Some Facts to Know About the Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful and the third-largest island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is to the south of Turkey having a Mediterranean climate. Cyprus is famous for its beautiful mountainous backdrop, pristine sandy beaches, taverns and friendliness. The beautiful island is a wonderful holiday destination due to its location in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea with wonderful weather throughout the year. The island has numerous attractions and places of historical and cultural interests. Cyprus being a popular destination has constant flow of tourists round the year. Besides, Cyprus is generally a safe country with low crime rate. Thus, you can consider traveling to Cyprus at any time.

The most popular thing about Cyprus is that the most famous mythical God Aphrodite is said to have born here, who is the Greek God of love and beauty. It has many historical sites and a rich cultural heritage. Cyprus has a very pleasant climate. The weather is fair throughout the year. The country has Mediterranean sort of climate, with good sunshine even in the winter and less rainfall. With numerous coastal beaches and stunning mountainous ranges, Cyprus is a great holiday destination. The traditional music of the land shares its similarities with the Greek mainland and island folk music. The most common musical instruments used include lute, violin and the Cyprus flute called “pithkiavlin”. Sousta, tatsia, syrtos, zeibekikos and the karsilamas are typical dances of the place. The cheese was originally made in this country which is popularly called as halloumi by the local people here.

There are many tourists attractions worth visiting. There are number of museums worth visiting. Cyprus is a home of pristine coasts to indulge in fun activities. The beaches in Kyrenia and Lefke offer ample opportunity to the adventure lovers to enjoy water sports such as parascending, water skiing, wind surfing, diving and jet skiing.

Cyprus is around 4 hours only traveling from UK airports. Cyprus is served by two international airports: Paphos Airport and Larnaca Airport. Thus, Cyprus can be reached from any corner of the world. If you are planning for your Cyprus holidays and desire to explore the island then it is better to plan out to enjoy your holidays. It will be easy for you to enjoy the beauty of the island and have fun filled holidays if you book your accommodations, flights and rental car in advance. Cyprus car hire is an ideal way if you desire to tour along the coastline that is about 400 miles. You can even track the mountainous Troodos by renting a car. When you plan to travel to Cyprus, it is better to book online in advance to avoid last hour rush. So, if you are planning for your holiday trip or business trip to Cyprus, travel with peace of mind by booking your car hire in advance and get great deals.

What to see and do in Durham

Durham has recently been voted the 2nd best British city to visit, behind Edinburgh. Home to one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the country, it is a lovely city to visit for a short break, and part of the city is actually a World Heritage site. The most famous landmark and top tourist attraction in Durham is the Cathedral. Although entry is free, a contribution towards the upkeep of the buildings is requested. There are exhibitions at the Cathedral, for which an entry fee is charged. Whether you are interested in the religious aspects of the building, the history of the building, or you just want to climb the tower for a wonderful view of the city, the Cathedral should definitely be on your to-do list while you are in Durham.

The Cathedral isn’t the only beautiful building in Durham. Many of the old university buildings date from medieval times and are very impressive. One building owned and used by the university is the castle, which was originally built in the eleventh century. It is not always open to the public but sometimes tours are available. Crook Hall is another building worth a visit. In the centre of the city and in private ownership, it is open to the public at certain times, and the gardens are beautiful. Special events are held throughout the year, including Christmas, and during the autumn and winter there are “Crook Hall by candlelight” evenings. Even if you don’t have long to wander round, why not take time to have a cream tea there?

Another popular activity in Durham is to take a walk along the river which curves around the centre of the city. Some of the best views of the Cathedral are actually from the riverside walk. Wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy spotting birds and animals in the area, as well as the different plants that grow there.

Outside Durham

Not far from the city you will find an amazing number of things to do. Popular nearby attractions are the Beamish museum which is the living history museum of the north east. This is fantastic place for families to visit, but with something for everyone. Special events are held throughout the year, so why not check the website and see if you can catch some Christmas or Easter celebrations there? Another family fun attraction near Durham is Diggerland. Here children (and grown-up children) can ride on and operate real diggers, although there are age restrictions for some activities.

Durham is a great place to spend a few days, and as a base for exploring further afield in the north east it is ideal. With a range of accommodation options, there should be something to suit every budget and taste.

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Making a night out in London unique

It’s generally easy to have a good night out when visiting a city centre – especially abroad – but sometimes people want something a bit different to make the night special and so begins the hunt for bars with that little extra to them.

London Night
London Night

One great city to have such a night in is London. Millions pass through the streets of England’s capital each year and they’ll be many who are there for a bit of tourism and to make the best of their time there.

During the day, it’ll be easy to visit the main tourist attractions; Tower Bridge, The Mall and Buckingham Palace, Canary Wharf and St Paul’s Cathedral, but when it gets to night time and the mood changes, you really have to think where to go in order to take advantage of what a place like London has to offer.

There are plenty of hidden gems in England’s hub and some have pretty special elements and themes to make them unique.

Just up the road from Piccadilly Circus and deep in the centre of Soho is Lucky Voice Soho, one of several types of venue across the UK, where as well as having a great bar, there are also fantastic private karaoke booths for your entertainment.

The bar is perfect for birthdays, hen parties and stag dos, but really, you don’t need any reason other than to have a great time in a social and lively environment. There are always plenty of offers and events on, and as well as drinks, there is a great food menu, with the capacity to order both direct to your table. For more information you can always have a look at bars Soho with

Not too far away is a bar called Urban Golf. The bar is placed within a former print works and has since been been converted into a chic cocktail bar and lounge with a twist.

As well as the bar and stylish surroundings, Urban Golf has a handful of state of the art golf simulators that are incredibly accurate and react to exactly how you’ve hit your shot. Real courses are included, with St. Andrews, Pebble Beach and TPC Sawgrass all available.

Another take on a themed bar is Maggie’s Club on Fulham Road in Knightsbridge, where everything is 80s orientated; even the name of the club is based on infamous UK Prime Minster Margret Thatcher.

The club is laced with 80s paraphernalia and iconic images. The DJ plays a great array of music from the era and the bartenders are all donned in outfits resembling Tom Cruise’s character in Topgun, whilst guests sit on giant Rubik’s cubes.

About the Author: Sam Bisby writes for who have karaoke bars all over the UK ranging from bars Islington to Glasgow, Scotland, all with private karaoke rooms that can hold up to 15 people.

Study Tours of Italy

Tuscan Villa
Tuscan Villa

A trip to Italy can be many things–a beach vacation, a tour of the Tuscan countryside, an exploration of historical areas, or it can be a chance to learn about cooking, art, archeology, or the beautiful Italian dialect. In fact, your Italian holiday can be all of those things rolled into one.

There are many opportunities for educational experiences while on vacation in Italy. For hundreds of years, people have flocked to Italy to fill their educational needs, especially about Italian cuisine and the beautiful language.


The most popular of the study tours are cooking and cuisine. Most people take cooking classes to learn how to prepare Italian food. When they get home, they can prepare Italian feasts for their friends and family rather than just telling them about the wonderful foods they had while it Italy.

Italian cooking classes give insight into the Italian culture you will not find in architecture and art, and each area of the country has its own specialties. You get a chance to learn from the locals and engage with them on a personal level. Italians are extremely passionate about food and it is a main part of its culture. Classes abound in every city, and many small towns and all across the countryside, and they can range from just a few hours to several weeks. There are classes to meet your needs, regardless of what your desire is surrounding learning to cook Italian.


If learning all about the beautiful Italian language is your aim, there are schools around the country that will help you do just that. Typically, the tuition you pay for these schools covers not only your language classes but also allows you to stay with local families. Lodging with the locals lets you soak up their traditions, way of life, and family dynamics while being immersed in the language you are learning. What better way could there be to get the authentic Italian experience than spending quality time with a local family? This will definitely help enrich your learning experience. Class lengths ranges from one week up to four weeks depending on your how good your initial Italian knowledge is.

There are many schools throughout Italy but some of the most popular schools are located in cities such as Florence, Genova, Vibo Valenta, Topea, Calabria as well as Siena and Montepuliciano, all of them beautiful cities in which to study and take in the sites at the same time.

If cooking or languages are not your cup of tea, there are study tours of historical sites, arts and artists, photography, religious sites, and archaeology among other things. Whatever kind of education you want, the country provides many opportunities to learn about what most interests you while also allowing the beautiful backdrop of the beautiful countryside, towns and cities that are Italy, and enjoy the experience as you further your education.

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Activities To Make Your Next Holiday A Great One

Holidays are supposed to be a time of great joy and time spent with the family.  It should not be a time where the children are fighting or complaining that they are bored. Many families will worry about whether or not the holiday they plan will be too difficult or not safe for their child.  This article will help to give you ideas regarding safe and healthy trips that will keep your children engaged and not from being bored.

Cycling Through Europe

One of the most exciting activity holidays is cycling through Europe.  This is an activity that is safe and fun for the entire family while at the same time very easy to plan and organize.  If you have children traveling with you it is important that you check with the tour operator to be sure the tour plans will be easy enough for your child to participate.  You would not want to get stuck with a tired and crabby child while you are trying to cycle yourself.

Cycling Through Europe
Cycling Through EuropeMiss Jo|????? / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Safari In Africa

There is nothing more exciting than seeing your children’s faces when they are observing wild animals.  This is what makes an African safari one of the best types of family activity holidays.  These trips can include all sorts of activities such as hippo spotting while on a boat trip, visit to area farms, drives through nature reserves that require 4x4s as well as many other different activities.

There are many different companies that specialize in safaris all over Africa but you will find that Kenya and Tanzania will be your most popular destinations.

Ranch Stays Located In America

What little boy does not have the dream of being a cowboy?  When you take a ranch holiday you and your family will get the true cowboy experience.  Activities on this type of holiday will include horseback ridging, as well as learning to work like a cowboy does on a real ranch.  You should be sure that you do not get involved in a working ranch holiday or a cattle drive if you are traveling with children.  These involve being on a horse for a long period of time and will also require that you have an extensive amount of riding experience.  These can often prove to be difficult for children.

Sailing In The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands is the destination you are looking for if you want the best holiday ever.  These vacations offer you beautiful scenery as well as having calm and steady waters for sailing and swimming.  For those who do not know how to sail there are basic sailing lessons that are offered or you can rely on a professional to take you out on the water.  Of course if water is not your idea of a good time you might find that visiting the towns or just loving the sun on the beach is plenty for you.


These activity holidays listed above are just a few of the most popular ones offered.  You can find many more by researching activity holidays on the Internet.

The UK’s North East Jewels

Tucked away in the North-East of England is the region of Northumberland. Taking its name from the Anglo-Saxon name Northumbria, literally mean the kingdom north of the river Humber, this part of the country has grown to become its own micro-nation set away from everything else. Its setting has seen it become a vital shipping hub for the UK as well as a thriving trade centre which led to the growth of the towns to great urban areas. Here is what the jewels of this north-east region have to offer.

Northumberlandarcher10 (Dennis) / / CC BY-SA

Newcastle upon Tyne

Set on the banks of the River Tyne, the largest city of the north-east area is Newcastle upon Tyne. Popularly known as “the Toon”, it is one of the most exciting cities in the United Kingdom. Rich with history from the Roman era through to the modern shipping and trade industry that it built itself upon, Newcastle is well worth a visit. It also has the second most listed buildings in the UK after Bath with Grey Street which leads down to the stunning Quayside voted one of the best views. Its people, widely known as Geordies, are one of a kind and their attitude to life is to work hard and play hard whilst also having a lot of love for their football team Newcastle United. The Geordie attitude to life adds to what is a widely known nightlife and it is often listed as the best city for nightlife and clubbing in the UK.


With a rich history in the shipping industry, Sunderland has grown nearby to Newcastle on the banks of the River Wear. The city’s rich shipping industry is celebrated with the British Royal Navy’s biggest ship the HMS Ocean being Sunderland’s adopted ship. Like Newcastle, Sunderland also has its own dialect and unique type of person known as Mackems. Given the vicinity of the town cities, Sunderland and Newcastle often have a rivalry in terms of anything which stems back to the English Civil War, but it most widely celebrated when the cities’ two football teams come together. Both top flight teams, the Tyne Wear derby is one of the most heated football rivalries in the country, if not the world.


In nearby County Durham, is the city of Durham which is a glorious cathedral city that is well worth the drive from Northumberland. It is home to one of the United Kingdom’s most fabulous and breath taking views. Set up on a hill, the stunning cathedral and castle lie next door to each other, dominating over the city. But certainly not in a bad way. The cathedral is one of the best in the country and given its setting next the castle, it is well worth a visit.

South Shields

The Northumberland coast is home to some fantastic towns but the one most worth visiting is the town of South Shields. The British seaside town is well celebrated and South Shields acts as one of many near Northumberland. Whilst there is Whitely Bay and Tynemouth, at the mouth of the River Wear, South Shields has everything you would want with seaside attractions and amusements but also a stunning beach. It is also the finish line for the annual Great North Run which is the biggest half-marathon in the world.

If you want to stay nearby to these great Northumberland towns and cities, visit for a wide selection of cottage accommodation.

UK Breaks for Artists

Many artists and aspiring artists yearn to go to France or Italy on a painting holiday. There are some great locations for artists there, particularly if you like painting landscapes, but do not neglect the UK. Artists such as Constable and Turner extolled the virtues of UK landscapes and the light in parts of the UK is actually quite unique. So as an artist where can you go? If you don’t want tuition then go anywhere that inspires you. Whether that is a city centre location, full of life, or a cottage in the middle of the Scottish Highlands, it is quite easy to search online to find locations. Try somewhere new for a couple of days and see what you can create. If you want to have tuition during your break then there are many options available. Here are just a few.

Brambles Art Retreat

A beautiful 17th century house in Devon is the location for these courses. Two tutors are resident, and all levels are welcome – even if you’ve never painted before. It is possible to learn even if you think you have no artistic ability! Day courses, weekend or 5 day residential courses are available depending on your requirements. There are three rooms available here, and when they are full extra guests stay at a local B&B just two minutes away. There is a studio on-site and a large garden.

This is a directory listing residential art courses in the UK and Ireland. Covering everything from painting to sculpture, pottery and jewellery it is a great resource if you are looking for an art holiday.

Joe Daisy Painting Courses

Based near Reading in Berkshire, these are designed to encourage you to find and develop your inner artist. A variety of courses are available from beginners to advanced levels. All materials are provided. Accommodation is of a high standard, and many art books are available for guests to borrow. With easy transport links, this may be a good choice for you if you are looking for a short course.

Creative Breaks

Offering a variety of creative breaks around Herefordshire, this not for profit organisation provides links to course providers. Some of the courses include accommodation, but others recommend somewhere to stay. Whichever kind of art, or craft, you are interested in, they are likely to have something to inspire you.

Cornwall Painting Holidays

No list of art holidays would be complete without mentioning Cornwall. The light and scenery in Cornwall has inspired many artists throughout history and continues to do so. These holidays are led by Tim Hall who has exhibited throughout the UK and has received some high profile commissions.

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