Cheap Hotels and Motels

One of our first thoughts when looking at our next trip, how to get cheap tickets and how to get cheap hotel / motel rates?

Well, may not be the first thought, in fact the very first thought could go to the business meeting we are going to take part to with an important customer or it could go to the great beaches we will find just in front of our hotel resort.

But as anybody else we do not want to spend more than it is required, right? So let’s talk about cheap and discount rates we can find for hotels and motels – that’s because I am good at this subject.

There are a number of places we would look for cheap rates, anyone has his own preferred places but let’s do not forget about the major ones as,,,, I always start from one of them to find cheap hotel rates.

Where do we go? Houston! Largest City of Texas and a major one in the United States. Students will travel there for the many universities and colleges such as the University of Houston, the University of Texas-Houston Health and Science Center, Texas Southern University and Rice University. Some will travel for business and most likely having to do with one of the major industries there: Oil and Natural Gas or the space and aeronautics industry.

Let’s assume we are looking for the best price for a cheap hotel in Houston and do not have flexible dates, we will be there for a 2 day business trip!

Assuming a check in date 22 December and a check out date 24 December we go through the results to find a few offers as:

– Book now and save 30%! at Lancaster Hotel a 4 star in Texas Avenue

– Weekend and holiday rates at Four Seasons Houston, a five star downtown Houston

– Book now and save 20% at Hilton Americas Houston, a four star downtown Houston.

This is just a sample of the many hotel deals found for this short stay but try to change the dates or to make a longer stay and the rates will undoubtely be better and lower.

A luxury hotel deal? Now it is possible

I have been travelling in several countries worldwide with more activity in Europe and central Asia but also some travel in the USA and Middle East, which, guess, is more related to business than leisure or holiday travel.

In my experience a hotel stay from a 4 star hotel and above, say 5 star and 5 star luxury hotels is a pleasant condition for any kind of travel and if possible, at least some times if not always, a luxury hotel stay should be in our plans.

These luxury hotels are quite expensive and it is good to know that, even in this luxury business, discounts and deals can be possible.

Let’s take a very popular city in the USA as New York,a very rich city considering both the tourist and business offer. We can run a search for New York luxury hotels and see if there are discounts available. As an example we run a search for arrival 08 November 2009 and departure 15 November 2009 which makes a one week stay. The following luxury hotels in New York are offering discounted rates:

– The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel, five star hotel in Upper East Side Manhattan proposes this special offer and discount: “Stay 4 nights get the 5th night free,Upgrade to a suite and save”.

– The City Club Hotel, four star hotel in Midtown Manhattan proposal is: “Lastminute special – save 15%”

– Ink48, a Kimpton hotel, four star in similar location is offering a stunning “Save 48%” rate.

In my experience these are all good deals for a luxury hotel in New York City.

But let’s have a look to one entertainment destination and try, for the same period of time, to make a booking for a luxury hotel in Las Vegas.

The offers found in this case range from:

“Book Now and Save $20 Per Night,Get a $100 Wynn Resort Credit” of Wynn Las Vegas to

“$50 Gaming Credit, $25 Dinner Credit, & more” of the Venetian and the Palazzo or

“$50 Spa Credit Included – Also 4pm Checkout” of Trump International Hotel and

a great “Book Now and Save $20 Per Night,Get a $100 Encore Resort Credit” of Encore at Wynn Las Vegas.

Without many doubts it is presently a good time to make an attempt at some luxury travel considering that even the most luxurious hotels are offering discounted rates.

Indeed the mentioned offers are available at the time of writing the blog though at the time of the next search rates could be even better or different hotels may have promotional plans available.

Travel Bookings


Making all arrangements for a trip takes usually some time and it is even worse when different travel providers have to be booked separately.

For instance a short trip to New York City could include a hotel, for whatever number of nights you will sleep in New York, the flights to NYC nearby airports and back home, a car unless you can do with public transport – likely but not always, tickets for guided tours to the main attractions or for the theater.

All this can make any traveller a bit anxious but knowing that all of these travel arrangements can be made at once using a single travel reservation form could make things better. Furthermore discovering that discount travel is available in most cases will actually be a great improvement in travellers life!

Making travel bookings in this way is really a pleasure, I have tried to find discount travel deals in New York with hotel and flights and I did one more test trying to find the best prices for hotels and flights to Las Vegas, these are the most visited cities in the USA!

Thanks to the extensive search capabilities of the travel packages and the offers by the operators, for hotel and air travel offers, the travel packages are usually a better deal instead of booking hotel and flight separately.

Based on my findings, I will continue to compare inclusive travel packages when booking as an alternative to booking hotel in one website and flights with the airline.

Broadway NYC

For one of world known avenues a simple name with a clear origin, Browadway in New York City is a large avenue, a road running South/North direction and all along Manhattan and entering the Bronx.

Broadway NYC

Such a large and important avenue in NYC has given its name to the Theater district of NYC, Manhattan and nowaday it is more common to think about theaters and performances when hearing the name Broadway than thinking about directions.

The Broadway Theatre at 1681 Broadway is probably the more famous of the many thaters in this midtown-Manhattan disctrict.

The thater district is an attraction for tourists, with some of them even travelling to NYC with the primary purpose of watching a performance, and in such a way an industry well related to tourism.

Accommodated in discount hotels in New York City close to Broadway or on the avenue itself, tourists are the main buyers of theater tickets.

So which type of shows are taking place in this prominent theater district close to Times Square.

Currently performing at Broadway Theater is “Promises, Promises”, a musical based on “The Apartment” film (1960).

Another famous theater is the Wintergarden Theater at 1634 Broadway, New York, NY 10019, here they are performing another musical, based on the Sweedish group ABBA’s songs and music, and telling about a single mother coping with her young daughter’s marriage on a Greek isle.

A trip just for watching a performance can be made thanks to affordable discount hotels in the area and with proper planning a low cost trip can be arranged.

For more info on the much greater number of theaters and plays it is advisable to search for programs on the net.