A Guide to Tahiti’s Unmissable Natural Attractions

Tahiti has long had a reputation for being a tropical paradise – and it’s easy to see why. Made up of some 18 islands Tahiti boasts lagoons of turquoise blue, coral reefs, mountains, and white sandy beaches overlooked by palm trees. Whether it’s soaking up the sun, exploring coral reefs, or going on a hike through challenging terrain, Tahiti offers something for the traveller who is in search of the truly exotic.

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The Waterfall Valleys Of Tahiti

Set in basalt peaks surrounded by ferns, Tahiti’s waterfall valleys are a treat for the eyes – if somewhat off the beaten track. Here you’ll find the mysterious lava tubes of Hitiia and the spectacular Fautaua Waterfall. At a height of nearly a thousand feet Fautaua Waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls on Earth. The volcanic backdrop helps to make this waterfall in particular one of the most notable places to visit in Tahiti. However, if you want to discover the Fautaua Valley without any guides you’ll have to get an access permit. There are tours available to the crater lake Lake Vaihiria, and these will also travel through valleys of major archaeological significance.

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The Lagoon Sanctuary, Bora Bora

ANZCRO are a travel company that offer Tahiti Holidays that will allow you to take in all aspects of Tahiti. These include being able to visit Bora Bora, which is considered one of the world’s most romantic locations. Bora Bora is also one of the most famous of Tahiti’s islands, and US News has called it “the best island in the world”. The Lagoon Sanctuary on Bora Bora is suitable for the whole family and is home to over a hundred eye-catching marine species, including rays, fish and octopuses. You’ll also be able to see other marine creatures that live in the area. Snorkelling tours of the lagoon can be undertaken while assisted by a guide, with one tailored for children, and one for adults. There is also the chance to feed the fish or octopuses, and look at coral grafting exhibits. The Lagoon Sanctuary is open for people to visit throughout the year.

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Great Diving Opportunities On Tahiti Nui And Tahiti Iti

Tahiti is a great place for divers to enjoy viewing colourful sea life close up. The waters around Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti are especially good for diving, and some of the best sites include Papa Whiskey, St. Etienne Drop-Off, Tetopa Grotto and Lagoon Hole. Papa Whiskey is an area rich in damselfish, while moray eels can be seen with an array of small, colourful fish at St Etienne Drop-Off. Tetopa Grotto is alive with crustaceans, pufferish and coral, while leopard rays are among the magical sights to be seen at Lagoon Hole.

Stone fishing, an Xtreme KAP session…
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