Three Romantic Activities to do in Bali

Romantic Activities in Bali
Romantic Activities in Bali

Without a doubt, Bali, Indonesia has been popular destination for romantic getaways. Honeymooners planning to take a drip down to the South East will definitely have a wonderful time enjoying the breath-taking attractions and sceneries it has to offer. Here are the top activities you can line up in your Bali vacation itinerary:

Horseback Riding

For whatever reason, horses have always been a fascinating creature for humans.  And many Western women absolutely fall in love every time they see a horse.  So, along the lines of that thinking, a superbly romantic idea would be to go horseback riding during your Bali vacation.

This is perhaps the best and most majestic way to see the island up close and personal.  The horses know the lay of the land better than most humans and are trained to provide you with the most comfortable ride of your life.  And the sheer beauty and elegance of the horses is enough to make even the most stone-hearted come apart.  There are almost countless stables located in Bali, so it is up to you to decide what areas you wish to explore.  If you are looking solely for romance, then a brisk walk down one of the glorious beaches is definitely the answer.  Many of the guided tours stop at beautiful locations such as waterfalls and caverns.  And if the weather is right, you may even be able to swim with the horses, which is not an experience you will soon forget.

A Private Villa Rental

Nothing says romance like curling up in a breathtakingly beautiful villa on the ocean shores.  If romance is your game, make sure to book a villa that offers a lot of privacy.  That way you can ensure that you and your loved one have time for what matters most: each other.  A villa rental in Bali can vary widely in terms of cost, so it is important to know what you are looking for.  A quick search online will give you a great idea of what is available and what the most romantic hot spots indeed are.

Getting Pampered in the Spa

Statistically speaking, men are more likely to use a spa than women.  But there is no good reason for this.  An afternoon at a spa can be just as relaxing for a man as for a woman and can in fact turn out to be an extremely rewarding experience.  And why not, you’re on vacation!  So take full advantage of any one of the great number of wonderful spas on the island.  You can have the stress worked out of your body with a full traditional Balinese massage, or enjoy a tropical aromatherapy flower bath made especially for the two of you.  There is no way to go wrong with a visit to the spa, as the owners have made a worldwide reputation of providing the absolute best in comfort and relaxation.  The Balinese believe that complete relaxation can only be accomplished by a number of interconnected means.  They will induce your sense of smell, relax your muscles and relax your mind.

And once you leave the spa, you still have the entire night ahead of you to grab a beautiful dinner on the beach and go for a moonlit walk.  Whether it is your honeymoon or just a romantic getaway, you are sure to leave even more in love than when you arrived.

Top Honeymoon Destinations

Although some marriage traditions are now considered outdated in the modern world, one part of the proceedings that’s never lost its appeal is the romantic holiday for the bride and groom, allowing them to celebrate their new wedded lives. Although couples often look for different things from honeymoon destinations, there are a number of common factors that make some destinations clear winners.

Part of the appeal of honeymoons is the chance to get away from it all and spend some time together without the distractions of everyday life. This helps explain why remote island destinations are so enduringly popular with honeymooners, offering idyllic scenery and the chance to relax in solitude in some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

There are many destinations around the world that qualify, so it’s up to the personal preferences of couples which one they prefer, and which one they can afford. Whether it’s the tropical Indonesian paradise of Bali or sunny Acapulco in Mexico – famously the honeymoon destination of the Kennedys – the classic ideal of the honeymoon escape is alive and well.

Still, that doesn’t mean tropical islands will necessarily suit every couple, and the diversity of the Earth’s climate and geology means there’s no limit to your honeymoon options. Some honeymooners opt for the decidedly colder climes of destinations like Alberta, Canada, where an energetic day of skiing, hiking, horse riding or white water rafting can make relaxing in a warm hotel room in the evening even more enjoyable.

You don’t have to escape the human race on your honeymoon, of course, and you could still enjoy a great holiday with your partner by heading to destinations more associated with family outings – like Walt Disney World or Universal Studios Resort in Florida. The accommodation at these popular theme park resorts is of the same high standard as other international destinations, and you’ll have everything you need in close proximity to unleash your inner child and enjoy an exciting honeymoon together.

If you and your partner are lovers of art, culture and history, there are many majestic cities across Europe that could be ideal for a cultural honeymoon too. Consider Florence, Italy, to experience some of the world’s most magnificent art and finest cuisine, where it’s just a short train journey to other enticing destinations throughout Italy – from romantic Venice to the gorgeous Amalfi coast.

Whether you prefer the sun, sea and sand of Mauritius holidays or the urban bustle of New York or Paris, your honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to indulge yourself on your dream break.

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A luxury hotel deal? Now it is possible

I have been travelling in several countries worldwide with more activity in Europe and central Asia but also some travel in the USA and Middle East, which, guess, is more related to business than leisure or holiday travel.

In my experience a hotel stay from a 4 star hotel and above, say 5 star and 5 star luxury hotels is a pleasant condition for any kind of travel and if possible, at least some times if not always, a luxury hotel stay should be in our plans.

These luxury hotels are quite expensive and it is good to know that, even in this luxury business, discounts and deals can be possible.

Let’s take a very popular city in the USA as New York,a very rich city considering both the tourist and business offer. We can run a search for New York luxury hotels and see if there are discounts available. As an example we run a search for arrival 08 November 2009 and departure 15 November 2009 which makes a one week stay. The following luxury hotels in New York are offering discounted rates:

– The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel, five star hotel in Upper East Side Manhattan proposes this special offer and discount: “Stay 4 nights get the 5th night free,Upgrade to a suite and save”.

– The City Club Hotel, four star hotel in Midtown Manhattan proposal is: “Lastminute special – save 15%”

– Ink48, a Kimpton hotel, four star in similar location is offering a stunning “Save 48%” rate.

In my experience these are all good deals for a luxury hotel in New York City.

But let’s have a look to one entertainment destination and try, for the same period of time, to make a booking for a luxury hotel in Las Vegas.

The offers found in this case range from:

“Book Now and Save $20 Per Night,Get a $100 Wynn Resort Credit” of Wynn Las Vegas to

“$50 Gaming Credit, $25 Dinner Credit, & more” of the Venetian and the Palazzo or

“$50 Spa Credit Included – Also 4pm Checkout” of Trump International Hotel and

a great “Book Now and Save $20 Per Night,Get a $100 Encore Resort Credit” of Encore at Wynn Las Vegas.

Without many doubts it is presently a good time to make an attempt at some luxury travel considering that even the most luxurious hotels are offering discounted rates.

Indeed the mentioned offers are available at the time of writing the blog though at the time of the next search rates could be even better or different hotels may have promotional plans available.

Top Value Skiing for 2012

Balestrand Norway Great Fresh Powder

Even though we all love summer, many of us look forward to the winter season with great fervor. Before you know it, the 2012 ski season will be here and finding the best resort now will save you time later. Some of the most perfect ski resorts in the world have the best prices at the beginning and end of the season. Here are four ski resorts that will offer you the best bang for your buck in 2012.

Balestrand, Norway

Beautiful landscape and wide open ski areas make Balestrand a top destination year after year. For those that desire a bit more in the way of outdoor activity, the resort offers perfect opportunities for hiking and climbing. You can get great value ski hotels in Norway in the hills so be sure to pack a camera in order to take advantage of all of the amazing photographic opportunities in the stunning Saurdral ski area.

Bankso, Bulgaria

Outdoor activities at Bankso include downhill skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing. Some of the best times to be had at the resort are in the snowboarding competitions open to all guests. Head over to the Balkans Fun Park during your stay and try your hand at building your very own board jumps. December through May offer the best of the ski season so plan your vacation accordingly.

Bonhinj, Solvina

A total of 92 pistes dot the landscape of the Bohinj ski area. Several resorts offer guests a plethora of options when it comes to accommodations no matter the time of year. Artificial snow machines guarantee activities even if the winter weather isn’t cooperating. A variety of runs ensure that both the beginning and experienced skiers will find adventure on the slopes. A favorite site in the area is the pristine lake in Bled on which sits a central island with a beautiful church.

Kranjska Gora

The proximity of Kranjska Gora to Triglav National Park provides stunning views of the surrounding forests and nearby Alps. Because it borders the national park, Kranjska offers a variety of outdoor activities for the non-skiers in your group. Be sure to ski down Podkoren, the run utilized each year by those men competing for the Vitranc Trophy. So check the snow reports and see you on the slopes.

Dreaming About the Perfect Vacation?

Why just dream about a vacation getaway when it can become a reality that you can afford right now? You don’t have to travel far away to have a holiday filled with sun and fun. You don’t have to drain your savings account or take out a loan to cover the expense of a trip away, either. All you have to do is make arrangements through your travel agency to spend some time in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. In recent years, Cabo has become the preferred vacation spot for people of all ages, and this includes many of the world’s “rich and famous.”

Anything you are going to find on that tropical island resort, you are going to find in Cabo. Brilliant sunshine, warm waters, warm, sultry nights, and adventure and fun you can only imagine. You can rest and relax, and do absolutely nothing if you wish, or you can dance and party each and every night if you want to. Spend time in the ocean swimming, fishing, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing and much more. There’s no limit to the water activities available, and a large number of visitors spend their time doing at least one of these.

If you prefer to spend your time staying dry, or want to divide your time between land and sea, take part in any one of many adventures designed to get your blood and adrenalin pumping. If you have never tried a zip line tour, no is the time to do it. Soar high above Cabo taking in the sights from treetop level. Now, that’s exhilarating! If you are one of those people who seek the ultimate thrill-try bungee jumping-if you dare. Don’t just stand back and watch, take part in the fun!

There are so many things to see and do in Cabo San Lucas that you probably won’t have time for everything. This means that you are going to have to make a second trip back to pick up where you left off the first time, and it’s almost a guarantee that you will want to return. Most people do. Not only are there countless things to do, but the accommodations and amenities are first class, and you can choose from different resorts, condos, or private villas for your stay.

Talk to an agent associated with a travel agency to get information about Cabo San Lucas. Find out what is available, and the best time to schedule your trip. Discounts are often available, as well as package deals that include just about everything. Research Cabo online to see the beauty of the area, facts and other information about Mexico, and reasons why it is such a popular destination.

Explore the wonders of South India – a most exotic destination of India

India is a most diverse country and enjoys the benefits of climates and geography. India is popular for its arts, heritage, culture and diversity. India has got all the most exciting tourist destinations from east to west, from north to south and in the center. South India is a gem of India and well known traveldestination for travelers across the world. The enchanting atmosphere, amazing backwaters, lovely beaches and beautiful lush landscapes makes South India very popular in the global traveler’s community. South India is full of everything and its natural beauty cannot be explained in any words, it’s countless. It’s silly to write about South India, this magical land is Almighty’s creativity for humans to get heavenly experience on earth. It has been well said “Experience is the best teacher of life”, just visit this wonder land once in your life and I am 100% sure that this will become most memorable moment of your life. You will definitely visit it more than once to explore wonders of it as one week or two weeks tour are not enough to explore each wonder, whole life may falls shorter to that.

Surrounded by Arabian Sea in the west, Indian Ocean in the south and the Bay of Bengal in the east, South India is gifted with unlimited natural beauty and that’s why South India Tour has its own charm. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and union territories of Pondicherry and the Lakshadweep are Indian states that are known as parts of South India. All the states of South India have state government that is elected from voting by the people of the state together with Pondicherry. Lakshadweep islands come under Union Territory of India which is directly governed by President of India. South India’s diversity is visible in lots of things like in language, religion, ethics, etc. English is most popular and commonly spoken language of South India with other well known state languages like Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, etc. The striking feature of South Indian culture is that it is inhabited by people from different castes and customs. South India people have more command over English compared to Hindi (National language of India). South Indian people are very polite and soft spoken at the same time they are well bounded with their customs, cushions and culture.

All the states in South India Tours offers beautiful beaches, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, lovely backwaters, enchanting hill stations and ayurvedic treatments provides tourists relaxing and most exciting holidays tours as per their interests. South India got number of wildlife sanctuaries for nature lovers amongst them Bandipur wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka and Periyar wildlife sanctuary in Kerala are very popular. Munnar, Ooty, and Darjeeling are some of the popula hill stations that are covered with beautiful lakes, lush green forests, and tea and coffee plantations provides tourists relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoy South India beach tour with exotic sun bath in sandy beaches of Chennai and Kerala.

South India’s history far older and date back to 8000 BCE which have been evident on the carbon dating on the founded sculptures in the religion. As per Hindu mythology South India is the land from where god “Rama” crossed the sea by making a pool on floating stones on which his name was written to fight with most evil “Ravana” to bring back “Sita”. The research is going on the recently discovered bridge under the Indian Ocean between India and Sri Lanka which may be the supporting evidence to the mythology. The art work, temples, sculptures, monuments and their ruins still not let their charm and useful for historians to understand the ancient world. South Indian coasts are used to be trading shores for locals and foreign traders. Beauty is defined to be a harmony of all parts, in whatsoever subject it appears, fitted together with such proportion and connection, that nothing could be added, diminished or altered, but for the worse. It is a quote by Alberti, which relevantly describes the architectural beauty of the architectural marvels of South India. Incredible South India is famous across the globe for its stupendous and fascinating architecture. Here each and every architectural establishment speaks for itself. The Ajanta and Ellora caves, Khajuraho temples and Konark temple are some of the well known examples of arts work.

South India is home to most famous like Godavari, Krishna, Tungabhadra and Kaveri that is important source of water, Narmada the biggest river after Ganges lows from here to northward. The central government of India is planning for connection of all rivers to solve current water needs of India and future needs. Spiritual people believe these rivers as deity and pay their tributes and because of that there are lots of interesting pilgrimage places and temples have been built near by the rivers. Some of the most interesting temples and pilgrimages are Tirupati Balaji Temple is an ancient and sacred temple of Lord Vankateswara is built on Tirupati Hill. It is the richest and highly revered shrine of India. People from across the world comes here to pay their homage and give expensive offerings to the temple to fulfill their wishes. Once their wishes fulfilled, some people come here to shave off their hair to donate it. Rishikesh is a haven for those with a spiritual quest and well known for its yoga and meditation centers. The temples here gives peace of mind. Kanyakumari in Trivandrum is one of the popular Hindu religious place. Meenakshi temple in Madurai is built for Hindu god Shiva and his wife Parvati, known here as Meenakshi, Rameshwamy Temples in Rameshwaram is one of the top holiest temple of India built for Hindu gods Rama, Kanchipuram city of Tamil Nadu is known as the city of thousands of temples and also recognized as one of the seven Hindu’s sacred cities, Mahabalipuram is famous for Kanchipuram and Kamakshi Temples and Brahadeeswarer Temple in Tanjore is thousand years old. Some of the characteristics of the phenomenal temples of South India are their exquisite carvings, monolithic pillars, sculptural motifs, meticulous designs, huge halls, big Gopuram(is the rising tower at the entrance of a temple which is decorated with carvings and painted with a variety of mythological themes), towering gateways and walled enclosures etc. There are thousands are temples are in South India and have their unique charm so if you are religious or believe in spirituality than South India got it all for you.

There are number of options and mix and match options available for tourists to enjoy their holidays with family or friends. So, Why you waiting? Nature is calling you just pack your pack your bags and let us know. We arrange all the facilities from airport pick up to guided Tours to South India. Our tourist don’t miss anything as we provide them wide range of popular places options to visit for like Bangalore, Mysore, Wayanad, Cannanore, Cochin, Kumarakom, Alleppey, Palai, Madurai, Tanjore, Pondicherry, Mahabalipuram, Chennai, Chettinad, Kovalam, Thottapally, Panjim, Hampi, Hyderabad, Ooty, Periyar, Madurai, Trichy, Mahabalipuram and many more to make their Tour to South India unforgettable experience.

Top 8 Fun And Frugal Travel Activities

So you want to take a vacation, but can’t afford to take an extravagant trip? Here are some tips to take an amazing trip that might surprise you.

frugal travel
frugal travel


You can actually find some amazing places within your state or even sometimes, your own town. Sites and activities that you probably didn’t even know were as close as a 10-minute drive can be such a pleasurable outing for the day.

In the town of Flagstaff, for example, there are so many little out of the way places that bring a sense of being ‘away’ from it all, and brings to light that going on a long expensive trip seems a little excessive. Only about 20 miles away from Flagstaff is a little canyon that leads to Sedona, AZ that has a year round creek, trout fishing, private cabins, fresh blackberries in abundance and a host of other amazing attractions. Red Rock has water pools and slides that are great swimming holes in the summer and are a great attraction to anyone that lives near there.


Camping is always a great ‘get back to nature’ getaway that is inexpensive. And – best of all, the basics of gathering wood, building a campfire, using a creek for water, sleeping under the stars, brings a sense of solitude, and relaxation and, a really great escape from city life, and every day responsibilities.


Taking a family bike ride, including a picnic lunch, can be a lot of fun for a family excursion. Most places have designated bike trails, and excellent park destinations and/or campgrounds in which to play and have some outdoor fun while enjoying your lunch.


My kids love growing a garden, and are even willing – when spring comes around, to do some of the digging, and cultivation of the dirt that is needed. They get so excited knowing that food will be growing soon, and planning what to plant and where to plant it can be so much fun. But, the watering and nurturing of plants can be so exciting, watching that first tomato or corncob start to form. My kids go out to the garden every day to see what might be ready to pick.


Indoor or outdoor crafts can be entertaining for hours, especially if at least one parent is involved. The creative juices really get flowing once you decide on what crafts you want to create. Making wooden signs, hand painted for the garden is always a fun activity. Painting the wooden furniture, or chairs in a unique manner, with some personal touches can mean lasting fun and create a sense of accomplishment.

My kids and I painted our outdoor sheds, and ended up painting faux windows on the sheds to make them look unique, and their creativity really made this fun.

The kids also painted our water tank, in one solid color, and then used acrylic paints to paint sunflowers and farm animals in random order, which made it adorable. When our neighbors come over the kids grab their hands to show them their creative handiwork. This gives them pride in ownership as well.


Every town has some kind of historical record of the town and it’s founders and early inhabitants. Children love knowing about where they are growing up, and the history behind their hometown. This is especially great if you can show them these things in a museum or gallery (photos and artifacts). My hometown is close to an Indian reservation and the museum displays the Navajo and Hopi Indian traditional wear, blankets and art. My kids loved learning about the Native Americans who lived in their hometown, before their time.


There is always a retirement home, animal shelter or animal sanctuary that could use help at any time. They are always understaffed, and would welcome a helping hand to help read to patients, or walk dogs, whatever they can use at the time. And teaching your children humble work such as this is something that they can take with them, into adulthood. Being an advocate for animals or a humanitarian is a great lesson to teach them.


Make sure that you get a subscription or a regular copy of the local activities newspaper or magazine to check for fairs, flee markets, art walks, outdoor concerts, and even open air farmers markets. These are great places to get out and enjoy the weather, with very little costs involved. Most of these kinds of places, depending on the town in which you live, are free or very minimal in cost.

And getting your kids involved in your local community would benefit them greatly, as well as not costing you an arm and a leg for a fun time.

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Cruise Lines Get More Environmentally Friendly for 2012

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Cruises are more popular than ever and can make for a memorable time. With all the concern about the environment today, many cruise lines are going green and becoming environmentally friendly for their cruises 2012 agenda. That way, eco-friendly customers can rest assured that the cruise line shares their environmental concerns. Here are ways that some cruise lines are not only offering amazing vacations but helping to save the planet, too.

1. Holland America Cruises took the first step in fuel savings by looking at the tides and using them to decrease the usage of fuel. Going against the tides takes more energy so the cruise line arranged the docking schedules to use the tides to the greatest advantage. Another way they save fuel is painting the outside of the ship with a silicone-based paint that decreases drag in the water. To help on cooling costs, they tint the windows to cut out some of the sun’s energy. Taking their eco-friendly attitude one more step meant using towels over again, using natural soap and green cleaners, and having low flow faucets and showerheads.

2. Family friendly Disney Cruise Lines are showing their environmental consciousness by starting a huge recycling program on board their ships. Practically anything that can be recycled is being recycled and that includes metal, cardboard, aluminum, and plastic. Any materials that can be used again are donated to places along their route that are in need. Disney Cruise Lines also uses lighting that saves energy and for onboard laundry, they use water that has been reclaimed from the cooling system. To save fuel, Disney Cruise Lines have taken steps to make their ships lighter.

3. Another cruise line that is going green is Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. They no longer use disposable table ware or plastic water bottles on their ships. To also reduce waste, they order bulk condiments to cut down on extra packaging. They look for ways to offer their guests options for reusing a product or using a biodegradable one. For fuel efficiency, they have modified the design of the hull of the ship, altered their motors, and repainted the ships to decrease drag. To the tune of 100 million dollars, they upgraded the water purification system to an environmentally friendly one.

Now when you go on a fabulous cruise, you don’t have to leave your eco-friendly beliefs at home. Your adventure will be even more enjoyable knowing the cruise ship is reducing its carbon footprint.

Where to Find the Best Caribbean Deals this Fall

Best Caribbean Deals
Best Caribbean Deals

Some of the islands in the Caribbean Sea are major tourist destinations.  During the Northern Hemisphere winter, travelers from colder regions flock to these tropical places for some sun, warmth and fun.  As demand rises, so does the price for flights, hotel rooms and vacation packages.  For those who travel before the cold weather truly sets in, the prices are more reasonable.  September, October, and even early pre-Thanksgiving November are the best months to visit the Caribbean if you are concerned about getting the most bang for your buck.  It is good to keep in mind that this is the end of hurricane season, so keep an eye on the weather forecast before departure, but remember than large storms, while spectacular, are not all that common.

Here are some of the best cheap Caribbean destinations.  For the best values, hit these islands during the fall.  That said, if you know where to look, you may even be able to get some great prices during the busy high season between December and March.

1. Aruba: This island, in the southern Lesser Antilles, is outside of Hurricane Alley.  That makes it ideal for off-season travel.  While it is dominated by resorts and casinos, there are some cheaper places to stay.  There are rental condos and apartments that can be had for well under $100 per night.  Because of its unique location and arid climate, there are plenty of outdoor activities on Aruba as well (Arikok National Park, for example, has hikes, rock formations and wildlife galore).  So there is no need to spend money on entertainment at a resort or drop your travel budget at the blackjack table.

2. US Virgin Islands: This US territory is known for its nature and for its laid-back populace.  The island of Saint John is a welcoming place where it is easy to live like a local.  Eating local, instead of at a resort or tourist area, can save a bundle.  The city of Cruz Bay has a few wonderful locally-owned eateries.  Also, unlike other islands, such as Jamaica, where wandering out of tourist areas is an invitation for trouble, things are relaxed and reasonably safe during the day on Saint John. There are also campgrounds and rental cottages for those who want to save money on sleeping and aren’t in search of a high end resort experience.  .

3. Grenada is another island where it is easy to live like a local.  This laid-back, safe island is home to beaches and highlands that are just as idyllic as any place in the Bahamas or Jamaica.  Local cafes outside of tourist areas serve full meals featuring local favorites for $2-$4.  Public transport, via privately owned mini-buses, can take visitors from one part of the island to another for no more than $10 for a whole day’s worth of travel.  Though some of the luxury villas on Grenada rent for thousands of dollars per week, there are also small, family-owned guesthouses where a room can be had for around $50 per night.

4. The small, comparatively-unknown island of Dominica sees the fewest tourists of any nation in the Caribbean.  It is known as the “Nature Isle” because of its lack of large resorts and the fact that vast parts of its landscape are mountainous and heavily forested.  With hot springs, plenty of cheap eco-resorts and campgrounds and some of the world’s most stunningly scenic waterfalls, there is plenty to do on Dominica.  Yes, the capitol city of Rosalie has a beach, but it is more known for the sea turtles that nest there rather than for its postcard-like tropical beauty.

5. The problem with many of these smaller destinations is that they are not as easy to get to as larger, more popular islands.  Traveling to Grenada may require a connecting flight and reaching Satin John requires a ferry trip.  The Dominican Republic has plenty of cheap flights, especially for those  in Miami and New York.  Weeklong packages are in the $600-$900 price range and there are plenty of guesthouses and rental apartments in the $30-$50 per night range.  This makes the Caribbean island one of the cheapest.  In addition, it is a large place compared to any of the Lesser Antilles.  So there will be plenty of options.  Your Dominican vacation does not only have to be centered around the beach.

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International Flight Booking, How it Works?

What you need to prepare in International Flight Booking are identification card, passport & visa. Visit booking service page or travel agent to check schedule and price.

international flight booking For those who plan to travel internationally for the first time, there are many things to prepare and it can be an intimidating task. Getting through the language barrier is one of the main concerns that people have to deal with. But, it will be an exciting journey and the other than getting the passport and visa, people should also make plan for the transportation and this is when the whole thing about international flight booking come to people’s mind.
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