What To Do When You Are In Japan

Taking a trip to Japan was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and it truly is a land filled with history, culture and everything that you could possibly want from a country. I love the culture especially and wanted to talk about a few of the things that you need to do whilst you are there.


I hope you enjoy reading about it and I hope that you will love Japan as much as I do.

Eat sushi

Everyone knows and loves sushi, but the thing is that it isn’t something you can truly appreciate until you have actually been to Japan. The Japanese pride themselves on the finest fish and the most meticulous preparation to make sushi great. You will never try sushi as good as you can in Japan, so you absolutely need to eat as much sashimi, nori rolls and nigiri as possible.

Visit mount Fuji

Mount Fuji definitely is one of the most iconic sights of Japan that you could think of. It is a beautiful place and definitely something that you should see, even better is climbing the mountain and it may sound like a challenge at 3776 metres high, but it is relatively tame in comparison to other high mountains, especially due to the lack of actual climbing (with your hands and feet) and the good paths that exist on the mountain. The view from the top is amazing and is something that you truly will now forget. The mountain itself is seen to be rather holy in Japan and has been the site for pilgrimages for hundreds of years.

Visit the beautiful Kyoto

Kyoto is one of the most beautiful places that you could imagine, especially with the huge number of temples that you can visit there. If you have ever considered Japan road trips, Kyoto would likely be on the best places to put on your list. You could endlessly explore the area and go from temple to temple. Zen Buddhism is also very fascinating and you can naturally learn a lot about it in Kyoto.

Enjoy the atmosphere of karaoke

Karaoke is a fun pastime that we have all tried at one point or another, but wouldn’t it be great to try it in the place where is was invented? The Japanese truly love to sing and they are fanatics about karaoke. They love to have themed rooms that are so well designed and thought out that only the Japanese could have built them!

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Okinawa

Japan is an otherworldly kind of place and Okinawa is the most curious and interesting part of Japan in my mind. It really does not look or feel like anywhere else in Japan, especially due to its hot and tropical climate and stunning beaches. It is only when you hear the people speaking Japanese that you will realise that you are still in Japan. This is an amazing destination for diving and swimming and is a great way to catch some sunshine whilst in Japan.





Travel Mysterious Japan

Adore everything exotic and luxurious? Want to travel to some mysterious country? Just don’t know what to choose? travel JapanOr on the contrary, to travel Japan is your dream? Notwithstanding the reasons, this country is really worth seeing. Its incredible culture, interesting traditions and gorgeous landmarks are not the only things which are necessary to understand while moving around Japan. Just enjoy its calmness. This is the country where everyone is able to feel the life in every minute, in every smile, in every shaft of sunrise… It is the country where you will notice all the miracles of this world again. Continue reading Travel Mysterious Japan

Driving in Japan

Are you thinking about traveling to Japan? If so, it is a smart idea to learn about the rules of the road, and also experience it beforehand.

The first concept of driving in Japan, may shock individuals who live in the United States. Which is the cars steering wheel is on the right side, opposed to left. Additionally  it Americans are not allowed to drive in Japan solely with a U.S drivers license. Since you are not allowed to drive, it is a good idea to setup a way to get around town. This can be done by using public transportation which is commonly used.

The roads of Japan are also not extremely easy to drive on. One of the most common problems is bikers. Since not everyone has a car many people resort to biking, it becomes very hazardous. For example, bikers tend to cut in front of you while you are driving, so you must always be alert. Not only are bikers a danger, the roads are also very narrow. Which means you will have to pull over for cars, and also at times have to avoid traffic. Japan also differs from conventional roads because they have mirrors on there road. The mirrors are used to allow people to see traffic that is at the intersection.

Now you must be wondering, how fast you are able to drive. In Japan people typically drive around sixty Kilometers per hour. Furthermore on the highway people tend to drive around one hundred km/h.

Japan also takes safety of driving extremely serious, which is why they are harsh with there punishments. Unlike in the U.S Japan gives a long jail sentence for first time offenders of drinking and driving under the influence, driving without a license, dangerous driving. For instance, if an individual is caught drinking and driving they will get around one year in jail. Additionally if you are driving under the influence of drugs, you can face a three year sentence.

Overall driving in Japan can be much different then in the U.S. It is a smart idea to arrange driving arrangements before arriving at your destination. Also if you are driving make sure you are alert at all times, as bikers are very dangerous. Lastly, do not do anything illegal while driving or you could be faced with a nasty jail sentence.

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