Luxury Caribbean Beach Villas Offer Luxury and Privacy

luxury Caribbean beach villa

If you’ve chosen the Caribbean for your next vacation, you’re already set to have a beautifully relaxing experience in one of the most exotic islands in the world. And renting a luxury Caribbean beach villa will take your vacation over the top.

Many villas boast the typical list of expected amenities: privacy, tennis courts, pool, luxury furnishings and décor.  But the true stamp of luxury is in the details.

A good concierge service is the key, and the best Caribbean beach villas for rent won’t be without one.  This includes the preparation for your stay as well as ensuring the quality of your luxury experience for the duration of your vacation.  Many rental properties, such as the Nandana Private Resort coordinate with the guest’s travel agent to arrange for transport from the airport to the villa, stock the refrigerator, and schedule or provide information for the activities and special events (such as anniversaries or birthdays) that the guest has indicated before arrival. Some even coordinate babysitting for families. In other words, the veritable red carpet is rolled out before you even get on the plane.

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Top 10 Things to Do In Telluride Colorado

A view in Telluride from the ski slopes by Mou...
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Telluride, Colorado was voted as the top 10 ski destinations by Ski magazines. The terrains offer some of the most exotic trails that every skiier would love to explore. Not only is it an excellent destination to visit during the winters, but it is an all year round destination. Those looking for a luxurious holiday to the Telluride Mountains will find a list of things that it is famous for.

Here is the top 10 list of some of the best things that you can do at Telluride:

1.     Helisking – Nothing better than to Heli-ski in Telluride, where you are taken to the top in a helicopter and then you ski down the beaten snow path. Telluride heliski is an experience that you will never forget.

2.     Skiing – Telluride as mentioned is one of the best ski destinations in the United States and had donned several ski magazines with its awesome trails and ski expeditions. When it Telluride you are sure to enjoy this sport. Most Telluride luxury chalets will provide you with skiing equipment.

3.     Skating – The best two joints that you could try ice-skating at Telluride is the Mountain Village and the Harlely Ice Rink. This sport wil thrill people of all ages, infact this is the first place that visitors come to when in Telluride

4.     Ice climbing – Winter in Telluride is beautiful with waterfalls from the San Juan Mountains freezing up to offer visitors a huge playground to enjoy on. This makes a great place for ice climbing, and most luxury chalets in Tellulide store equipment for their visitors.

5.     Dog Sledging – Explore the Alaskan wilderderness on a dog sledge. You can learn everything right from harnessing to how to travel and experience the rough winter wonderland.

6.     Snow Mobiling – Telluride’s expanse from Ghost Town to Hot Springs during winters is covered in ice, and the only way to traverse is via a snow mobile. It is a great way to view the scenery and experience the roughed life first hand.

7.     Spas – After a day of snow mobiling, heli sking and dog sledging you need to relax. There is nothing better than a spa treatment that will rejuvenate your self.

8.     Shopping – Telluride has some amazing shopping arcades where you will find contemporary jewely, art galleries, boutiques and is a great place to shop for outdoor sports equipment.

9.     Food – There is no better way than to unwind and enjoy some scrumptious meal that Telluride has to offer.

10.  Nightlife – You can later unwind at some of their upscale nightclubs where some places even play live music.


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Choosing a Luxury Self-Catered or Catered Ski Chalet in the French Alps

Desaturated chalet
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Ski chalets in France are all over. In fact, you can take your pick from any of the luxury chalets in the Alps depending on the number of persons you are bringing along and your specific requirements as well. Of these luxury ski chalets, one can choose between catered and self-catered.

Catered chalets are perfect for tourists who do not want to be bothered by the many nitty-gritty details of the trip. Well, if you are the type who doesn’t want to go out on your own and explore the wilderness, this is definitely your choice of an accommodation. Luxury chalets in the Alps are aplenty. Thus, you will never have difficulty looking for the perfect place where you can rest the night away after a sumptuous dinner and a good drink. You can wake up at the smell of freshly baked bread and coffee brewed to perfection. The seasons carry the French Alps from a snowy winter wonderland to simply a wonderland of stunning mountains and sun-drenched valleys. Stretching along the southeastern region of Savoie, the French Alpine region is an unrivaled ski destination and veritable playground for the affluent traveler. Meribel boasts three charming ski resort villages with gorgeous ski chalets to rent just along the ski trails. Meribel chalets welcome you, your friends and family in a cosy and unique atmosphere.

On the contrary, self-catered ski chalets in the Alps are slowly becoming to be a favorite choice among travelers especially those who come with the whole family in tow. There are a number of luxury chalets in the Alps that offer this kind of accommodation. One good thing about staying in self-catered chalets is the independence that goes with it. You can literally do what you want without having to bother other people. Your kids can run around the place without bothering other people too. If luck is on your side, you can have the perfect chalet with a front lawn where you and your family can have a little picnic.

Additionally, staying in self-catered luxury ski chalets allow you to have control over the place. As such, you can have your own activity planned. You can even explore the many activities the Alps have to offer at your own pace. It is like your home away from home. You can cook whatever your want and have your meals anytime of the day. Some luxury chalets in the Alps that are self-catered can even provide you with a private chef. At the same time, you can also request for fresh produce to be delivered to you daily straight at your doorstep. Unlike with catered chalets that require you to come on specific times just to have your meals eaten.

Make your holiday plans ahead and decide on your choice of accommodation. Whether you are staying in self-catered or catered ski chalets, it is how you make the most out of your Alps experience that counts.

The Most Amazing Luxury Villa Rentals with Pools

Aqua Villa with Pool in Bali

What’s life without some splish splash, and quiet literally! There is no fun living in a luxurious vacation rental with no swimming pool. You will find a lot amiss, no place to cool off after a long day of exploring and shopping, no exercise, place to laze about in and have some of the best pool parties. If you are near a beach then an infinity edge pool or a pool that overlooks picturesque mountains is what finishes the luxurious touch.

Shore in Bali – indoor/outdoor lap pool – This is one of the best luxury villa in Bali with a pool that is based indoors. The spacious living room or the sitting room is designed around a see through pool that shows the bottom of the swimming pool. Every villa also opens up into the massive lap pool that is also known as the Olympic pool. Some of the best interior designers for you to enjoy completely have designed this infinity edged pool.

Castle Oriente – wraparound pool – How would you feel if you lived in a luxury villa, in the best location surrounded by a wraparound infinity pool, princely for sure! The Castle Oriente at the Costa Careyes promises to do just that. Every bedroom in this villa has access to the wraparound pool that is stunning and sure to astound you.

The Lodge – Indoor Pool – Considered being the most luxurious chalet in Verbier, the Swiss Alps, and one of Sir Richard Branson’s limited edition retreats, The Lodge is an enticing chalet that will take you to another level. With an indoor swimming pool, set amidst luxury is what you truly deserve to pamper yourself with. Set indoors in brilliant settings that are truly luxury is what your soul will truly fall in love with.

Amazon Creek Chalet – Situated in Chamonix, this villa is stunning and houses a fully equipped spa, outdoor hot tub, and lots more that you can soothe yourselves in. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors while you swim in the pool. This is one of the best luxury villas with a pool in Chamonix and one of the best in the world. Its natural beauty, exotic and out of this world interiors, and other amenities gives it top scores.

Aqua Villa – The Aqua villa in Seminyak lives true to its name. The pool in this luxurious villa is easily accessible no matter which room you are in. It is a great area to hold a party or simply enjoy the picturesque location and laze around with a book.