Caribbean vacations in Antigua and Barbuda

A vacation to the Caribbean is one of the most enticing vacations that many young couples are looking ahead for. So here you are with a vacation to Antigua and Barbuda is all set to take off. Antigua is the first place that is usually put on your itinerary while you are travel to Antigua and Barbuda. And it geographically speaking, it is the larger than Barbuda.Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda vacations

So here in this article let us explore Antigua and Barbuda by turns. Antigua is a hot spot in tourists, and most of the Caribbean cruises do have Antigua on their itineraries. They usually dock at St. John’s port. And it is the right place where in you can buy so many wonderful things at the duty free shops that are set around. While in Antigua you can play cricket, or you can be a part of the carnival, which is held from July to August. Also, the Nelson’s Dockyard is historic this has found a great place among the heart’s of tourists.Now if you are one of those who have that extra bit of adventurous blood running in you and want to go scuba diving this is just the place that promotes it. And since the water run so clear here, you can even make snorkeling a part of your to do list. And if it is water that still holds your interest, this vacation to Antigua is going to get you a lot more by getting you into the spirit of sailing. Great looking boats, dinghies are all available for rent here. And since it is that you are on a vacation to Antigua and Barbuda, then it is definitely party time. Shirley Heights, out here serves as a great venue in here. And since this is the place that has a lot to do with the beaches, seafood is very popular in here. Also, if you relish food of different cuisines, you can be rest assured that you arAntigua and Barbuda travele going to have the best. Since this place is rich in cuisines of different places. Also, a great collection of fruit punches and mock tails are always available at your service out here. Rum and beer are also very popular be it the local made or imported variety.

So while you find great hotels in Antigua you need to get your reservations done in advance to get a good discount. Blue Water, Galley Bay resorts are just examples but a lot more are available too. So once we have spent a great time in Antigua and have retired to bed, the morning would want us to get close to Barbuda There are a lot of ferries that take you to Barbuda from Antigua and it is a typical place where in you get to watch numerous varieties of birds. As such Coco Point Lodge is a great resort with all facilities under one roof. Though there are two more resorts apart from this, they are all economical, thus allowing you to spend more quality time.

So the final word is to say while you are all set to enjoy the enticing Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda vacations are a must.

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