Honeymoon in Polynesia: white coral islands in the Pacific

According to the travel news and this travel blog, the place is situated in the air Oceania Eastern Polynesia is a region made up of several islands of the Pacific Ocean. Let’s start with this little definition to avoid the confusion which exists between this region and other areas of the planet, such as the Maldives. The name Polynesia in fact does not indicate a specific group of islands, but a whole area where there are several individual islands and archipelagos (even including Hawaii). These Islands are often the destination of newlyweds. Polynesia offers spectacular atolls characterized by the presence of lush vegetation in a lagoon surrounded by coral reefs.

A honeymoon in French Polynesia requires at least 15 days for two reasons: first, to have the opportunity to stay, or at least stay in more than one island, since the 5 main islands are composed of 118 islands in total, each with different characteristics. In addition, air travel is quite long and you have to cross 12 time zones to reach the airport in Papeete, Tahiti’s main town and capital of French Polynesia. Fortunately,  that’s not without making a stop a stop: Italy can reach the island via Paris with Air Tahiti Nui down to New York or Los Angeles, or increasingly via Paris with Air France with a stopover in Los Angeles, or Air New Zealand from London, Frankfurt or Los Angeles. The experience of the honeymoon will be complete with a visit to one of these cities before landing on the beaches of white coral, which are crystal-clear: The marine life is superb and snorkeling and diving will find their paradise.

There are so many activities to do there, besides the water- related ones: numerous trips are made specifically to explore the interior of the islands and the remains of the ancient Polynesian civilization. For this reason it is better to know exactly what to take with you, not only light cotton clothing, which is  good for the days of hot sun, but long pants and something heavier for the cool days of the lagoon. I always recommend sun-protection cream and lotion mosquito repellent, and as far as  the beach is concerned, sunglasses and rubber shoes for walking on the reef. During the year the temperature reaches about 27 °, but the best time to go is from April to October, when the rain is less frequent and the climate is so humid. Even the water of the lagoon is so hot that you can swim safely next to the magnificent marine animals that inhabit the reef. Or make a trip on a Va’a, a typical Polynesian canoe: it is also the protagonist of an annual competition, the Hawaiki Nui Va’a, which takes place in October between the islands of Bora Bora, Tahaa, Raiatea and Huhaine , and attended by 2000 athletes from around the world.

The three islands mentioned above are some of the most beautiful luxury resorts, hosting a fairy tale, where the five star treatment assumes a higher dimension, and relaxation is assured. If you want to indulge in some activity, snorkeling with sharks in Bora Bora is not to be missed and swimming with dolphins at Rangiroa is a wonderful experience. So for spouses who promised to get married within the year, value Polynesia for your honeymoon!

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The Golden Age of Air Travel Returns!

With competition now in full gear amongst the world’s top airlines, eager to capture the hearts of the rich and famous, the golden age of air travel has returned – if only for a select few.Singapore Airline First Class

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Ten of the World’s Most Amazing Eco Friendly Hotels

The tourism industry is all about promoting fabulous vacation destinations. To help preserve those destinations, hotels are making changes to the way they do business. Self-preservation requires that they participate in protecting the very destinations they promote.

Eco friendly hotels are a massive hit with tourists. They like knowing that they are spending their vacation dollars with hotels that recognize the importance of preserving the very sights they come to see. All of these hotels feature the ultimate in luxury and service. Let’s take a look at what many consider the top ten eco-friendly hotels in the world.

1: The Whitepod Eco-Retreat, Switzerland

They are long on amenities but make a small footprint on the environment. The resort combines high tech materials with renewable energy sources to create individual geodesic domes for guest. The domes are heated by wood. The light sources are petrol based. Access is available by dogsleds, show shoes or skies as there are no roads up to the resort.

2: Chumbe Island Coral Park Zanzibar, Tanzania

Nestled on a small previously uninhabited island, the Chumbe Island Coral Park, is dedicated to preserving the coral reef ecosystems of the area. The resort is solar powered. It uses grey water systems, composting and other large-scale preservation techniques. The eco-bungalows are private and practical. There are only seven bungalows ensuring privacy and first class service. The island can only be reached by boat.

3: Gaia Napa Valley Hotel and Spa, USA

This is a great blend of creature comforts and eco-friendly design. The resort has everything a guest would expect. Luxuriously appointed rooms, world class cuisine and unparalleled service make it a resort to remember. The resort uses environmentally sustainable materials and products in its operation. Energy efficiency, recycling, and waste reduction are three of the main principals the hotel uses to stay green.

4: Tiamo Resort,  Bahamas

This small, intimate resort offers eleven individual guest bungalows. The design is so efficient that the entire resort uses the same amount of electricity in a month as an average American household. Privacy and simplicity help bring this resort to the top ten eco-friendly hotels list.

5: Spice Island Resort, Grenada

Located on the lush island of Grenada visitors are immersed in luxury. No detail is left unattended. They also attend to the needs of the environment. The salt water pool eliminates the need for chlorine. Solar powered hot water saves energy and eco-friendly electrical appliances help complete their efforts to save resources.

6: The Q Hotel and Spa, Kansas, USA

The Q is Kansas City’s contribution to the top ten eco-friendly hotels list. Being designed for maximum energy efficiency is just the beginning. They use environmentally friendly cleaning products and even have a hybrid shuttle. All of these efforts pay off in big dividends that the hotel puts into the opulent decor and amazing service.

7: Voyages Longitude 131, Australia

Five star luxury in a tent. Each “tent” is designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort using the minimum amount of resources. Reverse cycle air-conditioning allows guests to achieve their own personal level of comfort. They have all the services of a big resort, yet make a small foot print on this primitive landscape. Water and energy conservation are a must in this environment. You can fly to Uluru although there are more cheap domestic flights to Alice Springs from cities across Australia.

8: Adrere Amellal, Egypt

Located in the desert, this resort blends in almost seamlessly with the surroundings. Made of traditional clay and water, there is no electricity in the resort. Beeswax candles and organic meals create a unique experience. This resort goes all natural. A true pioneer among eco friendly hotels.

9: Devil’s Thumb Ranch, Colorado, USA

This is the perfect resort for those who love the vast outdoors. They ranch prides themselves on offering activities that nature intended. Horseback riding, fishing, canoeing, and more keep spring travelers busy. Winter brings skiers, explorers and the like. The Ranch keeps things natural and uncluttered. They promote energy conservation, composting, recycling and other strategies for staying green.

10: Soneva Fushi Resort, Maldives

The resort sits in on an island surrounded by a fabulous coral lagoon. They are working toward achieving a state of carbon neutrality. Furnishings are made from renewable resources and energy conservation is crucial. They pride themselves on offering intelligent luxury.

All of these eco-friendly hotels are totally committed to saving resources while offering the best in luxury, privacy and service. World class hotels do not have to encroach on the destinations they promote. These hotels are proof that they can exist peacefully and productively.

Bio:  Author Richard Greenwood works for Flight Centre Australia, provider of cheap international flights which encourages environmentally responsible travel. Richard makes an active method to minimise his carbon footprint when travelling and hopes to spread the message that going eco does not mean giving up on the things you want.