Travel to Venezuela

Venezuela is the country that weaves magic in every element. A land of the most beautiful women, home to the highest water fall in the world, and the house of the second largest river of South America, the Orinoco. Venezuela Travel is a lifetime experience. It has that typical South American touch engraved with a bit of Caribbean touch too.

Travel Information about Venezuela is not too difficult to gather. Caracas is the capital city and has a typical tropical climate. The place is more about concrete buildings and is very happening. This metropolis is a great place to be in. El Hatillo out here is so rich in architecture, and the beaches are so seducing to the minds that every tourist is left awe stuck. Soft and supple skin, tanned skin, great figures are all that you can get to see here on the whispering beaches out here. Snorkeling, Diving are some of the most exciting things you can do while you are traveling to Venezuela. The Venezuelans love to holiday on the beach of Isla de Margarita, Bonaire, and Curacao etc. These are lovely islands, which beckon every individual. Again the Porlamar here offers every modern amenity and facility to make life luxurious. Continue reading Travel to Venezuela

Cruise Casinos – Gambling at Sea

Cruise casinos have arrived and that means gambling at sea is a available to those wishing to take advantage of such adventures.

Is it really much of a secret people love to venture on gambling related vacations? Considering the enormous popularity of gambling resort towns, such a “revelation” is not much of a revelation. We all know that millions of people love to descend upon cities such as Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City, and the like or simply take the chance playing online craps for real money. But, did you know there is another option available to those that love gambling? There is and it comes in the form of cruise casinos like for example the SunCruz Casinos or the MS Golden Princess.

As the name implies, cruise casinos are luxury boat liners that provide on board gambling for those that wish to try their luck. Then again, if you have a lot of experience with gambling you might not need much lick. Rather, you can put your personal skills and talent to the test.

And there would be a wide range of games in which to do this! Card games, table games, games of chance, and, of course, slot machines are all part of the mix with cruise casinos. You will never run out of variety as these types of cruises are no different than traditional “land based” casinos.

Some might look at the concept of cruise casinos as something new. This is really not the case. Anyone that knows a little bit about gamin history is probably familiar with riverboat gambling. Cruise casinos are basically “at sea” versions of this type of gaming. So, rather than just take a short trip up the river, you would be taking part in an actual cruise. Needless to say, a cruise such as that brings with it a lot of potential fun and excitement. Why take part in the traditional casino vacation when cruise casinos have so much uniqueness to offer?


When you take part in a casino cruise, you not only have access to a wide range of gaming options, you also have access to the fun and excitement that a cruise can offer. For example, you have access to all the fine entertainment and dining cruises are known for. Depending upon the cruise line you select, you might gain access to all manner of onboard fun and entertainment.

You will have the great option of exploring the destination the cruise takes you to when you arrive at port. There are cruise casino ventures launched from all over the world. You will never run short of exciting destinations to visit which means such gaming cruises will always be exciting to take part on.

In short, a casino cruise is…a cruise. This means it presents a two-pronged approach to the traditional gaming vacation. In addition to all the fun and excitement at a casino, you can also be treated to the fun and excitement of a cruise. For those seeking a uniquely exciting vacation, a combination cruise and gaming excursion might be the perfect solution.

Traveling with a Child Who Has ADD or ADHD

Some parents hesitate to travel with a child who has ADD or ADHD, but traveling with special needs children can be a rewarding experience for the child and the parents. With a little preparation, it is possible to have virtually a stress-free trip when traveling with your children.

ADHD children
Image by chelseyxan (

Indoor Attractions

People who plan to take children to educational destinations, such as zoos or children’s museums, should take the time to explain the exhibits to the child. Make sure that the child is focused on what is being said and explain what he or she sees, using short phrases. It is also helpful to ask the children short comprehension questions, just to be sure that they are getting the most from the learning experience.

Outdoor Attractions

Try to take the go to places where he or she can touch the animals or physically interact with exhibits that are especially designed for children. Areas that are targeted towards children will have displays that allow children to become involved in the learning process without fear of breaking an item. Don’t forget to tell the children the rules before traveling. Parents’ rules should be brief and direct, and the rules should be discussed in the few minutes that the parents are certain that they have the child’s attention.

Outside activities can be particularly beneficial when traveling with a child who has ADD or ADHD, because they give the child places to run, climb, or safely explore nature. For younger children, choose attractions with outdoor recreational areas when making travel plans. It is a good idea to brief the child on how to play with other children in these areas. Remind the child not to hit, kick, or touch others at any time, but especially when the child is feeling frustrated. Always monitor the child carefully in public recreational areas, never leaving the child unattended.

Road Trips

Parents and children with ADD or ADHD may find that road trips are particularly hard to handle. Give the child his or her favorite games, a DVD player, or music to help the child pass the time. Parents can also think of fun road games to play along the way to help keep the child occupied. Young children may enjoy having a few toys or dolls in the car. Be sure to use a variety of items to occupy the child during long drives or plane trips. Consider giving the child one item at a time to avoid overwhelming her.

Children in Accommodations

Parents should be sure to instruct the child of the rules for staying in a hotel or other accommodations. Try to childproof the room as soon as you arrive. Consider asking the front desk to take small electronic objects, including the telephone if that may pose an issue for a curious child. Children with ADD and ADHD thrive in a structured environment, so a change in the structure may cause the child to misbehave. Parents can emulate their home schedule as must as possible, but tell the child about any changes to the usual schedule in advance.

Plan Ahead

Think about the travel plans from the smallest detail to the biggest change and give some thought to how this may affect the child. Try to foresee issues.
• Will there be restrooms nearby?
• Will the child be able to have positive interactions with other children who may be at the attraction or destination?
• Will the parent have private time?

Some resorts offer babysitting for a fee, and some attractions have children’s clubs, which work well with all children, including those with special needs. Contact the attractions several weeks before the trip for inquiries. Parents should not be surprised if things that they thought were going to be an issue become unimportant during the trip. The child’s behavior and adaptability during the trip may be a welcomed surprise.

Exploring Portugal by Car

Playa  Carvoeiro , Algarve - Portugal
Playa Carvoeiro , Algarve - Portugal

Driving around Portugal is undeniably one of the best ways in which to appreciate the country. But visiting motorists should come prepared for the occasional terrifying moment behind the wheel as the driving of local Portuguese can sometimes be downright dangerous.

High accident rates from speeding and reckless driving have prompted the authorities to come down hard on those who break the rules. This means that it is essential for those who are planning to see the country by car to brush up on the local regulations before setting off.

Lisbon is the usual starting point for most motoring tours of Portugal, but the driving seat is not the best place from which to experience everything the capital has to offer. This is one place where you should put your keys in your pocket and a stroll around the magnificent architecture, enjoy a seafood lunch in a pavement-side restaurant, and sample the drinks and live music in the establishments of the Bairro Alto or a night in one of the capital’s many marvellous hotels.

Once you’ve had your fill of Portugal’s star attraction, consider concentrating on the Algarve, in the south of the country. This is the place for those looking for beaches, or who only have a short time to explore this magnificent country. Less than an hour from the bustle of the capital by car is the town of Sintra, which is surrounded by tree-covered hills, and not far from here is the ancient village of Evora. Visit Portugal in August and you might catch the Sudoeste festival which takes place between Lisbon and the Algarve in early August.

On the south coast are the cities of Lagos and Sagres, which face out onto the Atlantic Ocean. There are some stunning coastal views to take in here as well as a great many secluded, and not so secluded, beaches. It is worth taking a break from driving as often as possible to sample the local, ever so fresh seafood.

If beaches and golf courses aren’t really your thing, then away from the resorts of the coast is the peaceful town of Monchique, where the air is fresh and the hills are wooded. A drive under the canopy of the Foia Forest really is a joy.

The Douro Valley is another area not to be missed while exploring the country by car. Located in the north of the country, the valley has been designated a national park and has some stunning, barely inhabited landscape to travel through. It also has some extremely good vineyards, and it might be worth ditching the car for a day to go sampling the local wine and port.

Because Portugal is a relatively small country, travelling around by car is not the daunting task it appears to be in some of its European neighbours. It also only has a population of 11 million, meaning that it does not take long to escape the crowds of the cities and get out into the relatively deserted countryside.

However, there are still places where visitors congregate in order to let their hair down and have a good time, and there are plenty of historical and cultural sights to explore. The weather can be fabulous and the beaches can be a distraction. Just remember to be aware of other less attentive motorists on the roads.

John wrote this guest post on behalf of Alamo who provide car hire Faro and across Portugal.

Choosing the Right Beach Safari in Kenya

Looking for a vacation that ventures from the norm? Safari beach vacations in Kenya may the answer. Travel Kenya to explore wildlife, other cultures –  and beautiful white sand beaches.

Mombasa Island, Kenya

Mombasa Island is the second largest city along Kenya’s coast and one of the most popular beach destinations. The city’s ethnic diversity includes Asians, Arabs and Blacks, and Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Islamic faiths.

Mombasa’s incredible business district is the place to buy everything from Calvin Klein jeans and safari shoes to vegetables, meats and fruits.

Diani Beach

Diani beach is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and forests and home to world-class resorts and hotels offering mostly 4 and 5 star accommodations. Diani Beach is also known for the massive coral reef that is ranked the third most popular in the world. While the area is primarily characterized by calm waters, waves are strong as they break over the reef. The water is a calming turquoise blue, the beaches are white powder sand and as many of the areas – the perfect getaway.

Resorts, hotels and sea lodges provide water sports like sea surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing, deep sea diving, wreck diving, snorkeling, parasailing, beach parachuting, boat sailing, jet skiing and kayaking. Beach volleyball and deep sea fishing are also available.

The hotels also have fresh water swimming pools with pool bars, air conditioned rooms, ensuite bathrooms, room service, tropical gardens, shopping, variety of cuisine and cyber cafes.

Tiwi Beach

Tiwi beach is another beach recognized for its serenity and solitude. The area is undeveloped and accommodates tourists who prefer an area that is quiet and not crowded – great for couples that want to bask in the sun and each other’s company virtually uninterrupted.

Because of the solitude, this beach is slightly more exclusive than other beaches in Kenya. There are several beach resorts in the area. Additionally, several beach cottages are available that will house four or more individuals at a time. Many of the cottages have perfectly manicured gardens surrounding the facilities and numerous amenities.

Other Beach Areas

Visitors also check out Likoni Beach, Shimoni Beach, Jadini Forest, Nairobi National Park and Mount Kenya National Park.

Wildlife Safari

Those who want a full travel safari experience including wildlife can include a day-and-a-half tour along with their beach experience. During the safari, individuals will view Tsavo lions or visit the Masai Mara reserve. The reserve is home to more than 450 species of birds, plus giraffe, rhinoceros, gazelles, cheetahs, zebras and impala. Balloon safaris are also available to view the Masai Mara reserve, as are walking safaris. Day trips from most of the popular resorts will only cost approximately $20.

Bed and breakfast Scotland

Scotland has always been one of the most favourite tourist’s destinations. It has attracted people from all around, who flock in here together mostly to enjoy its rich scenic beauty. And as if that was not enough to attract people, ScotlandScotland Map continues to give the tourists new excuses to make them want to visit the place over and over again. The latest new excuse is the amazing bed and breakfast Scotland offer to the visitors!

The hotels in Scotland have never failed to please the guests. However, these days when you go looking about for the perfect holiday accommodation, Scotland surely has developed its hotel management skills a lot. When it comes to hotels and bed and breakfast Scotland is surely not behind the changing times. They make sure that you can get all possible service facilities in these hotels that you may desire.
Continue reading Bed and breakfast Scotland

Top Four Beaches in New South Wales Australia

Beaches in Australia are characterized by their pristine soft white sand and crystal clear blue waters. Many of the beaches are ideal for surfing, snorkeling, diving and numerous other activities. Visitors of Australia will enjoy nearly 16,000 miles of coastline. New South Wales Australia is a year round destination. Some experts recommend November to March for a beach holiday. Other experts suggest that June, July and August are the peak beach months. Travel dates will depend on your availability and personal preference. The temperature during this time ranges from 19 degrees Celsius to 31 degrees Celsius. Though Australia officially enters winter in July, the weather is still pleasant during these months.

New South Wales Australia is home to some of the top beaches in Australia. Peering through the clear ocean waters, travelers will view some of New South Wales most breathtaking sites. The coral reef barrier is one of the largest in the world. Sydney alone has over 70 beaches where guests may enjoy this national treasure, as well as, indigenous wildlife such as dolphins. Whether you are seeking a relaxing day at the beach or an island adventure, our New South Wales beach guide can recommend a beach to cater to your needs.

Manly Beach, New South Wales

This beach is one of the well known beaches in Sydney for scuba diving, surfing, sailing, biking or volleyball. The area also attracts numerous artists to capture the beauty of the mountainous landscaping juxtaposed with the cycling blue waves. The name was given by Captain Arthur Phillip. He thought the indigenous people were characterized by the term, “Manly.” Visitors should consider the beauty of Manly Beach for their beach holiday.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most famous and well-known beaches. This beach is a mile long and is coveted by surfers, hikers, backpackers and true nature lovers. Whale and dolphin sightings are not uncommon at this particular beach. Bondi Beach was the host of the 2000 Beach Volleyball Olympics. The beach also features events such as Sculpture by the Sea, World Environment Day and Flickerfest. These events are held annually and bring visitors to the beach from all over the world. Hotel Bondi is a famous landmark of the area. This hotel features numerous bars and restaurants.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is located on the North Coast of Sydney. This beach is characterized by white sandy beaches and ideal surf breaks. Long boarders especially enjoy this stretch of the beach. The waves are often long and tubular. Surfers feel as though they are riding on a pocket of air. Dolphins are not uncommon in this area and may often approach surfers or swimmers near Wategos. Beach goers of all types enjoy Byron Bay’s immaculate beaches.

Hyams Beach

The Guinness Book of World Records has recorded Hyams Beach as having the “whitest sand in the world.” Hyams is a quiet beach recommended for a romantic excursion. There are numerous cottages and resorts catering to both couples and single travelers. Gourmet restaurants and cafes are available for the guests to enjoy as well.

Pebbly Beach

This beach is famous for its frequent visits by kangaroos. If you are searching for a wildlife adventure, Pebbly Beach has all the essential components of a beach vacation: Beautiful scenery, interesting rock formations, sand and surf. This beach requires a drive, but is worth the opportunity of viewing the kangaroos up close and personal. Because of the abundance of kangaroos, the beach is associated with a National Park and is considered one of the park’s main attractions. Birds, such as parrots and goannas are also indigenous to the area. Hilly grasslands, along with tidal rock pools, are not uncommon in the area. The beach is also conducive to surfing, as well as, surfing.


Beach vacations are a glorious way to relax and unwind. Australia’s beaches are some of the most coveted beaches in the world because they not only offer sand and surf, but beautiful underwater exploration. Activities are numerous for those who desire active beach vacations. Most of the beaches are within one hour or less of an area with cosmopolitan nightlife and bars. This type of activity is often within a few minutes of the beach area. Australian beach vacations will impress even the well-traveled individual.

Campervan Holidays in Australia

Travelling in a campervan in Australia with your family can be fun, especially if you rent or own a nice and comfortable vehicle where you can all sleep and enjoy the sights and the company. Australia has many attractive, touristy locations where you can go, most of them are located on the coasts where you can swim in the light blue waters of the coral ocean or dive in its reefs. A great trip to plan and take with your family during the summer is a trip from Port Douglas to Melbourne or vice versa.

Image by Christian Haugen

The distance between the two cities is roughly 1,474 miles. Most people enjoy the drive up the Sunshine Coast driving slowly and staying a couple of days in campervans along the way to rest and enjoy the ocean. There are many campervan parks along the way where you will find every commodity you need, running water, electricity, restaurants and even swimming pools to bathe in when you are tired of the ocean.

Port Douglas is a great place to visit, in fact it is unique in itself. Here you will come in contact with amazing ocean creatures which swim in the coral reefs and in the crystalline waters, huge white sand beaches where you can catch the rays or wander about. Four mile beach is another beautiful spot where you find small cafes and bars on the edge of the beach where you can enjoy an afternoon or lunchtime with your family and friends. When you grow tired of the beach the fun continues, it is time to move into the rain forest on a trip upriver to take a look at crocodiles and beautiful birds in their natural habitat. When travelling to Port Douglas, it is also an opportunity to visit Cairns, one of Australia’s major cities.

Mackay is another place you cannot miss on your way to Melbourne, it is another natural paradise besides the ocean. In Mackay it is possible for you to leave your campervan and take an overnight cruise out to the barrier reef, the most impressive and the largest coral reef in the world. It is totally unnecessary to mention the beauty you will see there and the great service cruise ships have on the way. Another option in Mackay is wild, unvisited, untamed rain forest. Here you have the chance to enjoy the animals and the plants in the forest from a different angle; you take a canopy ride and look at the forest from above.

Brisbane is another possible stop on your way; it is a vibrant city that prides itself for its restaurants and entertainment industry. Shows and musical events are a permanent occurrence in Brisbane where the people are friendly and enjoy tourists and their visits. Brisbane has something for everyone in the family, great historical buildings to visit, amusement parks, wild life reservations and picnic parks, the shopping district is also a place to visit and spend the day in.

Other possible places where you and your family can spend a couple of days visiting landmarks and zoos, or just having a good time at the beach or other resorts are Port Macquarie and finally Sydney. Australia has many places which you and your family will enjoy visiting, taking time off to enjoy them together is great opportunity you should not miss. It is important that before you leave your home all the plans and projections are in place. Make reservations ahead of time, check the news so you know if there are any climatic changes, check your campervan to make sure the motor, tires and everything else is in working order and finally get everybody inside and hit the road.

Emma is an experienced travel writer and contributes to a number of online travel blogs on a regular basis. She recommends that you take the time to enjoy a little luxury even when on a campervan holiday. It can give you a good chance to unwind, particularly if you are travelling with the family. If you are travelling to Port Douglas, she recommends you stop overnight in one of the many cheap Cairns hotels that are available. If need be, get separate rooms to the kids, just to give everyone some alone time.

Working on a Cruise Ship

Could Working on a Cruise Ship be Your Travel Dream Job?

Working on a Cruise Ship
Working on a Cruise Ship

If you are dreaming of travelling the world while working at the same time, have you considered looking for employment on a cruise ship?

Imagine waking up each morning in a different beautiful port city as you make your way through tropical islands on peaceful Caribbean cruises! Getting a job on a cruise also means that you will be working with interesting travel-minded and enthusiastic people from all over the world.

There are many different job opportunities on a cruise ship. Food service staff and housekeeping are always needed, but there are also positions for child care providers, tour guides, medical staff, security officers, retail assistants and a lot more. No matter what type of job experience you have, chances are that there will be a position on a cruise ship which would suit you.

One of the other major advantages of working on a cruise ship is also that you can have the potential to save a lot of money. You will be paid a wage, and your accommodation and food will all be free. With no bills or rent to pay, you will save a huge chunk of your earnings which is great if you are planning another big travel trip after your cheap Caribbean cruises adventure.

The Reality

Before you get too excited and think that working on a cruise ship would be 100% amazing all the time, don’t forget that there are some disadvantages as well. First of all, it is very difficult to get a job on a cruise liner and so the job application process will be somewhat of an ordeal. Also, working on a cruise ship can mean that you work long hours, and often work every day of the week.

You will also have to get used to living on the cramped quarters of a ship. You will not have a lot of personal space, and might be sharing a cabin with someone else. If you suffer from seasickness or don’t like sleeping in a room with no windows, you might not be comfortable living on a cruise ship.

How to Get The Job

If you have read through the following section and think, “yeah, I could handle that,” and you want to get started on the path to becoming a cruise ship worker and sailing away on exciting cheap Caribbean cruises, what is the first step in the job search process?

  • First of all, make sure that your CV is current and looks as impressive as possible. Include any relevant experience and training for the position you are applying for. Write a well crafted cover letter which highlights the reasons why you are a great candidate for the position.
  • Always target your CV to a particular position, rather than applying for any position available.
  • If you are not picky about where you travel to, you will have more choice of positions, so apply to everything from cheap Caribbean cruises to luxury Scandinavian cruises and other positions all over the world!
  • If you get an interview with a cruise line, it can be a good idea to do some research on the company in advance so that you appear knowledgeable.
  • If you get the job, you will need to take medical exams, receive a first aid qualification, and obtain any relevant visas for the country you will be working in.

Good luck!

Interested in exploring the many aspects of the Caribbean? Book your cheap Caribbean cruises today!

Luxury Restaurants in Pearl City, Hawaii

Pearl City, Hawaii Offers Wide Selection of Tasty Restaurants
Pearl City, Hawaii is in Honolulu county, 9 miles Northwest of the city of Honolulu. It is part of Honolulu’s metropolitan area and it’s estimated that 31-thousand people live in it. An unofficial count puts the number of Pearl City restaurants at 46. Opening a new restaurant within Pearl City real estate can be difficult, but not undoable, since financing for it will require lots of paperwork. In order to come up with the money to pay for Pearl City real estate for a restaurant, most borrowers wind up getting three separate loans for the financing package. Usually, one is a commercial real estate loan, another is a straight commercial loan, and the third is a line of credit. There are a wide selection of luxurious restaurants in Pearl City, for all palates and tastes.

The Pearl
The Pearl is a restaurant run by culinary students at Leeward Community College. The ambiance is soothing and comfortable, with window views of Pearl Harbor. The restaurant decor is simple but modern, with real stemware, tall ceilings, white linens, and an attentive wait staff. The Pearl gets a 4.5 rating out of 5. Since it is school-based, The Pearl only serves lunch three days a week.
The Pearl
96-045 Ala Ike St
Pearl City, HI 96782
Tel: +1-808-455-0475

Spicy Ahi & BBQ
This is a popular Japanese Korean Seafood Barbecue restaurant. Patrons report that although this is a small place, it more than makes up for it by serving huge portions. The floors are made from attractive bamboo and the service is lightening quick. It’s menu offers salmon katsu, fried oysters, broiled saba, and of course, the spicy ahi, along with sashimi and sushi. Spicy Ahi gets a 4-star rating.
Spicy Ahi & BBQ
98-1254 Kaahumanu Street, A-13
Pearl City, HI 96782
Tel: +1-808-488-4851

Buzz’s Original Steak House
This restaurant sits on the beach, and offers a tropical ambiance. It has a small deck, with a varnished koa bar, the furniture is rattan and the walls are coated with snapshots and pictures of surfers. Many of Buzz’s offerings relate to the sea, but not all. The lunch burgers include a mushroom garden burger, there’s a popular artichoke appetizer, and of course, the fresh catch, and steak-and-lobster combo plates. Dinner offerings are priced higher, but include Alaskan king crab legs, prime rib, fresh fish, and a well-stocked soup and salad bar. Buzz’s is rated 3.9 out of 5.
Buzz’s Original Steak House
98-751 Kuahao Place
Pearl City, HI 96782
Tel: +1-808-487-6465

Souvaly Thai Cuisine
Souvaly is a Thai restaurant in Pearl City right across from the Pearl City Shopping Center. It serves Thai Laotian dishes which translates into coconut milk curries, pad thai, stir-frys, crispy chicken, fish entrees and seared pork chops. Diners rave about the food at Souvaly and give it a 4.8 rating out of 5.
Souvaly Thai Cuisine
803 Kamehameha Highway, Unit 203
Pearl City, HI 96782
Tel: +1-808-455-5888

Flamingo Restaurant
Stepping into Flamingo Restaurant is like taking a step back in time. The decor is straight from the 1970’s, and neither the menu or possibly some of the waitresses have changed. The furniture is dark, the lighting is on the yellow side and the seating is mostly in booths. But the breakfasts, lunches and dinners at Flamingo get rave reviews. Locals say it’s the only old-time comfort mom and pop restaurant left on the island. And like the old times, their dinners offer soup or a salad, rolls, a drink, an entree of your choice, and a dessert. For an extra 50-cents you can order the homemade Banana Pie. Recommended dishes are Chuckwagon Fried Chicken, Hamburger Steak, Chicken Cutlet, Spaghetti and Meatballs. The Flamingo offers a Japanese breakfast with Saba or Mahi Mahi, and the American breakfast is an all-you-can-eat pancake spread with eggs and portuguese sausage, ham or bacon.
Flamingo Restaurant
803 Kamehameha Highway
Pearl City, Oahu, HI 96782-2680
Tel: +1-808-456-5946

Gyotaku on King Street does a brisk bento business during the day, offering reasonably priced combo plates including butterfish, tempura, saba and teriyaki beef. But in the evening, the Gyotaku dining room’s playful sense of humor comes out. For sushi, there’s a Fuzzy Wuzzy Roll or Pele Lava Roll and a Poke Don – like donburi, except with ahi poke instead of the more traditional egg and chicken. The trademark appetizer, Pokechose, is Japanese nachos with won ton strips, furikake, sprouts, avocado and seafood all on one platter.
98-1226 Kaahumanu St
Pearl City, HI 96782
Tel: +1-808-487-0091