5 Things That Make a Staycation Special

There is a new trend in travelling right now that, at first, seemed a bit odd to think about. The term “staycation” is being tossed around recently, a word used to describe vacationing at home or at least within the vicinity of your home town or city. This confuses a lot of people because the main purpose of a vacation is to travel a significant distance away from where you live to experience new surroundings and meet different people.

5 Things That Make a Staycation Special

5 Things That Make a Staycation Special

So let us imagine a scenario: You just bought houses for sale with McGrath or some famous real estate company and you had the urge to explore the new city where you will be living in the future years. It is a beautiful community but you haven’t really explored it that much. So, you decide to check out hotels, restaurants, parks, shopping sites, and other nearby attractions. You then thought of taking time off to visit these places and get to know your city better.

That can be considered a staycation. But what is the difference between a staycation and a normal weekend adventure? Well, here we list down things that make staycations special:

Completely disengage from work at least for a few days

Take this time to remove yourself from the stress of deadlines and reports. The best thing about staycations is preparing for is already hassle-free, and experiencing it is pure nirvana. So try not to think about work, even for only a few days and you will feel recharged once you get back to doing it.

Get into total vacation mode without breaking bank

Because you did not really need to spend too much on transportation, or splurge on hotel accommodation, you get to be in total vacation mode without worrying about the budget that you have. You can still check-in a hotel, book a spa treatment; but you will find that the expenses have become far more affordable because you do not need to spend on airfare or car rentals.

Brunch all the way

The best thing about vacations is finally getting the chance to work out and then eat a sumptuous brunch afterwards. You will feel refreshed, healthy, and most of all, happy.

Less time spent on your phone

Not that using it during your staycation is bad, but you have an option not to be on social media where might feel pressured to update everyone. Best of all, you have an option to ignore calls from work and to completely detoxify yourself of problematic people.

Treat yourself to an amazing dinner

You can cap off the day with an amazing dinner. You can either cook the dinner or reserve a table in a restaurant you have always had your eye on. Eat steaks, drink wine, order dessert; whatever you want. Just make sure you are having a fun time.

Staycations can also be spent with your friends, if you want. So long as you are enjoying your time in the city. The best way to plan a staycation is to assume that you do not know the city full well, and chances, you really have not explored it yet. So go on and research about hole-in-the-wall spots and other destinations you can visit to rediscover your city.

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