The Most Exciting Summer Events in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for travel freaks, especially during summer. Australia has so much to offer to travelers from sandy beaches to outback, cultural festive to night clubs and many more.

Beauty of Australia doubles in summer. So, get ready to celebrate your next trip in Australia during summer. The summer in Australia falls between December and February. During summer, Australia hosts many musical and cultural festivals, outdoor events and sporting tournaments that adds beauty to the country. Summer is very hot and sunny, so if you want a comfortable trip hire a car in Australia. This makes your trip easy and enjoyable. Car renting is affordable and easy to get in Australia. Thus, just enjoy your tour to Australia.

Here are some of must see events Australia host during summer:

Australia’s New Year’s Eve Celebrations: Celebrating New Year with big open-air parties and festivals in Australia including spectacular fireworks. To watch dazzling New Year’s evening fireworks, secure a spot around Sydney Harbour. You can reach this spot by hiring a car also.

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race: See the yachts sail out of the harbour heads with a picnic, barbeque or boat cruise on Sydney Harbour. Cheer as they cross the finish line in time for New Year’s Evening celebrations in Hobart.

Australia’s Music Festivals: If you love music, Australia has a festival experience for you. Australia is a place where dance, blues, jazz, indie-rock, folk and classical music are all on offer in the jam-packed festival calendar.

Australia’s summer of Cricket: Australian has been always font of sports, its cricket, tennis, water sports or any others. In Australia, cricket it played on beaches, in backyards, roads, in parks and world-class stadiums.

Australia’s Grand Slam Summer of Tennis: Enjoy January in Australia with a courtside view of the tennis. Start the New Year watching eight prestigious national teams play at Perth’s Hopman Cup.

Australia’s City Festivals: Experience Australia’s cities during their major arts festivals, which showcase local and international theatre, dance, visual arts, music, food, wine and much more.

Australia’s Surf lifesaving events: Australia opened the world’s first surf lifesaving club on Bondi Beach in 1906. They have rescued almost half a million people from the ocean. A must watch surf carnivals are held on beaches all around Australia between November and April.

Australia’s endurance events: If you want to test your sporting stamina while you’re in Australia join triathlons and ironmen and ironwomen events. Worldwide competitors come here to run, swim, paddle and cycle against some spectacular scenery, from tropical beaches to stylish cities.

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Mad About Melbourne

MELBOURNE is rated as one of the world’s most livable cities: A city of cosmopolitan culture, arts, entertainment, sports mecca, and shopper’s paradise, beautiful women and an abundance of public facilities including bay beaches and barbecues. For me, though, what makes this city extra special is the fact that I can wake up any morning of the year, shuffle into my flip-flops/boots and do brunch at any one of the hundreds of cafes serving coffee equal to what you would get in Rome.

Melbourne is for the person with a great appetite for any type of food. Let your taste buds pick a neighborhood: feeling like Vietnamese? Tram over to East Richmond for some mouthwatering pho. Craving Italian? Lygon Street it is. Little Bourke Street in the heart of the central business district has every Chinese delicacy you have the courage to try, and the entire length of Sydney Road is crammed with Middle Eastern cafes that stay open till dawn, making sure your Saturday night alcohol diet is well-supplemented with pide, falafel and stuffed pita bread.

After two years, I’m beginning to think I’m getting a handle on Melbourne’s foodie scene. You want to make the most of the atmosphere too: in that brief but perfect span of weather between winter and summer in other words, spring-you want to make the most of the mild sunshine.

There is something about the Melbourne sunshine. This is a feeling I can’t get enough of, which means that most spring days have me sprinting toward a large patch of sun in a park or garden, and then lying facedown for a few hours. All these facilities are easily reached by my car rental in Melbourne.

I recently made it to Abbottsford Convent, at the edge of one of the city’s most beautiful parks- Yarra Bend. In addition to the art gallery, the glass blowing studio, the gorgeous grounds, and trees that look exactly the way trees should-mighty and un-pruned- there are a few cafes scattered around that are perfect for a sunny brunch. Find the bench at the Convent Bakery, and fill up on the five-dollar pizza and a strong flat white, while a three-piece orchestra floats music around you. On Friday and Saturday evenings, the place is transformed into a lively beer garden, complete with a swinging Cuban Band. After breakfast, stroll downs to the river, on the path that winds into the heart of park, and you can stick to it or find your own. If you’re lucky, you will end up at Studley Park Boathouse, at the easternmost end.

Studley Park Boathouse is Melbourne’s oldest boathouse, and the Boathouse Restaurant is an ode to old-fashioned the dining, with its white linen tablecloths, straight-backed chairs, glassed in verandah and long wine list. By car hire in Australia, this place is just 25 min away from Port Melbourne. Enjoy a traditional Aged Eye Fillet with Mash, Spinach and Cabernet Jus, or a rose –pink Beef Carpaccio under a bed of Sprouts, Roasted Peanuts and Coriander. For a quick snack, there’s the Boathouse Cafe, with wrought iron tables parked at the very edge of the river, and under the overhanging greenery. The view of tress almost Still River and well-fed ducks has to be one of the most stoning around.

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Free and Affordable Activities to Pursue in Melbourne

These days, a holiday abroad can set you back thousands of pounds, and there’s nothing worse than shelling out for expensive attractions once you get to your destination too. Thankfully Melbourne has a wealth of free and inexpensive things for you and your family to do, which will not only help you save money, but you’ll be having a great time in the process! From its clubs and bars to the fantastic shopping districts and beaches, Melbourne has more than enough to keep you occupied, so let’s take a look at some of the best free and affordable activities to pursue in Australia’s second largest city this summer.

City Silhouette
MelbourneVermin Inc / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

City Circle Tram

Melbourne has a fantastic transportation system, with the tram being the most used mode in the city. Not only is it free to hop on and off, but the tram goes all over down town, getting tourists to their attractions quickly and with ease. All you need to do is find a sign along the tram route that says ‘city circle’, and wait for one to arrive! One of the best things about the free tram service are the helpful audio guides, that point out the historical monuments and let you know where to get off to see specific things.

Shrine of Remembrance

One of the most iconic monuments in the whole of Melbourne, the Shrine of Remembrance honours all the Australian soldiers that perished during World War I. The shrine is surrounded by lush green grass, beautiful flowers and trees, and the outer edges of the landscape have even been made into a public park. For tourists wanting to know about the war and how Australia contribute to it, there are education centres near the monument, as well as wartime photo galleries and a charity shop, where all proceeds go to helping Australian war veterans.


If you’re looking for some of the best evening entertainment in Melbourne, then you have to head to Southbank. Located on either side of the Yarra River, Southbank is filled with bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants, theatres and street performers, but it still offers that cool and relaxed vibe that Sydney doesn’t. If you find the restaurants too expensive, why not take a dinner boat cruise down the river. Not only are the prices cheaper, but you‘ll get to see Southbank in all its glory.

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Royal Botanic Gardens

Located near the Shrine of Remembrance, the Royal Botanic Gardens is a great place to laze the day away with your family. With over 35 hectares of gardens, from rare flowers to magnificent and colourful displays, this attraction is home to 35,000 species of plant! There are also a number of amazing exhibitions for you to see around the grounds, and it is very easy to get to as it has its own tram stop. If you’re bringing your children along, then they even have their own outdoor playground!

Useful Travel Tips for Air Travelers

Travelling outside own country is slight difficult as there are different rules and regulations for each different country. So it is advisable that you gather maximum information about the country you are going to visit. Travelling by plane needs to well organized and one should have to take extra care as you may caught up in disruptions, hope you don’t.

Some useful tips for comfortable and hassle free air travel:

  • Book overnight flights to beat jetlag or book a flight that arrives in the evening when you are travelling in the east which gives you time to have some sleep during travel and you feel relaxed when you reach the destination.
  • Walk in the aisles during intervals which help you to prevent sweating of the feet. During a walk don’t take off your shoes.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol during air travel as it may cause dehydration.
  • Airlines are doing strict security checks and procedures after 9/11 attack. It is advisable that you check with your airlines how much time the security checks will take during check-ins. Try to reach airport well in advance before departure time so that you can get enough time for all the procedures.
  • Loosing baggage is also well known problem what travelers all across the world are facing. Almost all the airlines are facing this problem due to heavy traffic of travelers and also the mishandling from cargo team. It is advisable if you find that your baggage is not on the same flight and you have lost it than immediately fill out a PIR(Property Irregularity Report) and mention description about your baggage, content of it and address to which it should be forwarded. If you not receive you baggage after 21 days of PIR than you can place a claim against the airport authorities.
  • Airline industry faces a real time issue of over booking. Most of us have faced over booking issues happened in past during pick seasons, if you are not in rush to reach the destination than you may give up your seat and take a next flight. The airlines may offer you free hotel accommodation and other frills because of your dedication. Due to that you may get an extended holiday at airlines expenses. Please make sure you book your flight ticket well in advance when you are going for Europe Holiday Tour.
  • It is strongly advisable do not take any packages from a stranger. Travelers travelling first time may not know the fact that the drug mafias use you for illegal drug trafficking.
  • For comfortable air travel try to get seats near to the wings because if plane get caught up with air pocket you can get less bumps and also you can feel enjoy the scenery from above thousands of feet.
  • Make sure you are of list of prohibited items and abide to the rules if found guilty of possession of such prohibited item, you may end up in prison or the items thrown out. Put items like skis/cues/walking canes/sticks/Swiss knives in checked-in bag, so if the airport authorities want to remove the items it is easy and fast compare to large baggage. This will make your check in process smoother and avoid unnecessary delays.

We all know the very fact that time is important for all of us, these tips will surely save your time. We can hope that these tips help you the most to enjoy your holidays with loved ones.

The Natural Beauty of Australia

“G’day mate!” is the common greeting Aussies give each other and their guests as they enter the country located down under. Australia, known as the island continent, boasts of the most breath taking natural landscapes known the world over. Here are but some of the natural sites of wonder located in Australia.

The Australian Fossil Mammal Sites. Also called the Naracoorte or Riversleigh Caves, this natural wonder is a park area that preserves over six (6) square kilometers of fossil remnant vegetation. These fossils are scattered all over twenty six (26) caves spread over a land area of over three (3) square kilometers. The park has a visitor destination and its prized possessions are the areas where fossil deposits have been found, providing the visitor a peek into the time before man. These are found in the Victoria Fossil Cave and Blanche Cave where collections of fossils of mammals and other land creatures have been preserved. Also, there are other natural preserves such as the Bat Cave where thousands upon thousands of bats breed, spelunking or adventure-caving and picnic grounds for families and individuals wanting to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Fossil Mammal Sites
Image by avlxyz (

The Great Barrier Reef. This is the world’s largest reef system with nearly three thousand individual reefs. This is also one of the natural formations that can be seen from space as it is spread across over three hundred thousand square kilometers in area near the Coral Sea off the coast of Queensland in the northeast region of Australia. Its visitor center is called the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and it houses a center where Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islanders provide the cultural as well as economic importance of the reef to their people and way of life. The reefs are formed by tiny microorganisms called coral polyps that produce substances that fuse together in a wide array of shapes, colors and sizes to form the reef systems of the region.

Great Barrier Reef
Image by

The Macca or Macquarie Island. Located on the southwestern corner of the Pacific Ocean between Antarctica and New Zealand is the island. This area has the most diverse flora and fauna concentrations in the world. These include the many species of fur seals that seek refuge and breed on the island, Elephant Seals and the many kinds of penguins that migrate to the island to breed and then return to the Antarctic regions. Also found in the island are truly endemic flora which rarely grow higher than a meter in height and most of them are soft vegetation, without the hard bark woody plants common in the mainland. This provides a perfect breeding ground for the migratory fauna. This island has become a major scientific hub as many studies on global warming and animal research has been conducted in this world heritage site. There is also a visitor center located on the island for tourists and other enthusiasts to the beauty and ferocity of the wild Antarctic continent.

Macquarie Island
Image by markfountain52 (

These are but three of the most known sites that Australia can provide you to visit. All are natural wonders that are framed by Australia in all its beauty and splendor. When visiting Down Under, put these areas on your itinerary to make your visit a truly enriching and enjoyable experience.

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Top 10 Things To Do In Melbourne

Things To Do In Melbourne
Image: Simon Howden

Melbourne is a bright, beautiful city of many glorious sights and pleasures. We’re put together a list of the top 10 things to see and do in Melbourne. Don’t miss any of these things when you’re next in Melbourne city!

  • Browse The National Gallery of Victoria
    Australia’s oldest art gallery, the National Gallery of Victoria opened in 1861. Located at a distance of 0.7 miles from city center, this museum contains an interesting collection of artwork from Asia to Europe, and includes aborigine art as well. If you are an avid photographer, this museum will give you much to photograph and enjoy.
  • Visit the Melbourne Zoo
    The Melbourne Zoo is Australia’s oldest zoo; it contains over 350 animal species kept in a variety of habitats. There are also beautiful gardens in this Zoo where beautiful butterflies hover over flowers. Located at a distance of 1.9 miles from city center, the Melbourne zoo is easy to reach.
  • Climb The Eureka Skydeck 88
    When in Melbourne, you must make the time to stand inside the observation deck on level 88 of the Eureka Skydeck. Enclosed in the fully transparent glass cube, projected 3 meters out from the building, you can get a great view of all of Melbourne under you. Just the thrill is worth it! Be sure to get there on a clear and sunny for a truly spectacular, never before view of Melbourne
  • Visit The St Kilda Beach
    This is a must-visit beach for a nice long swim and a lazy lounge in Australia’s warm sun. the beach is well maintained, clean and is lined with markets, nightclubs and amusement parks for kids. If you have the time, take a trip to Acland Street and enjoy the cake shops, cafes and bars there.
  • Walk Through Melbourne Parks and Gardens
    These world famous parks are full of meandering paths, pools, little parks within parks and flowers of all kinds. Needless to say, all the flora attracts various types of birds and insects; if you are a true lover of nature, don’t miss the Birrarung Marr, Alexander Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, Fawkner Gardens, Flagstaff Gardens, Carlton Gardens, Botanical Gardens, Kings Domain, Treasury Gardens and Queen Victoria Gardens of Melbourne. For kids, these parks represent freedom and bright joyful places to play. For adults, these are great spaces to sit, relax and enjoy a little bit of paradise on earth.
  • Explore The Queen Victoria Market
    If you feel a sudden hankering for fresh fruit, fish, meat, vegetables, cold meats, cheeses, breads, cakes and pies, and all fresh things to eat, go to Victoria market. This market is not just a great place to buy fresh food, but is also a barometer of Melbourne’s culture. Don’t forget to buy your souvenirs here; you’ll find everything from clothing, to bric-a-brac, cheap CDs, jewelry, boomerangs and aboriginal artworks. The market is open Tuesdays through Saturday.
  • Visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral
    A mere 0.7 miles from the center of Melbourne is the beautiful, serene St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  This cathedral is the mother Church of Melbourne’s Catholic Archdiocese. It’s also undoubtedly one of the architectural glories of Melbourne. A spiritual haven, its peaceful presence speaks to one’s innermost heart. Whether you are religious or agnostic, a visit to this cathedral will leave you too moved for words.
  • Enjoy The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
    These are some of the best-landscaped gardens on Earth, and should be enjoyed by everyone who visits Melbourne. Set close to the city center at a mere 17.4 miles, the Royal Botanical gardens is a piece of paradise in a beautiful city. You’ll see samples of every kind of plant, tree, bush and creeper that exists on earth, carefully nurtured and tended by dedicated gardeners.
  • Australian Formula One Grand Prix
    The Australian Grand Prix is an annual motor race that’s held in Melbourne every year, at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. This race is said to be the pinnacle of motor racing in Australia. The oldest surviving motor racing competition in Australia, the Grand Prix has been held 75 times since it was first run.
  • View The National Opal Collection
    This award-winning National Opal Collection is definitely one of Australia’s most fascinating attractions. As you go through the collection, you’ll understand the incredible link between opals and dinosaurs. The entrance walls are painted with scenes of Australia’s outback, taking you through time from the dinosaur age to modern day opal production. In this museum, you will see exhibits that depict how bones of prehistoric creatures become opals over time. For those of you that love opal jewelry, a real treat is stored in the room adjoining the museum.

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Walking Tour Around Sydney

A great way to appreciate the sights around Sydney is by taking a pleasant stroll around its environs. There is a lot to do and see around Sydney, its harbour district, the well-maintained parklands and its iconic buildings.

The main tourist locations are in the centre of Sydney and can easily be reached during a days gentle wandering around the streets and roads. The majority of attractions are free but the occasional sight may charge. Sydney is a reasonably flat city with only modest slopes and there are plenty of locations to stop off for a drink or bite to eat during the trip. See also the following ideas for five free things to do in the city.

The Walking Tour

Sydney Town Hall, Sydney Square is a great starting point for most walks; its central location is where many locals meet, the bus depot is here as well as the Town Hall train station.  From Sydney Square you can head off in a number of different directions in search of adventure. The Town Hall has an impressive interior complete with a lovely pipe organ.

Across Sydney Square is the entrance to St Andrew’s Cathedral, once you have had a good look around leave by the side exit and walk up Bathurst Street to Hyde Park. As you cross over Elizabeth Street you pass the Obelisk and on into the park.

In Hyde Park you will discover the ANZAC Memorial, entering on the ground floor where there is a staircase that leads into the Chamber of the Eternal Flame and from here you leave through the main entrance, down the stairs and past the reflecting pool.

To the right is the Australian Museum, which if time allows is well worth a visit, here there are exhibits and displays that cover the natural science, indigenous species and cultural events from all over Australia.

Continuing through the park you will leave at Park Street and head for Archibald Fountain, here you turn eastwards and head towards St Mary’s Cathedral. After you have looked around this unique cathedral head out via the gift shop towards Macquarie Street and the Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney’s main male prison until 1848.

Continuing along Macquarie Street you will pass St James’s Church and Queen Victoria’s Statue. A little further on you will reach Martin Place, a magnificent open space and a perfect place to take a breather. Parliament House is next and here they offer free tours, then you’ll reach the State Library and discover for yourself the magnificent old reading room deep in the bowels of the building.

Cross the road into The Domain sports fields, this is where you will find the Art Gallery of New South Wales following Mrs Macquaries road into the Royal Botanical Gardens. This is an excellent place to explore, relax and have a picnic. From this point you can walk up to Mrs Macquires Chair a large sandstone bench cut into the rock. Alternatively follow the harbour wall all the way round the coastline and get a marvellous view as you approach the Sydney Opera House.

Getting there

Smart Traveller wrote this guide to the airport the arrival point for international flights to Sydney and suggested the following museums to visit while on holiday in the city

Head To Australia For The Adventure Of A Lifetime

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and if you have never been down under you should start planning your adventure as there are plenty of discount packages available.

Australia Adventure
Australia Adventure

One of the first things that you should consider is holiday insurance. Even if you are not going to partake in sporting activities, it is still imperative that you buy cheap travel insurance. Unfortunately accidents happen, and if you have to see a doctor or be hospitalized, it could cost you thousands of dollars if you are not properly covered. It will give you peace of mind and it will not cost you a fortune to obtain it. Most policies cover everything that you need the moment you begin your holiday.

After you get your Australian travel insurance you can start planning your itinerary. Australia is a big country and even if you are away for a month, you may not get to see everything that you would like to. Most visitors travel to the east coast if they have never been to the land down under. Sydney is usually the first stop where they can walk on top of the Sydney harbor bridge, take a tour of the Opera house or head to the Blue Mountains for the day.

If you like warm weather you will most likely want to make the sunshine state of Queensland your next destination. The Gold Coast has some of the best surfing spots in the country and Surfers Paradise is known for its nightlife, dining and shopping. While you are there head west and take a drive up to Mt. Tamborine. You can go hiking through the rainforest or pack a picnic lunch and head to the falls. If you happen to be there on the last Sunday of the month be sure and head over to the local Tamborine Market where you can pick up some great souvenirs that are handcrafted by local artisans.

Instead of flying up to North Queensland you should rent a car. Take the scenic route and drive through Noosa and Frasier Island. Take a boat out to the Great Barrier Reef where you will see why it is called one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Continue driving and you will make your way to Cairns and Port Douglas which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. Go snorkeling or head to the Daintree Tropical Rainforest.

Of course this is only a small portion of Australia. If you have the time you will want to travel south of Sydney where you can see the Snowy Mountains and Melbourne. Take a boat to Tasmania or travel west by plane and visit Perth. With so much to see and do it is vital that you are properly covered with a cheap Australian travel insurance policy.

5 Places To Visit On A Sydney Layover

5 Places To Visit On A Sydney
5 Places To Visit On A Sydney

Sydney’s a pretty good place to be laid over. If your ticket allows you to leave the airport, (check your ticket) you can have a good time in one of the world’s most exciting cities. Sydney’s a big place, and there’s a lot to see and do. Hostels in Sydney are excellent, and there are plenty of choices of where to stay.

Before you do anything, make sure you leave your luggage safely stowed away. Sydney International Airport has a service called Smarte Carte, which has a pretty straightforward scale of fees for types of luggage and terms of storage.

Things to do and see

The good thing about Sydney’s best known landmarks and attractions is they’re actually pretty close together in the business district.

You’ll find:

1. Sydney Harbor- Circular Quay, Sydney Harbor Bridge, and the Opera House

Circular Quay is at the harbor end of George Street, a useful navigational street in the city. The Opera House and the Harbor Bridge are right there.

So are The Rocks, a great, good quality tourist shopping spot (even the locals don’t mind shopping there) The Museum of Contemporary Art, the opal dealers, and as much good food as you can eat wherever you look.

2. Sydney City and surrounds- Chinatown and Darling Harbor

Sydney city’s a business type of place, but the fun’s always pretty close at hand. At the other end of George Street is Chinatown, an Australian legend, where you can find the latest from Asia as well as the original Chinese culture. The shopping at this end of town is completely different. World Square, a former city block turned into a building, is a case in point. Old pubs, Tibetan eateries, Chinese herbal businesses, and the celebrated Paddy’s Markets, where you can buy anything.

3. Oxford Street and Paddington

At the lower end of the city next to Hyde Park South is Oxford Street of Gay Mardi Gras fame. If you follow Oxford Street through to Paddington, a few blocks away, you’ll find another different culture. This is the original inner city zone, and it has a fantastic hybrid of old Sydney, new Sydney, and the upmarket shopping boutiques and markets.

4. Bondi Beach

Despite its fame, Bondi Beach actually is a great beach. Just outside the city by public transport, Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction are good places for a great swim and exploration trip. It’s also a good way to check out the city and learn to find your way around all the best places in the eastern suburbs, which are literally only a few minutes away from the city.

5. Manly

At the end of Sydney Harbor near the Heads is Manly, which the proud locals claim to be the greatest place in Sydney, and it’s only a short ferry ride across the harbor from the city. Manly has great beaches, and if you take a tour, some of the best visual evidence of what an incredible part of the world Sydney really is.

The problem with getting laid over in Sydney is you’ll find you want to keep doing it. Don’t find this urge, because you can’t win.

Life after the Monstrous Cyclone Yasi in Australia

Relishing the beauty one day and perfect atmosphere the next day is what describes cruising the Queensland, Australia coastline. Cruising opportunities and anchoring locations are wonderful in Australia and the locations are awesome with great photographic opportunities. Queensland waters are also known for the great fishing and breathtaking beautiful coral reefs.

But, contrary to this, according to Australian Bureau of Meteorology, cyclones are the most feared weather phenomenon that affects Australia every year. The country has been recently hit by the giant storm Yasi that has caused colossal flooding and destruction.

Hundreds of tourists every year during this time visit Queensland, Australia holidaying on the Great Barrier Reef. Due to the efforts of Government and tourism department tourists have been safely deported from the tourist’s resorts of the Queensland Barrier Reef area to avoid the destruction of the Yasi cyclone which was really a monstrous storm. However, the flooding subsides and the last winds of cyclone Yasi has died down the state of Queensland and the area is once again firming its back for promoting tourism with many car hire firms offering services to ease the transport facilities.

The situation is becoming normal again as the tropical cyclone is sliding down. The government’s effective emergency planning meant that the potential catastrophe was averted. Most of accommodation and transport service centers have much been helpful to visitors working for their safety. The sunny days are back again and people are happy to be back to their normal lifestyle. After devastating flooding the tourism in Northern Australia is working hard to bring back its tourists markets as the wrong news has been widely spread due to this giant cyclone.

Indeed after cyclone Australia is certainly shining through the gloom. The tourism and other service provider companies are working hard to get back together to recover as quickly as possible and welcome visitors once more. The people working in tourism are resourceful, resilient and well-equipped with the tools to quickly set back everything to normalcy.

Airports such as Cairns, a gateway to Daintree Rainforest as well as the Great Barrier Reef, have been reopened, which were closed due to cyclone warning. Queensland is back to business and everything getting back on the trap.

Every year hundreds of tourists come to Queensland, many of them are on their way to the Great Barrier Reef once again. This location is probably the most renowned destination the worldwide for snorkeling and scuba diving. While Australia car hire providing effective services taking them to their desired holiday destinations.