Enjoy Winter Holidays in Austria

Are you planning for winter holidays in Europe? Consider Austria, one of the great winter holiday destinations in Europe. There are number of reasons that attract visitors from all around the world to visit this amazing country. If you love skiing and other winter sports or like to hear classical music, Austria has to offers all. Tourists get attracted to magnificent hiking trails and natural beauty of the country. The spa hotels and resorts, such as the Saalbach, Rogner Bad Blumau, St. Anton, etc. offers tourists not only great accommodations, but a paradise type of experience where they can relax, relieve stress, and recharge for the long overhaul ahead.

Austria is one of the most popular countries having a rich and dramatic history which is geographically surrounded by Snow Mountains. You will find this a beautiful and historical places to visit as there are gorgeous lakes, medieval fortresses, castles, churches, etc that are covered with hills and soaring mountains. Austria is also popular amongst music lovers as there are large numbers of concerts taking place every year. Austria is home of many poets, singers and musicians.

There are number of places you can visit in Austria. For your Austria Tours requirements, visit Tempo Holidays, a leading Australian Travel Agent. Some of the top attractions of Austria are:

1. Hofburg Imperial Palace

Built during 13th century, the Hofburg Imperial Palace was built; still today it has the same charm and stands as a testament to the power and wealth of the mighty political family. You can find the office of President of Austria, International Convention Center, the famous Spanish Riding School and its Lipizzan stallions in this palace. You can visit a museum which is open for public.

2. Vienna

Vienna is one of the greatest and most historic cities in Western Europe. Vienna has lots of things to offer like Art and Culture, Sports and Relaxation, Pleasure and Recreation. Vienna is popular for many old buildings, churches, etc. Vienna is also famous for classical music and opera. It is birthplace of Austria’s most famous rulers and some of the most famous composers of classical music.

3. Salzburg

Salzburg is well known as “City of Churches” due to number of churches that were built here. In fact, it is also named as the Rome of the North because of this. It is fourth largest urban area of Austria. Salzburg is also known for its old streets, festivals, the Mirabell Palace, the hohensalzburg Fortress and the Mozarteum.

4. Grossglockner Alpine Road

The Grossglockner alpine road is one of the most visited alpine roads in the continent. It ends in the highest mountain in Austria where its largest glacier is also located. In fact, since the mid 1930’s, this famous road has been visited by over 50 million people eager to see its spectacular views.

5. Innsbruck

Innsbruck is well known as a vacation destination during winter, but it also attracts many tourists during summer as well. The winter Olympics were hosted here twice and it will also host young Olympics in 2012.This place is situated between two imposing mountainsides, so ideal for winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing. Not only that, Innsbruck is also a popular tourist destination even in the summer months because it is ideal for mountaineering and ecotourism.

6. Eisriesenwelt Caves

The Eisriesenwelt caves showcase extraordinary rock and ice formations, majestic towers and columns and even an underground glacier and waterfall. It was discovered sometime during the late 1870’s by Anton Posselt and since then has attracted thousands of tourists from all around the world. Today, it is considered as one of the largest ice cave in the world.

7. Carnutinum Archaeological Museum

Carnutinum was once the most important of Roman towns in the Alps. It was founded sometime during the 6th century AD and has seen about 5000 inhabitants under the Roman Empire. Today, this town houses the largest collection of Roman artifacts ranging from Roman jewelry, roman arms and coins, landmarks such as amphitheatres and baths as well as other religious objects from the Roman religion of Mithras worship.

8. Graz

The Graz is perhaps the most famous center for culture, architecture and art. In fact, it was been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the historical value of the place. Here, tourists will also get to experience the vibrant nightlife that
Gratz is well known for.

9. The Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future is called the Ars Electronica. This museum is also well known for its stunning collection of modern technology. As such, this has become a tourist spot.

10. Hohe Tauern National Park

One of the last natural wilderness areas in Europe, this park is well known for its flora and fauna. Here you can nice wild life, like Mountain goats, ibex, chamois, a wide variety of birds, sheep, etc. Here you can enjoy nature at its best with your
loved ones.

Cheap Hotels and Motels

One of our first thoughts when looking at our next trip, how to get cheap tickets and how to get cheap hotel / motel rates?

Well, may not be the first thought, in fact the very first thought could go to the business meeting we are going to take part to with an important customer or it could go to the great beaches we will find just in front of our hotel resort.

But as anybody else we do not want to spend more than it is required, right? So let’s talk about cheap and discount rates we can find for hotels and motels – that’s because I am good at this subject.

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Where do we go? Houston! Largest City of Texas and a major one in the United States. Students will travel there for the many universities and colleges such as the University of Houston, the University of Texas-Houston Health and Science Center, Texas Southern University and Rice University. Some will travel for business and most likely having to do with one of the major industries there: Oil and Natural Gas or the space and aeronautics industry.

Let’s assume we are looking for the best price for a cheap hotel in Houston and do not have flexible dates, we will be there for a 2 day business trip!

Assuming a check in date 22 December and a check out date 24 December we go through the results to find a few offers as:

– Book now and save 30%! at Lancaster Hotel a 4 star in Texas Avenue

– Weekend and holiday rates at Four Seasons Houston, a five star downtown Houston

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This is just a sample of the many hotel deals found for this short stay but try to change the dates or to make a longer stay and the rates will undoubtely be better and lower.

Cruise Ships; Home to Top Entertainment

There is much more to cruising than simply lazing on deck and hopping from one exotic destination to the next. Today’s modern cruise ships are equipped with a comprehensive range of quality entertainment and facilities, which are designed to appeal to all tastes and ages.

Daytime programme of events

Throughout the day modern cruise ships offer a programme of activities and events that are designed to appeal to a wide audience, so whether you are sporty, active and keen to join in the fun or just want to relax on deck, there will be something to suit you. From listening to steel bands by the pool that play a selection of reggae music to joining in with some energetic poolside games, you can take your pick from a host of activities that are included in the price of your cruise.

cruise ship
cruise ship

For many people, cruising is all about joining in and making new friends and for this type of passenger the programme offers the opportunity to have fun at the same time. Games can be as vigorous or as cerebral as you want. Try your hand at a game of bingo or attend a lecture where guest speakers and trainers can instruct you in the fine art of napkin folding, or even wine tasting.

Shopping and spa treatments are always popular with passengers, while those wishing to be a little more active can choose from a range of sports on offer, from golf simulations to traditional deck games.

Evening entertainment

Passengers are spoilt for choice when evening descends on board ship. Most cruises offer a wide programme of evening events, meaning that there is always something to tempt you. For those who like to join in and have a go there are usually options such as a singing around a piano and the ever-popular karaoke nights.

For those holidaymakers who enjoy hitting the dance floor there is usually a wide choice of dance venues on board the ship, so whether you are a keen ballroom dancer, fancy throwing some shapes on the dance floor or hanker to try line dancing you should find something to suit you.

Most cruises feature special ‘show rooms’, which feature a regular programme of nightly entertainment, usually scheduled twice each evening to allow both late and early diners to benefit from the performance. You can choose from a variety of entertainment, from singers and comedians to jugglers and dancers. Every cruise will have at least one night of spectacular entertainment in the form of a Las Vegas-styled performance, which is usually an extremely popular choice with passengers.

If live shows and dancing do not tempt you, then you may prefer to try your luck in the on-board casino or maybe take in one of the films on offer before heading to one of the bars for a nightcap.

With most of the larger cruise ships offering a choice of up to a dozen or so alternatives for your evening entertainment, there is sure to be an activity, entertainer or event that you will want to return to again and again.

Petite Ile and the Other Attractions of Reunion island

For most people, a mention of the Indian Ocean automatically conjures up images of its most popular islands, which are Seychelles, Mauritius, and the extremely expensive Maldives islands. This is actually quite normal since these islands rely a lot on tourism as a major part of their economy. As a matter of fact, in the case of the exotic Seychelles and Maldives islands, you can even say that they rely exclusively on their tourism industry. Mauritius is a bit different in that it has successfully managed to diversity its exports, which include sugar and textile, but it is also heavily dependent in tourists as a source of revenue.

Petite Ile
Image by françoise_b (http://www.flickr.com/photos/francoise_2006/)

One island that most people are however quick to forget is the small island of Reunion, which is located a mere half an hour from to the west of Mauritius. This is quite normal as, contrary to its Indian Ocean neighbors, Reunion does not advertise its tourism industry as heavily. Although the island does have a thriving industry with a lot of tourists visiting the island every year, it does not rely on it so much. Indeed, because Reunion is French territory, it could pretty much ignore its visitors completely and still get on fine.

However, just like its neighbors, the island of Reunion also has its fair share of attractions and is an exciting place to visit. While it lacks the beautiful beaches of the other Indian Ocean islands, it makes up for this with some unique sights and incredible coasts and forests. In fact, the extraordinary differences from town to town are just one of the most remarkable aspects of Reunion. As an example, Petite Ile, located in the south of the island, is filled with flowers, some of which are unique to Reunion, while Saint Paul is popular for its buzzing street market.

You can also find the Domaine du Relais in Petite Ile, which is a park where visitors can either ride horses or simply go on a long walk punctuated by a picnic. The Domaine du Relais is one of the most famous places of the whole island as some of the views are simply amazing. It is however still far behind Reunion’s most popular attraction, the Piton de La Fournaise (usually called the Peak of the The Furnace in english) volcano. Most people will have already heard about La Fournaise, which is also one of the world’s most active volcanoes and whose last eruption occurred as late as December 2010. As you would have guessed, La Fournaise is the main tourist attraction in Reunion.

Another widely famous tourist attraction in Reunion is its High Plains, which offers the most amazing scenery of the island. The High Plains is a huge forest bordered by verdant cliffs and with incredibly dense vegetation. It is located near the Piton de La Fournaise Volcano and the views from the top of the plains are quite breathtaking. It is however recommended to rely on a guide when visiting the High Plains as it is all too to get lost in this huge forest.

Ashvin Sawmynaden, now based in Petite Ile and Guito Ramoune, is a travel blogger who blogs mainly about the Indian Ocean destinations

Coffs Harbour’s Beautiful Butterfly House

Of all the insects in the world there is one that rather than earning the ire of the masses, instead harbours within us a distinct reverence. The beautiful and noble butterfly is the supermodel of the insect world. Where the mosquito and the blowfly are squashed or swatted away with reckless abandon, the butterfly glides proudly into your life, flutters its wings and we all fawn over its beauty. If visiting the wonderful Coffs Coast region of New South Wales, there is one place to utterly lose yourself in the majesty of this remarkable creature and that is the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House.

Coffs Harbour
Coffs Harbour

Nestled in the foothills near Bonville, a short drive south of Coffs Harbour itself; the Butterfly House is an amazing indoor rainforest garden which is home to hundreds of majestic Australian butterflies which are hatched on site. The Butterfly house is home to around 400 live butterflies of 17 different species all year round. You may be in awe of the size of the Cairns Birdwing and amazed by the vibrant coloured Ulysses as they flutter, mate and sip nectar as you stroll through the gardens. If you’re lucky one may even land on you!

There is something for every member of the family at the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House. While children and adults young and old will love finding and identifying the many butterflies in the gardens the whole family can relax afterwards in the tearooms and enjoy milkshakes and light refreshments. Dad may be interested in the woodturning workshop where local artisans display and create their works made from Australian native timbers while Mum browses the vast selection of butterfly themed gifts at the souvenir shop. Older children may enjoy the outdoor maze which will keep them entertained and excited as they test their butterfly knowledge and hunt for the hidden answers while younger children may like to do some puzzles, colouring or have their picture taken in the butterfly face-in-the-hole.

Spending a day amongst the butterflies is a wonderful way to unwind and release some of the tension built up over the course of a life well lived. There is nothing comparable to having a giant and majestic butterfly land on you and call you its brief home. Insects are a much maligned class of species and one that often gets punished for its prolificness and propensity to be in places that are inopportune to humans but spending a day in the Butterfly Houses will make you realise just how important, beautiful and misunderstood not just butterflies but the whole class of insects are.

Be prepared to go home with a newfound love and appreciation for the butterfly and their amazing lifecycle. The Butterfly House is a truly unique experience set amongst the breathtaking natural beauty of the Coffs Coast. It’s a definite stopover for anyone holidaying in the region along with the Big Banana, Raleigh Raceway, the Dorrigo skywalk and the Coffs Jetty. The Butterfly House is open all year round and is easy to find right off the highway just south of Coffs. Follow the signs.

Would you like to spend a day with the butterflies, or just check out Coffs Harbour in it’s entirety? You should take the time to read Skedaddle’s “Coffs Harbour with a car” guide to see you get the most of the experience.

Multi Centre Holidays in the USA

Sun, sand, sea and theme parks

theme parks
theme parks

For holidays with a theme, Florida in the south eastern US, is a perfect destination. With a surprising range of attractions, a vibrant history and unparalleled climate and natural environment it’s also a fantastic location for multi centre holidays USA style. Nicknamed the Sunshine State, for good reason, the climate is sub-tropical, making it a popular destination at any time of year. During the winter ‘snow birds’ descend from other parts of the US – seasonal residents escaping the colder climes further north. In the summer visitors include tourists from all over the world seeking sun, sand, surf and theme parks!

Early visitors

‘La Florida’ was discovered in 1513, by the Spanish explorer, Juan Ponce de Leon. It is possible that some previous contact with European ‘tourists’ had been made as de Leon did encounter at least one native who could speak Spanish, suggesting that holidays to Florida were already popular. However, de Leon is largely credited with the discovery and the city of St Augustine – the oldest continually inhabited in the continental states – was established close to his original landing site. For those visiting Florida on a twin centre holiday in the USA, Orlando is a good base for the first part of your trip. Located centrally in the state it is the home to the world famous theme parks – Walt Disney World® Resort and Universal Orlando Resort® being two of the most famous. For families an Orlando start to the holiday is a great way to satisfy the kids’ insatiable need for entertainment! It’ll also exhaust them, helping to keep them quiet for at least some of the holiday! Close by to the entertainment capital of the world is the Gold Coast, with stretches of unspoilt beaches and small, attractive, individual towns. Snorkelling, diving, fishing and sailing are all other adventures that you might want to indulge in along this coast.

Rich pickings and relaxed endings

Multi centre holidays in the USA are something of a must really – after all you can’t visit the States without making your own road trip. Florida’s attractive coast is one of the best places to take this trip, cruising along by palm-fringed beaches and tropical coasts while heading south, towards the glittering metropolis that is Miami. Clinging to the last bit of the US, Miami is popular with the rich, the stupidly rich and the unmentionably rich! It does however offer plenty of opportunities for entertainment, shopping and eating in style for the less well off – even here, it’s possible to find a cheap Florida holiday alternative! The beaches close to Miami ooze class, wealth and just a little attitude – but along the coast is Delray Beach, less well known and with a relaxed surfing culture, a good place to unwind. If the kids are still asking ‘are we there yet’ a trip along the Overseas Highway may well shut them up. Typically American, the State of Florida refuses to end just because of an ocean or two. The Florida Keys are a series of coral reefs, stretching out into the Straits of Florida, connected by a road that defies the usual requirement to be built on land. The Keys declared independence a few years ago, under the name of the “Conch Republic” but nobody took any notice – however with a relaxed approach to life, the islanders didn’t much care and carried on enjoying their lifestyle, based on relaxed, friendly ways. The people of the Keys combine Southern charm and hospitality with a streak of resilience and independence – making the Florida Keys a perfect laid-back location to end your twin centre holiday in the USA.

4 Vacation Options as Individual as You Are

Vacation Options
Vacation Options

Although vacations can be a welcome break from work and everyday life, they do often have the tendency to be repetitive.


A beach vacation with sun, sea and sand is all well and good if you have a young family to please, but what if you want a vacation experience with a difference?

Luckily there are a number of different options for those who wish to experience a holiday that is slightly more left-field than traditional trips.

  1. Using a holiday house. One way to take a holiday that is different than the norm is by staying in vacation rentals. This allows you to get the feel of living in an area that you perhaps might not have seen, as well as providing you with a change of scene and pace. Who knows — you may even love an area so much after staying in a vacation rental that you choose to move there!
  2. Hiking in areas of outstanding natural beauty. As well as being a great way to get exercise, going on a hiking vacation is a great way to see unique parts of the world. Many specialist holiday companies put on hiking trips to out of the way areas like Machu Picchu or other parts of the Peruvian Inca trails — a fascinating way to experience history that you will never forget! If you would prefer a hiking vacation with a little more luxury, you can always go on walking tours through the Swiss Alps — ideal if you would like to go skiing afterwards!
  3. Visiting the spiritual East. It can be easy to get caught up in the trappings of the Western world on a daily basis. Life is fast paced in the West and the constant onslaught of media, news and information can leave a person feeling exhausted. One way to combat this is by taking a spiritual vacation in areas such as the Orient, particularly countries like Vietnam. Here life is much more relaxed, with people living simple lives of honest tranquility. Elsewhere, countries like India and ancient parts of China are synonymous with spiritual rebirth and metaphysical rejuvenation. Visiting the temples of Buddhist monks or sailing down the river Ganges during a religious festival is guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and will provide you with an original vacation experience that will last a lifetime.
  4. Taking a trip to volunteer. There are many countries in the world where people suffer daily. Deciding to spend your vacation working in the poorest areas of the world helping those less fortunate is a humanitarian way of getting a holiday with a difference. If you are not sure whether volunteering is the kind of thing you would enjoy on a holiday, you can try helping out charities and community projects in your local area first in order to see if it would suit you.

There are a number of vacation options available to you that are bound to excite even the most devoted adrenalin junkie or soothe the most tortured of souls looking for spiritual growth and relaxation.

Which kind are you and which holiday will you take?

Image by by Ihor Vorotnov

Choosing the Right Beach Safari in Kenya

Looking for a vacation that ventures from the norm? Safari beach vacations in Kenya may the answer. Travel Kenya to explore wildlife, other cultures –  and beautiful white sand beaches.

Mombasa Island, Kenya

Mombasa Island is the second largest city along Kenya’s coast and one of the most popular beach destinations. The city’s ethnic diversity includes Asians, Arabs and Blacks, and Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Islamic faiths.

Mombasa’s incredible business district is the place to buy everything from Calvin Klein jeans and safari shoes to vegetables, meats and fruits.

Diani Beach

Diani beach is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and forests and home to world-class resorts and hotels offering mostly 4 and 5 star accommodations. Diani Beach is also known for the massive coral reef that is ranked the third most popular in the world. While the area is primarily characterized by calm waters, waves are strong as they break over the reef. The water is a calming turquoise blue, the beaches are white powder sand and as many of the areas – the perfect getaway.

Resorts, hotels and sea lodges provide water sports like sea surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing, deep sea diving, wreck diving, snorkeling, parasailing, beach parachuting, boat sailing, jet skiing and kayaking. Beach volleyball and deep sea fishing are also available.

The hotels also have fresh water swimming pools with pool bars, air conditioned rooms, ensuite bathrooms, room service, tropical gardens, shopping, variety of cuisine and cyber cafes.

Tiwi Beach

Tiwi beach is another beach recognized for its serenity and solitude. The area is undeveloped and accommodates tourists who prefer an area that is quiet and not crowded – great for couples that want to bask in the sun and each other’s company virtually uninterrupted.

Because of the solitude, this beach is slightly more exclusive than other beaches in Kenya. There are several beach resorts in the area. Additionally, several beach cottages are available that will house four or more individuals at a time. Many of the cottages have perfectly manicured gardens surrounding the facilities and numerous amenities.

Other Beach Areas

Visitors also check out Likoni Beach, Shimoni Beach, Jadini Forest, Nairobi National Park and Mount Kenya National Park.

Wildlife Safari

Those who want a full travel safari experience including wildlife can include a day-and-a-half tour along with their beach experience. During the safari, individuals will view Tsavo lions or visit the Masai Mara reserve. The reserve is home to more than 450 species of birds, plus giraffe, rhinoceros, gazelles, cheetahs, zebras and impala. Balloon safaris are also available to view the Masai Mara reserve, as are walking safaris. Day trips from most of the popular resorts will only cost approximately $20.

Three Days Masai Mara Air Safari

You will be picked from your hotel at around 8.00am and driven to the airstrip. You will then fly from Diani or Mombasa to Masai Mara arriving at around 11.00 am. You will meet our driver / guide and begin a game drive en route to Mara Leisure camp with a 4X4 jeep for check in and lunch. Relax till 4.00 pm where you will proceed for another game drive till sunset. Masai Mara National Reserve has an area of 1,584 km2 and it’s one of the famous and most visited national reserves in Kenya.

Physical attractions include Mara River, Talek River, Loita hills, Serengeti plains and the annual wild beast migration during July to September. The landscape is woodland and grassland savannah with acacia forests. Masai Mara is famous for lions, elephants, leopards, cheetah, gazelles, rhinos, hyenas among others. It’s also attractive for bird watchers and news analysts. Dinner and overnight at Mara Leisure camp.

Day 2: Masai Mara

Wake up at 5.30 am for a cup of coffee followed by an early morning game drive and back to the camp for a full breakfast. After breakfast proceed for another game drive visiting Mara River for hippos, crocodiles and the migration point of the wild beasts. (There’s another option of proceeding for a game drive with a packed lunch till evening). Dinner and overnight at Mara Leisure camp.

Day 3: Masai Mara – Diani

Wake up at around 5.30 am for a cup of coffee followed by an early morning game drive and back to the camp for a full breakfast. After breakfast, proceed for another game drive and back for an early lunch at around 11.30 am. You will be transferred to the airstrip and depart at 1.30 pm to Diani arriving at around 4.00 pm.

Day 1: Masai Mara

Price Per Person:

Sharing for 2 PAX PP:
Euro 659 /  USD 899

Kids 3 to 12 years pay 75%

Price includes:

  • All game drives in minibus
  • A well-trained guide familiar with the areas
  • Park entry fees
  • Maximum 4 guests in car
  • Full board accommodation
  • Pick up from and to hotel
  • Extra lunch on the last day
  • 2 bottles of water per person
  • Rescue Insurance

Additional costs:
Drinks, sodas, beers, wines, personal costs

Enjoy mesmerizing Tour of Egypt

Egypt is ideal holiday tour destination which is highly popular in tourist from all across the world. Approx. 8.5 million tourists visit this beautiful country round the year and the number touch to 14 million within next year 2011. Egypt is home to many ancient monuments, pyramids, amazing Nile River, vast desert and old cities. Our Egypt Tour covers many tourist interesting places such as Great pyramids of Giza, Cairo Museum, Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel Temples, Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha, Kamak Temple Complex and shores of Lake Nasser. Egypt is ideal destination for family vacation tour as it offers entertainment to all age groups. Visit of ancient historical sites and knowing Egyptian culture of Egypt tour will surely make your tour enjoyable and memorable. There are number of things tourists can do in Egypt whether they are visiting it first time or visited before.

Egypt is a part of Middle East countries. It is located on North of Africa and on Eastern side of Europe. The majority of tourists come from Europe and it is easily accessed by plane and ship. There are about 9 international airports that connect to all major cities across the world. Tourism business plays important role in Egypt’s economy. In Cairo tourist will find number of five star hotels for accommodation in Egypt and various transport options. Tourists also get the opportunity to explore modern facilities like restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, accommodation, night clubs, hot tubs, etc.

Egypt is rich in history and culture, there are number of ancient and historical sites that will give tourists the feeling of past Era where greatest civilizations ever created. The history of Egypt is quite old and it dates back to year 3500BC. Roman Empire took over Egypt around 30BC and after that it was ruled by many rulers, or pharaohs. The great pyramid of Giza is astonishing attraction which is known one of the Seven Wonders of the World. There are around 110 Pyramids across Egypt that varies in sizes and shapes. Tourists can also visit some terrific monuments in Cairo, Luxor, Giza, Aswan, Alexandria, etc. Some of the other tourists attractions are beaches and cruise tours that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Get most out of Egypt tour with Tempo Holidays, a leading Australian Travel Agent, they offer wide ranged Egypt tour packages to travelers from all across the world. You don’t have to worry about anything Tempo do all for you, air ticket booking, accommodation, car hire services, etc. Tempo also offers tailor made tour packages as per individuals wish. The best time to visit Egypt is August to November, during the climate remains neither too hot nor cold.