Car Hire Ibiza

Ibiza is an island paradise located 79 km off the Valencia coast in Spain.

Best known for its thriving party scene, Ibiza has come to be a favorite among travelers looking for an authentic Mediterranean experience.

Low cost holiday villas, generous sunshine, cheap car hire and an abundance of beaches make Ibiza the perfect destination for your next holiday.

Fall in love with Ibiza, Spain

Discover the island’s white sandy beaches, rocky coves and dramatic cliffs, dense forests, olive groves and rolling countryside – you’ll never want to leave.

The real Ibiza can be found in its charming villages, rustic farmhouses and whitewashed buildings which glitter in the sun.

You’ll want to make the most of Ibiza’s famous sunsets, and immersing yourself in the local way of life will make sure you do.

Places to visit in Ibiza

Renting a car in Ibiza gives you the best chance to experience Ibiza, and at your own pace.

Perhaps one of the most popular tourist spots is the Caves of C’an Marca, overlooking Port de San Miguel. Over 100,000 years old, the caves’ visiting hours last until sunset.

Meanwhile, the rocky Murada Island just off Ibiza is a place where you can experience views of the Bay of Puerto San Miguel like nowhere else.

Deeper inland are the San Carlos markets which stay true to local tradition. You can be part of the markets’ color and chaos on any Saturday all year round.

Get active in Ibiza

A holiday is Ibiza gives you the chance to improve your health and wellbeing.

The island boasts some of the most scenic golf courses and tennis courts you’ll find in Europe. While water sports like sailing, water skiing, parasailing, wind surfing and jet skiing offer endless amounts of fun in the sea.

It’s time to let loose

It would be remiss of us to not to mention Ibiza’s vibrant nightlife.
At night, explore Ibiza’s city streets for nightclubs and clubs you’ll want to dance the night away.

A few of our favorites are San Antonio’s Cafe del Mar or Cafe Mambo, which offer terrace views and music to wind down to.

Vibrant and beautiful

Ibiza is great – day or night. You’ll wish you could stay forever.

And why not! Simply search for car hire Spain to make the most of your visit to Ibiza.

Unlock every part of Ibiza. We have the best selection of car hire rates form Ibiza Airport.

Myself Kathy Green, a passionate traveller offers you detailed information to take necessary remedies before you travel to your vacation. Give preference to book accommodation early as possible and car hire in Ibiza service to make your trip more enjoyable.

Christmas in Australian Popular Cities

In the northern countries, it is usually a white Christmas with snow fall and winter chills. But, it is quite different in Australia as it lies in southern part. The sunny days welcome jingle bells of Christmas in Australia. The weather is quite comfortable during Christmas thus most of the travelers want to celebrate Christmas in Australia. There are many attractive and fun filled destinations in Australia that offers a great holiday this Christmas. Let us explore the top locations and the fun activities they provide to make this Christmas holidays a lasting memory.


Melbourne is a beautiful vibrant cosmopolitan city. Being the cultural and state capital, it provides numerous fun activities for the visitors during Christmas season. You can watch free concerts with some of your favorite performers. A giant Christmas tree will be installed and lighted up during the festival. Varied cultures in Melbourne offer unique Christmas celebration for you to enjoy.


Sydney being the city of easy going happy life offers a great Christmas celebration. Cutting edge street culture, fashion and sport give Christmas celebration a different look. People play carols and arrange mass celebration on the streets during the festival. You can even enjoy going to opera house, Bondi beach and Harbour Bridge from where lighting of Christmas celebration is worth seeing.


Darwin is the gateway to the dramatic Kathering gorge, Kakadu national park, Litchfield National park and the red crags of the Kimberly region. You can even hire campervan to enjoy your tour to these places at your leisure. During Christmas season, they have markets on Thursday nights which is worth visiting. Also Sky City Casino in Darwin has fireworks out on the grass on New Year Eve.


The city of Perth is famous for its Christmas lights and decorations in the city. There is lot to do during Christmas from shopping to catching up train with Santa. There is lot to see such as a 13-metre Christmas tree and giant Christmas cards in Murray street mall, Nativity scene in council house, giant Bethlehem star and lighting display at the Bell Tower.


Hobart is the place with crisp air, famous Georgian buildings and famous Christmas celebrations. Here you can enjoy your stay at one of the Hobart’s waterside restaurant. These restaurants offer special Christmas activities to enjoy.

Alice Spring

Five things you should do in Alice Spring during your Christmas visit. Discover desert adventure, learn about the town’s true blue pioneers, immerse yourself in aboriginal art, a quick visit to MacDonnell Ranges as well as explore the Simpson Desert.


Brisbane is the most popular and has its own unique attractions. Heritage buildings along with natural beauty sceneries surely give your Christmas holidays a great pleasure.  You can watch the spectacular fireworks during Christmas week with Christmas carols going on everywhere.


This city has an expansive parklands, lively festivals and incredible sense of space. You can find the picturesque Adelaide hills and world class wineries of the Barossa valley during your Christmas holiday visit by Adelaide campervan hire.

Explore the Land of Tuscany This Christmas Vacation at Holiday Villas

Tuscany is the most popular holiday destination in Italy this Christmas. You have various types of accommodations to choose from such as farmhouses, vacation villas, hotels, apartments for your stay in Tuscany. Holiday villas are mostly in demand but other accommodations are also preferred. Tuscany is a beautiful place to visit for a pleasant experience. The great sea, enticing mountains and beautiful scenery wherever you go always welcomes you in their warmth.
Life is full of zeal in Tuscany. People here are always enthusiastic and celebrate festivals and have admiring culture. ‘The Grey Car Festival’ is the most popular festival of this place. Tourists from all over the world come here especially for this festival.   Hiking is also another attraction of this place for tourists. Nature lovers can also explore the beauty of nature here as it provides the splendid picturesque.
Tuscany with its natural beauty is also a place for romance and fairy tales. Many romantic and dramatic films have been shot due to its site locations as they provide perfect cinema location for shooting. Tuscany villas rental and holiday farmhouses are also used in these cinemas as they provide ideal background. This place is gift of nature where you find all sorts of locations such as beaches, valleys, hills, mountains, sea, etc. to rejuvenate life.
Tuscany has the best beaches in the world that offers beautiful panoramas and crystal clear water. Tuscany is a great place to visit any time of the year. Number of tourists increase during the peak seasons. Tuscany villas are very much popular among the tourists here. This enchanting holiday villa provides best accommodations along with privacy and beautiful natural sceneries to enjoy.
Tuscany is place to enjoy food also. You get everything from pastas, sandwiches, world famous pizzas to Tuscany specials. You get wide range of food items to choose from and sooth your taste buds. Enjoy the foods of Tuscany with salads, pastas, pizza and wine to enhance your mood. You would also like to visit some restaurants that have unique traditional Tuscan style. So, what are you waiting for when so many attractions of Tuscany are calling you to enjoy this Christmas holidays? Have a great vacation this Christmas while staying at Tuscan vacation villas to enjoy with your family.