This Christmas Holidays Visit Melbourne to Do Interesting Things

There are many interesting things to do in Melbourne during this festival. There is something or the other that will peak everyone’s interest. Melbourne being the state capital and cultural heart of Victoria, Australia has abundant outdoor activities, such as historical and cultural activities, arts opportunity and it is a main attraction for entertainment. Thus, you can find something for everyone in the family will love to do.

To start with your tour, an outdoor market is prevalent in the city of Melbourne if you are interested in shopping. The Oakleigh Rotary Sunday Market takes place every Sunday in Oakleigh. This market has shops of all kinds varying from food, clothing to antiques. Interesting fact about this market is that all money made at this market goes to projects done in the community. St. Kilda Esplanade is an arts and crafts market that is right on the beach. Another arts and crafts market that has over 150 vendors is the Victorian Arts Centre Market located in the area called South bank. Williamstown Market is a great place to visit if you are near Commonwealth Reserve.

There are many historical sites nearby the town to enjoy if you are a history lover. Many sites have been honored as World Heritage sites. Magnificent Royal Exhibition Building is must to be seen monument during your trip. Parliament house is also one of them and hosts many trade shows and exhibitions dedicated to art and culture. Carlton Gardens outside the building is the famous picnic spot for many people. Take the tour of this garden as it has many specimens of flowers and trees and a haven of wildlife in the city.

There are many transportation systems available in Melbourne. Thus, you can easily go around the city and enjoy. You can easily Hire Campervan for journey around Melbourne and its nearby locals. According to the size of your family you can hire 2 Berth, 4 Berth or 6 Berth campervan or you can even go for 4WD campers as per your needs.

Due to its location, Melbourne offers wide range outdoor activities to its visitors. You can watch the several heritage trails around the city. Hire campervan Melbourne as there are great many local attractions to enjoy. The beautiful mountain views and pristine beaches call for your attention to enjoy your holidays.

Thus, get yourself involved in different activities from wild life tour to sun bathing and walking around in the beautiful serene places to satisfy your desire of a great vacation this Christmas.

Queensland’s Idyllic Capricorn Coast

Queensland’s Capricorn Coast gets its name from the fact that it is situated on the Tropic of Capricorn. If you know anything about the Tropic of Capricorn, you will know that it marks the southernmost tropical latitude. This makes for an ideal tropical climate, being a little cooler than many other hot and humid tropical locations. In Queensland, Keppel Bay is crossed by this invisible line and the coastal regions and islands surrounding Keppel Bay are the Capricorn Coast.

The town of Yeppoon, located on the shores of Keppel Bay, is the largest city on the Capricorn Coast. All it takes is a glance at an aerial photograph of Yeppoon to convince you that it is worth a visit. With a population of around 16,000, Yeppoon is large enough to have all the services and amenities you want without the crowds that can spoil a laid-back tropical retreat. In fact, if anything defines the people of Yeppoon, it would be “laid back and relaxed.”

That’s not to say that the lucky locals in Yeppoon aren’t there to help make your stay enjoyable. On the contrary, they welcome visitors and will go out of their way to make sure your holiday is a memorable one. You will only be disappointed by Yeppoon if you like inflated price tags and the hustle and bustle of a highly competitive business district. In Yeppoon, you can enjoy a great meal at a delightful alfresco sidewalk café just a short stroll away from a tranquil beach and the turquoise sea, but your day won’t be spoiled when your friendly local waitress delivers your bill.

All of the communities along the Capricorn Coast are like Yeppoon, only smaller. As the boat harbour for all of the Coast and the place where the Great Keppel Island ferry departs, Rosslyn Bay could be said to be the busiest community on the Capricorn Coast. Even here, though, everything takes place at a leisurely, tropical pace. If you want to get away from it all and feel like you are a Robinson Cruscoe for a day, all you have to do is step away from the harbour and wander down Kemp Beach or proceed a little further to the Bluff Point National Park walking track.

Great Keppel Island is probably the best known landmark on the Capricorn Coast and there’s a good reason why. It is simply beautiful. Great Keppel Island has everything you want in a tropical resort except for the price tag and the pretension. You can take your pick of 14 pure white sandy beaches, explore easily accessible coral reefs with just a mask and snorkel, enjoy a leisurely or challenging walk through stunning tropical forests or just relax in the sun. The ferry ride from Rosslyn Bay takes only half an hour, so you can spend the day on Great Keppel Island or stay a week if you like – the choice is yours.

Whether you choose to stay at a mainland Capricorn Coast accommodation or on Great Keppel or one of the other islands, you will find something that fits in perfectly with your needs and the relaxed Capricorn Coast lifestyle. For a tropical getaway the way it’s meant to be, visit the Capricorn Coast.

About the author: Sidney Morgan write for ‘Book it Now’ an online Holiday Accommodation website in Australia. If visiting Australia find some great 1770 accommodation on the Capricorn Coast  as well as other information to help plan your trip ‘Down Under’.

Exploring The Golden Coast without Going Far

I blinked as the sun glared in my eyes. The tall skyscrapers barely hid the sun as it towered above. I had just walked out of the hotel I had been staying at, the Chevron Renaissance. I glanced at the pamphlet in my hands, carefully making note of all the interesting things the Gold Coast had to offer. On the pamphlet there was a overhead view of the city. Many skyscrapers populated the city as well as tall office buildings and residential building. The Gold Coast happened to be the home of the Q1, the tallest residential building in the world, standing at 300 meters tall, and as it towered over me, it really seemed to be true.

The pamphlet spoke of a “spooky haunted house”. Dracula’s Haunted House to be precise, which boasted five stories of attractions, with animated, scary sculptures. The supernatural had always intrigued me and I love those cheesy old Hammer horrors, so I decided that the haunted house would be my first stop. Everything in this city was within walking distance so I began my journey. The warmth of the sun fell on my shoulders, I was enjoying the heat.

As I headed off I noticed many things. A church, with words “Jesus saves” written on the billboard. A gas station with many cars lining up. I looked to the left and saw a large building. As my eyes glanced at the bottom to the top, I was amazed -the building dwarfed me. I got dizzy looking towards its pinnacle. It was crazy. I marveled, I had never seen a building this huge before.

I continued my walk towards the haunted house surveying my surroundings as I went. I noticed a young lady walking in the same direction I was. She had dark chocolate brown hair, which was well past her shoulders. She wore a yellow and white floral dress that cut of just above her knees. My eyes then wondered off to the road and I noticed the cars that passed me. Most of them were driven by a mixture of young adults and middle-aged business men. Things seemed to pass by in a mist of shimmering heat and colour.

Everything here felt so different. It was like I didn’t belong. The movement, the skyscrapers, the cool beach air. It was all so different to what I was used too. Finally, I made my way to the entrance of the haunted house. During a brisk walk which was only meant to take around ten minutes, I had seen so many things, and paid so much attention to detail that those ten minutes had turned into two hours. It is amazing what you can see when you really start to notice what surrounds you.

I would highly recommend visiting Dracula’s Haunted House too. I had a whale of a time; I think I laughed the entire time I was in there. It provided such a contrast to the bright sun, summer clothes and business people outside, which was fun. The Golden Coast has a huge variety of things to do. It’s a destination I think every backpacker who has the chance should visit.

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Gold Coast: A Holiday and Accommodation Overview

As one of Australia’s foremost tourist regions, the Gold Coast is famous for its 45-50 km of surf beaches, sheltered waterways, scenic mountain ranges and a number of national parks some with world heritage listing, abundant night life, modern accommodation and a temperate sunny climate.

The Gold Coast is situated in the South East of Queensland Australia extends along almost 60 kms of coastline and at the center of tourist activity is the suburb of Surfers Paradise which is 78 kms by road south of Brisbane and 25-30 kms north of the New South Wales border.

gold coast australia

Surfers Paradise is well known for from the hosting of events such as the Gold Coast Indy, Magic Millions Horse Racing Carnival and several local events such as the Schoolies festival. The suburb is also well known for it’s main streets of Cavill and Orchid Avenues providing shopping, eateries and attractions by day and an unrivaled diversity of nightlife after sundown. Continue reading Gold Coast: A Holiday and Accommodation Overview

Bushfire Safety

 Australia is prone to bushfires so it is important that you are aware of how to prevent bushfires and be prepared in case of emergency.


Bushfires are very common in Australia. This is for many reasons including the hot, dry climate and also due to the fact that Australia sometimes experiences droughts. Because bushfires are so common it is important that everyone is prepared through understanding why they happen and what can be done to prevent them.

What is a Bushfire?

There are two kinds of bushfires, bushfires and grassfires.

  • Bushfires are a slower moving fire that generates a lot of heat. Bushfires will pass through an area quickly but because of high temperatures they can smoulder for days.
  • Grassfires on the other hand pass very quickly, and do not smoulder for any longer than a few minutes.

Both bushfires and grassfires can cause extreme damage to crops, livestock, farming infrastructures, buildings and keen even claim lives.

What Causes a Bushfire?

In order for a bushfire to occur there needs to be fuel, oxygen and an ignition source. Bushfires normally occur for one of two reasons, either human activity or lightning.
Any bushfire that is created from human activity will occur either by accident or be started deliberately. Unfortunately arson means that sometimes bushfires are started intentionally. Other times people may start a fire for beneficial reasons in what is considered a controlled environment. Factors such as weather, wind conditions and drought can cause a fire to spread uncontrollably, making it extremely dangerous even in controlled conditions.

Bushfire Safety

Here are some things to remember to help ensure that you prevent causing a bushfire.

  • If you are dealing with fire near bush you MUST be extremely careful at all times.
  • A cigarette or match that has been lit has the potential to create a bushfire if it has not been put out properly.
  • Items such as bottles or mirrors can create a flame in the sun and that can cause devastating fires.
  • When camping make sure you never leave fires or flames unattended.

By keeping these things in mind at all times you can help prevent unintentionally beginning a fire.


6 Reasons Why Sydney Is More Than A City Holiday Destination

When we think about Sydney, we think about the Opera House, Sydney Harbour, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, probably including Bondi Beach. Sydney is more than just that. Sydney is more than just a city and there is a huge range of activities, like going on a blue mountains tour, that will take up many days of your schedule if you are to get a feel for the place. Lets look at some of the must-do things when visiting Sydney.

  • Blue Mountains. As mentioned just above, the Blue Mountains will take the greater part of a day’s tour. Starting early and heading up to the mountains and experiencing the size and beauty. Unless you have been you will really not appreciate how stunning and beautiful they are.
  • Manly and other beaches. Bondi is only one of the famous beaches of Sydney. They are many and actually spread all the way up north and down south along the coast. You might be surprised at some of the amazing hidden rivers and estuaries with great spots for jumping off into deep lagoons. Excellent for romantic days hidden away.
  • Canberra. Despite popular international belief, Sydney is not the capital of Australia. The truth is that many Australians have never visited their own capital. It is possible to go on a thought provoking and interesting history lesson to the capital territory and city of Australia, Canberra. A memorable and educational way to spend a day.
  • Wineries. What visit to any part of Australia would be complete without a visit to its amazing wineries. Sydney is no different. A perfect choice for a day tour, as you don’t have to worry and think about drinking and driving. The historic Hunter Valley is dotted with world renowned wine makers and there is not much better than spending the day tasting some of the best wines in the world.
  • Marine life. Australia is famous for its wildlife, why not see what the oceans have to offer. Not far out from Sydney there is ample opportunity to see Dolphins and other marine life in their natural habitat behaving foolishly. There are a range of excellent tours and very well equipped luxury boats and ships of the ocean to take on a day of adventure and education.
  • Sporting events and more. If you do a little planning ahead you can join in some of Australia’s unique sporting events. Sydney was home to the 2000 Olympics and has all the sporting facilities you would expect. The legacy of this is a huge number of world class sporting and entertainment events around and just outside the city. Make sure you are aware of them and catch some of the real Australia while you have the chance.


Australian Outback Creatures to Look Out For

Australia is an enormous country with a very small population compared to its size. Much of the land that is uninhabited includes long stretches of deserts that spread across most of the states in the country. When travelling through the outback you’ll witness impressive rock formations, a wide range of species of trees and plants and bodies of water you can dive into where numerous kinds of wildlife are bountiful.

Australian Outback Creatures
Australian Outback Creaturesdbking / / CC BY

While all of this seems like an explorer’s paradise, there are precautions to take when travelling through the outback and certain animals to avoid.


Only found in the northern region of Australia, the saltwater crocodiles are the largest living species of reptile in the world and some can weigh up to roughly 1000 kilograms. While they spend a lot of their time in the sea, the saltwater crocodiles are so dangerous because they will also swim into fresh water rivers and swamps that humans may be around.

Well known to attack humans, the crocodiles take numerous lives a year and the males in particular are aggressive to those species, including humans, which venture into its territory and will not hesitate to attack. While one of Australia’s most iconic species, they are also one to be very aware of should you be thinking of going swimming in the outback.

Brown Snake

Australia has such a wide variety of snakes that include 100 venomous species, and you should be wary of any snake you come across. 12 of the 100 venomous snakes in Australia are known to be extremely lethal should one bite you and one of these is the Brown Snake. Found largely in the northern regions, the Brown Snake is known by its brown colouring which covers all of its body.

Living around the rivers, swamps, billabongs and lakes, the Brown Snakes venom is extremely lethal and should you be beaten in the outback by one then immediate medical intervention is vital for you to survive. Be sure to avoid one of these snakes should you come across one while exploring. Be sure to check out flight deals to Australia at

Australian Outback Deserts

The outback is an enormous part of the country and you can go for days without seeing another person. The vast desert areas can pose a large danger given that the remote towns in the outback are so far apart, meaning if you do get in trouble, then you may have quite a distance to go before you find any assistance.

The deserts can become scorching hot during the summer time, and it’s not unusual for temperatures to rise above 100F, coupled with the fact that the climate itself its extremely dry. Heat stroke and dehydration are the most common afflictions in this environment if not enough water is consumed or accessible, and as such it is incredibly important that travellers through these parts of the country bring a large enough supply with them.

Also to consider due to the fact that you may not see another human being for days in the outback is to bring a very reliable car as mechanical break downs can leave you stranded for days.