Best American Driving Holidays

Because America is so vast, it is one of the best places in the world for a driving holiday. America’s highways are famous around the world as they stretch for hundreds of miles all over the country.

Route 66

Exploring America in a classic car or a camper van is the trip of a lifetime for many people, as they journey across the country taking in all the wonderful sights that this amazing country has to offer. People who rented a cheap car with Alamo and toured America often say that they have never had a holiday as exhilarating.

Read this guide to the best driving holidays in America.

Route 66

Route 66 is the most famous road in America. It has been immortalised in books like On The Road by Jack Kerouac and films such as Easy Rider. It was completed in 1926 and became one of the first numbered roads in the country. Route 66 offers some of the most breath-taking stretches of road that the country has to offer. One of the best stretches is the 320-mile section that runs through southern Arizona, which contains the famous desert town of Winslow. Take in breath-taking views of the desert prairie landscape whilst cruising along the open highway. On this route, the road meets the Santa Fe railroad.

Highway 61

Highway 61 runs from New Orleans in the sultry south to the state of Minnesota in the frozen Midwest. This stretch of road takes drivers through swampland at one end and frozen tundra at the other. Passing St Louis and Chicago, the highway is inextricably linked to the music of the area and has the nickname “The Blues Highway”.

California State Route 1

California State Route 1 gives holidaymakers the chance to drive along the pacific coast and take in the best of what the Golden State has to offer. The sun-drenched highway is the epitome of driving on the West Coast. If driving in the winter, it is best to start in northern California and follow the heat down the coast. State Route 1 takes in beautiful beach towns such as Malibu, Big Sur and Santa Monica. Stop off in San Francisco to explore the town and eat some of the famous clams and oysters.

Passing along this route does mean having to stray into metropolitan Los Angeles, but for the most part, the journey will be free of traffic jams.

Interstate 10

Interstate 10 is the southernmost highway in the United States. This is a good option for people who want to escape the cold of winter. It stretches from Santa Monica in southern California all the way to Jacksonville in Florida.

There are many roads to be discovered in America. This is a guide to some of the most well-known, but it is worth doing some additional research before setting out on what could be the journey of a lifetime. The open road awaits – why not plan a route today?

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