Travel and Charlotte, North Carolina

Visit Charlotte, N.C., For Your Next Vacation

When you are considering a vacation in the United States, then think about visiting Charlotte, N.C. This is the largest city in North Carolina with over 840,000 year-round residents. More individual are moving to this city because there are numerous fun things to do during the day and evening. You can find activities for single adults, couples or families with children.

Enjoy the Amenities At Freedom Park

If you enjoy visiting historical homes and neighborhoods, then Charlotte is perfect because it is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Begin by finding Freedom Park because the oldest homes and businesses are near this area. You can stroll through the neighborhood before enjoying the amenities at the park that include:

  • Playground equipment
  • Athletic fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Paved trails
  • Volleyball courts

Throughout the summer, you can enjoy free musical and film performances at Freedom Park.

Stop By the Nearby Charlotte Nature Museum and Discovery Place

Next, walk to the nearby Charlotte Nature Museum that includes Discovery Place that is designed for young children. Both children and adults will learn about animals and plants in this area by spending a few hours at these locations.

Charlotte Has a Lot of Museums To Visit

You can also find several museums in Charlotte that give you a chance to look at paintings, sculptures or other interesting items. Here are some of the museums in this city:

  • Charlotte Museum of History – historical home and grounds
  • NASCAR Hall of Fame – features the people and vehicles used in NASCAR
  • Mint Museum – features art and design
  • The Light Factory – featuring photography exhibits
  • Levine Museum of the New South – learn about this city’s history
  • Carolinas Aviation Museum – dedicated to aviation

Take Time For Performing Arts Activities in Charlotte

If you like the performing arts instead, then Charlotte has a lot to offer. Some of these performing arts activities are available year-round while others occur seasonally. Make sure to schedule time for these performing arts activities while you are visiting Charlotte:

  • Carolina Renaissance Festival – weekend festival in October and November
  • Citizens of the Universe – innovative performing art
  • The Robot Johnson Show – a weekly sketch comedy show
  • Opera Carolina – founded in 1948 for opera performances
  • North Carolina Music Factory – local music venue
  • Children’s Theater of Charlotte – professional theater performances
  • Charlotte Shakespeare – professional theater company
  • Charlotte Symphony Orchestra – musical performances
  • Charlotte Ballet – seasonal ballet performances

Charlotte Also Has Sport Venues For Travelers

When you enjoy sports instead, you can buy tickets to a game in Charlotte. This city has two professional sport franchises that include the Charlotte Hornets and the Carolina Panthers. You can visit a game at the Bank of America Stadium or the Spectrum Center. In addition to football and basketball games, you can see a hockey or baseball game that includes the Charlotte Express, Charlotte Knights or Charlotte Checkers.

There Are Great Places To Consume a Tasty Meal In Charlotte

Additional fun places in Charlotte include the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden or the Carowinds amusement park. While vacationing in Charlotte, you can always find a fantastic restaurant that has traditional American recipes or exotic dishes. Many of the restaurants welcome children while others are designed for adults. Visit Charlotte soon to enjoy this fantastic city.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Documents International LLC, a leading apostille service for individuals and businesses.

Five “I Will Not Travel Without” Items

Travel items
Travel items

Everyone has a security blanket.  No, not some warm piece of fabric that we’ve been carrying around since childhood.  In this case, the security blanket is the item(s) that you simply won’t leave behind because they either mean that much to you or they are really that practical.  Doesn’t matter if I’m hopping flights, camping out or simply visiting family, there are five items that I won’t travel without.  Want to know what they are?

1) Towel.  Scoff and mock all you want, but I will always have some form of towel on me when I travel.  Doesn’t need to be huge, just a hand towel will do (a washcloth is too small).  Why?  The best reason is because of a book called The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  I won’t spoil anything.  Other reasons are because it’s great to dry off with, wrap fragile items in, use as an emergency “here I am!” beacon and you never know what kind of scuzzy hotel you could end up in.

2) Harmonica.  Small, simple and easy to carry, these little guys have never led me astray.  I’ve kept myself occupied during layovers, played for change to get to the next bus station and sat in with incredible musicians all over the world.

3) Swiss army knife.  A bit tougher to travel with in recent times, the knife is always in my pocket or in my bag (unless I’m doing carry-on).  The reasons are many and range from the ability to open wine and cut cheese on a Paris bound overnight train to fixing a bike that has a few screws loose.  If it was good enough for MacGyver, it’s good enough for me.

4) Pad and pen.  This one should be fairly obvious.  I like making paper airplanes and shooting spit-balls.  Clearly.

5) Baby powder.  Sure, laugh it up, but I always travel with a small bottle of the stuff.  Great for masking the “I’ve been stuck on a plane for hours” stench, for freshening up clothes that may have gone a touch stale and, forgive me, it keeps things from chaffing if you’re walking around for hours or days at a time.  You feet will thank you, your traveling companions will thank you and then you’ll thank me.  Simple as that.

See?  A few simple and relatively cheap things that I won’t walk out the door without.  Feel free to steal from this list.  Feel even more free to add your own “must haves” in the comments section or on my Twitter.  What won’t you leave home without?  Watches, wallets, spectacles?

Steve Zimmermann has drank with Aussies in Italy, danced on floating stages in Austria, sailed with dolphins in St. Vincent and pulled boats through creeks in Ireland.  He is a Lancaster, PA based writer who worked on the PR side of travel tourism before embarking on a career as a copywriter who happens to do a lot of traveling.  Follow him @zedcreative and say hello.

Maldives Holidays – Heaven on Earth?

What is it about the maldives? It only takes a few holiday reviews, a little bit of background research, and a glance at some typically jaw-dropping pictures to realise that people just love the Maldives. Anyone even vaguely aware of the place is likely to go ‘Ooooohhh…’ at the very mention of the islands, a sentiment echoed by the ‘Ahhhhhh…’ people emit when they arrive there and the majesty of it starts to sink in.

Palms in the Maldives

Visitors return with overwhelmingly good feelings for the Maldives, to the extent that most customer reviews of holidays there are so bursting with happiness that readers could suspect they were written by a travel rep. But no, look around, and the evidence mounts for my case – are the Maldives really heaven on Earth?

Whether you call it a tropical paradise, the perfect island fantasy or a picture-postcard dream, everyone can relate to these powerful mental images.

Shipwrecked in the Maldives? Yes please

For many people, finding heaven on Earth is all about peace and quiet, solitude, and getting away from the stress, dirt, pollution and chaos that characterise our surroundings in modern life. Just like the classic Robinson Crusoe adventure, the Maldives are a place where you could be shipwrecked forever and never miss home. Your supermarket would be the bountiful seas, coconut palms and fruit-laden branches. The odd barrel of Rum would float ashore, and who knows, maybe even a companion.

Relaxing Indian Ocean luxury

Other kinds of traveller can think of nothing more heavenly than lounging year-round in the perfect tropical climate, with kind, attentive hotel staff bringing fine food and drinks at the ring of a bell. Days would pass in bucolic satisfaction, gazing at the sparkling sand and glittering waves, taking a dip, reading, living like royalty might in a better world. As the sun sets over a calm ocean, fine dining, flickering candles and good conversation feels all the more natural knowing that your refuge is just metres away, and there is no work in the morning.

Coconut on beach

Intrepid adventures in the Maldives

For those with a more adventurous spirit, all of the Maldives island chain becomes a sun-drenched tropical playground. Exploring the hundreds of uninhabited islands by boat could be a lifetime’s work, and no-one can claim to have seen every spectacular reef, teeming as they are with tropical fish and exotic sea life. In their vision of heaven on Earth, days are filled swimming with Dolphins, scuba-diving into the fantastical submerged realms of the Indian Ocean, claiming undiscovered coves and sunken ships.

Boat and Atoll

Are the Maldives all things to all people?

Whichever of these visions of a Tropical heaven might suit you best is largely unimportant; most travellers to the Maldives enjoy a combination of all of them. The luxury market orientated, high-quality resorts and facilities in the Maldives are testament to the local understanding of why we love their islands; tourism is by far the largest industry, and with the ‘high season’ being almost all year round, providing a great experience for visitors is at the heart of many people’s lives.

As for what kind of package – the choices are vast. I for one love the freedom of live-aboard accommodation; waking up to a new view every morning, navigating the reefs and lagoons, and putting ashore wherever catches your eye is a fine way to experience the stunning beauty of the Maldives. If a resort, well-appointed villa or even a private island is more your style, all inclusive packages can be a great idea as you never have to count your pennies.

After all, who needs their wallet in heaven?


Gerry Bern is an independent writer who loves travelling, music, food and all the finer things in life. Gerry is currently getting excited about getting away this year, watching out for the best Maldives holidays deals, and counting the days…

Things to do Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh beach
Image by WomEOS (

Sharm el-Sheikh is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite locations in Egypt, and for that matter, the world itself. Situated near the Red Sea, this spot is a favorite amongst holiday goers looking for luxurious experiences and awe-inspiring sights. Littered with fantastic hotels and breath taking beaches, it’s a fantastic place to spend your holiday with your friends, family and loved ones.

However, the area is perhaps most popular with fans of underwater activities. With pristine warm water and some of the most beautiful coral reefs on the continent, it is of little surprise that Sharm el-Sheikh has become a must go to location for divers. There are many diving centers that will take both novice and experienced divers on some of the magnificent coral reef tours. The national park on the tip of the Sinai Peninsula in particular, is one of the most famous dive sites in the world and should not be missed. The coral gardens are some of the most varied and beautiful on the continent, so be sure to gain the relevant training to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

If the idea of snorkeling and diving is a somewhat daunting one however, you can still experience some of the under water delights the sea has to offer. Many glass bottom boats do tours that will give you an impression of how things look down there without the need for you to get your feet wet.

If you’re hoping to spend a nice relaxing time on some of the numerous beaches however, there are a huge amount of activities on offer to keep you and your family entertained. Everything from thrilling beach activities such as kitesurfing and parasailing to the tamer boating and canoeing can be easily be organized through your hotel concierge service.

If beach activities are not your thing you can always venture into the desert for some fun. If you are looking to learn a bit more about the people of Egypt and how they have lived for thousands of years, be sure to go on a Bedouin camping trip where you will be guided into the desert by knowledgeable locals. If you plan to camp overnight be sure to wrap up, the desert gets extremely cold at night and is not an experience for the faint hearted.

Sharm el-Sheikh is by far the most expensive part of Egypt, with prices being almost three times as much as anywhere else in the country. There are generally very few low cost accommodation options but if you look around you can find some reasonably priced hotels. Flights to Sharm el-Sheikh are usually in pretty high demand so it is worth booking well ahead of time and shopping around for the best deal to help keep costs low. Regardless, this little slice of heaven is well worth the visit for those looking to enjoy the sea and desert.

Disclaimer: The information contained within this article is the opinion of the author and is intended purely for information and interest purposes only. It should not be used to make any decisions or take any actions. Any links are included for information purposes only.

South America Luxury Tours

4 Reasons to Take One Now

South America is a quickly developing continent and beginning to hold its own as a coveted vacation destination. If you are the type of traveler who dreams of king-sized hotel beds, endless breakfast buffets, and pampering spa treatments, but also enjoy stunning scenery and a bit of local flair, here are 4 reasons why some South America luxury tours should on your travel wish list.

1. Affordable Luxury. South America is a country of contrasts, encompassing both striking poverty and stunning wealth. As a result, the cost of traveling to South America balances out to be quite affordable for visitors from abroad. A South America vacation is one of the best value travel decisions you could make. More and more 5-start hotels are beginning to appear, as well as top-end restaurants. In the capital cities of this continent you are likely to enjoy a full meal of gourmet dishes at half the price of what you’d pay in a large city in the United States or Europe.

2. Beautiful Diversity. One of the best things about visiting South America is that you’ll never get bored. Neighboring countries vary drastically, and even within one country you’re sure to see a variety of landscapes and cultures, and taste an abundance of different cuisines. In Peru, for example, you can visit the world’s second largest desert city (Lima), hike up snowy mountain peaks in the Andes (the highest mountain range in the Americas), or plunge into the deep and dense Amazon Rainforest, the largest rainforest in the world, home to an overwhelming amount of wildlife. Of course, you could also always swing over to Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, or check out Machu Picchu, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

3. World Class Attractions. South America is proudly home to some of the best natural and man-made attractions in the entire world. Machu Picchu is a must for any Peru tour, and you can live it up in luxury by taking one of the many offered Machu Picchu luxury tours, which tend to include quality private guides, rides on the stunning Hiram Bingham luxury train, and stays at the best 5-star hotels the country has to offer. Head down to Argentina and experience Iguazu Falls, a massive waterfall complex that puts Niagara Falls to shame. Or perhaps you’d rather visit Brazil and wave to Christ the Redeemer, one of the largest statues of Jesus Christ in the entire world. The statue is not the only impressive thing about Rio de Janeiro, as the lush mountains and crystal clear ocean waters put this bustling city very close to paradise.

4. Ease of Travel. It is undeniable that the world has many interesting and worthwhile places to visit, but few are as easy to see as South America. Direct international flights from most major cities bring you quickly to your desired destination and local guides, hotels, and restaurant owners in the top destinations are familiar with the standards and desires of many international travelers. The tourism market is largely bilingual, and with some preplanning with an expert travel company you won’t have to worry about a thing.

It’s Relaxation Time – 12 Unbelievably Relaxing Vacations

Relaxing Vacations
Image by dMap Travel Guide

Ready, set, go — it’s vacation time and all plans are in motion. Luggage packed, pets safely placed in a kennel for a vacation of their own, doors locked and transportation ready and waiting. It’s time to head out and make that dream vacation a reality.

For those living in Canada, a relaxing vacation can be found by contacting Canadian Travel. Whether your vacation goals are to stick close to home or travel the world, Canadian Travel will help you put together the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation ever.

Favorite Beaches in Canada
Prefer to stick to land and close to home for your best vacation ever? The beaches of Kelowna and Enticton in British Columbia are fabulous for a romantic rendezvous; perhaps coupled with a relaxing wine tasting event on the water’s edge.

Consider setting sail on a vacation cruise discovering The Baltic area. This incredible location has it all, including fabulous cities like Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helskinki. Stockholm is amazing, and most cruise lines offer exclusive tours that include detailed information about the city, as well as stops as local restaurants and botiques. After a day of discover, return to the ship to enjoy a cocktail and The Baltic’s fantastic sunset.

Take a Fantasy Break in Orlando
Orlando, Florida is certainly a popular destination because the area is filled with fun things to do, including a “never to be forgotten” trip to Disney. There are many travel packages available and easily found by searcing the Internet for “Packages for Disney World in Orlando”. Whether your trip is a family affair or a romantic get- away, it’s vacation time anytime you take a Disney World Orlando trip.

New England
Enjoying the seasons of New England always makes for some great, relaxing vacation escapes no matter what time of year. The States of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island offer everything from camping, fishing and skiing to a good, old time evening at a Boston Red Sox game or a freezing, snowy day at Foxboro Stadium to watch the New England Patriots play.

The Cape and Islands
In Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands are a blessing, with beaches galore, fresh water lakes and ponds, trails, lighthouses to explore and more.

Discover Martha’s Vineyard on the Cape and enjoy twenty miles of scenic splendor and perhaps a glimpse of some of the rich and famous, who choose the Vineyard as their choice vacation destination.

More Seclusion
If your idea of a New England or Cape Cod vacation is quiet, yet still entertaining, make Nantucket your vacation spot. Nantucket, Massachusetts is far less crowded than the Vineyard or Hyannis and can easily be reached by catching a ride on a quaint ferry out of Woods Hole or Hyannis. Nantucket, because of its location and slightly more out of the way location, offers unspoiled, scenic trails, as well as beautiful, secluded beaches.

More Excitement
If you prefer New England city life, check out Boston, Massachusetts and/or Providence, Rhode Island. Boston, the bigger of the two cities, houses a bevy of historical sites. Rhode Island is home to Brown University and many fantastic restaurants that are a true treat to those who enjoy dining at its best.

Let’s Go Exotic
Bora Bora are French Polynesian islands and incrediablly popular tourist spots. Vactioners travel to Bora Bora to enjoy pristine, white sandy beaches, marine life and magnificant lagoons. Popular accommodations include ocean-side bungalows with tiny porches overlooking the ocean in order to enjoy splendid Bora Bora sunsets.

Tree House Anyone?
Mix nature and culture in Kerala, India by booking a night or two in the Tree Houses of Kerala. These unique retreats are a real gem and, for the most part, unknown to locals and tourists alike. True naturalists thrive in the Tree House environment nestled in trees that shoot over 85 feet into the sky. Don’t worry about amenities, because these tree houses are equipped with all the basics to make a stay enjoyable.

Relax on a Safari
Africa happens to be the largest wild life reserve and making this trip is a gorgeous way to spend a vacation. South Africa offers some of the best safaris in the world and some of the best spas and beaches as well. A safari in South Africa is what one might imagineto be like traveling through heaven watching animals in their natural habitant all at the same time. It is, undoubtedly, one of the best vacations destinations ever on this earth.


Ryan McKenzie is a social media expert who specializes in Canadian Travel who loves to write about travel opportunities around the world.

Top 10 Things to Do in Maui

Those looking to vacation or move to a perfect paradise getaway may want to consider Maui as their ideal destination. Maui is one of the more popular Hawaiian Islands, featuring national parks, beautiful beaches, scenic hiking and much more. Once you have arrived, you can begin taking advantage of all the leisure activities the region has to offer. Both tourists and newly arrived residents can soak up the Polynesian culture and tropical scenery while enjoying a number of the following activities:

1. Bicycle Tours allow a person to bicycle around the beaches and volcanoes of the island. Tours include helmets, backpacks and more.

2. Paragon Sailing Charters offer snorkeling and trips to the island of Lanai. Small group opportunities to observe dolphin activity is possible.

3. Visitors who choose to drive to Hana can swim at Hamoa Beach or take a hang glider ride. Cave tours and horseback adventures are also available.

4. Front Street offers fine dining and beautiful sunsets.

5. Iao Valley has the Bailey House Museum, which offers details on the local history and culture. Many excellent eateries accompany the area.

6. South Pacific Kayaks allow for enjoyable paddling tours and snorkeling excursions. Humpback whales, dolphins and turtles may be observed.

7. Ed Robinson’s Diving Adventures allows you to scuba dive at any Maui coastal location.

8. Old Lahaina Luau is considered the best luau by vote on the island (Having been to the top luaus on Oahu and Kauai, I think the Old Lahaina Luau is the best of all the islands). The show takes place only feet away from the front tables and it is considered to be quite authentic.

9. Blue Hawaiian Helicopters provide tours anywhere on the island, with the best viewings available during early morning.

10. The Maui Arts & Cultural Center offers concerts and shows. Check the Maui Community Events Calendar for other scheduled events.


If  one or more of these events captivates you enough that you feel the urge to move to Maui, take into account the important factors involved in relocating to a remote island location.  A reputable, experienced Hawaii moving company will be able to assist you in the process of getting all of your personal items to the islands safely and efficiently. Coordination among various agents involved in the process will put you at ease. Overall costs associated with the move can be accurately assessed so you won’t have any unexpected surprises along the way. It is important to determine what items you must ship to your new home and which ones you can either sell or donate prior to moving.


Shipping to Hawaii requires the proper planning, and securing the services of an expert transport company. Peace of mind is priceless when undergoing a move of this distance.  Professionals can answer any important questions and direct all services involved in the process of your move. Trucking specialists will assist with the packing, loading and unloading all of your possessions. Freight forwarding will guarantee the proper shipping of all personal items.

About the Author: Erick D. Smith writes about traveling to Hawaii for a Hawaii moving company. If you are planning to take a vacation to the islands or are considering moving to Maui, your first stop should be the Old Lahaina Luau (honestly it’s the best luau in the state).

A Guide to Athens, Greece

Athens, the capital of Greece is one of the most famous cities in the world. Its name originates from the Greek Goddess Athena. It is the place where the great Olympics began.

There are a host of four and five star hotels where you can have a lavish and comfortable stay. Some of the main hotels are Residence Georgio, Hotel London, Stanley Hotel Athens and the Aphrodite Astir Palace.

On your sightseeing trip to Athens, do not miss visiting the following spots:

  • The Temple of Poseidon. One of the first stops for tourist buses is the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion. It stands on a small hill overlooking the magnificent sea. You need to travel safely as it is the quite slippery and one wrong step, and you call fall over the rocks or in the water. Greeks used to look over the sea and wait for their loved ones, for the safe and sound delivery of their goods and news of war. Far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this calm and serene place at Cape sounion will give you a thrilling and exciting feeling.
  • The National Archaeological Museum. If you go to Athens, you must visit the National Archaeological Museum where the ancient collection of Greek art is stored. There is a newly reopened collection of Egyptian art and artifacts that will enthuse art lovers from all over the world. It is a marvellous museum with a very rich and beautiful collection of the ancient Greek culture. Other than that there is a smiling statue of an Aphrodite readYing herself to slap a satyr with a sandal and other mesmerising statues.
  • The Parthenon. It is built on the Acropolis hill is a temple dedicated to the Greek Goddess Athena. Designed by Phidias who was a famous sculptor and supervised by the Greek architects Ictinos and Callicrates, this amazing temple had many treasures and the huge statue of Athena. Completely, built in 438 BCE, this temple has managed to survive several centuries and stands today in ruins after it was bombed in 1687 while a war was on with the Venetians.
  • Piraeus. For above 2500 years, Piraeus has been the Port of Athens. The great film “Never on Sunday” made by Melina Mercouri that won an Academy award was shot here. Many university students come here for studies in maritime history as well as other subjects. There is the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus that offers a breathtaking collection of artifacts from the area. You can view the huge bronze statues of Athena and Artemis. People passing through Piraeus must definitely pay a visit to this museum.
  • The Municipal Gallery of Piraeus While at Piraeus, you can drop in at the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus that offers a major collection of modern sculpture by the noted Georage Kastriotis and theatrical memorabilia that has been donated by Manos Katrakis.

There is several other tourist attractions that shall enthral you and you will return excited and thrilled after having visited such a wonderful city.

Visiting Copan, Honduras

Copan is a sleepy town in the foothills of Western Honduras.  It is known, primarily, for its Mayan ruins, which are some of the oldest and most impressive in the region.  However, the town also offers tourists a wide array of outdoor activities in the dazzling, lush rainforest it borders.  Does spending a few days in an authentic Honduran hamlet sound like something you would enjoy?  If so, here’s the scoop on how to get the most out of your trip to Copan.

Copan travel

Getting There and Getting Around

If you’re heading to Copan from abroad, there are two options.  The first, and most convenient, is to fly into San Pedro Sula and take a three-hour bus ride to Copan.  The second is to fly into Guatemala City, where you can reach Copan by bus in five hours.

Once you arrive, snag a map from the tourist center located at the main plaza or one of the many hotels and guesthouses.  Copan is small and centralized, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting around.  Most streets are well-labeled and flow outward from the plaza, which is a great landmark in case you get lost.  While walking around Copan, it’s advisable to wear sturdy shoes, as the cobblestone streets can be a recipe for a sprained ankle.

Visiting the Ruins

The ruins of Copan are undoubtedly the village’s main tourist attraction.  Located approximately 2 km from the town center, the ruins are a collection of tunnels, plazas, temples, stairs and more, all of which were produced during the 7th century by the Mayans.  There are over 4,000 structures located at the ruins, so plan for a full day if you want to get the total experience. In addition to the majesty of these ruins, there are also a number of monkeys, sloths, giant parrots and macaws that congregate in the park.

Spending a Day with the Birds

Copan’s Macaw Mountain is a great way to soak in some of the region’s vibrant avian species. Approximately 3 km outside of town, this nature preserve consists of nine gorgeous acres of old growth forest, steeped in mahogany, Indio, Spanish cedar and fig trees.  The park provides guided tours with information about its over 100 birds, such as macaws, parrots, parakeets and more.  If you’re hungry, snag a bite to eat in the restaurant.  The food is delicious and the patio abuts a gurgling freshwater spring.

Horseback Riding

Another great way to enjoy Copan is by taking a horseback ride through its surrounding hillside.  Guided tours are available, which will take you on a jaunt down the Copan River, before ascending into the rainforest.  Popular destinations include waterfalls as well  as the Chorti Mayan Village—a great spot to buy colorful scarves and other souvenirs while supporting the indigenous population.

Brushing Up on Your Spanish

Copan is also known for its excellent Spanish immersion programs  Escuela Ixanblanque offers full-day one-on-one instruction at a reasonable price.  Lessons can also be coupled with a home stay, where participants can live with a local family for their stay.

The bottom line on Copan

If you’re looking for an easygoing spot to soak in authentic Honduran culture, few places match the tranquility and character of Copan.  With its beautiful natural scenery, compelling Mayan ruins and friendly locals, Copan is a worthy destination if you plan on visiting Central America.


Dan Lawton is a freelance journalist and blogs about the outdoors for Backyard Chirper.

Cruise Casinos – Gambling at Sea

Cruise casinos have arrived and that means gambling at sea is a available to those wishing to take advantage of such adventures.

Is it really much of a secret people love to venture on gambling related vacations? Considering the enormous popularity of gambling resort towns, such a “revelation” is not much of a revelation. We all know that millions of people love to descend upon cities such as Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City, and the like or simply take the chance playing online craps for real money. But, did you know there is another option available to those that love gambling? There is and it comes in the form of cruise casinos like for example the SunCruz Casinos or the MS Golden Princess.

As the name implies, cruise casinos are luxury boat liners that provide on board gambling for those that wish to try their luck. Then again, if you have a lot of experience with gambling you might not need much lick. Rather, you can put your personal skills and talent to the test.

And there would be a wide range of games in which to do this! Card games, table games, games of chance, and, of course, slot machines are all part of the mix with cruise casinos. You will never run out of variety as these types of cruises are no different than traditional “land based” casinos.

Some might look at the concept of cruise casinos as something new. This is really not the case. Anyone that knows a little bit about gamin history is probably familiar with riverboat gambling. Cruise casinos are basically “at sea” versions of this type of gaming. So, rather than just take a short trip up the river, you would be taking part in an actual cruise. Needless to say, a cruise such as that brings with it a lot of potential fun and excitement. Why take part in the traditional casino vacation when cruise casinos have so much uniqueness to offer?


When you take part in a casino cruise, you not only have access to a wide range of gaming options, you also have access to the fun and excitement that a cruise can offer. For example, you have access to all the fine entertainment and dining cruises are known for. Depending upon the cruise line you select, you might gain access to all manner of onboard fun and entertainment.

You will have the great option of exploring the destination the cruise takes you to when you arrive at port. There are cruise casino ventures launched from all over the world. You will never run short of exciting destinations to visit which means such gaming cruises will always be exciting to take part on.

In short, a casino cruise is…a cruise. This means it presents a two-pronged approach to the traditional gaming vacation. In addition to all the fun and excitement at a casino, you can also be treated to the fun and excitement of a cruise. For those seeking a uniquely exciting vacation, a combination cruise and gaming excursion might be the perfect solution.