Festival of the Argentina cowboys-gaucho

Every year on November, 10th they celebrate the Day of the Gaucho with increasing popularity (Gaucho – the ethnic group which has been formed in 16-17 centuries from marriages of Spaniards with American Indian women; historically they led a vagrant life, worked as shepherds). They organize this holiday on several ranches of Argentina – on continuous territories of the Las-Pampas in 600 km to the south from Buenos Aires and in San Antonio d? ?r???.

Despite of influence of the European culture, gauch? still remains a national symbol. Though during 19-th century European land owners have settled here, gaucho skills were irreplaceable for cattle protecting on the territory of Argentina.

Gaucho are also famous for the dexterity, but their main skills are singing and dancing.

With urbanization growth gaucho have migrated to the slums of Buenos Aires, they have brought with themselves milonga – sad national tunes, and payada – fast violent dance in which the parties try to surpass each other in freakish feet movements. Both of these national traditions, having merged, have led to a birth of a tango.

If you visit this day Festival gaucho in San Antonio de ?reko, you will see parade of horses, dances, songs and will try the fine meat. Also do not pass graceful dance payada under sparks of curtains. If you have not tried asado yet, a local barbecue – so its time to do it! Order a n airline-ticket at a travel deals site and fly there. In 19-th century import of English ?berdeen-anguss breed has brought the Argentina beef quality to probably best beef in the world.

Argentina Travel Guide


Argentina travel information and Argentina vacation package

Argentina, a beautiful country with Latin culture is a great destination to head for, if you are the one who has great taste in the arena of geography, since it is here that you will find everything, the high rising mountains, the plains, the plateaus etc. Home of the greatest football legend, Diego Mara Dona, this country has a lot to offer to the tourists apart from soccer.

The country comprises of a few major cities namely Buenos Aires, the capital of the country, Cordoba, the second largest city in the country, La Plata, Mendoza, Rosario, San Juan, etc. While you plan a vacation to Argentina, the usual places recommended would be Iguazú Falls, Nahuel Huapi National Park, Mar del Plata also better known as The Pearl of the Atlantic. El Calafate which is the major stop on your way to Glaciers National Park, and then we have Perito Moreno Glacier which is a must see. Skiing venues are also very popular. The Andes provide the perfect venue for the same. Las Lenas, San Carlos de Bariloche are the greatest venues to go through this experience. And for those who are close to nature, Puerto Madryn, Punta Tombo and Peninsula Valdes are again perfect venues. Guanacos, penguins, seaArgentina Travel Guide lions, whales are great attractions when you want to get into that mood for animal planet.
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Why choose Argentina for your honeymoon?

Argentina may not be the first destination that springs to mind when you are planning your honeymoon. However, if you want to celebrate your marriage with a trip that combines romance with adventure, culture and luxury, there are few better choices.

Cielos y campos de la pampa Argentina 24 / Skies and fields from Argentina's pampa 24
Argentina honeymoonClaudio.Ar / Season greetings to everyone! / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

Spend 12 days in this fascinating South American country and you can enjoy a city break, followed by a journey into spectacular scenery and a tour of a selection of world-class wineries. Of course, no honeymoon travel experience in Argentina would be complete without learning how to tango.

Buenos Aires

The cosmopolitan capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is packed with fascinating sights. A city tour will take you to such landmarks as the president’s official residence Casa Rosada, the eye-catching art deco Kavanagh Building and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

You can also head off the tourist trail and explore some of the city’s vibrant neighbourhoods. San Telmo, the oldest barrio, has glorious colonial architecture, a Russian Orthodox cathedral and lots of cafes. The La Boca district is where you will find Caminito, a traditional street with colourful houses and shops.

Buenos Aires is famed for its bars and restaurants, where you can tuck into locally-produced steak and wine, but that is not all it has to offer after dark. A professional tango show is a spectacle you will never forget, but you do not have to restrict yourself to watching. Taking a lesson in this most passionate of dances is an ideal honeymoon activity.

Iguacu Falls

Argentina has some wonderful natural attractions, such as Lake Puelo and the Neuquen River canyon, but few can compete with Iguacu Falls for beauty. These waterfalls on the border with Brazil are the perfect place to enjoy some adventure during your honeymoon.

There are 275 separate falls that cascade down cliffs between 60 and 82 metres high, which combine to make a spectacular sight. You do not have to settle for just looking on from the specially-built walkways, as there are trails on the Argentinian side of the River Iguacu that will lead you under the falls. The waterway is surrounded by rainforest that is also ideal for trekking.

You don’t need to rough it to enjoy the great outdoors here, as you can stay in a luxury hotel in Puerto Iguazu during your time in Misiones province. The city is just 17 km from the waterfalls, so you can explore by day and eat in a top restaurant in the evening.

Wineries of Mendoza

The province of Mendoza is the heart of Argentina’s viticulture industry, with more than two-thirds of the country’s wine produced in its vineyards. The warm climate and altitude – the area is in the foothills of the Andes – combine to make ideal conditions for growing grapes, and the Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Chardonnay varieties all thrive here.

Spend a day touring some of the most prestigious wineries in the region and you will learn how the beverage is produced and the correct technique for tasting. You will, of course, also have the opportunity to try some of the renowned local produce, both in tasting sessions and while you enjoy the sight of the sun setting behind the Andes.

The provincial capital, also called Mendoza, has high-class hotels to stay in, so you can look forward to some pampering when not touring the wineries. There is also lots to see in the city, including the Cathedral of Our Lady of Loreto, Government House and the Monument to the Army of the Andes.