How to Buy Currency and Streamline Travel Cost Expenditure

Phi Phi Island Travel Brochure
Phi Phi Island Travel Brochure

In an unstable economic climate, with uncertain prospects for the future, companies and individuals alike are looking for opportunities to streamline expenditure, while also maximizing top-line results. To this end, businesses that often run travel costs or self-employed professionals whose work involves frequent trips abroad are well aware of the extra costs incurred by currency exchanges, into and from various currencies. Luckily, present-day global businesses present one with ample opportunities for cost cuts, and the way you choose to buy currency is no exception to this rule. The best way to get rid of commissions, fees and poor exchange rates is to shop for foreign money online.

Time is Money: Speedy Process

When traveling, no matter how much you try to keep informed on local currency rates, you can never be sure you’re making the best decisions if you choose to buy currency on site. Paying with your debit or credit card is not always an option and it often entails grueling, sky-high commissions and fees. When purchasing money online, all these sideslips can be avoided, provided you find the appropriate platform for your buy. Good platforms for online currency purchases will allow you to compare all the offers on the market at a glance. They will require no more effort than to open up your browser window. Free delivery will be completed in three or four days; they will even give you the option to pick up your cash yourself, for a small fee, and will also hand-deliver your cash the very next day.

As Simple As It Gets

No matter the country you’re traveling to, if you decide to buy currency online, most currencies will be made readily available to you. You can get recommendations for the cheapest rates, thus minimizing the time you spend taking a decision. Not only is the process very user-friendly, it’s also designed with a focus on efficiency and convenience for the end-user – you. You can shop for cash whenever and wherever, irrespective of whether you’re a busy businessman on the go between connect flights, on an airport somewhere, or a tourist with an eye for good deals and an interest in safe, comfortable traveling.

A Richness of Options

There is virtually no practical limitation, when you choose to buy currency online. you can have the money delivered to you cash, but this is an option you should only consider if you’re traveling to a safe, familiar destination. Alternatively, cash is a good solution for travelers who do not need to carry large amounts around. Traveler’s checks are another viable option, especially since they never expire and can be replaced if stolen or misplaced, upon presenting the purchase receipt. The downside is that they only come in a limited variety of currencies, which includes, but is not limited to U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, Pounds sterling, Japanese yen, Chinese Yuan and Euro. Currency cards are perhaps the most efficient purchase option, especially for those who need one account for storing multiple currencies. They allow the deposit of up to seven different currencies. However, these cards can only be used for payment in MasterCard selected location, which puts a bit of a damper on convenience.

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Italy Guide: top things to see and do

Italy Guide
Italy Guide

If you are planning a trip to Italy, you will find that low cost holidays in the Mediterranean country will offer a wide range of things for you to see and do.

Regardless of your interests, whether it’s fashion, sport, culture or food, you are sure to find a break in Italy will give you the chance to take part in fascinating activities and see some wonderful sights.

And this could particularly prove to be the case if you book Sardinia holidays. The island is the second largest in the Mediterranean region, so you are bound to find low cost Sardinia holidays provide you with the chance to lie back on the beach and take things easy.

Its location in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea makes Sardinia a perfect place for pursuits such as kitesurfing and sailing, while you can also visit a number of archaeological sites including the Ruins of Nora.

But Sardinia is by no means the only place worth visiting while on a low cost holiday to Italy.

Rome – the nation’s capital – can make a fantastic destination for a city break and is home to ancient attractions including the Colosseum, which was built almost 2,000 years ago, the Pantheon and the Roman Forum.

If you want to find out more about the city’s historic past, you may also want to visit its catacombs and Piazza del Campidoglio, although if you are seeking something more modern you might want to take a trip to the National Gallery of Modern Art.

The Vatican City can also be found in Rome and while it is technically a separate country from Italy it can be a great place to visit while enjoying a break in the Italian capital. As well as being the official residence of the Pope, it is home to St Peter’s Basilica – the world’s largest church.

Milan can also be a great place to visit on a city break, with the Leonardo da Vinci National Science and Technology Museum and its gothic cathedral – which is the largest in the world – among its numerous attractions. Twice a year Milan hosts an international fashion week, drawing in designers, models and celebrities from across the globe.

A visit to the Milan Aquarium is great, meanwhile, if you want to get back to nature – more than 100 species of marine life can be seen here.

Football fans, however, may wish to visit the San Siro ground to watch either of the city’s teams – AC Milan and Internazionale – play.

Venice’s world-famous network of canals can also make for the perfect setting for a short break. Why not hire a gondola and take in the city’s breathtaking architecture from the water? You can also head to the Piazza San Marco – or St Mark’s Square as it translates in English – for a spot of people-watching.

As you enter the square, make sure you keep an eye out for the clock tower on the top of the Procuratie Vecchie. This ornate structure was built in 1496. Venice can also be a great destination for film lovers. Not only has it been the setting for numerous productions, but it is also home to the world’s oldest cinema festival.

Alternatively, you might want to check out the churches and historic monuments that can be found around Lake Como in Lombardy, before getting back to nature and looking for the local wildlife.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa and Royal Palace of Turin are just two of Italy’s many other attractions, so no matter where you go you can be sure there will be plenty of things for you to see and do.


Simple Ways to Save on Travel

Save on Travel
Save on Travel

How to Save for Travel

It’s the start of a new year and you are just starting to think about what holiday to take this year. The thought of jetting away to a sun filled paradise may seem like a dream when reality comes crashing in and you remember your finances. Here are some savvy ways to make that sun filled dream an on budget reality.

1. Look for last minute deals: Many airlines and hotels advertise last minute deals are fantastic prices to ensure a plane is filled up or that empty room is filled. An off peak season means great savings so be flexible with your travelling dates and you could save a hefty sum.

2. Always search the internet for discount codes. Websites like or regularly update their sites with some amazing discount codes that can save you up to 15% off the cost of your flight, hotel or car hire!

3. Many airlines now charge you to check in at the airport. Check in online, take only hand luggage or 1 main suitcase per family and organize your own travel insurance. This can reduce your flight ticket costs by around £50 for very little extra effort.

4. If you have already booked your holiday and then discover that the fare has reduced significantly ring your airline and ask for a refund. Most airlines will charge you to cancel a flight so make sure the gain is worth the hassle – if it is simply cancel your flight and rebook and the lower rate there and then on the phone. Registering with websites like for your flights or for car hire, will let you track your holiday costs and as soon as the price drops you get an email notification.

5. Make sure you take the best payment method with you. If you want to take cash make sure you keep it in a safe place. Research where will give you the best exchange rate and avoid paying commission. Make sure that if you have currency left over that the provider will change the cash back without taking another commission. If taking your debit or credit card make sure that you are getting the rates. Many providers charge a conversion fee – look for providers that do not charge a fee and apply for one of these cards well in advance.

A Pub Crawl Through London

Red Lion on Duke of York Street
Red Lion on Duke of York Street

The real conviviality of the English people is easily found in its pubs. More than a bar, more than just a place to eat, a pub is a meeting place. Babies are welcome. Families are encouraged. Single women can feel at home in a pub, and couples will find candle light, fireside dining, and cozy corners to snuggle up in. While London now can claim to have some of the finest dining anywhere, it is in its pubs that you will find the homiest cuisine. So let’s take a tour of some favorite London pubs for a pint and a dish or two!

The Horniman at Hay’s Galleria sits on the river Thames right near Tower Bridge. It has tables outside by the river for the view and the sunshine and inside it is absolutely beautiful with crystal chandeliers and dark wood panelling. Try their justifiably famous Fish and Chips.

Established in 1675, The Guinea in Mayfair looks like a quintessential English pub on the outside. Open the door and walk in and take a seat at one of the comfy upholstered benches. The Guinea is famous for its savory pies and real ale. If you fancy a more formal meal walk next door to its adjoining restaurant the Guinea Grill for a wonderful aged steak and old world service.

True beer aficionados will want to visit The White Horse pub on Parsons Green for its long list of beers. This is where beer festivals are held and beer education occurs. Serious beer lovers congregate here. But along with its huge reputation for beer it holds a strong following in sway for its inventive pub food. So it makes a perfect destination for both.

The Red Lion on Duke of York Street is so pretty inside it is worth even a peek in. It is lined with beautiful cut glass mirrors and has great mahogany paneling. Classic pub food including sandwiches and salads make this a fun lunch stop when you are in the center of London. A beautiful old Victorian pub, Princess Louise on High Holborn has etched glass, wood panelling and comfortable booths to settle into. Delicious food and great beer prices make the Princess a favorite of Londoners.

For a family venue with a view of the river Thames, make your way to The Dickens Inn on St. Katherine Docks. It is fun, really pretty, full of atmosphere, and Charles Dickens’ grandson opened it! In addition to all this, they have frequent entertainment. It is also a beautiful location to spend an evening on a date night. Try their Fisherman’s Pie or the 28 day matured Rib Eye Steak. And finally, you can’t visit London without a visit to the Sherlock Holmes Pub for its dishes named after his books and a replica of his study upstairs. The food is lovely and the atmosphere absolutely superb.

Alex is a financial journalist and part time travel blogger. He loves blogging about exotic destinations and beautiful scenery although most of the time he only gets to write about financial issues such as mortgages, loans and umbrella companies .

The Steps to Acquiring Cheap Holiday Insurance

There are quite a number of websites promoting cheap holiday insurance. Have you given any consideration to acquiring such a policy?

Cheap Holiday Insurance
Cheap Holiday InsuranceNia [So let’s go!] / / CC BY-NC-ND

In life, to be deliberate and thorough is virtuous. Those that take the appropriate steps to preplan their vacations to the point of minimizing the impact of anything unexpected or problematic deserve accolades. Among the most responsible actions a person could take prior to venturing on a trip would be to purchase cheap holiday insurance policies. The reason for this is unexpected calamities have the potential to occur. Why not have a policy in place that protects you from any losses deriving from the unexpected?

More than likely, you have thought of such a thing but wish to know how to go about the process in the best and most responsible manner. Essentially, you need to follow a few reliable steps to help you acquire the best cheap holiday insurance for your individual requirements. The travel insurance compare process is not all that difficult but you will need to follow a few basic insights into how it works best.
First, you do need to take time out to determine what exactly you require in a cheap holiday insurance policy. Different travelers will have different needs. If the traveler has not taken the time out to determine would be the most important components to have in the policy then the policy will eventually be lacking. This would be an unnecessary outcome as a simple brainstorming session would reveal all the items you would want in a policy.

Of course, you would then have to match what you are seeking in a policy with a provider that offers such coverage. This could take a little time which is why the travel insurance compare approach cannot be rushed. That said, the time investment will be worth it if it leads to acquiring the best possible policy which eliminates any worries. Granted, it might not eliminate all your worries but it can do a great deal towards reducing them from what would be the case without a policy.

There is another issue that needs to be taken into consideration if you are seeking medical cheap holiday insurance. You are advised to double check with your primary insurance provider to eliminate the potential of double coverage. In other words, you do not want to acquire travel insurance on coverage that your current main health insurance provider offers. You would only want to pay for insurance that fills in the proverbial gaps in your current, existing health policy. So, your travel insurance compare steps should not just be about comparing different travel insurance policies. It should also entail making comparisons of any current medical coverage you subscribe to.

Here is some additional advice – never overlook the basics when seeking a solid policy.

Eventually, there will come a time when you need to actually fill out the online application for your policy. However, you need to be diligent in this process or else you run the risk of rushing through things and creating errors of omission. That will not help the cause of procuring the best possible policy. So, take a little time out to be as diligent as you can. This way, you don’t make any errors with the application and can feel more confident everything is filled out correctly. The end result of such an approach would be gaining a desirable policy that delivers what you expect of it.

Diving in Florida

Diving in Florida
Image by mattk1979

Florida’s diving opportunities vary from salt and fresh water diving, to cave and drift diving and include almost everything in between. Whether you want to explore a wreck, admire marine life, investigate natural reefs or are looking to learn, there is something here for you.

Florida itself is made up of a number of water bodies and, depending on where in the state you are planning to visit, you can make an itinerary to take in as many differing dive sites as you wish during your holidays to Florida.

As Florida is home to more divers, dive stores and dive boats than any other diving destination, you can be sure to find the equipment and training you need to take on the beautiful sites available in the area. While it is not required by the US government for divers to be certified, most dive shops and schools require a recognisable qualification and presentation of a certificate card before embarking on your trip or hiring equipment.

For difficult dives, many operators will also require evidence of your last dive, such as the log book. Short introductory courses resulting in open water certification can be found in Florida for between $200 and $400 dollars, depending on setting and party size. It is important to note that many operators will also require your dive to be accompanied if it has been more than a year since your last dive.

Dive trip costs vary depending on whether you have your own equipment, require accompaniment, wish to have a guide and party size. Short trips, including tanks and equipment, can be found for an average of between $60 and $80 for one or two locations.

Organized dive trips are an ideal way to ensure you experience all that Florida has to offer. The type of diving available to you will differ depending on where in Florida you are staying and if you are willing to travel, as each area has its own attractions and dive seasons.

In the southeast, the gulf stream warms the coasts of West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach and here you can find artificial reefs made from various materials, including sunken ships, piles of rock and boxcars.


The dive season here is year round and you can expect to encounter varied marine life, such as barracuda, manatees, sea turtles and, in the summer, spotted eagle rays and whale sharks.There are more than 80 artificial reef systems in the area, many of which are within the sport diver limit of 130 feet. Some are much deeper, however and require more skill and technical knowledge.

Southern Florida also offers a wide variety of artificial reefs and wrecks, many of which offer a perfect starting point for new divers. There are a string of wrecks here, running from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, including an 110 foot barge, a number of freighters, a 65 foot steel tugboat and two M60 tanks.

In addition, this area offers access to a drift diving line that will carry you along at a gentle one knot along rows of unique and colorful corral reefs, amazing fish species, sea turtles and the occasional whale. Diving season here runs from May to September and the average water temp is between 22 and 25 degrees.

The Florida Keys are another popular diving destination and it is here that you can dive North America’s only natural living coral reef. The largest wreck in the lower Keys is the 210 foot Adolphus Busch freighter, which is also a popular destination for snorkelers as the tower rises up to within 40 feet of the surface.

One of the most popular wrecks in the Keys, offering a massive area for coral growth, is the USS Spiegel Grove, which is about 510 feet long and 85 feet wide. Currently, the natural growth is not abundant, but the wreck itself is definitely worth a visit, although the currents and eddies formed around its bulk make this more suitable for experienced divers.

Crystal River, located on the west coast, offers a change of pace with both fresh and saltwater springs that attract both scuba divers and snorkelers year round. The area is renowned for its manatees and many of the dive shops here offer trips specifically designed to allow you to get close to these beautiful creatures.

For more experienced divers and those with specialized training, Florida’s springs offer a wide range of fresh water diving opportunities. The dive season here is during the winter months and an extensive network of caves and caverns attracts many divers each year.

This central area in northern Florida is one of the most active and largest cave diving regions in the US and is known for strong currents fed by the North Florida Aquifer. Ginne and Peacock Springs are two of the most popular freshwater dive spots in the world and, if you are in this area, places you definitely don’t want to miss out on visiting. The Leon Sinks cave system is thought to be one of the most extensive in the world and this massive underwater cave system is also a must-see for those with cave diving experience.

No matter what your skill level or which time of year you are traveling, there is a diving experience in Florida available to test you or amaze you. Choose your destination to suit your diving needs and explore some of the most scenic and unique diving spots in the world.

The 5 Most Popular Holiday Destinations in Thailand!

Thailand is fast becoming one of the, if not THE most popular place for a Far East holiday.  In fact it has assumed such a large gathering of people interested in travelling here that it is on par with locations like the Caribbean and the Maldives.  Thailand although not a massive country, does have several top locations well worth investigating for your holiday destination!


Phuket is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand in terms of Beach holidays and relaxation.  This peaceful coastal town is home to an assort of Luxury resorts and hotels, catering to the needs of weary travellers and providing the perfect spa or relaxation experience for all who visit.  Phuket is also known for its more cultural surroundings and monuments; this makes it a beautiful area to wander or to see the beautiful sights!

Bangkok has to receive a pretty big mention on this list.  It does account for the majority of tourists to Thailand and its westernisation has made it and extremely popular holiday destination.  The busy nightlife and bustling atmosphere all over town are making Bangkok a must visit in Thailand.  Of course there is still some strong cultural references, like the building designs and you can always find a temple somewhere.

Pattaya is another one of those quiet yet beautiful locations proving to be a trend along with Thailand visits.  In fact many people combine Pattaya with a holiday to Bangkok so that they can have both sides of the holidaying lifestyle.  Both Bangkok and Pattaya are situated quite close to each other as well, so why not enjoy a beach holiday in the south central coast and then move up to Bangkok for a couple of days for the other end of the spectrum?

Koh Samui is one of the main islands and provides some of the most luxurious experiences for spa visitors.  Most of the resorts on the island are specifically designed to cater for spa therapies and relaxation therapies.  Yoga and all things calm can be found here.  The Island is a world filled with green trees and sandy beaches.

Krabi is one of the most idyllic beach resort locations.  Regarded and loved by many because it is one of the least commercial beach resort locations.  This means that it has a wonderful natural feel to it, making it one of the most sought after destinations for a Thailand beach holiday.  If a spa holiday isn’t your thing, and you would like to combine a piece of adventure to your holiday as well, then you really need to take a look at Krabi!


Reasons to Visit Cyprus

When you’re thinking of booking a holiday, one of the first things you think of is what the weather is going to be like once you’re there, and how hot it will be, so if you want guaranteed hot weather you should look no further than the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. If you’re wondering why, then read on:

340 days of sunshine – Cyprus is the hottest island in the Med, with temperatures hitting a sizzling 37°C in August, and the sun shining for around 340 days a year makes it the ideal location to get away from the British weather.

There’s so much to see and do – There’s literally something for everyone on the island, be it historic sightseeing, lazy days on the beach or even partying hard; you’ll find that you always have something to do. There are many annual festivals and events throughout the year; such as Anthestiria – the celebration of the arrival of Spring. Expect flowers, street markets and side shows.

There’s also the flood festival; Kataklysmos, where the streets are lined with concerts, games, fairs, dance troupes and water sports shows on the waterfront, but prepare to get wet! For classic car lovers, there’s the International Historic Car Rally, where people come from all over the world to show off their prized vintage vehicles.

If you want to see the sights, then there’s Aphrodite’s Rock, the birthplace of the Greek Goddess of love, the Villa of Thesus, the medieval castle of Limassol or Maa-Palaeokastro, a settlement dating back to 1200BC.

For those who love to sunbathe, then there are plenty of Blue Glaf beaches where you can top up your tan, or enjoy various different water sports in the sea.

Troodos Mountains – If you want to take a hike, then the Troodos Mountains are the perfect place, giving unrivalled views of the island. parts of the mountains are covered in snow, meaning you can go skiing or snowboarding, or if you just want to enjoy the local culture, there are many churches, houses and hotels across the mountain range.

Local food – Cypriot cuisine is like no other; with many different foods available that you won’t experience anywhere else. Sample the signature dish of Cyprus; Meze, which can contain up to 30 small dishes, consisting of meat, eggs, olives, yoghurt, salad, cheese and pita bread. At the end of it, you’ll be absolutely stuffed but will not be able to get anything like it back home!

Nightlife – Ayia Napa is the 2nd party capital of the world behind Ibiza, with many of the world’s top DJs hitting the island every summer to perform infront of thousands of revellers.


Exploring New Avenues To Get Free Vacation

Free Vacation
Free Vacation
Do you think you cant afford a world tour or a journey to any specific country? Do you want to relentlessly try and go for a vacation irrespective of your financial hiccups? Leave all your worries as there are lots of opportunities to fulfill your dreams. Free vacation stuff is possible and you can fulfill your dreams in the best possible ways. This article will discuss about things which will help you to get a free vacation, free lodging, free food etc. It seems to be very interesting right? Go ahead and read this article to know more about them.

Are you very much interested to work on organic farms? The developed countries have got scarce amount of organic farm laborers. You can engage in such activities and volunteer yourself to work in those farms. You will be given free food and free lodging for the works that you do on the farms. There are possible chances to get in to a long term or short term contract which will legalize you to work on such farms. It is quite possible to earn some amount of money which can be used for traveling to the nearby places.

The second opportunity that can provide you with a free vacation is the workaway concepts. You should volunteer yourself in any of the social activities and become a part of the group that might travel worldwide. Such groups will give free lodging and free food for all the members of the group. It is possible to travel around the world at free of cost. The groups will expect some sort of work activities from the participants in exchange for free food and accommodation. These workaway concepts have been traditionally followed by the Christian Organizations to spread the goodwill message around the globe.

It is possible to get free lodging and free food by this way. So, what about traveling to the places in and around your location? It is important to start your research works in knowing about the places that are free to be visited. For example, the wild life sanctuaries, zoo, beach, public entertainment parks will have zero entry cost. You can spend your time visiting these places and thus you can save a huge amount of money by this way.

It is good to start your search with the internet. There are lots of websites giving plentiful information about these tours and travel. Many times, there might be lots of contests being held and the winners will be given free coupons for the world tour. They will be given free accommodation and food during the journey. If you are interested in taking part, you will get a good chance to win the prizes. If you have decided to grab such golden opportunities, then do not waste any time and start your research right today. Thousands of miles of journey begins with a single step.

Author Bio: Sirangi Kalpana is a personalized coffee cups expert and write a lot about cheap coffee mugs, promotional flashlights, custom flash drives and other promotional products.

5 Places to go Dolphin Spotting

With travel and tourism ever easier and people having the chance to go further and further afield, experiencing something new is high on many travelers’ list of vacation activities.

Dolphin Spotting
Dolphin Spotting

Getting close to nature is an extremely popular way to do this and dolphin watching is an exciting way to commune with the natural world. Dolphin watching is a particularly accessible activity thanks to the wide variety of dolphins and the widespread nature of their habitat.

Whichever part of the world visitors choose to take their holidays, there are some places that are considered to be prime dolphin watching locations.

Because it is possible to watch dolphins pretty much anywhere, it is quite a difficult task to narrow down all the locations to just five. However, what the following five places have in common is that it is possible to not only watch the dolphins, but also to swim with them.

The best dolphin watching is considered to be around the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. It is thought that there are more than 24 species of marine mammals living in these waters. This is thanks to the location of the islands which are in the middle of the Atlantic. This location makes the Azores an ideal habitat for animals that migrate, though there are also species native to the islands.

In the Azores, dolphins are plentiful and it is possible at times to see around eight different species. Super pods have also been spotted off the Azores. These super pods can consist of over a thousand dolphins.

New Zealand is another of the best places to experience dolphins and nowhere is better than Akaroa on New Zealand’s South Island. Only 75 miles from Christchurch, it is an easy place to reach. There are many other sites in New Zealand but Akaroa is considered the best.

Thanks to the large supply of nutrients in Akaroa’s coastal water, there is a huge amount of marine life, including big pods of Dusky dolphins, which can be seen almost the whole year round. There are also Hectors dolphins to be seen in and around Akaroa harbour almost daily, whatever the season.

Islands are particularly good places to go dolphin watching and The Hawaiian Islands are a perfect place to enjoy both watching and swimming with dolphins

Around the islands are Spinner, Spotted and Bottlenose dolphins, amongst others. Spinner dolphins are perhaps the most commonly seen and are famously playful. Oahu and Kona Islands are considered the best places to see dolphins in the Hawaiian archipelago.

Another island, this time close to the US, is the Bahamian Island of Bimini. Less than fifty miles from Miami and reached by plane within half an hour, Bimini is an ideal place to go dolphin watching.

Surrounded by beautiful, warm, shallow waters, Bimini is home to large numbers of Atlantic Spotted dolphins. Dolphin watching is big business here and the dolphins are amazingly interactive. The Atlantic Spotted dolphin is an extremely playful species as well as being highly intelligent and there is ample opportunity not only to watch these marine mammals, but also to swim with them.

The Red Sea is a beautiful place to watch and swim with dolphins, particularly Spinner and Bottlenose dolphins. Risso dolphins can also be seen, although they are a much shyer species, so not always on view.

The great thing about the Red Sea is that dolphin watching can be done year round, thanks to the abundance of dolphins in the area. Samadaii, in Marsa Alam, Egypt, is considered the best place to experience swimming with dolphins as the nearby lagoon is a common breeding ground in May, although the dolphins are there year round.

Warm areas such as St. Lucia and other places in the Caribbean and California are also popular dolphin watching sites, but dolphins can also be visited in cooler climes. Iceland is home to white beaked dolphins, whilst Ireland and Scotland also attract dolphins to their shores.

So, whether it is close to home or a more far flung destination, dolphin watching is an activity that can be experienced and enjoyed by anyone, almost anywhere, at almost any time of the year.