Travel to Venezuela

Venezuela is the country that weaves magic in every element. A land of the most beautiful women, home to the highest water fall in the world, and the house of the second largest river of South America, the Orinoco. Venezuela Travel is a lifetime experience. It has that typical South American touch engraved with a bit of Caribbean touch too.

Travel Information about Venezuela is not too difficult to gather. Caracas is the capital city and has a typical tropical climate. The place is more about concrete buildings and is very happening. This metropolis is a great place to be in. El Hatillo out here is so rich in architecture, and the beaches are so seducing to the minds that every tourist is left awe stuck. Soft and supple skin, tanned skin, great figures are all that you can get to see here on the whispering beaches out here. Snorkeling, Diving are some of the most exciting things you can do while you are traveling to Venezuela. The Venezuelans love to holiday on the beach of Isla de Margarita, Bonaire, and Curacao etc. These are lovely islands, which beckon every individual. Again the Porlamar here offers every modern amenity and facility to make life luxurious. Continue reading Travel to Venezuela

ISLA MARGARITA – The Pearl of The Caribbean

The federal state of Neuva Esparta in Venezuela comprises of a number of islands like Coche, Cubagua and the Island of Margarita. Isla Margarita or the Margarita Islands is the largest amongst them.

The island of Isla Margarita is located towards the Northeastern coast of the country in the Caribbean Sea. The capital is La Asuncion and it is situated in the valley of a river. The island is formed from two peninsulas. It has a population ofISLA MARGARITA approximately 4,20.000 and the majority of them live towards the eastern part of the island, which, is comparatively more developed. The important cities in this island are Porlamar, Pampatar, La Asuncion, the capital city of the island and Juan Griego. Isla Margarita is said to have been discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1498, during his third voyage to America.

Isla Margarita, as its name suggests, is a true romantic getaway. The island is referred to as “The Pearl of The Caribbean” and has about 106 miles of coastline, interspersed with about 50 beaches. It is an ideal place for tourists on a romantic escapade. It combines into one the beauty of the blue Caribbean Sea and the mountainous terrain. It is in every sense a Caribbean paradise. Continue reading ISLA MARGARITA – The Pearl of The Caribbean

Travel to Caracas Venezuela

Caracas, the capital of Venezuela is an exciting place to be in, if you are looking out for some good time. Though most of the research says that the place is highly congested with too much of concrete being built up in the air, the other side of the coin says, there is the presence of Mt. Avila that adds to the grace. But be what the matter, Caracas being the capital city has a lot to offer. Geographically speaking it is about 3000 feet above the sea level. The beaches add a lot to theflights to Caracas beauty of the place. Venezuela has always found a place in almost every beauty pageant, so where there are beautiful women, the place definitely has to be blessed with the most awesome locales. And here in this case it is beaches.

The climate out here is pretty tropical with just two seasons, the winter and rainy, since the summers are too pleasant to even imagine, with mercury not rising above 28 degrees. There are a lot of places that you can visit when you travel to Caracas, the La Plaza Bolivar, La Casa de Simon Bolivar, and Museo de Arte Colonial etc. But then when you mention about Travel to Caracas, then you also mention Mt. Avila simultaneously. Now this is one great place to go hiking and to get the birds eye view of the city. The air is fresh; the wind is all blowing so smoothly over your face, that it instantly makes you fall in love with it. Sabas Nieves entrance is reachable by bus out here. Continue reading Travel to Caracas Venezuela