Rent A Villa

Rent A Villa
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Florida is called the Sunshine State. However it could have been called the Beach State. Florida has some of the best beaches. It also has a variety of other ways to have fun. Some people like Orlando holidays. They enjoy the theme parks and other unique forms of entertainment Orlando has to offer. There are villas in Orlando that are close to many entertainment venues. They allow vacationers to move between the theme parks and downtown Orlando. Others rent Florida homes and are able to bring their whole family on vacation with them. For many the best way to enjoy their time off is to take package holidays to Florida.

Florida is a unique place. It offers entertainment options from coast to coast. From the Panhandle to the Keys there are magnificent beaches, water-sports and an unlimited supply of fun. You can plan a vacation tour through Florida that takes you and your family to many of the most interesting places on the peninsula. There are a number of villas in Florida where you can relax and enjoy yourself. No matter your budget there’s a Florida villa in your price range. Live your vacation dreams. Spend your vacation in one of the many villas in Florida.

Package holidays to Florida come in all price ranges and offer different options. You may be able to get tickets to shows, rental cars, hotel rooms or even villas in Florida for a fraction of their usual cost. Orlando is beautiful. It has more theme parks than any other city. Orlando has more theme parks than anyone can visit in a week. If you rent one of the villas in Orlando you can visit as many theme parks as you like. It can change your whole vacation experience and offer you have more fun than you ever thought possible.

South Florida is a very popular vacation destination. Package holidays to Florida can put you right on South Beach. With a little research you can find villas in Florida that you can afford. Many villa owners have trouble finding people to rent their places. Contacting them may allow you to get a better deal than you might have imagined. Renting one of the villas in Florida can take your vacation to another level. Think of all the fun your family can have if they had Florida villa holidays. Many villas are just steps from the beach. You and your friends or family can live like rock stars on the beach in South Florida.

Florida vacations are fantastic when you enjoy them from a villa. Whether you stay in the villas in Orlando or any of the other villas in Florida you are bound to have fun. Hotel rooms are nice, but package holidays to Florida are even better when you enjoy them from a villa. Are you planning Orlando holidays? Consider renting one of the vacant Florida homes or choose from the villas in Florida which will allow you to party like a rock star.


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How to Fix Hotel Problems

Hotel Problems
Hotel Problems

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is – and that definitely the case when you’re traveling. If you see an amazing hotel deal, chances are there’s a good reason the rooms are so cheap! All experienced travelers had had at least one bad hotel stay. Maybe the pictures on their website look nothing like the dump you find in real life. Maybe the service is horrible. Maybe the site is under construction.

Whatever the problem, if you show up and the hotel isn’t what you expect, there are some things you can do to fix it – and without spending any extra money to upgrade to a nicer room or find a new hotel at the last minute.

Problem #1: The room is dirty.

If it looks like your room hasn’t been cleaned in ages, sometimes all you need to do is complain to get the problem fixed. Maids at cheaper hotels and motels aren’t paid very high wages, and in order to get their work done more quickly, they might cut corners. Before you even set down your bad, go back to the front desk – in person – and voice your concern. Many will give you a discount on the spot and send a cleaning crew to redo the room.

Problem #2: Your room is loud.

Construction, traffic, and other problems can all account for your room being too loud, and often it is out of the hotel’s control. Simply ask to be switched to another room. Most are happy to accommodate you if they possibly can. To avoid this kind of problem, check into your room as early as possible. Most hotels give out the “bad” rooms (i.e., the ones that are louder) last.

Problem #3: The room isn’t as nice as the picture.

If you paid a really low price…well, unfortunately, there might not be much you can do! Before you leave, print out your hotel conformation information, along with a picture of the room you expect to get. Sometimes, if there’s a big difference in the picture versus what you’re actually given that you can point out, the hotel will upgrade you to a suite or refund some of your money. You can also look into reporting them to the Better Business Bureau if you think they’re being dishonest.

Problem #4: The hotel was overbooked.

As long as you paid for your room, it shouldn’t be a problem – even if a hotel is overbooked, they have a duty to give you a place to stay. You might find yourself driving to another hotel, but this minor inconvenience could actually work out in your favor. If you keep your cool and are polite, sometimes they’ll bump you to a suite, offer free meals, or give you other perks – all you have to do is ask!

Problem #5: The staff is rude, non-existent, or otherwise unsatisfactory.

Write down the names of the people who bothered you (along with a description if the hotel is larger) and ask to speak to a manager. If the manager is the problem, call their corporate office – from your actual hotel room. If it is late at night or early in the morning, wait until business hours. Managers working the day shift often have more power or even own the hotel, so they’re better equipped to help you.

Still nervous about hotel problems? Purchase a travel insurance policy before you leave. That way, if you get there and things are horrible, all you have to do is call your insurance company and they’ll help you find new accommodations that better fit your needs.

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Top 6 Budget-Friendly Hotels in Panama City

Travelers flock to Panama City to explore the 27 miles of white sand beaches and sparkling surf. Fortunately for budget-conscious travelers, this tourist destination offers options for cheap Panama City hotels. Here are the best places to stay for less than $100 per night.

Panama City
Panama City

1. Econo Lodge Panama City

The Econo Lodge Panama City is a great choice for travelers looking for an affordable room close to Panama City Beach. While the rooms may not seem overly modern, they do provide basic comforts, like flat screen TVs and coffee makers. Take a refreshing dip in the outdoor pool and stop by the free breakfast to fuel-up for your day of sightseeing. Need to visit the Gulf Coast Community College? It’s just an 11-minute walk away.

2. Comfort Inn and Suites

Expect clean rooms, a tasty free breakfast, and cheap room rates at the Comfort Inn and Suites, along Highway 98 in Panama City. The rooms at this hotel are well equipped for your convenience and include a mini-fridge, a microwave, a coffee maker, and free Wi-Fi. Enjoy a swim or a soak, no matter what the weather is like outside, at the indoor pool and hot tub.

3. Red Roof Inn Panama City

The recently updated and budget-friendly Red Roof Inn Panama City is a good choice for the entire family. With simply furnished, but clean rooms, this hotel is a comfortable base from which to explore Panama City. Take a break from sightseeing and cool-off in the refreshing outdoor pool.

4. Country Inn and Suites Panama City

This full-service hotel offers ample amenities and services, all for less than $100 per night. The Country Inn and Suites has a welcoming atmosphere, with clean and spacious rooms. Start your day with an early morning swim in the outdoor pool or grab a coffee and muffin from the free breakfast. Don’t stress about what’s happening back at the office, the on-site business centre has everything you need to stay connected.

5. Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Panama City

Room rates at this hotel just squeak under the $100 per night maximum for this list. But the modern furnishings, large outdoor pool, and friendly staff at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites cannot be ignored. Work-up a sweat at the on-site fitness centre and email your travel photos to friends and family with the free Wi-Fi. Don’t miss the warm cinnamon buns at the free breakfast.

6. Suburban Extended Stay Hotel

Looking to prepare snacks or picnics for a day at the beach? Book a kitchenette room at the Suburban Extended Stay Hotel. Room cleanliness, friendly service, and low room rates impressed many of the hotel’s previous guests. Staying connected with the office or family back home is no problem with the free Wi-Fi service and on-site business centre.

Planning to visit Panama City? Share this post, and go to the Panama City Guide to learn more about the city’s hotel scene.

Explore the Land of Exotic Villas and Vacation Homes – Italy

Explore the Romantic Italy

Italy, the romantic city to fall in love with, attracts huge masses of tourists every year. This has also increased a great demand of Italy rental vacation homes (location saisonnière italie) in the major cities of Italy. Italy has the most beautiful picturesque and extravagant villas that entice you blissfully to spend your every vacation in Italy.

When visiting Italy, it may come to your mind what is so special about Italy? Italy has all from culture, cuisine, history, art and style of its own to outstanding beaches. If you want to experience Italy to the fullest then look out for Italy vacation rental homes or Italy rental villas. If you want to eat, sleep and drink the romance of Italy then Italy vacation villas can fulfill your desires.

Look out for the beautiful and charming vacation villas or rental homes in Tuscany, Italy where outdoor food markets and outstanding national parks abound. Search for beautiful Italy vacation villas in Sicily where you can travel to quaint villages or can experience the gentle breeze along the beach. Browse through the rental homes in Milan where you shop until you drop. If you are very much interested in knowing history, then you can look for vacation rental homes in Siena where you can stay and explore the history with leisure.

There are many Italy vacation accommodations that cater to all your needs like cabins, cottages, condos, private homes, luxury villas, and beach homes to choose from.

Best Time to Visit
The most favorable season to book vacation villas is spring that is from April to May and autumn that is from October to November. During these periods, the weather is at its best with moderate temperatures and cool breeze. It is better not to book rental homes during summer as prices are high and climate is too hot. Mostly, shops and restaurants are closed during this season as most Italians go on holidays.

Attractions and Activities
There are many attractions across Italy that makes you spellbound. Sicily has amazing museums and galleries. Staying at vacation rental homes in Sicily, you can enjoy sun-baked beach paradises, majestic beautiful mountains, amazing art and dense forest. Explore the other main cities of Sicily to walk through enticing artisan shops and stunning beaches.

Nightlife and Restaurants
Restaurants, bars, cafes, inns and discos – present here offer you fun and time to romance. Nightlife in Italy is very exciting and some of the world’s famous restaurants are present here. Tourists staying in rental vacation villas on the seaside towns can enjoy the food of Italy’s best restaurants just about anywhere in Italy. They can have great fun and frolic at night in the trendy clubs, live music arenas and DJ bars.

Italy is the homeland of beautiful vacation villas, rental apartments and seaside holiday homes (maison vacances Italie). Whether you are interested in Italy for art or architecture, hiking or skiing, beaches or restaurants, nightlife or romantic evening, these accommodations help you explore the most and have holidays filled with fun.

The Ski Chalet Experience in Europe!

Ski Chalets
Image by Toprural

Ski Chalets really are a home from home in another country, and provide an enjoyable experience designed for people from all over the world. France and Austria are the two most popular ski destinations in Europe, closely followed by Italy, but for the best ski chalets, you are definitely best sticking to Austria or France. The great diversity with these chalets is that they can sleep numbers from 6 to 40, meaning that you could either travel as a family or with a large group of friends.

Chalets are like personal hotels, that are put together to serve your needs. When you arrive you are usually greeted but someone that will take care of you on your stay, usually cooking for you or looking after the washing and what not. In some cases these people are referred to as “Chalet Girls” and not only do they help to look after you on your stay, but have good knowledge of the area and can provide good ski routes. So the ski chalet experience is one where you can enjoy the slopes but be catered for as if you were in the comfort of your own home.

For families or small groups of friends, between 6 and 8 of you could benefit from staying at a beautiful ski chalet in France called Chalet Pia. This chalet is a contemporary styled apartment like appearance and provides cosy and warm close quarters for visitors. There is always a dining and lounge area for each of the chalet apartments. As with most chalet deals, you will be fed breakfast and a 3 course meal most nights as well, this is a perfect place for large families to visit!

For those of you looking for a party adventure with a large group of friends, I bet you though you wouldn’t be able to find a place that could sleep up to 40 of you! Well then you should consider taking a look at the Chalet Mounty in Austria, this resort can take a huge number of visitors, and the best thing is that it is hosted by Crystal Ski enthusiasts, that will cook for you, take you out on ski trips and give recommendations on places to visit, even taking you out to a few of them! This is the jkind of place to take a group of friends that are looking to have a wild time, and enjoy a mass social event where you can all enjoy each others company and meet new friends!

These are just two examples of top quality chalets in Europe, there are many more, but these really stand out for two distinct reasons, they both cater for specific niche markets, one for families and one for large groups!


Mark works for a Ski Chalets tour operator with Ski Resorts in France and Austria!

Luxury Caravan Holidays

Not words you hear together very often, caravans have had the ill fortune of being perceived as slightly down-market. Not least because they are self-catered, in the mind’s eye of the public they are cramped, old, falling apart and somewhat pointless.

Luxury Caravan, Burnham-on-Sea
Luxury Caravan Holidaysemjaysav / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

However, the latest designs from the manufacturers of caravans look set to change this perception for the better. They come in different sizes, with up to three bedrooms. They are stylishly designed, with new utilisations of space as appliances become smaller and more efficient. Caravans have aesthetically pleasing interior designs, drawing inspiration from various places like the seaside or the English countryside. The modernisation of the caravan is making caravan holidaying more luxurious.

The New Caravan

The Lodge from ABI Caravans is the latest in their new designs. It is really breaks the stereotype of boring caravans, with some of the fixtures and fittings better than you’d find in one of today’s apartments. From the outside it looks as though it belongs in the Swedish mountains, with a canopy overhang and a wooden feel. The internal ceiling is higher, making it feel roomier inside. The luxurious furnishings in the lounge include a suite, a cuddle chair, poppy patterned scatter cushions and matching curtains. With upholstered dining room chairs, a breakfast bar and appliances such as microwave, dishwasher and a separate room for the washing machine, this caravan has all the stylings and mod-cons of a hotel and more. Great as a base or to relax in for your holiday, this spacious beautiful modern caravan has everything you’ll ever need.

Holiday Hotspots

Whether you want a city break or a countryside retreat, there will be a static holiday park in the right location for you. If warmer climates are your thing then try Cornwall or Devon. The beautiful coastline and landscape along with great surfing (especially at Newquay) along with other water sports are a great draw for enthusiasts, and for those who prefer to stay indoors with a hot cup of something, Cornwall and Devon are famous for their delicious cream tea. Places like Wales and the Lake District are also great for outdoorsy types as they have great walks and cycle routes in stunning scenery and they often have great pubs at the end of them!

Rent or Buy

The great thing about caravans is that you can buy them, new or used, and put them in a plot in a holiday park, and visit whenever you like or book them in advance and rent them for a week or so. If you’re looking for used static caravans on sale, make sure you check for wear, tear and rust and such like. If you’re putting it in a holiday park, look for those who are members of Industry Trade Associations, The National Caravan Council and The British Holidays & Home Parks Association. These holiday parks comply with a Code of Practice to ensure customers are treated fairly. Do your research when looking at caravans, ask lots of questions about the caravan itself, and ask other caravan owners at the park to see what the owner is like.

Be the Boss: Travel Without These 8 Annoying Hotel Restrictions

Travel Without Annoying Hotel Restrictions
Travel Without Annoying Hotel Restrictions

You’ve saved money all year to take your family on a great vacation, and you’ve searched for the perfect hotel… and while you may find all these tips for great hotel staying, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be awesome.

What you don’t realize is the number of restrictions hotels impose on their guests. So without further ado, these are eight of the most annoying hotel restrictions.

Rewards and Blackouts

Many hotels offer incentives for guests, such as staying three nights earns you an additional night free. What they don’t tell you is that the fine print might include a host of restrictions including only being able to use the extra night if it’s not in one of their many blackout periods. Forget using your extra night on a weekend, holiday or other special occasion.

Resort Fees

Resort fees are now commonplace among the big chain hotels. They might include a bevy of perks including local phone calls, Internet, parking and more. The argument is, of course, that these things ought to be included in the room rate. Having to pay these absurd fees add an increased level of financial burden to the traveler.

Visitors of Guests

Many hotels have restrictions in place that restrict guests from inviting visitors into their hotel room. Enforcing visitors to remain in public areas of the hotel is a level of policing that many guests aren’t comfortable with.


For smokers, the level of restrictions around smoking can border on the absurd, especially considering that some properties are entirely smoke free.

Limiting where you can smoke may be for the benefit of non-smokers, but smokers shouldn’t have to step outside of the building just for a few quick puffs.

Check In, Check Out

Check in and out policies and their restrictions at some hotels are just downright ridiculous.

They have no problem making you wait to get into your room, but should you be a few minutes late checking out they can slap an additional fee onto your room bill.

Business Services

Many hotels offer meeting rooms for large groups needing space for conferences, business meetings and more, but the restrictions that they place on these groups can be debilitating.

With strict use times, number of participants, fees for use of equipment and restrictions on catering services, these hotels can reap huge amounts in extra fees, all coming right out of your pocket.

Guests per Room

Long gone are the days where you’re paying for the hotel room. These days, you’re not only paying for the hotel room but you’re also paying for any additional people staying in the room.

Sometimes the restrictions the hotels place on the number of guests per room forces you to book a separate room.


People often book stays at hotels based on the kind of facilities the hotels offer. From pools to exercise rooms, cafes and other services, hotels lure people in promising the use of all sorts of facilities. What they don’t tell you is that the use of these facilities can be highly restrictive.

Hotels excel in restrictions. However, you can enjoy great holiday accommodations by booking a vacation rental instead of a hotel room. Sites like HomeAway let you find the perfect rental where you’ll have more space, more privacy and far fewer restrictions.


Top Tips For The Perfect Edinburgh Break

Edinburgh is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK, and it’s not hard to see why. There is such a wide variety of things to do over the space of a weekend break and there is always something for everyone. No matter whether you want to brush up on your history, get some fresh air on a walk, kick back with a drink or two or sample the local cuisine, Edinburgh has the facilities to allow you to do whatever you please.

In many cities, sightseeing can prove to be quite an expensive jaunt. However, in Edinburgh one of the most popular attractions is also one of the most reasonably priced. The National Museum of Scotland is a great way to spend a few hours taking in all things Scottish, including details of the country’s history and some wonderful artefacts from Charles Darwin’s voyages. If culture is your thing then why not also stop off at the National Galleries of Scotland to see a wonderful collection of art, and weather-permitting you could also take in the Royal Botanic Garden.

Many people associate Edinburgh with its slightly castle, the home of the Edinburgh Tattoo festival. To get here you are more than likely going to have to walk The Royal Mile which is a road filled with many pubs, bars, souvenir shops and other photo opportunities and landmarks. Once you get to the castle, just take a minute to take in the view from the castle grounds, which allows you to see over Edinburgh for miles. If you’re in Edinburgh for the weekend, then try to get to the castle for 1pm on Saturday so you can be present for the firing of the field gun.

If the hike up to the castle didn’t sap all your energy, then why not take the trek to the top of Arthur’s Seat? Not only the Arthur’s Seat Edinburgh’s tallest hill (even more-so than the walk to the castle!) but it’s also an extinct volcano. If you don’t fancy making your own way up there, then many tour companies offer night-time walking tours which take in a number of sights, including Arthur’s Seat as well as other important parts of Edinburgh’s heritage.

A day of sightseeing and walking is sure to make you hungry and gagging for a drink. If this is the case then why not kick back in one of the many pubs and restaurants that are spread out over The Royal Mile. The national dish of Haggis is on the menu in many places, and don’t forget to sample the national beverage too. One of the best places to sample this is The Scotch Whisky Experience, which is situated in Castlehill in the Old Town. This is a scotch shop which also includes an exhibit of a barrel ride and talks you through the process of making the perfect Scotch whisky. Not sure if it’s for you? Don’t worry, your admission prices allows you a dram, so you can try the whisky before you buy, so to speak.

Finally, no guide to Edinburgh would be complete without a mention of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which runs this year from 3rd August – 27th August. This is a great few weeks of theatre, music, comedy and any other type of entertainment you care to name. A word of warning however: book early. Many of the more popular acts sell out in advance, and many Edinburgh hotels are booked up well in advance of the event, especially at weekends.

Author Bio

Jack Oldham is a recent journalism graduate blogging on behalf of Barceló hotels, who have a range of 4 star hotels, country house hotels and Edinburgh hotels.

Top Tips for a Weekend Break in Manchester

If you want to bring your family closer together, strenghten your family bonds and get away from the craziness of the daily life you lead, then short breaks in the city are probably your best option. During a weekend break you can relax, unwind and spend a lot of quality time together with your family. What’s more important, you can also avail of some of the best things the city of your choice can offer you.

If you are planning to spend a weekend break together then I would recommend you visit Manchester, one of the trendiest cities in the United Kingdom today. The city offers an abundace of attractions for any traveler. Great museums, restaurants, sports activities and more that will satisfy practically everyone. You can spend really amazing time with family in Manchester.

If you prefer more quiet activities you can avail of the numerous parks and gardens in the city and enjoy great views, nature and family time.

In case if you would like to discover more about the city’s history, Manchester offers a number of great museums for you to visit. You can learn about the importance of the city during the industrial revolution, when the city has become the important centre of the textile processing. You can also discover how transport looked like over a hundred years ago with the Museum of Transport. in there you will find the actual trams from the start of the twentieth century.

If you are interested in more ancient history, Manchester has something to offer as well. You can view the life size reconstruction of a Roman fort and discover more of the Roman presence in the region centuries ago.

Museum of Science will show you how technology was developing over the years and how it has shaped the city whereas the War Museum presents the influence of various conflicts on the Manchester region and its society.

The Museum of Science also regularly holds events for children, meaning that you will also have something to show the little ones of your family. Be it a scientific exhibition or a ride on the famous Thomas the Tank Engine, the Museum really caters for the visitors of all ages.

If however, sport is what you prefer then probably the biggest attraction will be visiting the famous Manchester United club or popping in to see the Man City and its players practicing. However, if football is not your first preference, you can also try rock climbing in the climbing centre or even book a helicopter flight and enjoy the sky view of the city.

And, at the end of your day, you can dine out in some of the finest restaurants in the UK or stay in your serviced apartments to prepare the meal yourself.

Without a doubt, Manchester is one of the most fascinating places to visit and spending your weekend break there is going to be filled with amazing activities for you and your family.

Thomas works for a serviced apartments in Manchester provider and writes about the city and its attractions.

5 Things To Look For In A Good Family Hotel

With today’s fast pace of living many parents work full time, whilst children have pretty hectic schedules too, which include school, homework and after school activities. It’s little wonder then that everyone needs a break, a time to re-charge the batteries, and an opportunity to all hang out together. With this in mind, what should you look for in a good family hotel?

Here’s 5 things to consider:


Let’s face it being a parent can be stressful, so it’s always a good idea when booking a hotel that you check whether they have creche facilities so that you can enjoy some “me” time knowing that your little one is being well looked after. Some hotels also offer a babysitting service at night times, so you can tuck your tired toddler into bed and enjoy a night out on the town.

Children’s Playroom/Area

Whether you’re holidaying in the UK or abroad, a good family hotel should offer some sort of playroom or area specifically for children. Young children will play happily for hours in a soft cushioned environment, whereas older children would appreciate table top games or even a play station room. Outside climbing frames and zip lines are also a great attraction and will keep children amused happily for some time. Do make sure, however, that these areas are supervised on a full time basis before dropping off your kids.

Separate children’s pool

Most hotels offer a separate children’s pool where they can happily splash around on inflatables or tumble down chutes and slides into the water. Again, there should be a lifeguard nearby all of the time, so make sure you check this out before booking your hotel.

Indoor and outdoor activities

A hotel that offers an itinerary of indoor and outdoor activities is always popular with the children. It gives them a sense of freedom being away from mum and dad and enables them to make new friends too. In fact, they’ll probably love it so much that you’ll have trouble dragging them away.

Children’s menu

Finally, try and find a hotel that offers a children’s menu. Little ones can be picky eaters at the best of times and coming away on holiday doesn’t lend itself to having mealtime tantrums. Relax your rules for a week and let them take their pick of favourite foods. After all, it’s their holiday as well.