Some Facts to Know About the Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful and the third-largest island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is to the south of Turkey having a Mediterranean climate. Cyprus is famous for its beautiful mountainous backdrop, pristine sandy beaches, taverns and friendliness. The beautiful island is a wonderful holiday destination due to its location in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea with wonderful weather throughout the year. The island has numerous attractions and places of historical and cultural interests. Cyprus being a popular destination has constant flow of tourists round the year. Besides, Cyprus is generally a safe country with low crime rate. Thus, you can consider traveling to Cyprus at any time.

The most popular thing about Cyprus is that the most famous mythical God Aphrodite is said to have born here, who is the Greek God of love and beauty. It has many historical sites and a rich cultural heritage. Cyprus has a very pleasant climate. The weather is fair throughout the year. The country has Mediterranean sort of climate, with good sunshine even in the winter and less rainfall. With numerous coastal beaches and stunning mountainous ranges, Cyprus is a great holiday destination. The traditional music of the land shares its similarities with the Greek mainland and island folk music. The most common musical instruments used include lute, violin and the Cyprus flute called “pithkiavlin”. Sousta, tatsia, syrtos, zeibekikos and the karsilamas are typical dances of the place. The cheese was originally made in this country which is popularly called as halloumi by the local people here.

There are many tourists attractions worth visiting. There are number of museums worth visiting. Cyprus is a home of pristine coasts to indulge in fun activities. The beaches in Kyrenia and Lefke offer ample opportunity to the adventure lovers to enjoy water sports such as parascending, water skiing, wind surfing, diving and jet skiing.

Cyprus is around 4 hours only traveling from UK airports. Cyprus is served by two international airports: Paphos Airport and Larnaca Airport. Thus, Cyprus can be reached from any corner of the world. If you are planning for your Cyprus holidays and desire to explore the island then it is better to plan out to enjoy your holidays. It will be easy for you to enjoy the beauty of the island and have fun filled holidays if you book your accommodations, flights and rental car in advance. Cyprus car hire is an ideal way if you desire to tour along the coastline that is about 400 miles. You can even track the mountainous Troodos by renting a car. When you plan to travel to Cyprus, it is better to book online in advance to avoid last hour rush. So, if you are planning for your holiday trip or business trip to Cyprus, travel with peace of mind by booking your car hire in advance and get great deals.

Top 10 Tourist Destinations This Christmas

The chilling wind and setting in winter are the welcome signs of Christmas. Few days are left for Christmas. People are eagerly waiting for this. Christmas is the time to enjoy and relax with family. It is the time for grand celebrations. One of the best ways you can spend this Christmas is by going on a vacation.

Many people start looking for their holiday destination few days before so that they can make all arrangements well in advance. This Christmas you can enjoy your vacation choosing from the top Christmas destinations and make your Christmas vacation the most memorable one. If you are confused with the number of choices available in terms of destinations, look up a tourist destination map during Christmas to help you out.

Since, Christmas is a very popular festive time for going on a vacation leisure, hotel and travel magazines, sites, etc. come up with lists of most preferred destinations.

Christmas is a peak traveling time, so if you plan to take a vacation around that time, make the arrangements in advance. Whether it is making hotel room reservations, booking train/air tickets, selecting a tour package or renting a car; do it in time or you can even book all these services in advance.

During Christmas, many tourist companies or tourism sites provide information on the climate of the place, the clothes you need according to the climate of the place, things to bring along with you for enjoying the place like trekking suit, swimwear, trekking shoes, etc. and much more according to your requirements.

Many travel agencies provide overall information like number of flights to your destination, best accommodation places, cheap car rental services, local markets, maps or charts of your destination and various other services that can make your vacation comfortable.

Here are the top 10 Christmas holiday spots which you may consider to visit and make your family enjoy vacation this Christmas.

Top 10 Christmas tourist destinations:

  • Paraty, Brazil
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Tromso, Norway
  • Key West, Florida
  • Taos, New Mexico
  • Castleton, England
  • Quebec City, Canada
  • Kaikoura, New Zealand
  • San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Choose from any of these top destinations this Christmas and make your holidays the most memorable one. You can book your tickets for flights in advance not to miss the important events taking place in these places. And, if you wish to catch up with most of the popular celebrations or events of your holiday destination then hire a car and get around the place and make your holiday the most unforgettable one for the times to come.

Malta – Tourist’s Heaven

Malta is most exotic and beautiful island of the world which is also called Traveler’s heaven. Malta is first choice amongst worldwide tourists due to its amazing natural beauty, climate and modern facilities Malta offers. Malta is a small country that is located in Southern Europe in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta is also famous for enriched culture and ancient history. Malta is one of the ancient cities that had gone through several cultures like Romans, Egyptian, Arabs, French and British. What makes Malta Lifestyle unique is its diversity of the cultures.

Malta holiday tour is best experience and offers variety of tourist spots that can attract tourists of all age group. Tourist attracts visitors of all interest whether they are looking for adventurous tour or historical tour, beach tour to cruise tours. Malta is also famous for its food and music, tourists gets variety of world-class food and music.

Tourists can hire luxury yacht or boat to enjoy Malta’s pristine sea. Partying and organizing various events on boat with friends and family makes your holiday unforgettable experience. Tempo Holiday offers cruise tour in which tourist can visit beautiful spots in the sea like Island of Comino, Blue Lagoon, etc. Malta’s clear water inspires many tourists to jump into the sea to experience the natural beauty. Golden bay is popular beach where tourists can enjoy ride on banana boats, fun atmosphere and amazing sunset view. There are numerous attractions in Malta which is worth to visit to make Malta a great destination for holidays. Despite in small size Malta is a great example where size does not matter.

Tempo Holidays offers various Malta Tour packages as per tourists’ interest. Tempo Holidays do all the tour planning for you like air ticket booking, hotel reservation, car hire, etc. Tempo’s Malta Holiday tour packages suits all budgets so book now so that you don’t miss out.

Best Time to Visit Venice to Enjoy Seasons and Festivals

Venice is the most beautiful city of Italy and one of the top travel cities with attractive, and romantic spots to get involve with. There are many attractions that flood the city during top tourist months. Quiet, traffic-free streets along winding canals make a great walking during a calm winter season. There are magnificent churches and palaces, lively squares and interesting shops to indulge in and enjoy your holidays.

In the Month of January

Winter in Venice is wonderful with a magical touch. Many tourists come during this time to enjoy the chill winds and hot chocolates. The location is splendid with freezing air and cozy interiors. There may be sunny days but still the mercury shows the lower temperature. Thus, you will need layers of warm clothing and a hat. During winter in Venice, you can enjoy misty views, snow falling on the Grand Canal and shallow floods in some places. As the snow falls, you can enjoy more chills with varied tastes of most popular Italian wines.

In the Month of February

The winter descends slowly in the month of February, and the people come out as it is a carnival time. The city seems busy and colorful. Here starts the arrival of tourists to enjoy this big carnival festival which results in heavy-booking of accommodations and car hire in Italy. During weekend, more people flood into the city center to enjoy carnival season. Venice’s Carnival keeps being a special event. The Carnival season starts about 2 weeks before the date of Carnevale. People become busy buying costumes and masks. Shops sell varied colorful costumes and masks. Throughout Venice events and entertainment are held at night. People in costumes wander about the city during this carnival week.

Main attractions during Venice’s Carnival celebrations:

  • Gondola and boat parades are held along the Grand Canal.
  • Mask Parades are held in St. Mark’s Square.
  • Grand fireworks show is displayed on the final day to end the carnival celebration.
  • Separate carnival for children is held in the Cannaregio District.

In the Month of March & April

Venice turns into a beautiful colorful scenario as winter goes away and spring sets in during the months of March and April. Spring is a wonderful time to travel in Italy. Although it can still be cold at night, spring rouses your spirits to enjoy the surroundings with a good chance of sunshine. The sun makes you shed your coats.

Spring is generally pleasant in Venice. As temperatures are quite warm, people usually enjoy outdoor dining and swimming in the sea or hotel pool. The city is covered with blooming flowers everywhere with concerts and processions seen on the streets making the city lively. Spring and flower festivals, Holy week, outdoor concerts, and musical nights are the major tourist attractions during this month.

Spring is the best season to visit Venice as the temperatures are quite warm with mystic views everywhere. Most of the hotels and Venice car hire services offer discounts during this season as there is less crowd. So, come visit Italy and fall in love with its most beautiful cities.

Romantic Trips to Spend This Valentine Day

Valentine Day
Valentine Day

Valentine day is a perfect time to indulge in a romantic holiday. To spend this valentine day, think of a different way to amuse your lover. Taking your time you can look through various hotels and destinations where you both can spend a romantic time with each other.

For this big day just few days are left to go. So, plan out a great time to spend with your lover. Think of a new and exciting way to express your love to your partner. Taking your valentine on the most romantic trip is really awesome and quite intimate. The most romantic way is to take her on a long drive or some romantic places located in UK. You can even opt for a car hire for a whole day for spending time together.

The romantic day trip can turn out to be the wonderful valentine day out for you both. It is the best way to spend quality time with the person you love the most. Let’s see the most romantic day trips you can go on with your lover.

Theme Park: Spending time together in any of the theme parks is really very romantic. You can spark the love flame more intensely once again. There are lots of theme parks around UK to choose from and are quite affordable too.

Hot Air Balloon Ride: Two people can enjoy a hot air balloon ride high up in the air. It is really a unique experience if you are not afraid of flying. Set your romantic day trip soaring high as there are many flights taking off around the UK. Share your romantic gestures and make it a great day.

Couple’s Spa Day: Get away with your lover to one of the couple’s spas in UK. It is a great way to spend a valentine day. Being pampered alongside with your valentine is really a distinct way to feel that delight of love.

The London Eye: Spending time viewing London from top is a fantastic experience for lover birds to enjoy. Book your own cupid’s capsule allowing your loved one and you to gaze the city.

These are the different ways you can enjoy this valentine day in UK with your valentine. Don’t waste your time by going through public transportation. Just go for a UK car hire so that you can be together and reach the place without letting your valentine day slip away.

So, this Valentine Day make it a perfect time to indulge in a romantic getaway. You can even look for fine hotels and resorts that create special packages for an overnight stay, a long weekend, a long drive along the country side by a rental car or more time to enjoy romance on and around Valentine’s Day.

Experience the beauty of North India

Travelling in India brings a lot of excitement, as this incredible land has many interesting tourist destinations. Leave yourselves in the land of the folklore, complete with kings, queens and fairytale palaces. One vacation is not enough to explore and understand the beauty of India; you have to divide your tour to India on the basis of regions like North India tour, South India tour, Central India tour, East India tour and West India Tour. Further more you can divide your tour as per your interest like Hill station tour, Wildlife tour, Spiritual tour, Historic tour, Beach tour, Adventure tour and many more as each part of India has a different type of enchantment, none of which will disappoint you. Tourists also get the chance to experience the colourful lifestyle customs and much more during their Tour of India. It is useless to write about the beauty of India as the words fall short. India Unbound is one of the popular tour operators in Australia, offers tailor-made and customized India Tour Packages.

North India is one of the popular tourist destinations with a variety of amazing tour options to attract tourists across the world. These destinations have been showered with immense natural beauty from the lush green fields to snow capped mountains. North India lies on Indo-Gangetic Plain and the Himalayas which provides a unique advantage of atmosphere and geographical features. The ancient monuments, sun-kissing deserts, royal forts and palaces, pilgrimage sites and the exotic hill stations are a few well know gems of North India’s treasure. North India is also rich in flora and fauna that are well preserved in the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Great empires and cultures flourished in this region all of which has left their imprint on the region, giving birth to a rich cultural assortment rarely found elsewhere.

North India covers a number of attractive states of India, such as Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Jammu and Kashmir, the “Paradise of Earth”. All these states have appealing and attractive North India touring options for global travelers. The Golden Triangle Tour is the most popular North India Tours Package for tourists. The most famous cities of India, Agra, Delhi and Jaipur, is a highlight of Golden Triangle Tour. These cities of India offer the essence of ancient Indian history with a contemporary feel, thanks to the many wonderful hotels which present the colorful culture of Rajasthan, all in just a few days and in a single tour.

Delhi is the capital of India and also considered as one of the fastest cities of the world. Finest monuments, cultural places, and politically important structures remain well preserved in Old Delhi while in New Delhi you can get a glimpse of modern life where you will find commercial complexes, boutiques, shopping malls, museums, specialty restaurants, open parks and gardens, and cultural events showcasing classical dances of India – these are some of the factors that make the life in Delhi full of fun and life that attracts tourists. The Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Old Fort, Bahai House of Worship, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Akshardham Temple, Buddha Gardens, Lodhi Gardens, Mughal Gardens, Gardens of Five Senses, museums, etc are major tourist attractions of New Delhi. New Delhi is has recently opened a world class airport, which provides the gateway to travel to northern India and makes arrival and departures from India much more convenient.

Agra is famous for a heritage monument, the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonder of the world. The Taj Mahal turns golden at sunset time which adds more charm to its beauty and attractiveness for tourist. The Taj Mahal is also considered as the symbol of love as it was built by Mugal Emperor Shah Jahan in the remembrance of his beloved wife Mumtaz. The historical monument displays excellent inlay work on marble and sandstone. The Emperor had cut the hands of the workers who constructed such a rare monument because he wanted it to become unique, with no one able to replicate it. The monuments that still stand unbent remind the tourists of the glorious past of the land. Agra Fort is also a UNESCO world heritage site which was built by Akbar, the Great Mugal Emperor, and is an impressive monument in its own right, with fabulous views across to the Taj Mahal. The other famous historic places of Agra are Itmad-Ud-Daullah (the Baby Taj), Sikandra Tomb, Fatehpur Sikri, Dayal Bagh, Rambagh, Chini Ka Rauza, etc. Agra is also famous its carpets, leather shoes and gold thread embroidery.

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and well known as the “Pink City”. It is also famous for its forts, palace and havelis, all plastered in pink, the Rajasthan colour of hospitality. Every year, tourists from all across the world visit royal Rajasthan to explore its heritage, historical and wildlife attractions. Rajasthan has many historical palaces, forts and havelis which reminds the visitor of a golden era of rajas and maharajas. Jaipur is popular for forts, palaces, temples, gardens and museums. Some of the attractions of Jaipur are City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort, Albert Hall Museum, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Govind Devji Temple, Birla Temple, etc. Jaipur offers royal comfort and traditional hospitality to tourists, which attract them to visit this remarkable land again and again.

North India has a lot to offer tourists and that’s why North India Tour can be divided as per tourist interests like cultural tour, spiritual tour, wildlife tour, adventure tours, hill-station tours, etc. which covers most famous tourist destinations of North India. To make your holidays remarkable, comfortable and enjoyable, book your tour well in advance. Also you can take experts advice to make selection of wide ranged options for Tour to North India. The best season to visit North India is winter (November to February) when you can enjoy pleasant daytime temperatures with bright blue skies and cool, clear nights.

Christmas in Australian Popular Cities

In the northern countries, it is usually a white Christmas with snow fall and winter chills. But, it is quite different in Australia as it lies in southern part. The sunny days welcome jingle bells of Christmas in Australia. The weather is quite comfortable during Christmas thus most of the travelers want to celebrate Christmas in Australia. There are many attractive and fun filled destinations in Australia that offers a great holiday this Christmas. Let us explore the top locations and the fun activities they provide to make this Christmas holidays a lasting memory.


Melbourne is a beautiful vibrant cosmopolitan city. Being the cultural and state capital, it provides numerous fun activities for the visitors during Christmas season. You can watch free concerts with some of your favorite performers. A giant Christmas tree will be installed and lighted up during the festival. Varied cultures in Melbourne offer unique Christmas celebration for you to enjoy.


Sydney being the city of easy going happy life offers a great Christmas celebration. Cutting edge street culture, fashion and sport give Christmas celebration a different look. People play carols and arrange mass celebration on the streets during the festival. You can even enjoy going to opera house, Bondi beach and Harbour Bridge from where lighting of Christmas celebration is worth seeing.


Darwin is the gateway to the dramatic Kathering gorge, Kakadu national park, Litchfield National park and the red crags of the Kimberly region. You can even hire campervan to enjoy your tour to these places at your leisure. During Christmas season, they have markets on Thursday nights which is worth visiting. Also Sky City Casino in Darwin has fireworks out on the grass on New Year Eve.


The city of Perth is famous for its Christmas lights and decorations in the city. There is lot to do during Christmas from shopping to catching up train with Santa. There is lot to see such as a 13-metre Christmas tree and giant Christmas cards in Murray street mall, Nativity scene in council house, giant Bethlehem star and lighting display at the Bell Tower.


Hobart is the place with crisp air, famous Georgian buildings and famous Christmas celebrations. Here you can enjoy your stay at one of the Hobart’s waterside restaurant. These restaurants offer special Christmas activities to enjoy.

Alice Spring

Five things you should do in Alice Spring during your Christmas visit. Discover desert adventure, learn about the town’s true blue pioneers, immerse yourself in aboriginal art, a quick visit to MacDonnell Ranges as well as explore the Simpson Desert.


Brisbane is the most popular and has its own unique attractions. Heritage buildings along with natural beauty sceneries surely give your Christmas holidays a great pleasure.  You can watch the spectacular fireworks during Christmas week with Christmas carols going on everywhere.


This city has an expansive parklands, lively festivals and incredible sense of space. You can find the picturesque Adelaide hills and world class wineries of the Barossa valley during your Christmas holiday visit by Adelaide campervan hire.

Explore the Land of Tuscany This Christmas Vacation at Holiday Villas

Tuscany is the most popular holiday destination in Italy this Christmas. You have various types of accommodations to choose from such as farmhouses, vacation villas, hotels, apartments for your stay in Tuscany. Holiday villas are mostly in demand but other accommodations are also preferred. Tuscany is a beautiful place to visit for a pleasant experience. The great sea, enticing mountains and beautiful scenery wherever you go always welcomes you in their warmth.
Life is full of zeal in Tuscany. People here are always enthusiastic and celebrate festivals and have admiring culture. ‘The Grey Car Festival’ is the most popular festival of this place. Tourists from all over the world come here especially for this festival.   Hiking is also another attraction of this place for tourists. Nature lovers can also explore the beauty of nature here as it provides the splendid picturesque.
Tuscany with its natural beauty is also a place for romance and fairy tales. Many romantic and dramatic films have been shot due to its site locations as they provide perfect cinema location for shooting. Tuscany villas rental and holiday farmhouses are also used in these cinemas as they provide ideal background. This place is gift of nature where you find all sorts of locations such as beaches, valleys, hills, mountains, sea, etc. to rejuvenate life.
Tuscany has the best beaches in the world that offers beautiful panoramas and crystal clear water. Tuscany is a great place to visit any time of the year. Number of tourists increase during the peak seasons. Tuscany villas are very much popular among the tourists here. This enchanting holiday villa provides best accommodations along with privacy and beautiful natural sceneries to enjoy.
Tuscany is place to enjoy food also. You get everything from pastas, sandwiches, world famous pizzas to Tuscany specials. You get wide range of food items to choose from and sooth your taste buds. Enjoy the foods of Tuscany with salads, pastas, pizza and wine to enhance your mood. You would also like to visit some restaurants that have unique traditional Tuscan style. So, what are you waiting for when so many attractions of Tuscany are calling you to enjoy this Christmas holidays? Have a great vacation this Christmas while staying at Tuscan vacation villas to enjoy with your family.