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Mountains, and snow capped mountains, the beauty of nature reaching out for the skies, the simplicity of the sun kissing the land, is what defines Andorra the best. Situated between the Pyrenees mountains on the Iberian peninsula, thisAndorra Map country is small in size, but is known for some most wonderful memories that are left behind in every tourist’s mind who visits Andorra. Andorra La Vella is the capital of the country and is the place, which is biggest shopping destination of the country. The other places are Pas de la Casa, Encamp and Soldeu.

But what is it that you can do in Andorra? Well first of all you need to have a booking with any Hotels in Andorra. And Andorra being such a beautiful place, you will find numerous listings for Andorra vacation rentals, Andorra Hotels, Andorra Guest houses etc. Continue reading ANDORRA – NATURE’S OWN COUNTRY