4 Vacation Options as Individual as You Are

Vacation Options
Vacation Options

Although vacations can be a welcome break from work and everyday life, they do often have the tendency to be repetitive.


A beach vacation with sun, sea and sand is all well and good if you have a young family to please, but what if you want a vacation experience with a difference?

Luckily there are a number of different options for those who wish to experience a holiday that is slightly more left-field than traditional trips.

  1. Using a holiday house. One way to take a holiday that is different than the norm is by staying in vacation rentals. This allows you to get the feel of living in an area that you perhaps might not have seen, as well as providing you with a change of scene and pace. Who knows — you may even love an area so much after staying in a vacation rental that you choose to move there!
  2. Hiking in areas of outstanding natural beauty. As well as being a great way to get exercise, going on a hiking vacation is a great way to see unique parts of the world. Many specialist holiday companies put on hiking trips to out of the way areas like Machu Picchu or other parts of the Peruvian Inca trails — a fascinating way to experience history that you will never forget! If you would prefer a hiking vacation with a little more luxury, you can always go on walking tours through the Swiss Alps — ideal if you would like to go skiing afterwards!
  3. Visiting the spiritual East. It can be easy to get caught up in the trappings of the Western world on a daily basis. Life is fast paced in the West and the constant onslaught of media, news and information can leave a person feeling exhausted. One way to combat this is by taking a spiritual vacation in areas such as the Orient, particularly countries like Vietnam. Here life is much more relaxed, with people living simple lives of honest tranquility. Elsewhere, countries like India and ancient parts of China are synonymous with spiritual rebirth and metaphysical rejuvenation. Visiting the temples of Buddhist monks or sailing down the river Ganges during a religious festival is guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and will provide you with an original vacation experience that will last a lifetime.
  4. Taking a trip to volunteer. There are many countries in the world where people suffer daily. Deciding to spend your vacation working in the poorest areas of the world helping those less fortunate is a humanitarian way of getting a holiday with a difference. If you are not sure whether volunteering is the kind of thing you would enjoy on a holiday, you can try helping out charities and community projects in your local area first in order to see if it would suit you.

There are a number of vacation options available to you that are bound to excite even the most devoted adrenalin junkie or soothe the most tortured of souls looking for spiritual growth and relaxation.

Which kind are you and which holiday will you take?

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Traveling on a Budget Lame? Think Again!

If you think that people who travel on a budget are simply too cheap or thrifty for their own good, you might want to re-consider. Traveling on a budget can save you a lot of money as well as stress.

And while you might feel the urge to splurge and stay in a super expensive hotel, here are a few reasons why traveling on a budgett can actually be a very good idea:

Save Money by Planning Ahead

You can save money by taking a little time to prepare. You can skip the hotels and go right for a vacation home- you’ll have all the ammenities you could want for probably the same price as a ritzy hotel room.

Get information on fuel prices both on your travel route and at your destination, and sit down and figure out which meals you will eat in the room or suite and which ones you will eat out.

And, because you’re really thrifty and savvy, find out what types of restaurants are in your destination and check to see if they have a website.

If so, you can see if they have a menu on their site or at least given an idea of what their meal prices are, and read reviews. No sense going to a pricey restaurant if people who have visited before say it isn’t worth the money.

Then, you add a little extra for emergencies. That way, you know you have enough money.

No Huge Credit Card Bill

Traveling on a budget means you don’t have to worry about running up the credit card bill or how you’re going to pay that bill off. By using a budget, you’ll only put the things you absolutely have to on the card.

If you have to use the credit card number to hold a room or other reservation, you can make sure it is understood that it is simply to hold the room, and you will be paying for the room with a check or traveler’s check.

Finding Good Accommodations at a Good Price

Traveling on a budget means you are willing to “settle” for something a little less expensive, but it didn’t mean you’ll have to sleep in a “dump.” Rather, you’ll stay a little further away from your destination, or find a less-expensive hotel that still offered a continental breakfast.

One word here about continental breakfasts. If they mainly consist of pastries, sweet cereals, and things you would not normally serve your family simply because you know everyone would be suffering a sugar crash by 10 in the morning, then they aren’t a good deal.

If this is the case, you will want to find a grocery store (not a convenience store) and purchase cereal, milk, microwaveable breakfast sandwiches, and fresh or canned fruit.

The money you spend will be minimal compared with what you would have to buy on extra snacks to offset the mid-morning slump.

Traveling on a budget means you will actually have a little more to spend than you thought because you budgeted so well. If that is the case, you can decide whether or not you want to eat an extra meal out as a treat or visit one more attraction.

Or just save it for the next vacation.

Be the Boss: Travel Without These 8 Annoying Hotel Restrictions

Travel Without Annoying Hotel Restrictions
Travel Without Annoying Hotel Restrictions

You’ve saved money all year to take your family on a great vacation, and you’ve searched for the perfect hotel… and while you may find all these tips for great hotel staying, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be awesome.

What you don’t realize is the number of restrictions hotels impose on their guests. So without further ado, these are eight of the most annoying hotel restrictions.

Rewards and Blackouts

Many hotels offer incentives for guests, such as staying three nights earns you an additional night free. What they don’t tell you is that the fine print might include a host of restrictions including only being able to use the extra night if it’s not in one of their many blackout periods. Forget using your extra night on a weekend, holiday or other special occasion.

Resort Fees

Resort fees are now commonplace among the big chain hotels. They might include a bevy of perks including local phone calls, Internet, parking and more. The argument is, of course, that these things ought to be included in the room rate. Having to pay these absurd fees add an increased level of financial burden to the traveler.

Visitors of Guests

Many hotels have restrictions in place that restrict guests from inviting visitors into their hotel room. Enforcing visitors to remain in public areas of the hotel is a level of policing that many guests aren’t comfortable with.


For smokers, the level of restrictions around smoking can border on the absurd, especially considering that some properties are entirely smoke free.

Limiting where you can smoke may be for the benefit of non-smokers, but smokers shouldn’t have to step outside of the building just for a few quick puffs.

Check In, Check Out

Check in and out policies and their restrictions at some hotels are just downright ridiculous.

They have no problem making you wait to get into your room, but should you be a few minutes late checking out they can slap an additional fee onto your room bill.

Business Services

Many hotels offer meeting rooms for large groups needing space for conferences, business meetings and more, but the restrictions that they place on these groups can be debilitating.

With strict use times, number of participants, fees for use of equipment and restrictions on catering services, these hotels can reap huge amounts in extra fees, all coming right out of your pocket.

Guests per Room

Long gone are the days where you’re paying for the hotel room. These days, you’re not only paying for the hotel room but you’re also paying for any additional people staying in the room.

Sometimes the restrictions the hotels place on the number of guests per room forces you to book a separate room.


People often book stays at hotels based on the kind of facilities the hotels offer. From pools to exercise rooms, cafes and other services, hotels lure people in promising the use of all sorts of facilities. What they don’t tell you is that the use of these facilities can be highly restrictive.

Hotels excel in restrictions. However, you can enjoy great holiday accommodations by booking a vacation rental instead of a hotel room. Sites like HomeAway let you find the perfect rental where you’ll have more space, more privacy and far fewer restrictions.