4 Things to Do in Dublin at No Cost

Dublin is a fascinating city, also from a tourism point of view. Unlike many other cities in Ireland, and also UK, which usually get a very specific visitors, Dublin tends to get a mix of them all. If you go to Liverpool, you will see a lot of people traveling there to party. Manchester is technology and history, and it is often visited by families, whereas Dublin gets a total mix of everyone.

I believe that part of this is because of such a multitude of various things to do in the city. From Temple Bar, a cultural district, where you can immerse yourself in a famous Dublin’s nightlife to great museums as well as landmarks, often standing as a commemoration of important historic facts that shaped the city and Ireland as a whole.

Dublin is also a great place to visit on a budget. Even though it is usually considered a fairly expensive city, there are plenty of things you can do there at absolutely no cost. In this post I want to highlight some of them to you.

1. Trinity College Grounds

One of the finest landmarks in the city centre is this Ireland’s oldest university, operating from 1592, when it was founded by Queen Elizabeth I. Without a dount, Trinity is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in the city.

The grounds of the college are opened to the public and offer plenty to those interested in architecture. Once there, you must see the Chapel and the Examination Hall. The Museum Building is another one not to miss. You can also visit the Trinity College Library, which is also the largest research library in the country. One of the highlights of its collection is the Book of Kells, the oldest printed book in Ireland.

Trinity College is fairly easy to fine. It’s located at the start of the famous O’Connell Bridge and another well known street, Dame street.

2. Grafton Street and St. Stephens Green Park

Right off Trinity starts another important landmark in the city, Grafton Street. This is one of the two top shopping streets in Dublin. Major brands like Brown Thomas have their retail outlets there. The street is bustling with life, and if you are tired of browsing through the shops, you can relax in one of the many cafes or restaurants there.

On top of Grafton street sits a gem of Dublin’s city centre, St. Stephens Green park. This large green area is a perfect escape from the busy Grafton street. You can enjoy walking in the part alleys or, in the summer stumble upon a jazz concert in the parks alcove.

3. Phoenix Park

And, if you want to escape the city for longer, then Phoenix Park, one of the largest city parks in Europe is certainly the best place to do so. The park spans over 1750 acres, incorporating walking paths, bicycle tracks, monumements you can visit as well as Dublin Zoo.

One of the highlights of the Park is the residence of the President of Ireland, which you can actually visit, the Papal Cross, erected to commemorate the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1979 as well as the Deerfield Residence, the home to US Ambassador in Ireland.

4. National Gallery Of Ireland and Modern Art Museum

For those of you who are interested in art, not only from Ireland, there are two amazing places to visit. National Gallery of Ireland, located on Merrion Square, which houses a large collection of Irish and European Art.

The Museum of Modern Art, which is not far from Phoenix Park is, as the name suggests, dedicated to the contemporary art and offers exhibitions that stimulate and intrigue.

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The Amsterdam Clubbing Guide

A night out in Amsterdam is without a doubt a fabulous experience. The city is one of the capitals of nightlife in Europe, well, possibly even in the World. Needless to say, the clubs in the city are one of the best in terms of quality, serving not only top class atmosphere but also music on a truly master level.

Unlike many other cities, best places to go out in Amsterdam are not located in one particluar spot. For Liverpool it might be the Concert Square, for Manchester, the famous Deansgate but in Amsterdam party spots are spread around the city centre. And, each of those places offers something unique to a nightlife goer in the city.

The Rembrandplein is filled with larger bars, including the famous Escape, the top electronic music venue frequented both by locals and tourists alike. Other notable clubs include Club Homo and another famous venue, Studio80. The latter is famous for its more experimental approach to electronic music.

Another famous clubbing spot is the Leidseplein. Three large well known clubs are located there. Paradiso, the World famous concert venue, Melkweg and Sugar Factory. Each of those clubs specializes in different types of music, so you may want to check all three out to taste their variety.

But Amsterdam nightlife is not about clubs and bars only. Hosted parties at random locations are another clubbing highlight of the city. A bit more expensive than the usual club entry fee, those parties offer much better music, top class DJs and an amazing atmosphere. Westergasfabriek is one of the locations for such parties. A former factory, now offers its several buildings to those top class parties.

One of the greatest things about the nightlife in Amsterdam is the abundance of information that you can find online relating to current and planned events. Surely with such an abundance of things going on in the club scene, it could be difficult to track anything, however, few website manage to organize a lot of information really well.

Lastly, if you are courageous enough, you might want to visit the famous Red Lights District. It is located between the central station and the popular Dam Square. One of the soft highlights of the place is the chance to observe the working girls in the fully bright windows while they display their charms.

On the Red Lights district you may also find some erotic museums and discover the art of romance and sensual pleasure from the past.

One note of warning, taking any pictures in the district is strictly prohibited. If you are caught doing so, your film will be destroyed and you might be thrown out of the area.

It is a truly unique experience to be a part of and witness the famous nightlife of the Dutch capital. And, if you are going to the city, then I hope that my short introduction will offer some good pointers and hints as to where to look for the best of the Amsterdam nightlife.

Thomas is a keen travel writer, covering a wide range of topics, from city breaks to tourist attractions in Europe.

Top Tips for a Weekend Break in Manchester

If you want to bring your family closer together, strenghten your family bonds and get away from the craziness of the daily life you lead, then short breaks in the city are probably your best option. During a weekend break you can relax, unwind and spend a lot of quality time together with your family. What’s more important, you can also avail of some of the best things the city of your choice can offer you.

If you are planning to spend a weekend break together then I would recommend you visit Manchester, one of the trendiest cities in the United Kingdom today. The city offers an abundace of attractions for any traveler. Great museums, restaurants, sports activities and more that will satisfy practically everyone. You can spend really amazing time with family in Manchester.

If you prefer more quiet activities you can avail of the numerous parks and gardens in the city and enjoy great views, nature and family time.

In case if you would like to discover more about the city’s history, Manchester offers a number of great museums for you to visit. You can learn about the importance of the city during the industrial revolution, when the city has become the important centre of the textile processing. You can also discover how transport looked like over a hundred years ago with the Museum of Transport. in there you will find the actual trams from the start of the twentieth century.

If you are interested in more ancient history, Manchester has something to offer as well. You can view the life size reconstruction of a Roman fort and discover more of the Roman presence in the region centuries ago.

Museum of Science will show you how technology was developing over the years and how it has shaped the city whereas the War Museum presents the influence of various conflicts on the Manchester region and its society.

The Museum of Science also regularly holds events for children, meaning that you will also have something to show the little ones of your family. Be it a scientific exhibition or a ride on the famous Thomas the Tank Engine, the Museum really caters for the visitors of all ages.

If however, sport is what you prefer then probably the biggest attraction will be visiting the famous Manchester United club or popping in to see the Man City and its players practicing. However, if football is not your first preference, you can also try rock climbing in the climbing centre or even book a helicopter flight and enjoy the sky view of the city.

And, at the end of your day, you can dine out in some of the finest restaurants in the UK or stay in your serviced apartments to prepare the meal yourself.

Without a doubt, Manchester is one of the most fascinating places to visit and spending your weekend break there is going to be filled with amazing activities for you and your family.

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3 Most Notable People from Liverpool

Image by Friar's Balsam

Liverpool is one of the top tourist attractions in the UK. It is also a city of inventions and innovation, it’s a fact. From top music hits to revolutionary docking systems people from the city have envisaged many of the most innovative things in the world. I often wonder if there is something in the air here in Liverpool that makes people so creative and inventive but naturally, I have no answer to that. What’s certain is that this city has given us some of the most notable people in the world and I would like to present my personal top 3.

John Lennon – the famous founding member of the Beatles, one of the most popular rock bands in the world. John was born in the Oxford Street Maternity Hospital during the famous air raids on Liverpool on the 9th of October 1940. Certainly growing up in a disfunctional family, without a father, and with a mother who often couldn’t handle raising a son he was eventually handed over to be raised by his aunt, an event that most certainly put a mark on his emotional development, which was also mirrored in many of his songs and actions. Together with Paul McCartney he formed one of the most successful songwriting partnerships of the 20th century, his political actions become a symbol for many people fighting for their rights, his anti war activism became an example for many and his songs were used as protest songs during the Vietnam War protests in America. John Lennon was murdered in 1980 as he was walking out of his New York apartment. In 2002 he was posthumously voted eight in the ranking of 100 most influential Britons.

Frank Hornby – a famous bookkeeper turned kids toys inventor and producer. Visionary in toy development, Hornby is most known for his line of Meccano and Hornby Trains. Strangely enough, prior to creating his inventions, Hornby had no previous engineering experience at all. He started creating toys for his sons from 1899 which led to his famous Meccano patent for interchangeable parts for toys. This single invention made him a millionaire. Eventually he moved on to politics and become a Conservative MP, an office he held until 1935.

Tom Baker – an eccentric actor who portrayed Dr. Who from 1974 to 1981. Baker left school at the age of 15 to become a Roman Catholic Monk and left the order 6 years later after losing his faith and did his National Service in the Medical Corps while taking up acting as a hobby. His most famous role is that of Dr. Who which he took over from John Pertwee. Baker remained in the show for the next 7 years.

There are thousands more Liverpudlians who made their mark on this world and one thing is for sure, Liverpool is a magical city that everyone should visit, even if only to discover why there are so many great people originating from the city.

Thomas is a writer, traveler and a mad Beatles fan. He works for apartments in Liverpool provider and writer manically about his city, its culture and heritage.