Day trips in the Port Elizabeth area

Port Elizabeth may be a heavily industrialised city, but its enviable location on the Indian Ocean coast makes it an ideal base for a range of day trips in the area – whether you’re drawn to the beaches or want to go inland to see the sights of nature. Furthermore, the South African city can serve as a good base location for exploring the rest of the region’s many sights.

Port Elizabeth is home to two Blue Flag beaches, the international standard for safe, clean and environmentally friendly beaches. The best known is Humewood, a popular place to take part in underwater activities such as swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling or to practice water sports. You can also travel to Wells Estate beach in the north of the city for sunbathing and other beachside activities.

Exploring the coast around Port Elizabeth is another popular activity for families, particularly at locations such as the Maitlands sand dune. This towering dune offers spectacular views of the surrounding area, though many people make the climb simply for the enjoyment of travelling back down – which can be done by body board, sand board or simply walking if you’re not feeling quite so adventurous.

If you’re visiting South Africa to get up close to its indigenous wildlife, making the drive out to Addo Elephant Park could make for a great family day out. While touring the grounds, you’ll have the chance to see many of the park’s 500 protected elephants. This unique experience is far different from visiting the elephants at a zoo, as visiting get to witness the incredible animals in their natural habitat. The main watering hole is well situated to offer excellent views of the majestic creatures washing, drinking and playing, without disturbing their peace. When visiting the park, make sure to bring your camera, as this is the perfect setting to capture your South African adventure.

Flights to Port Elizabeth are popular with hikers and outdoor enthusiasts too, due to the number of well maintained trails in the vicinity. If you’re interested in trekking around the region’s more rugged terrain, there are a variety of options available. The Sacramento Trail is well known among hikers, traversing four kilometres from the city to Sardinia Bay and the coastal village of Schoenmakerskop. An alternative is to hire a bicycle and enjoy the sights of the Baakens River Mountain and Zwartkops Mountain bike trails.

For a slower and more relaxed trip, walking between the historical sites of Port Elizabeth along the Donkin Heritage Trail can also be insightful, and can be done solo or with a guide. The historical village of Bethelsdorp is also well worth the trip if you’re keen to discover the city’s past. You can find out more about the history of Port Elizabeth and South Africa by visiting some of the city’s highly-revered museums too, including the Red Location Museum which houses a room dedicated to the life and achievements of Nelson Mandela. Other national heroes are commemorated in the Hall of Columns.

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Exploring the Emerald Isle

With a history steeped in mysticism, Ireland has long been a favourite of tourists across the globe. The legend of Finn MacCool has captivated many a traveller who wanted to walk in a giant’s footsteps. However, these days Ireland is known as much for the buzzing nightlife in cities such as Dublin and Cork as it’s stunning coastlines and landscapes such as the breath-taking Burren.

For those who want to experience the rich history of a country dating back to 6000BC there could be no better starting point than Ireland’s Heritage Capital – County Meath. Dubbed the ‘Royal County’ Meath is perhaps best known for the Brú na Bóinne (Bend of the Boyne) World Heritage site – a renowned Neolithic monument which predates both Stonehenge and the pyramids of Gaza.

And then there’s Giant’s Causeway – home of the aforementioned, mythical Finn MacCool. Legend has it, MacCool – depicted as a mythical giant – built the Causeway as a stepping stone to Scotland. Whether you believe the story or not, it’s still a beautiful area to visit, and one of the most picturesque sights in all of Europe.

However, many younger visitors to Ireland may prefer the idea of exploring the bustling nightlife on offer in some of the bigger cities within the country. Ireland’s two biggest cities of Dublin and Cork are both home to a plethora of pubs and clubs that are sure to keep clubbers from all over Europe entertained on a night out – whether you fancy a pint of Guinness in a traditional Irish pub or you’d prefer to hit the town in style at one of the numerous fashionable hotspots the cities are home to, you’ll be well catered for.

Of course, many visitors will want to take in the sights on offer in these bigger cities, while avoiding the nightlife altogether. It will be of great relief for travellers of that mindset to know that there are plenty of activities on offer within Dublin and Cork that are suitable for the whole family. In particular, Imaginosity – a children’s museum –and Dublin Zoo are popular attractions within the capital city, whereas Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral and Fota Wildlife Park are popular with tourists visiting Cork.

All in all, tourists from a variety of backgrounds can enjoy everything Ireland has to offer. UK residents may be able to take advantage of cheap flights leaving from the British mainland when travelling there, whilst visitors from mainland Europe may be able to enjoy relatively inexpensive travel to Ireland as well. Tourists who have never experienced the Emerald Isle’s charms are truly missing out on some of the most beautiful scenery and captivating attractions in all of Europe.

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Consider Visiting Panama

Panama City is a city of rich culture, stunning landscapes and a bustling nightlife. You can spend your day on a sunny beach, perusing the local shops or taking in the sites on a fascinating canal tour. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach holiday or a lively city getaway, Panama City is the holiday destination for you.

First, if you’re dreaming of a sunny, relaxing holiday on the beach, Panama City will deliver. A short drive away from the city centre lies over 80 km of white, sandy beaches. These beaches are the perfect locations for a guided sailing excursion, learning to surf or even embarking on a scuba diving course. Sailing in this region can take you to the surrounding islands, including the Pearl Islands and Taboga. Surfing and scuba lessons are widely available in and around Panama City, giving you the chance to ride the waves off the coast or discover the incredible underworld of this southern portion of the Pacific Ocean. The possibilities for your beach activities are endless in this tropical region.

Next, you can enjoy the surrounding scenery by embarking on a challenging hike outside the city limits or a leisurely walk in one of Panama City’s many stunning parks. Tours are available to transport you to some of the more popular hiking regions or even to a neighbouring island for a day trip, allowing you to hike through some of the most beautiful natural trails in the region. These tours allow you to hike at your leisure, have a picnic lunch and return back to Panama City in time for dinner.

While visiting Panama City, you can get a taste of the local culture in a wide variety of ways. The city centre is full of delicious restaurants that are heavily influenced by their diverse Spanish, American and Afro-Caribbean mix of cultures. At any time of day, the food available to you in Panama City is guaranteed to be a delightful culinary experience. A typical breakfast in Panama includes deep-friend corn tortillas packed with your favourite breakfast toppings, or fresh fruit and eggs are also readily available. Lunch and dinner in this Central American city often include meat and potatoes, deep fried plantains, fresh and local seafood along with rice or beans. You can also easily find Panama favourites: handmade empanadas and mouth-watering tamales.

Panama City is also surrounded by famous local attractions, including numerous museums and art galleries displaying the dynamic flavour of the region’s art scene and rich history. You can also take a trip to the famous Panama Canal or join a guided canal tour of the vast and bustling city.

Thus, a holiday in Panama City is sure to have everything you’re looking for to make up the perfect tropical getaway. The countless city centre attractions, including museums, galleries and shopping centres will satisfy your need for urban adventure, while the beautiful beaches and surrounding islands will offer the ideal beach getaway. The diverse and incredibly delicious food will give you a taste of Panama’s rich culture, yet again proving that Panama City the ideal holiday destination.

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Best museums in Glasgow

A former European City of Culture in 1990, Glasgow’s arts and culture scene has only grown in the years since, with ever more prestigious ceremonies and events taking place in Scotland’s largest city. If you’re visiting Glasgow on a cultural excursion, you’ll find a wealth of museums and galleries dedicated to various elements of the city, the country, aspects of life and more niche interests.

The Burrell Collection is one of Glasgow’s oldest museums and deservedly one of the best known, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to make it the number one paid-for tourist attraction in the city. This eclectic collection of artefacts, objects and artworks was donated to the city in 1944 by Sir William Burrell, and includes everything from Bronze Age relics to 20th century curiosities.

Some of Glasgow’s top museums are free to enter, such as the ever popular Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum that contains many fine examples of classical and contemporary art. If your taste in art favours the modern however, The Gallery of Modern Art (abbreviated as GoMA) has been the major site for contemporary artworks in Glasgow since its opening in 1996, and you’re bound to find numerous challenging and innovative pieces to talk about, produced by local as well as international talent.

Other museums in Glasgow are dedicated to more specific aspects of the city’s heritage, particularly its industrial achievements. The Museum of Transport is perhaps the finest example, founded in 1964 and containing an ever growing collection of vehicles from across the ages, from bicycles to boats. This museum can be easily located in the city, across the street from the Kelvingrove Gallery and park grounds.

For something bang up to date, consider a trip to the Glasgow Science Centre on the south bank of the River Clyde, which features a number of modern exhibits including an IMAX Cinema and the Science Mall, home to interactive exhibitions that teach children more about the wonders of science. The Scottish Power Planetarium can also be considered a must for people of all ages who are drawn to the stars.

You don’t have to head indoors to enjoy this city’s heritage and cultural attractions on Glasgow holidays though, especially as many of Glasgow’s buildings are veritable works of art themselves. This applies especially to the so-called ‘Mackintosh Ten,’ the 10 best known buildings designed by celebrated local architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh – including the Willow Tea Rooms, Ruchill Church Hall and Queens Cross Church.

You can enjoy more fresh air when visiting the Glasgow Botanic Gardens at Kibble Palace, where plants from across the globe are displayed inside a magnificent 19th century glasshouse. The Botanic Gardens can be the ideal escape from the bustle of the city on Glasgow breaks, and you might also be interested in visiting the Winter Gardens at the People’s Palace, which collects numerous displays of Glasgow life from 1750 to the present day. The People’s Palace is easily reached from the city centre by foot, car or public transport.

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Famous film locations to visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California is where countless movies are written, filmed and released. Unofficially the filmmaking capital of North America, the city is full of famous buildings and recognizable streets from some of the most iconic movie scenes. You can experience the filmmaking culture in Los Angeles by visiting these iconic film locations.

The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles is the setting for the pivotal shoot-out scene in James Dean’s ‘Rebel Without a Cause.’ It was one of James Dean’s three movies before his untimely death, and many believe he would have gone on to act in hundreds of more films, making him a Hollywood icon regardless of his short filmography. As ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ was one film of only a few featuring James Dean, a visit to the Griffith Observatory is certainly a special experience.

Many films have included the well-visited Rodeo Drive, one of Los Angeles’ finest shopping districts. One of the most celebrated of those films was ‘Pretty Woman’ featuring a young Julia Roberts. It’s on Rodeo Drive that Robert’s character is rejected by store staff for being inappropriately dressed and it’s on the same famous street that Richard Gere’s character allows her to feel worthy of attention by showering her with gifts and attentive customer service. Rodeo Drive is known for its appearance in several other films, so when you visit the famous shopping district, it is sure to look familiar.

If you are a fan of musicals, be sure to visit Venice High School in Los Angeles, the filming location for 1978’s film ‘Grease.’ With stars like John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John singing and dancing through the grounds of this high school, ‘Grease’ fans of all ages love visiting the location of the fictional Rydell High School. Several scenes were filmed on different parts of the school grounds, so it’s a good idea to take a walk around the school yard when classes are not in session to get a true Rydell High experience.

When planning your trip to Los Angeles, be sure to not only consider which famous film locations you’d like to visit but also your accommodation and transportation arrangements. It’s a good idea to consider the film locations you’d like to visit and where you’d like to stay in the city. While there are several hotels in the city centre, it might also be a good idea to stay at one of the convenient LAX hotels as it will be a short trip from the airport to your hotel room.

Of course, as one of the most famous cities in the world with regards to cinema, there are several more iconic film locations for any visitor to see on a trip to the city. Prior to your visit, you can research your favourite movies and make a list of your most anticipated locations. Visiting the film locations of your favourite movies is a unique and memorable way to get to know Los Angeles – and the ability to have your photograph taken whilst visiting them is a truly once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Best attractions at the Mall of America

The Mall of America is a holiday destination in itself. Over 40 million visitors flock to the mall every year to shop, eat and experience the wonderful attractions the mall has to offer. From miniature golf to roller coasters, the Mall of America truly seems to have something for everyone, and if you’ve never visited before, it could be worth considering doing so.

If you do decide to visit the Mall of America, be sure to visit the Nickelodeon Universe which can be found directly in the middle of the mall. Officially the largest indoor theme park in the USA, Nickelodeon Universe boasts seven acres of space and hosts a variety of roller coasters, a ropes course, bumper cars and other exciting rides and activities. The theme park also hosts events throughout the year, including special appearances by Nickelodeon characters like Dora the Explorer, The Wonder Pets and the cast of Camp Rock.

Another great part of the mall to visit is the Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium. Enter the underwater world and explore over 10,000 sea creatures on display in this engaging and educational environment. Home to a variety of sea creatures, including clownfish, stingrays and sharks, this aquarium will transport you to a world beyond the mall. The aquarium also offers exciting experiences like overnight adventures and behind-the-scenes tours of the facility.

Any golfers within your group would also be very well catered for on a visit to the Mall. Moose Mountain Adventure Golf is a miniature golf course inside the mall itself. Found on the third level, this 18-hole miniature golf course is fun for the whole family. After golfing, make your way down to the A.C.E.S. Flight Simulator to experience flight simulations similar to the training simulations of military pilots. Any airplane enthusiast will want to try both the modern Hornet jets and the classic WWII fighter jets that A.C.E.S. has to offer – and even those that don’t consider themselves an enthusiast might be tempted after seeing how realistic an experience they offer,

If you do decide to visit the Mall however, be sure to set enough time aside to enjoy the full benefits of the attraction. While the mall has hundreds of high quality shops to choose from, there are four activity-filled levels to search and explore. The Mall of America is surrounded by several restaurants and a thriving night life. There are several hotels near Mall of America and choosing one of these comfortable hotels means that it will be an easy trip from your hotel to the front door of the mall – you might be surprised by what else is on offer.

If you’ve never done so before, visiting the Mall and its surrounding areas will surely make for a great day out. The mall offers a variety of activities, shops and restaurants all under one roof. Additionally, with the building being one of the most famous in all of America, you’re sure to find that it’s a good topic of conversation with many of your friends after you arrive home.

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