cheap airfares, fabulous discounted luxury cruises and great holiday deals, visit:  

Free Guidebook to Lanzarote Out Now

Despite the credit crunch and weak state of sterling the holiday island of Lanzarote still expects to welcome well over one million tourists this year. The bulk of them from the UK and Eire.  And anyone planning to visit Lanzarote this summer can now get their hands on a comprehensive 96 page guide to the island – entirely free of charge.

Lanzarote Guidebook has been created by long term island residents in order to provide visitors with accurate and up to date information about the Island of Fire.  Along with plenty of inside tips about the best places to go and things to see and do.

The Summer 2009 edition features 96 pages – illustrated with some fantastic visuals – and is packed with useful information for tourists.  Which can be downloaded fast and for free at the Lanzarote Guidebook website.

Lanzarote Guidebook contains comprehensive information about all of the island’s resorts, towns and places.  Including maps for each resort. Along with coverage of all of Lanzarote´s many attractions.  Such as the Timanfaya Volcano Park and the Jameos del Agua.

Discover the work of César Manrique – the island born artist and architect who campaigned for the controlled development of tourism on the island. Find out more about upcoming events this summer – such as the Jazz Canarias Festival and the fiesta of Nuestra Señora del Carmen. 

For those who like to explore and enjoy days out Lanzarote Guidebook also features an overview of the islands most breathtaking beaches and information about the best excursions on the island.  Including kayak tours, catamaran trips and submarine voyages.

Lanzarote Guidebook also contains a handy Essentials section.  Which covers all of the holiday nitty gritty such as bank opening times, hiring a car, driving on the island, duty free allowances, shop opening hours and a list of emergency contact numbers.

This indispensable guide is published in a handy and portable A5 format and is distributed free to tourists on the island via car hire companies, hotels, tourist information offices and private villas.

Visitors to the Lanzarote Guidebook website will also find even more in-depth and detailed information about the island online.  They can catch up on all of the latest island news, check live weather reports and use in-depth climate information to work out when best to visit.  Whilst browsing one of the best selections of Lanzarote apartments and villas online

A Comprehensive Guide to your Lake District Trip

The UK is often derided as a holiday resort, but the fact remains that it is home to some of the most fascinating locations in the whole of Europe. Take the Lake District, for example, which features spectacular mountain scenery and a number of waterways that provide the ideal backdrop for a relaxing summer getaway.

Lake District Trip
Lake District TripDiliff / / CC BY-SA

In total there are more than 100 mountainous peaks and 16 individual lakes within the region, each of which has a unique narrative and numerous highlights to explore. In fact, the hardest part of your trip to the Lake District will be creating an itinerary that allows you to take in everything that the area has to offer.

A Guide to the Lake District: 5 Must See Locations

With this in mind, what are 5 of the must see locations that help to distinguish the Lake District from other British resorts? Consider the following: –

The Gingerbread Shop in Grasmere: If you are visiting with family, a trip to the renowned Gingerbread Shop is a sensational way to spend an afternoon. Home to some of the most delicious gingerbread in the UK, it has been baking since 1854 and remains popular with both locals and tourists alike. The quaint village of Grasmere is also a hidden delight on the Lake District landscape, with a range of unique gift shops and tea rooms accessible to keen explorers.

The Lakeland Segway in Graythwaite: The self-balanced, battery powered segway is considered to be a futuristic method of travelling, and visitors to Graythwaite in the Lake District can enjoy this unique experience in the most scenic location. There is no finer way to enjoy the lush greenery, and after some expert tuition you will be able to navigate the mountainous landscape and see the region in a whole new light.

Derwent Water in Keswick: For those with more conservative tastes, a trip to Derwent Water in Keswick provides the ideal alternative. One of the most popular lakes in the region, it is not only picturesque but also surrounded by beautiful nature trails and quaint coffee shops. You can even hire a boat to traverse the tranquil waters, which allows you to see more of the area and enjoy and splendid afternoon in the sun.

Go Ape in Keswick: At the opposite end of the scale is the ‘Go Ape’ treetop climbing challenge in Keswick, which remains popular with everyone from young children to thrill seeking adults. Featuring numerous treetop courses to challenge individuals of all ages and experience, it is renowned as a family friendly resort that offers spectacular day out. If you are a beginner, you can even rely on experienced instructors to help guide you through the experience.

Theatre by the Lake in Keswick: The Lake District is not readily associated with the theatre, but visitors to Keswick can take in a variety of shows during their holiday. The Theatre by the Lake is one of Keswick’s most famous landmarks, and an entity that combines drama with breathtaking scenery like no other entertainment facility. At the end of a long hike or afternoon bike ride, there really is no finer way to spend a balmy, sun-kissed evening.

Must Visit Mediterranean Cruise Ports

Mediterranean cruises are becoming increasingly more popular. There are more than a hundred ports served by a wide range of cruise lines. Here are some of the most interesting ports which you can visit:
-Funchal:  The city of Funchal, the largest population of the Maderian archipelago, is named after the large amounts of fennel that grew wild. The city rises straight up from the sea to an altitude of almost 5000 feet.
 The city offers all year round good weather, stunning scenery, fantastic shopping opportunities for locally made crafts and embroidery plus a varied choice of activities such as vigorous hiking to placid contemplation of nature.     
-Ajaccio: Located in the isle of Corsica, Ajaccio is one of the most picturesque ports that can be found in the whole Mediterranean. The island of Corsica was ruled by more than four centuries by the Genovese. The Italian influence can be appreciated in some of the street names and the local cuisine. However Ajaccio is quintessentially French as it is depleted with an array of patisseries and stylish fashion shops, the main caveat is the price tag of these shops.
-Naples: The city offers striking architectural contrasts with elegant 18th century palaces standing next to Soviet style block of flats. The city offers a vibrant atmosphere combining cafes as chic as fashionable as the ones we would expect in Italian northern cities like Florence with traditional food stalls offering fresh vegetables or tripe.
Without doubt the most famous attraction near Naples is the city of Pompeii. Located 15 miles southeast of Naples, Pompeii used to be a buoyant city till the eruption of the Mt Vesuvius which buried the whole city in ash.  The town was covered in ash till the 1860s were an excavation began revealing the city.
-Palma de Mallorca: The capital of the Balearics Islands is a must see destination for all the architecture enthusiasts. It offers a delightful blend of Gothic, Moorish and Renaissance styles. Cruise voyagers can find an array of fountains, grand churches or old castles in its winding streets. The beaches are very close by the city and the water is tantalisingly clear.
-Lanzarote: The northernmost of the Canary Islands offers sub- tropical climate with temperatures remaining stable throughout the whole year. The island is volcanic in its origin; some of areas of the island offer a lunar landscape as a matter of fact some parts of the science fiction saga of Planet of the Apes were filmed in Lanzarote. The island boasts interesting volcanic features such as the longest volcanic tunnel in the world which is over 7 km long and the volcano park at Timanfaya is the most popular attraction at the island.
-Las Palmas: Though its scenery is not as dramatic as the one in Lanzarote, it is a prime destination for sun worshippers. The island enjoys warm weather all year round and boasts amazing beaches like “La Playa de Las Canteras” which is one of the longest beaches in the world.
The ports palm tree lined streets are all clean and endowed with exuberant floral displays

It’s Relaxation Time – 12 Unbelievably Relaxing Vacations

Relaxing Vacations
Image by dMap Travel Guide

Ready, set, go — it’s vacation time and all plans are in motion. Luggage packed, pets safely placed in a kennel for a vacation of their own, doors locked and transportation ready and waiting. It’s time to head out and make that dream vacation a reality.

For those living in Canada, a relaxing vacation can be found by contacting Canadian Travel. Whether your vacation goals are to stick close to home or travel the world, Canadian Travel will help you put together the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation ever.

Favorite Beaches in Canada
Prefer to stick to land and close to home for your best vacation ever? The beaches of Kelowna and Enticton in British Columbia are fabulous for a romantic rendezvous; perhaps coupled with a relaxing wine tasting event on the water’s edge.

Consider setting sail on a vacation cruise discovering The Baltic area. This incredible location has it all, including fabulous cities like Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helskinki. Stockholm is amazing, and most cruise lines offer exclusive tours that include detailed information about the city, as well as stops as local restaurants and botiques. After a day of discover, return to the ship to enjoy a cocktail and The Baltic’s fantastic sunset.

Take a Fantasy Break in Orlando
Orlando, Florida is certainly a popular destination because the area is filled with fun things to do, including a “never to be forgotten” trip to Disney. There are many travel packages available and easily found by searcing the Internet for “Packages for Disney World in Orlando”. Whether your trip is a family affair or a romantic get- away, it’s vacation time anytime you take a Disney World Orlando trip.

New England
Enjoying the seasons of New England always makes for some great, relaxing vacation escapes no matter what time of year. The States of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island offer everything from camping, fishing and skiing to a good, old time evening at a Boston Red Sox game or a freezing, snowy day at Foxboro Stadium to watch the New England Patriots play.

The Cape and Islands
In Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands are a blessing, with beaches galore, fresh water lakes and ponds, trails, lighthouses to explore and more.

Discover Martha’s Vineyard on the Cape and enjoy twenty miles of scenic splendor and perhaps a glimpse of some of the rich and famous, who choose the Vineyard as their choice vacation destination.

More Seclusion
If your idea of a New England or Cape Cod vacation is quiet, yet still entertaining, make Nantucket your vacation spot. Nantucket, Massachusetts is far less crowded than the Vineyard or Hyannis and can easily be reached by catching a ride on a quaint ferry out of Woods Hole or Hyannis. Nantucket, because of its location and slightly more out of the way location, offers unspoiled, scenic trails, as well as beautiful, secluded beaches.

More Excitement
If you prefer New England city life, check out Boston, Massachusetts and/or Providence, Rhode Island. Boston, the bigger of the two cities, houses a bevy of historical sites. Rhode Island is home to Brown University and many fantastic restaurants that are a true treat to those who enjoy dining at its best.

Let’s Go Exotic
Bora Bora are French Polynesian islands and incrediablly popular tourist spots. Vactioners travel to Bora Bora to enjoy pristine, white sandy beaches, marine life and magnificant lagoons. Popular accommodations include ocean-side bungalows with tiny porches overlooking the ocean in order to enjoy splendid Bora Bora sunsets.

Tree House Anyone?
Mix nature and culture in Kerala, India by booking a night or two in the Tree Houses of Kerala. These unique retreats are a real gem and, for the most part, unknown to locals and tourists alike. True naturalists thrive in the Tree House environment nestled in trees that shoot over 85 feet into the sky. Don’t worry about amenities, because these tree houses are equipped with all the basics to make a stay enjoyable.

Relax on a Safari
Africa happens to be the largest wild life reserve and making this trip is a gorgeous way to spend a vacation. South Africa offers some of the best safaris in the world and some of the best spas and beaches as well. A safari in South Africa is what one might imagineto be like traveling through heaven watching animals in their natural habitant all at the same time. It is, undoubtedly, one of the best vacations destinations ever on this earth.


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Get Out There! Fun and Adventurous Day Trips from Manchester

Whether you are living in Manchester or just visiting, this city makes an ideal base for exploring the fascinating northwest of England. There are so many excellent destinations within a short distance from Manchester, giving you the opportunity to explore everything from cities to historic castles to beautiful English countryside to world-class shopping and dining.

Day Trips from Manchester
Day Trips from Manchester

If you don’t have a car, you can always get a taxi from Manchester directly to any of these destinations, or take public transit if you have more time.

Chill Factore

Perhaps you want to experience the thrill of skiing or snowboarding, but you don’t have the time or the budget to go on a holiday to the Swiss Alps. Chill Factor is the longest indoor snowboarding and skiing slope in the UK and it will give you the opportunity to enjoy an indoor winter wonderland just outside of Manchester. You can even take lessons on the 180 metre long snow slope in order to improve your technique. There is also shopping and dining along Alpine Street and other activities including luging, tubing, indoor climbing and fitness classes.


Liverpool is less than an hour away from Manchester, so why not head over and check out this diverse and artistic city? It was voted the 2008 Capital of Culture and there are a number of interesting art galleries, museums, boutiques and cafes to visit.

Of course, Liverpool is known for being the home of one of the most famous bands of all time – The Beatles. You can learn more about the legendary rockers at “The Beatles Story” museum located on Albert Dock. Also, you could take a tour of the city in an amphibious vehicle known as the “duck” which converts from a bus to a boat to take visitors around the streets and the harbour.


York is another ideal day trip destination from Manchester. It is located about an hour and 20 minutes away and it is very different than modern and stylish Manchester. York was a medieval walled city and you can still take a walk along the stone fortification walls along the city. During your trip, be sure to visit the stunningly beautiful York Minster, with its soaring ceilings and impressive stained glass windows. You can take the steep spiral staircase up to the top and enjoy an amazing view over the city. If you want to imagine what shopping would have been like during the Middle Ages, take a walk down “The Shambles” which is a street lined with overhanging timber framed buildings which date back as far as the 14th century. York is also a great starting point for some lovely walks in the surrounding countryside.

Old Trafford

Are you a Manchester United Football fan? If so, take the opportunity to visit the famous Old Trafford stadium and watch the boys in red play a football match. While you are there, you can take a look at the Old Trafford Museum and Tour Centre, which tells the story of Manchester United throughout the years. If you want to make your visit even more special, you can even book a tour. This would make a great day out for a young child who is an avid football fan.

Arndale Centre

If you are in the mood for some retail therapy, head out to the Arndale Shopping Centre for the day so that you can shop until you drop. No matter what you are looking for, whether it is fashions, household items or beauty accessories, you are sure to find some great bargains. There is even a Branded Clearance shop where you will be able to find the top clothing brands at discount prices. There are over 80 stores here as well as several great cafes and bakeries where you can grab a bite to eat.

These are just a few of the many great day trips that you can enjoy from the city of Manchester. If you are visiting, why not take a day out of your trip and explore further afield? If you live here, you will have plenty of fun trips to enjoy every weekend, so get out there and explore!

About the author

Max Wheeler is a travel writer and blogger who is based in Manchester. He likes to take day trips around the area and recently treated his girlfriend to a surprise trip to Chill Factore. 


Natural hot spring spa destinations in Eastern Europe

Once the preserve of the wealthy and privileged, who would travel across Europe to ‘take the waters’, modern spas can be traced to various ancient towns whose residents recognised the beneficial properties of their naturally occurring thermal springs and mineral-rich waters.

Look past the travelling Victorian gentry and you’ll find the Ottoman Turks and the Romans also put great store in the rejuvenating and healing powers of naturally heated water. There’s evidence that the practice of bathing goes even further back, to the Babylonians and Ancient Greeks and there’s no reason not to suppose that mankind took a dip as soon as they encountered this most invigorating of natural resources. Even the Japanese macaque, commonly known as the snow monkey, recognises the benefits of a nice hot spring.

Spa resorts in Eastern Europe

 While there are spa resorts available worldwide, many areas within Eastern Europe benefit from the naturally occurring resources of geothermal waters. Heated water has a greater capacity to hold dissolved minerals, leading to springs that are particularly nutrient-rich. The exact composition will vary depending on the location and geological conditions but all can have beneficial properties.

Add areas of stunning natural beauty and the fact that Eastern Europe can offer such great value for money and it’s little wonder that the region – from Hungary and Slovakia to Romania and the Czech Republic – is becoming so popular when it comes to spa resorts and wellness holidays.

 Wellness holidays

 Everyone needs the occasional break from the stresses and strains of modern life but some holidays, loaded with too much rich food, late nights and alcohol, can leave you feeling more burned out than rejuvenated.

Wellness holidays are different, being specially formulated to help you achieve relaxation, peace of mind and physical well-being.

Facilities and treatments may vary from one resort to the next, but may include:

  •   Wellness consultation and specially designed programme. The consultation, undertaken by a qualified health professional could include a lifestyle questionnaire, live blood cell analysis, breath-function test, blood sugar and cholesterol analysis and spine, joint and muscular assessment. A programme will then be specially drawn up based on the results, as well as your own personal health goals.
  •   Weight loss programmes, complete with personally tailored diets and exercise programmes.
  •   Water treatments, based in a variety of swimming pools, thermal baths, saunas, steam rooms and more.
  •   Exercise classes and facilities, which could include – but are certainly not restricted to – aqua fitness, yoga, Pilates, tai chi and Nordic walking.
  •   Beauty treatments often making use of natural resources such as rich, mineral-packed mud.

 Spa resorts in Hungary

 Budapest is quite rightly known as the city of spas. Some 80 thermal springs emerge in and around the Hungarian capital, explaining why it’s built its reputation over centuries. You can still see the ruins of the giant bath-houses the Romans built to capitalise on the thermal waters, while some of the baths built by the Turks around 500 years ago are still in use today.

Budapest is most certainly one of the most famous spa resorts in Hungary, but there are many other destinations to consider.

Héviz is a stone’s throw away from the stunning Lake Balaton – the biggest inland lake in central Europe, nicknamed the Hungarian Sea and the largest natural thermal lake that is suitable for bathing anywhere in the world.

The small village of Bük is home to one of the most active mineral springs in Europe and Sárvár is a charming spa town featuring two different kinds of thermal water. Close to the River Raba, it also offers alternative activities such as canoeing, kayaking and fishing.

Spa resorts in the Czech Republic

 The Czech Republic is another great spa destination and Danubius have a range of spa holiday offers centred around the famous resort of Mariánské Lázn? (Marienbad in German). Situated right next to the German border, in the area formerly known as Bohemia, the town is surrounded by rolling forest full of deer. Natural springs water verdant pavilions  while also providing the spa element.

This is, of course, just a taster. There are a host of spa and natural hot spring resorts in Eastern Europe just waiting to be discovered.

About the Author: Travel writer Alexandru Rotaru specialises in finding and reviewing the most popular spa resorts in Eastern Europe.

The Gold Coast’s Best Nights Out

Australia’s Gold Coast is known for it’s spectacular beaches, awesome surfing, and a breathtaking skyline. There are an endless variety of attractions and activities you can engage in to fill your days. But it’s the nightlife that brings many people back again and again.
Pint of 90 Shilling Amber Ale by Michael Fajardo

Bars, Taverns and Pubs

Surfers Paradise Beer Garden is known for some of the best live music on the Gold Coast. The bar offers different themes daily, such as Ping Pong Monday and Girl Power Wednesday. Friday and Saturday enjoy live bands until five in the morning. On Sundays come join in on something totally different — goldfish racing!

The Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern once hosted a concert by Nirvana. Here you can have a drink on the waterfront, listen to some great tunes by live bands, or even play Keno.

Clubbing the Gold Coast

japanish by Fabio Venni

There are literally hundreds of places you can dance and party, but beware — three in the morning is lock out time. If you step outside, you will not be allowed back in. Saturday and Sunday are the biggest club nights, with plenty of choices on where to spend them.

Platinum Nightclub

The Platinum is known for it’s large space allowing up to 1,500 people to hang at once. Customers can receive free water at any time, and you will never wait in line for the rest room. DJ Flash is one of Australia’s most popular DJs, and is guaranteed to keep the club hopping all night long.

Ruby Tramp

Ruby Tramp is one of the most awesome clubs to party at, but very picky on who they let in. Maybe you will get lucky and be one of the selected.

Vanity Night Club

The Vanity night club is something totally new. Relax on a bed with your own personal TV, listen to some awesome music, and dance, dance, dance.

Melba’s on the Park

If Top 40’s are what you like to listen to, Melba’s is a great spot. Very touristy, but a lot of fun to meet people and listen to some of your favorites. You can also find 80’s and 90’s, golden oldies, or whatever genre you might prefer.
Australian Outback Spectacular

Dinner Theater

When it’s time to dine, there are some entertaining dinner shows for you to attend. The Australian Outback Spectacular combines music, lights and some outrageous horses for an awesome show. Add in some cattle, camels and bush vehicles, and you have definitely entered the Outback. While you are intrigued by the show, dig into a scrumptious feast of barbecue tenderloin beef steak and garden vegetables, and baked pavlova for dessert.

If you have flown to the Gold Coast, car rentals are easy to find and very convenient for your sight seeing. You may even have the option to rent a car with your vacation package. Check it out.

Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant is something totally unique. Mix some comedy and music with vampires and what do you get? A super fun evening that will have everyone laughing. A night of B-movie horror that is not for small children. From the moment your “finger” foods arrive to the presentation of your “death by chocolate” dessert, you will be in stitches. Hopefully not literally.

Dracula’s recently opened it’s own Haunted House as well. Do you dare walk through the five levels of Gothic scares, “dare” doors, and the deadly Australian creature? Get up close and personal with a shark, funnel spider and giant crocodile.


The Wax Museum on the Gold Coast is the largest south of the equator. It houses over 110 wax figures in genuine costumes. See villains and movie stars, scientists and explorers who look so real you will do a double take.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium is full of all sorts of strange displays. Enjoy interactive displays, bizarre and unusual exhibits, and amazing illusions. Count how many times you say “I don’t believe it!”

Other Night Attractions

The SkyPoint Observation Deck is the place to go to get the absolute best view of the Gold Coast. Located atop one of the world’s tallest towers, more than 750 feet above the ground, you can see some amazing views. Get a 360 degree view of the Gold Coast and all the surroundings. Take one of the world’s fastest elevators, or climb the 1,331 steps to the very top. Have a drink in the coast’s highest lounge bar, or salsa the night away on the dance floor. The city lights are a breathtaking backdrop to your evening entertainment.

For those who need to get the blood pumping, check out the bungee rocket, sling shot, vomatron or fly coaster. These super adrenaline rides will test your courage. Not to mention your stomach.
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Casino Fun

Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino is great for all your nightlife activities. Play some gaming machines, tables or poker. Have a few drinks at one of the six bars in the casino, enjoy live music, comedy or a meal. Or head to the theatre and be entertained by internationally known artists such as Jason Derulo, Rod Stewart, or Michael Bolton. Be sure to ask about the special casino promotions. The casino also has excellent rooms and service if you choose to stay there.

The Gold Coast is an endless adventure waiting to be explored. No matter the weather, you can find activities indoors or out to keep you going all day and into the night. Whether you are alone, on a romantic holiday or with a group, the attractions available will keep everyone entertained and content.

Plan your next trip to the Gold Coast for the total package. Sun, sand, surf, great dining and shopping, awesome shows, and nightlife that never ends. What more could you ask for in a holiday destination.