The Seaside Ambiance of Welsh Cottages

Welsh cottages are quite popular holiday rentals and this should not come as much of a surprise to any fellow traveler. Wales is a wonderful place to visit for an extended stay and it provides the perfect ambiance for those wishing to relax and soak in the glory of the natural world.

Welsh Cottages
Welsh Cottages

If you were to ask most people to create a visual image of Wales in their head, most would think of the lush green environment that comprises it. Such a visual image is not far removed from reality although the truth is that Wales is also known for its beautiful blue waters. Have you even seen pictures of amazing bodies of water such as Cardigan Bay? If you have then you know what waterways appear in the landscape of this amazing country.

Those that rent Welsh cottages for their holiday travels will not have to imagine anything nor will they have to look at pictures. All they would have to do is look out the window and enjoy the amazing scenery that features the stunning bodies of water these region is known for.

Travelers wishing to reside in Wales cottages do not need to feel limited to just looking at beautiful scenery. They can venture to the bay and can take part in a wide range of different activities. Laid back excursions such as fishing trips are quite popular and many will find appealing. Of course, there is nothing wrong with just investing a little time on the sandy coast and watch the sun rise and set near the waters. Those travelers wishing to renew themselves mind, body, and spirit consider this a relaxing and cathartic experience.

That might seem like a bit of hyperbolic exaggeration but it really is not. People do like to enjoy the ambiance of the area in which they are traveling to. Some might like the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan area. There is certainly nothing wrong with metro areas and venturing to such a location for a holiday could prove to be enjoyably memorable. For others, there is something calming and beneficially relaxing about a stay at a seaside destination. Wales can frequently be such a destination and it can provide a calming and relaxing environment many will find perfectly appealing.

Often, a vacation destination is selected because it can offer the opportunity to help rejuvenate the mind and body. Wales and, in particular, a seaside location in Wales can do just that. The environment and the ambiance is perfect for the aforementioned rejuvenation which is why so many people will visit.

Of course, you do need the appropriate Wales cottage in order to make the stay truly enjoyable. There are quite a number of excellent providers of such cottages and anyone seriously interested in a trip to a Welsh village by the sea is advised to plan early in order to acquire the perfect cottage for one’s needs.

Once you do find the perfect Welsh cottage at an excellent seaside town, you might find yourself well on the way to enjoying a truly stunning holiday experience you will never forget.

The Most Amazing Luxury Villa Rentals with Pools

Aqua Villa with Pool in Bali

What’s life without some splish splash, and quiet literally! There is no fun living in a luxurious vacation rental with no swimming pool. You will find a lot amiss, no place to cool off after a long day of exploring and shopping, no exercise, place to laze about in and have some of the best pool parties. If you are near a beach then an infinity edge pool or a pool that overlooks picturesque mountains is what finishes the luxurious touch.

Shore in Bali – indoor/outdoor lap pool – This is one of the best luxury villa in Bali with a pool that is based indoors. The spacious living room or the sitting room is designed around a see through pool that shows the bottom of the swimming pool. Every villa also opens up into the massive lap pool that is also known as the Olympic pool. Some of the best interior designers for you to enjoy completely have designed this infinity edged pool.

Castle Oriente – wraparound pool – How would you feel if you lived in a luxury villa, in the best location surrounded by a wraparound infinity pool, princely for sure! The Castle Oriente at the Costa Careyes promises to do just that. Every bedroom in this villa has access to the wraparound pool that is stunning and sure to astound you.

The Lodge – Indoor Pool – Considered being the most luxurious chalet in Verbier, the Swiss Alps, and one of Sir Richard Branson’s limited edition retreats, The Lodge is an enticing chalet that will take you to another level. With an indoor swimming pool, set amidst luxury is what you truly deserve to pamper yourself with. Set indoors in brilliant settings that are truly luxury is what your soul will truly fall in love with.

Amazon Creek Chalet – Situated in Chamonix, this villa is stunning and houses a fully equipped spa, outdoor hot tub, and lots more that you can soothe yourselves in. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors while you swim in the pool. This is one of the best luxury villas with a pool in Chamonix and one of the best in the world. Its natural beauty, exotic and out of this world interiors, and other amenities gives it top scores.

Aqua Villa – The Aqua villa in Seminyak lives true to its name. The pool in this luxurious villa is easily accessible no matter which room you are in. It is a great area to hold a party or simply enjoy the picturesque location and laze around with a book.

Enjoy Vacation Villas under the Tuscan Sun

Vacation in Tuscany villa is the most memorable due to its unique surroundings and pleasant weather. Tuscany is blessed with the finest villas that depict ancient art. Across Tuscany there are many beautiful farmhouses and rental villas that provide an opportunity to explore small villages with its own treasures. They also provide opportunities to enjoy local cooking and wines. So, when you rent a villa, you can be a part of an Italian culture. This area is rich in art, culture, and history and apart from this the region is maintaining its ancient tradition.

Vacation villa in Tuscany is usually surrounded by beautiful olive groves. A large dining table and lights add glory to villa. Japanese style garden along with swimming pool offers a soothing effect. The living room has fire place with an ancient look. The kitchen in villa is well-equipped with modern appliances like microwave, toaster, freezer, dishwasher and a large fire place with barbeque to roast meat and vegetables.

Some Tuscany vacation villas also have bunk beds which can be useful for children. Galleried room with spiral staircase is special feature of some rental villas. Bedrooms in the villas have private bathrooms, air conditioner and open space to add comfort and pleasure to your holidays. The special patios offer you the chance to organize a typical Tuscan meal at the villas.

Tuscany is a spectacular and sensational land that offers artistic heritage being the historical foundation of the Renaissance. Discover Tuscany through different facets such as sculptures, museums, historical buildings, amazing towns, galleries, gardens and national parks. Tuscany is the place which reflects your tastes, passions and emotions with its colors, fragrance and a deep sense of family ties that bonds you with one of the most memorable holiday destinations of the world.

A few Tuscany vacation villas have double storey where the ground floor opens out to an entrance hall decorated with lovely frescoes. A huge lounge area with a big fireplace, a spacious dining area, and library, a conveniently big kitchen-cum-dining room with a fireplace, a toilet and a laundry room these all gives a villa luxurious look and comfort to the tourists. The upper level may have six to eight excellently furnished and pristine bedrooms depending on the size of the villas. Tuscany villas have their own identity and style, with ensuite bathrooms and one with a bath. All the rooms have ceiling fans and windows offering lovely vistas of the garden that surrounds vineyards. Some estates have a beautifully kept garden that may range over 3.000 square meters or more with golden mimosas, roses, camellias and hydrangeas that reflect the colors of the countryside. This offers an excellent opportunity for guests to spend leisure time with friends or family.   They can even spend a lazy day relaxing under the gazebo or swimming in the pool. The original decor and style decorating the interiors of the villas are mirrored thoroughly, which enhances the ambience along with the fireplace in the cheerful manner.

In the nutshell, Tuscany vacation villas offer extravagant holidays to enjoy and relax under the Tuscan Sun.

Las Vegas Hotels: Go Big or Go Home…Broke

When it comes to hotels in Las Vegas, or at least the ones on the strip, there’s no better way to describe them than out of this world. Every major strip hotel in Las Vegas is themed and you can choose from Pirates, to The Beatles, to an Italian Renaissance theme and you can even stay in a pyramid. Las Vegas is truly the city that welcomes and caters to every personality, every taste and every desire. That’s why it’s the city of sin. And big money. But there’s a lot more to booking the perfect trip in Las Vegas than just picking the biggest and baddest room of them all.

Laser Vision in Las Vegas
Hotels in Las VegasStuck in Customs / Travel Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

Here are a few tips that anyone can use to make the most of a trip to Las Vegas.

  • Don’t think you have to stay on The Strip. Most people think that if you want to go to Vegas to experience The Strip then you have to choose a pricey hotel on The Strip. But this simply isn’t true. Las Vegas has a Strip shuttle service that goes from Old Vegas down the Strip and to many of the outer area hotels. It can be nice to get away from the hustle and bustle to get a good night’s sleep once in a while, even if that’s only a few hours.
  • Don’t pay for a room you’re not going to be in…ever. Vegas is not the city you go to in order to lay in your room and watch television all day. You’ll also spend very little of your night in the room either. With all the shows, casinos and restaurants around, not to mention other attractions, you’re likely to spend less than 20% of your day in your room. For most people, it’s less than 10% of the day. Don’t pick a pricey hotel if you don’t intend to spend time there.
  • The casinos are inside the hotels. So are the restaurants. So are most of the shows and attractions. Even museums are inside some of the hotels! If everything you really want to do is inside one hotel, choose that hotel!
  • Remember that Vegas is an outside event. You’ll do a lot of walking and 90% of it will be outside. Don’t pick a hotel that is on the opposite end of The Strip from where you want to be in the rainy season. Waiting for the shuttle or walking up and down The Strip in the rain can be miserable.
  • Look up everything you want to do in advance. For trips on the fly this can be impossible, but it can help you pick the right hotel with the right services, like a good concierge, the perfect restaurant or the best shows in town with ticket reserves for guests.

Remember, Las Vegas isn’t all about who has the most money. It’s about who is smartest with their money and comes most prepared. Spend your budget wisely for your hotel and book smart and you’ll look smart with every double down you make.

Three Top Reasons to Do It Yourself with Self Catering Holidays

More recently self catering holidays have become the vacation of choice for many families and it isn’t by coincidence either. In fact, self-catering accommodation offers visitors the freedom and flexibility to do it themselves that they otherwise wouldn’t normally have if they stayed in a hotel or guest house.

Luxury Penthouse rental in downtown Telluride Colorado [06]
Self Catering / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

This in itself is good enough reason to consider self-catering, but if you’re still a little sceptical, here are three top reasons to DIY.


Let’s face it, in this economic climate we all have to tighten our belts a little, so cost plays a big factor when deciding on a type of holiday. With this in mind, if you book a self-catering establishment and are going with a group of friends or a large family, then it can save you a fair bit of cash. Unlike many hotels which can charge by the head, self-catering venues are normally charged per house, apartment or cottage, meaning that it can work out pretty cheaply. If you’re thinking of staying for longer than a couple of days, then all things considered this is a seriously cost-effective option.

Take your Pick

The great thing about self-catering accommodation is that there is plenty of it and it comes in all different shapes, styles and sizes. Therefore depending on your budget, you’ll always be able to find accommodation. From a small or modest apartment, right up to a grand country house or fabulous Mediterranean Villa, self-catering isn’t budget specific.

Freedom to Do What you Want

One of the best things about self-catering holidays in general is the freedom that it affords. Whether tonight’s meal consists of a microwave prawn curry, some boil-in-the-bag rice and a cheap bottle of Beaujolais, or a five course extravaganza of culinary delights from around the world, you have the freedom to cook whatever you like. Alternatively, if you prefer to eat out every night, then again, no problem. In essence, you can treat it like a real home from home and even stay in your bedroom if you so wish without having to worry about room service.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever destination you choose to go, you should always be able to seek self catering holidays in your chosen location. So if you don’t feel like being stuck in a cramped hotel room and are looking to base yourself and your family/friends in somewhere that’s comfortable and large enough for you to spread your wings, then you can. What’s more, it can be achieved without costing the earth when you choose Macole’s self catering holidays.

So there you have it, top reasons to do it yourself with self catering holidays. If you’ve ever been a little wary about going down the self-catering route before then hopefully this has convinced you to maybe think about taking the plunge. You just might be surprised at what you can get for your hard earned money, especially if you can take advantage on some of the many deals on offer.

Accommodation Guide for St. Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg travel
St Petersburg travel

Visiting the Cultural Capital of Russia can be a breathtaking and memorable experience. Choosing the best accommodation for your stay in St. Petersburg will ensure you meet your travel requirements and find the best “home away from home” to meet your budget. This can be one of the most important parts of planning your trip and this guide will assist you in making the best choice.

When choosing the best place to stay in St. Petersburg we have devised some tips:

1. High season means higher prices – From May until September prices for accommodation in St. Petersburg are more expensive than in the winter. Although the city has a wonderful winter program and a great array of indoor attractions, most foreign tourists arrive in the spring and summer.

2. The center of St. Petersburg is often the most convenient place to stay – One of the main reasons why reserving accommodations in the center of the city is convenient is because St. Petersburg has a multitude of bridges which open in the evenings (except during the winter) and stay open for most of the night. The bridges are beautiful and it is very romantic to watch in the summer during the famous White Nights, when the sun is glowing in the sky, but not if you are on the wrong side of the bridge.

Another reason the center of the city can be very convenient is that many of the main attractions in St. Petersburg are located in the historical center. The Hermitage, Russian Museum, Nevsky Prospect, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, and the Church of Our Savior are all within walking distance.

3. Make sure your accommodation has all the extra services you require – For example hotels offer some extra service but apartments can offer more privacy. It is notable to mention that few hotels offer wheelchair access and handicapped access / rooms. Hotel Vera in the center of St. Petersburg is a hotel that offers both services for guests.

4. Choose a place to stay based not only on price – Ask questions directly to the hotel and check their website Try to find some recommendations from previous guests.

5. Use Google Maps to view your location and some of the main attractions – See where your chosen accommodation is located in relation to the attractions you want to see. If you are on a tour or shore excursion usually a business will collect you from your location.

6. Use the Internet to find the best price and special offers for all types of accommodation – There are many resources on the Internet for booking all types of accommodation in St. Petersburg and many include special offers. Very often you can find special offers and discounts by doing some research.

7. The brand name is not always the best choice – There are many unknown but wonderful accommodations in St. Petersburg waiting to be enjoyed.

St Petersburg
St Petersburg

Types of Accommodation in St. Petersburg:

Hotel – There is a ever growing list of hotels in St. Petersburg and this is the standard way for most tourists to arrive and enjoy their time in the city. Hotels offer security, all extra amenities and services, and a higher price to match.

Serviced apartments – These are apartments that are serviced and cleaned the same as a hotel. The benefit is that you have privacy, you can cook yourself, and very often you can rent a serviced apartment for less than a hotel room. However, a serviced apartment can’t offer some of the extra services and support a hotel can offer.

Mini-Hotel – Especially in the center of St. Petersburg, there is very little space for new construction. From this grew the mini-hotel market which offers the same services as most of the hotels in St. Petersburg and a discounted price to sweeten the offer.

Hostel – Budget travelers and students will find that hostel accommodations in St. Petersburg are in demand. There is not enough supply to meet the growing demand for budget travel. We advise you to book early.

Cruise Ship – Most American tourists, for example, arrive St. Petersburg arrive by cruise ship. This is a very convenient alternative as the process for obtaining a Russian VISA is simplified, however, the cost is much higher than even a hotel stay.

Cabin at St Petersburg
Cabin at St Petersburg

About the Author: TJ Travel is a fully authorized and licensed tourist company offering a selection of St Petersburg shore excursions for cruise ship passengers and general St Petersburg tours. Our friendly and multilingual St Petersburg tour guides will ensure your visit to our beautiful city will be truly unforgettable. The shore excursions and city tours we offer include the most famous and memorable sites in St. Petersburg including the Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, Peterhof, Pushkin, and perhaps some sites you can’t find in a guidebook.

Images by retlaw snellac

The Ibis Hotel Edinburgh Offers Much to the Traveler

Is there such a thing as cheap hotels in Edinburgh? If there wasn’t then you would not see very many budget conscious travelers making their way through the city. Since not all travelers have a tremendous amount of money to invest in their adventures, deals are made available which can be considered quite appealing. Among them would be deals on accommodations at the Ibis Hotel Edinburgh. Granted, you may have to jump on a deal at this hotel when it appears or else in may be gone.

Many people will be looking for cheap hotels in Edinburgh and those that do not immediately take advantage of deals when they arise might find themselves – as the saying goes — on the outside looking in. In this case, they would be looking from the outside of the Ibis Hotel Edinburgh!

In all seriousness, you want to be judicious in your booking of hotel accommodations. This means you need to be timely when you are hoping to book a stay or else you will look out. Yes, there are 99 rooms but there are thousands of people that travel to this particular city. Because of that any low cost booking may be quite desirable to travelers.

Smart travelers will make a booking as soon as they can. You should follow their lead!

The Ibis Hotel Edinburgh is a budget hotel which means its rooms are fairly inexpensive. It offers 99 rooms which means you will have a wide range of different rooms to choose from and they all have a great deal to offer the traveler who wants something special in an arrangement.

You gain access to free wireless internet and satellite television. On the premises, there is a bar which can also provide many excellent light meals 24 hours a day. That greatly adds to the convenience of your stay here.

One of the common myths about cheap hotels Edinburgh is that they lack accommodations and convenience. They offer cheap rates because they are off the proverbial beaten path. With this particular hotel, that is not the case.

Unlike other cheap hotels in Edinburgh, the Ibis Hotel is close to many of the excellent sights and sounds of the city. Edinburgh Old Town and the Edinburgh Castle are two of the most popular of places to visit which are in walking distance. You can also walk to a nearby railway station opening the door to explore any number of other tourist attractions in the city.

You can feel reasonably confident that when you book a stay at this hotel, you will definitely be pleased with having made your decision. Why would you not? This truly is an excellent budget hotel that understands what the cost-conscious world traveler wants in a stay.

Convenience, cost, and amenities are among the prime things to seek in cheap hotels in Edinburgh. The Ibis Hotel Edinburgh delivers on these requirements and more. Consider that among the prime reasons why it is such a popular hotel and one you need to book as soon as you can.

After all, if you don’t quickly book a room that is available someone else will!

Top Party Hostels Around the World

Hostel Mostel
Hostel Mostel

If you’re travelling you’re partying right? If you prefer your hostels a bit more ‘rock n roll’ than ‘book n bed’ you’ll need to pay close attention to the following party hostel recommendations, who said hostels were just for sleeping in anyway?

New York’s well known as the city that never sleeps and if you want to make the most of it you’ll need a place to sleep that never sleeps too. Hostelling International – New York is a top New York City hostel for partying and customers voted it one of the best party hostels in the world in the HostelBookers Awards for Excellence 2012. It’s close to Central Park and Times Square – a top spot for all your partying needs and flanked by restaurants, bars and cafes. But in reality you probably won’t want to leave the hostel as there’s a bar on site with happy hours and they’ll also take you on bar crawls and weekend clubbing nights too. What more could you want?

Hostel One Paralelo in Barcelona has received a rating of 100% for atmosphere from our reviewing customers, making it our top party hostel. It’s got a garden, a Jacuzzi and a great patio where the hostel owners recommend you sit and play party drinking games to meet the other travellers. The hostel is very close to La Ramblas and has a great self-catering kitchen where you can save a few euros by making your own meals.

Loki Backpackers Hostel in Cusco, Peru, always celebrates the big events like Christmas, Dazza Day (?) and New Year’s Eve with huge on-site parties. It’s housed in a spectacular 450-year-old building, which is listed as a national monument. There’s also a large beer garden and courtyard with hammocks, a huge bar open until 1am with happy hour specials and monthly parties, and a brilliant check out time of 1pm. Past visitors have reported that you even get a hug on arrival – always nice after a long journey.

Blue Parrot Backpackers in Sydney Australia is just a short walk from the world famous Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. It was rated one of the top party hostels in the HostelBookers Awards for Excellence because of its big sunny courtyard, excellent lounge room and top staff who’ll show you how and where to explore the best of the city. There are always loads of activities in the evenings and at night, and the small, cosy atmosphere means you’re sure to make a friend or two along the way.

Greg & Tom Party Hostel has been given a 100% atmosphere rating by HostelBookers’ past customers. The staff are brilliant and will really help you meet other travellers. Every Saturday they have an all you can drink and eat party for free, and every night sees some sort of action going on. They’ll be celebrating every big event throughout the year – beers for St Paddy’s Day, shots for International Women’s Day – and they’ll introduce you to Krakow’s cheapest attractions including the best bars, clubs and underground social spots.

HostelBookers is the leading budget accommodation website in the travel industry not to apply a service charge and is, on average, 8.7% cheaper than its nearest competitor. It features over 20,000 hostels, cheap hotels and budget properties on its website in over 3,500 destinations across the world. Follow us on Twitter @hostelbookers

Are You A Reluctant Green Traveller Or A Glamour-Puss In Denial?

If you travel frequently you’ll know the true value of a decent hotel. Sure hostelling and staying in budget hotels or motels is fine when you’re in a jam or you’re still young and travelling’s the objective in itself. Once you get older though, you start to realise that a quality mattress, clean sheets and decent food really are important, as is waking up without the aches and pains you’d normally associate with sleeping on a bathroom floor. (don’t tell me you haven’t, I know different!)

Different people have different core expectations from what they regards as a ‘good’ hotel. Some people expect five stars, some just want a comfortable bed and your own coffee maker for $200 per night. One problem with star ratings is that there is no universal standard for stars besides five being the very best. Unless you decide that you want to give yourself six.

But What Do You Expect From The Best Hotels?

Wherever you stay, if you’re paying your hosts good money, you should expect to be treated almost as if you own the place. The customer is King and you do pay the bills after all. It shouldn’t be too much to ask to receive a friendly smile from anyone on the payroll and for all of them to be customer service oriented, you don’t want to meet some-one who would ever reply to a query or request with the attitude that it’s not their job, even if it isn’t?

With service like that everything else just falls into place. But you should also be honest with yourself about what you really want from a hotel. Do you find that you have a terrible time every time you go away to an eco-friendly spiritual retreat? Do you long for Egyptian cotton towels and sheets instead of the hemp fabrics which scrape your skin? Is your idea of communing with nature looking down on it from the porthole of a private jet? Admit it, you’re a glamour-puss and you’re not cut out for the overtly green lifestyle.

If you’re honest about what you want, it’s nice to think that your hotel is honest about what they can provide too. A hotel might have a fantastic review but is that backed up by real holiday makers experience? If they’re honest about what they can and can’t provide you’ll know exactly what you are going to get and set your expectations accordingly.

The Luxury Holiday Paradox

If you’re looking for the kind of holiday where you can get away from it all you’ll want somewhere that’s off of the tourist track. But if the destination hasn’t a history of dealing with travellers and tourists how can they be expected to provide the quality of service that your luxury self needs? So you go somewhere that has a reputation for knowing how to treat its guests in an A1 fashion but  you find yourself in a premier class hotel room overlooking a tourist trap.

The trick is to find somewhere that’s a couple of years old. It’s not so on trend that no-one’s heard of it and it has yet to develop and yet it’s not so well known that the developers have spoiled it by building over the aspects which made it so attractive in the first place.

Manage that and you might, finally, find yourself on the holiday that you really wanted all along!

@DanCash lives by the seaside in the south of England but still appreciates a holiday abroad. He’s had enough of broken beds and thin sheets. Now he likes aircon, humidifiers and a thread count of at least 400.

The Best Disney World Hotels Priced Just Right

Disney World Hotels
Disney World Hotels

Disney Florida is the best kind of Florida when you want value and savings and everything at your fingertips. All the Disney action is easy access from the legendary International Drive from theme parks to Epcot Centre. Disney World Florida gives you more bang for your travel buck with multi-day passes and an ever expanding base of attractions to keep the Disney spirit new.

More than just a theme park behind four walls, the Disney experience is combined with the adventure at Universal Studios Orlando for some of the best shows and thrill rides on the planet. A comprehensive tour to get to see it all will require at least a week in one of the many fabulous local Orlando hotels.

The Disney Port Orleans Riverside Hotel

Stay and play in the heart of all the action with a Disneyland hotel located on the Disney grounds. Flawless and designed to take your breath away, the Disney Port Orleans Riverside Hotel is a sprawling site outfitted with a real French New Orleans feel. From river boat rides to the last detail of leisurely Disney living, the Disney Port Orleans Riverside keeps in line with their central theme and turns a hotel into a fantasy camp.

The Hard Rock Hotel Orlando

Slip into the glamour at The Hard Rock Hotel Orlando for the star treatment. Spacious rooms and a vibrant nightlife make this an Orlando area favourite for a one of a kind luxury stay. The Velvet Bar is opened until 2AM for live shows from contemporary and classic rock artists. Thursday nights, guests may attend a cocktail party with the artists and live large at The Hard Rock. Universal City Walk is located right out the Hard Rock’s back door for easy access to dining, shopping and more entertainment.

The Enclave Suites Orlando

You don’t have to be traveling with a large party to enjoy the sumptuous living space in a suite. The Enclave Suites Orlando offers large executive guestrooms and one-bedroom suites for a little bit of elegance at the right price. The views are grand and the location is outstanding location right off International Drive. Green belt views and the handy free Grab-and-Go breakfast promotion seals the deal as one of Orlando’s best Disney World area hotels.

The Best Western Lakeside Hotel

This no frills Best Western is located just a few minutes from the main Disney gate and delivers a heck of a deal for one small price. This smaller and intimate accommodation offers clean and comfortable rooms at rock bottom rates. Guestrooms have a mini fridge and convenient shuttle service take guests to the Disney parks. The Best Western name means value and savings, and the Best Western Lakeside Hotel is the answer for a budget-friendly way to stay and play in Orlando.

When booking your Disney World all inclusive reservations, be sure to remember that Disney World and all the other theme parks in the area close earlier in the winter. The weather is cooler during the winter and fall and that might be your preferred trade for a few hours shaved off the theme park operating hours. The summer months remain the crowd pleasing favourite time of year to go. Anytime is the right time to visit Orlando in this fun-filled city that can do you no wrong.

Click here for great deals and offers on hotels Florida and family holidays