Your Guide to the Most Popular Destinations in Cyprus

Cyprus is a small island floating across the majestic emerald waters of the Mediterranean sea. Behind its scenic landscapes, Cyprus is also home to a rich ancestral heritage that dates back to the early Greek and Roman antiquities.

Limassol Beach
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Set in a backdrop of captivating waters, picturesque greenery, and a formidable history, Cyprus today remains as one of the most frequented tourist destination in the world. With almost 4 million vacationers entering the air strips of Cyprus yearly, it is no wonder that Cypriot tourism has contributed much to the growth and stability of its country.

As this island is teeming with captivating sights at its every turn, traveling to this part of the world should be done with careful planning to avoid leaving out some of its must see spots. Here we round up the most popular cities that are home to the best resorts, museums, restaurants, architectures, and hotels.

Ayia Napa – Situated in the far eastern tip of the southern coast of Cyprus, Ayia Napa is a haven for beach and party lovers. Blessed with some of the world’s most pristine and serene beaches, Ayia Napa is famous for their incredibly warm weather that is perfect for bathing, tanning, and water sports.

Paphos – Formerly dubbed as the wild west of the island nation of Cyrpus, Paphos has now evolved to becoming one of the strongest players in Cypriot tourism and real estate. Owed to its rich cultural heritage and antiquated architectural marvels, Paphos is frequented by a steady influx of tourists all hoping to get a glimpse of the majestic Tombs of the Kings, House of Dionysius, and the Byzantine Museum. Nature has also enriched Paphos with its Paphos Bird Park, Aphrodite Water Park and the breathtaking Adonis Waterfalls.

Limassol – The largest seacoast resort in Cyprus, Limassol successfully combines natural and man made wonders with their seaside resorts, wineries, cinemas, and promenades.

Larnaca – Home to Cyprus’ foremost international airport, the city of Larnaca also serves as the passage way towards the magnificent mountains of Lefkosia and the famous Finikoundes promenade. The small city of Larnaca has also grown in prominence for is array of historical museums, churches, and libraries.

Platres – Settled under the slope of the Troodos Mountains, Platres offers tourists a respite from the sunny beaches and crowded promenades. Offering a relaxing trail beneath a canopy of forests and streams, Platres is a perfect spot for hiking and picnics.


Whether you are into beaches, museums, exotic foods, or nature trekking, visiting Cyprus will surely make all your vacation fantasies come alive.

When you are ready to book your hotels in Cyprus, visit to learn about available rooms, resort options, and private villas that can meet your travel needs.

6 Tips for Beach Travel

Tips for Beach Travel
Tips for Beach Travel

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Going to the beach can be a fun and exciting experience for people of all ages, especially if you’ve been land-locked your entire life and have never felt the sweet sensation of warm waves rolling over your body on a swelteringly hot summer day. A trip to the beach can be fun for the whole family, but there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind in order to maximize your fun and stay safe.

1) Pick the right beach

If you’re looking for a beach destination for your next vacation, make sure you pick a beach that fits your personality. The north Atlantic coastline is picturesque, but won’t be as warm as beaches in the Florida Keys. Likewise, beaches along the southern California coast are popular destinations that will probably be packed with people and businesses; however, Hawaii offers a number of secluded beaches that are off the beaten path.

2) Check the weather

Before you head out, make sure you check the weather so you’ll know what to bring and what type of weather to be prepared for.

3) Cover up

It can be tempting to wear your swimsuit all day at the beach, especially if you’ve never been to a great beach before. But you won’t know that you’re badly sunburned until it’s too late. Wear your swimsuit for swimming, but make sure you can cover up when not in the water and wear sunscreen as much as possible.

4) Stay hydrated

Being in the sun all day can be draining, so make sure you bring plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout the day. You may prefer to drink a nice cold soda, but the sodium can dehydrate you if you are not careful. Just make sure that you are drinking plenty of water along with any other beverages.

5) Plan meals

Depending on where you go, there may or may not be restaurants or stores nearby where you can purchase food. Check ahead of time to see if you will need to bring a cooler full of snacks and meals. Maybe you can even bring a hibachi grill and have a fun beach cookout at the end of your day of fun in the sun.

6) Leave it clean

When you leave the beach, make sure you clean up any trash in your area and leave the beach the way you found it. It’s important to maintain our beaches so that future generations can enjoy them as much as we have.

About the author: Diane Johnson graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in political science. When she’s not traveling she enjoys writing articles about Rasmussen College Online, reading books and shopping.

Family Holidays to Disneyland

If you want to book an extra special family holiday, Disneyland could be the ideal solution. One of the world’s most famous family attractions, a trip to Disneyland will be loved of children of all ages as well as the grown up’s.

From Haunted Mansions to Indiana Jones Adventures, there really is something for everyone at the Disneyland Resort. World renowned for special effects and memorable experiences, there are thrills, spills, rides and rollercoaster’s to be enjoyed.

You can even share a magical experience with some of your favorite Disney Characters thanks to Character Dining options, attractions and entertainment, enabling the whole family to get up close to some of the world’s most loved cartoon and movie characters.

As well as the famous theme park and water parks, you can also visit the fairytale Magic Kingdom Park or take a trip into the movie worlds at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Downtown Disney District also gives you a chance to dine, shop and enjoy the entertainment available along the promenade. There are over 20 different shops as well as the huge World of Disney store where you can buy all sorts of merchandise as a reminder of your trip away.

If you are planning a trip to Disneyland, take some time to work how to get around as there is plenty of ground to cover and hundreds of things to see.

Once you arrive at the Disneyland resort you should be able to easily navigate your way around using a special Disney map and the easy to follow signs. At the centre of Disneyland you can find the “Partners” statue of Walt and Mickey. From this centre point, the main parts of the park branch out.

Disneyland is spit into eight separate areas or ‘lands’; Main Street is south of the centre, Fantasyland is to the North, Tomorrowland is to the East and both Adventureland and Frontierland are to the West.
New Orleans Square, Critter Country and Mickey’s Toontown are the three newest lands and were added on after the five originals were built.

Each land is adjacently connected to the next so you can travel between different lands without having to first return to the entre. When you are actually inside the park, the Disneyland Rail Road is an easy way to get around.

When booking family holidays to Disneyland, remember there is a range of Disney Hotels you can stay in, making the whole experience complete.

There are different options to choose from, including Disney hotels with dining, shopping, gyms, health spas and pools. When staying in a Disneyland Hotel you will most likely benefit from a free park shuttle service though it is always best to check with the hotel before making reservations.


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Best Places for Horseback Riding on Vacation

Whether or not you have ever ridden a horse before, there are many places that now offer horseback riding experiences in some of the most beautiful places in America. This list will also be helpful for those who own their own horses and wish to learn of new destinations to trailer and ride at their leisure.

Asheville, North Carolina

Western North Carolina has a plethora of horseback riding experiences that you will cherish and never forget. The year-round, mild weather is perfect for scheduling your vacation whenever is convenient for you and your family, but the fall is the busiest time of the year, attracting millions of tourists to see the blanket of colorful leaves as they travel on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Asheville is home to the Biltmore Estate, the largest, privately owned home in America. You are welcome to trailer in your own horse, or take a guided tour on one of the stable’s horses and ride on the same trails George Vanderbilt rode on in the early 1900’s. Asheville is also close to the Great Smoky Mountains as well as Pisgah National Forest and less than an hour away is DuPont State Forest. DuPont is home to some of the most gorgeous waterfalls, and the trails are very equestrian friendly – offering permanent horse ties at each waterfall lookout as well as hundreds of miles of groomed trails with good footing and unbelievable views. Local stables offer guided tours and horse rentals at most of the national parks including the Smokies and DuPont.

Amelia Island, Florida

You know you’ve thought about it – galloping along the beach, bareback, the salty air blowing through your hair and the sound of hoof beats hitting the ocean water and wet sand. Although you might not be able to gallop along the beach, you can still enjoy an afternoon taking a nice stroll on horseback along one of the only beaches that allows it. Amelia Island is located on the northernmost section of the east coast of Florida and offers some beautiful riding on its white, sandy beaches bordering the cobalt blue ocean. There is a state-endorsed working ranch located on Amelia Island that offers guided rides for all ages.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Not just a place to gamble and stay up all night, but Las Vegas also offers some great horseback riding adventures just outside the neon lights and casinos. Nevada is also famous for its gorges and canyons, and you’ll get a chance to marvel at the beauty first hand. Steep trails along the ridges close you into the canyon while boulders jut out of the sandstone walls and enormous cliffs tower above you. Much of the land appears just as it had to settlers long ago, but atop of many of the ridges, you can view the famous strip, Lake Mead, and on clear days, the Grand Canyon.

Dubois, Wyoming

One of the largest states with one of the smallest populations, Wyoming is surely one of the best places to horseback ride on vacation. Located 50 miles away from Yellowstone National Park, Dubois offers miles of unspoiled terrain with ever changing views and endless opportunities to enjoy nature at its finest. If you have visions of the Old West, Wyoming is certainly the place to go as dude ranches scatter the area and offer visitors a chance to experience the life of a cowboy by participating in cattle round-ups, horseback riding, and living the life of a working rancher.

Vail/Beaver Creek, Colorado

Not just one of the best places in the United States to go skiing, Vail offers some of the best scenery to horseback ride as well. See the Rockies the way they were meant to be seen, from the back of horse! Vail has incredible weather, boasting over 300 days of sunshine, endless ridges and ranges, aspen forests, rolling meadows and open fields – there’s enough variety in terrain to please the most discriminating rider.

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All-Inclusive Honeymoons

Sandals Grande Antigua
Sandals Grande Antigua - Image by by kim.panian

When choosing a honeymoon destination, many couples often choose a place with soft sand and beautiful ocean views. A great option for honeymooners is to consider all-inclusive resorts because the last thing you will want to do on your honeymoon is be stuck at a hotel with nothing to do but watch allied satellite tv. If you book a stay at an all-inclusive resort, your trip is practically worry-free. One rate will take care of the costs of your entire stay. This includes not only meals and drinks, but also entertainment, tips, taxes, airport transfers and more. What all of this means is that you will not have any surprise costs and you will avoid reaching into pockets for tips. If you think an all-inclusive resort is the best option for you and your other half, there are many to choose from, but these are the top 5 all-inclusive resorts.

Jamaica, Couples Swept Away—Last year this Jamaican resort was recognized by Travel & Leisure with a “World’s Best Award.” Couples Swept Away features white sand beaches and tropical gardens that surround the resort provide the perfect romantic setting for honeymooners. You will have access to seven restaurants, each with their own specialties to enjoy. The inclusions that couples can take advantage of are romantic accommodations, unlimited fine, gourmet dining, entertainment each night, green fees for golfing, and much more.


Dominican Republic, Excellence Punta Cana—Just a few steps from the Caribbean Sea sits Excellence Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Here you will also find eight different restaurants with varying international cuisines. If you are looking for a cold drink, there are numerous bars and lounges all around the resort. Excellence Punta Cana is also well-known for its exciting activities offered. Some of the activities include cave exploring, whale watching, and zip lining. This resort is perfect for the active couple.


Mexico, El Dorado Royale—Another great site for active couples or even those who like to just sit back and relax is the El Dorado Royale in Mexico. At this resort there are so many things to do for all types of people. Activities that include hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, volleyball, and swimming are sure to keep restless couples busy. The spa at the resort will appease those just looking for pure relaxation. Options for dining and entertainment seem limitless. This Mexican resort boasts seven different restaurants, four bars, and ten swim-up bars.


Antigua, Sandals Grande Antigua—If you are looking for romance, the Sandals Grande in Antigua is just the resort for you. For the last twelve years this all-inclusive resort has been voted the “World’s Most Romantic Resort.” You will also have dining options at ten restaurants. Located on Antigua’s very famous beach Dickenson Bay, this resort and spa has all of the amenities necessary for the ultimate romantic getaway.


St. Lucia, Sandals Grande St. Lucian—In St. Lucia there are three different Sandals resorts, but the top pick is the Sandals Grande St. Lucian. At this resort, you are surrounded by incredible Atlantic Ocean beaches and mountain views. The seven restaurants at the resort are plenty, but Sandals offers a stay at one, play at three promotion. So you can take advantage of all of the restaurants and amenities at all three resorts. Many of the activities like kayaking, sailing, and snorkeling are included, while the spa and golf are optional. You will never run out of things to do in St. Lucia.


Book last minute to get the best holiday deal

I have been holidaying for many years now and the best way to grab a bargain is to book your holiday at the last deal Late deals are the way to go to get that half price holiday bargain. Travel agents have to slash the prices of holidays the nearer they get to departure, if they do not sell them they will just expire. Its better for them to get something for them instead of nothing at all. You can even try to haggle the price down even further if there is just a day or so left until departure. Make the travel agent an offer and you may be surprised at what they are prepared to accept, especially if you are buying your travel insurance through them, as they can make a nice commission on travel insurance. They may sell you the holiday at cost if they know they can make 50% on the travel insurance you take out. But be aware last minute holidays are in short supply, so you have to search pretty hard to get that holiday bargain. But I think its all the more satisfying if you have to do a little work for it.

Spring Festivals and Events of New Zealand

Enjoy Vibrant Spring Festivals and Exotic Events of New Zealand

With the onset of blooming flowers, springs days are back again in New Zealand. In spring, snow melts from mountain picks, warm winds blow, flowers blossom,whereas slumbering trees are ready to give fresh air and other new growth bursts forth throughout the country and new born lambs frolic in the fields just before dusk. After cool winter, spring brings festive time in New Zealand. Due to mild spring temperatures and lengthy days, people feel fresh and ready for new adventures. National calendar is packed with variety of events and festivals in spring and summer, which attracts curious tourists through out the World. New Zealand Spring is colorful and offers a diverse range of activities and events for holidaymakers. In New Zealand, spring falls in the months of October, November and December.

Spring Festivals and Events:

Taranaki Rhododendron and Garden Festival:  This festival takes place from October 29 to November 7, 2010 in New Plymouth. It is one of the New Zealand’s longest-running garden festivals, and programmed features guided walks, celebrity speakers, workshops and 50 open gardens, including 16 gardens of ‘regional’ and ‘national significance’.

World Rowing Championships 2010:  The event will take place from October 30 to November 7, 2010 and is expected to attract tens of thousands of cheering spectators. Event will take place at Lake Karapiro, which is south-east of the city of Hamilton. It is better to hire car from Hamilton as it takes only half an hour to reach Lake Karapiro. Rowing, dragon boat racing, hydroplanes and water skiing events will take place in World Rowing Championships.

Toast Martinborough: Toast Martinborough is staged in the small but celebrated Wairarapa wine growing region north of Wellington on Sunday 21st November, 2010.  This festival takes place to celebrate new release of the vintage wines and is centered around the charming Martinborough Wine Village. To reach Martinborough from Wellington many transport facilities are available, but Wellington car hire is best option which is available from airport and downtown of city.

Pohutukawa Festival – Coromandel Peninsula: This colourful festival takes place from November 19 to December 5, 2010. The Pohutukawa Festival is a celebration of New Zealand’s native Christmas tree. It is celebrated with art exhibitions, open gardens, concerts and a cafe crawl through this picturesque coastal region.

7in7 Challenge: It is a running competition event held from November 28 to December 4, this year. Event will take place on New Zealand’s seven most scenic and iconic walking tracks. 7in7 spectators this year are in for a treat, as the challenge takes in some of the best scenery in the South Island including many trails and walkways, which are considered accessible to casual walkers.

Tauranga Moana Seafood Festival: A chance not to miss to taste the most delicious seafood of New Zealand in this festival. This festival will take place on Saturday November 27, 2010, on the coast of Tauranga. Situated along the waterfront, the Tauranga Moana Seafood Festival is the perfect excuse to simply sit back, relax, enjoying enchanting music and delicious Seafood.

In order to enjoy all these festivals and events, the best option is to hire car. This will make your journey comfortable and you can reach these places in time without any hardships. Car hire is much easy and affordable in New Zealand.

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Top 5 Stag Destinations in Spain


For stag weekends away, Spain comes up trumps for so many reasons: year-round sunshine, world-class football, short flights and fantastic late night clubbing. Stunning beaches and passionate party towns aren’t hard to find in Spain, but for guaranteed stag heaven, here are the top five.


Extraordinary architecture, superb beaches and fantastic footy – a Barcelona stag do has it all, and more. When the sun goes down, start off with a San Miguel at the buzzy bars on Las Ramblas, before heading into the maze of steamy clubs, traditional tavernas and swanky bars – getting lost is a given, so go with the flow.



Join the rich and famous in the Costa del Sol’s celebrity playground. If you’re feeling flush, party on the exclusive ‘Golden Mile’ or flash your cash in Nikki Beach’s elite bars. Even in such luxurious surroundings stag weekends in Marbella don’t have to cost the earth. For a less pretentious side to the city, wander the narrow alleys, explore rustic bars and try freshly-grilled sardines; or charter a boat with your mates, go deep sea fishing and catch your own then see the night in with a beach barbeque and cold beers.



Spain’s capital has more bars and restaurants per person than any other Spanish city – no wonder its people know how to party! 24-hour fiestas, traditional bull fighting and fiery flamenco dancers – Madrid has energy like no other capital. But don’t forget to save some for the pitch. Get the boys together and challenge the locals to a game in the Royal Park, or take a tour of Real Madrid’s awesome Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

Lloret de mar
Lloret de mar

Lloret de Mar

From fishing trips to foam parties, Lloret de Mar is stag paradise. This Costa Brava beauty is renowned for its stunning beaches, stack of sporting activities and massive range of bars. Spend lazy mornings on the beach, race round the go-kart track, or re-live your childhood in the waterpark, before hitting the legendary casinos, clubs and karaoke bars.



Five miles of golden beach, over 2000 bars and a micro-climate that means warm days all year round, it’s not hard to understand why Benidorm is so popular for stag weekends. With more clubs, cabarets, pubs and strip bars than any other, this is a passionate party town. Sleep it off on the stunning beaches, or clear your heads with an afternoon of downhill mountain-biking in the lemon-grove covered hills.

What Can Vacationers Do To Reduce The Effects Of Jet Lag When They Travel On Commerical Airline Flights?

Many medical experts have found that air travelers usually experience a worse bout of jet lag when they fly from east to west.  In general, the more time zones that they cross, flying from east to west, the more severe their symptoms of jet lag will be.  However, airline passengers will only experience a milder bout of jet lag when their air flights are going from west to east. 

Travelers can fly north and south, or south to north, for thousands of miles without experiencing any jet lag.  But as soon as the pilot of the airplane starts to fly in an east to west direction and crosses more than one or possibly two time zones, they can experience jet lag. 

Passengers will not usually experience the symptoms of jet lag until they exit the plane.  That is the time when their biological clocks will start to make internal adjustments inside their bodies to coincide more closely with the local time at their destination.  If air travelers cross one, or even two time zones, their bodies can usually adjust very quickly.  However, if a traveler is in poor health or not feeling well before the flight, jet lag can compound the problemIn general, you should allow one day to recover for every time zone your airline flight crosses.

The following suggestions may help you lessen the effects of jet lag when you fly.   
If you can, try and get a good night’s sleep the night before you fly.  It’s better to be well rested and relaxed before flying. 

Eye shades, earplugs, and blow-up neck rests or pillows will help with your physical comfort.  It is a good idea to turn the air nozzle above your seat off to prevent the cold air from blasting down on you.  You may want to ask a flight attendant for a blanket to cover up so you don’t get cold.

An aisle seat is a better choice if you tend to get swollen feet and legs when you fly.  It is easier to get up and walk back and forth up and down the aisle occasionally to keep the circulation moving in your legs.  This will help prevent deep-vein thrombosis which can occur if the circulation in your legs gets obstructed or cut off for any length of time.   This is a serious medical condition that can happen when you fly.                            

Try to catch a flight that arrives at your vacation destination in daylight hours.  Immediately fit in with the new time zone and do not go to bed.  If you feel tired and want to take a short snooze, do it in a well lighted place.

In the evening, when you are tired, go to sleep in a darkened room.  The darkness will help prepare your brain for sleep.

If you can, avoid looking at television or computer screens as they are bright and have high frequencies that can easily over-stimulate your brain. 

Until your jet lag symptoms subside, do not consume alcohol or any drinks such as coffee and soda that contain caffeine, as they can disrupt your sleep.

You may want to consider taking a melatonin tablet or capsule (as many air travelers do) in the early evening (your time) to help you adjust to the time zone at your destination.  You may still have to take a dose of melatonin for the next three or four evenings in a row before you go to bed in this new location to help you readjust your biological clock.  If you have never taken melatonin before, you should ask your doctor or local pharmacist for more information in regards to the suggested dosage.

There is also a product called No-Jet-Lag in convenient tablet form available in some international airports, pharmacies and travel related stores in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, as well as in Asia.  This is a homeopathic remedy that is safe and effective.  Follow the suggested dosage on the bottle for the best results.


Dorothy Yamich has a passion for travel. She has lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe as well as traveled in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean.  She is a travel consultant and specializes in luxury cruises as well as vacation packages.  If you are looking for cheap airfares,  fabulous discounted luxury cruises and great holiday packages, visit:


The Do-Gooders Travel Guide- 3 Key Tips in Choosing Your Next Vacation

Choosing Your Next Vacation
Choosing Your Next Vacation

Who doesn’t want to take a break from work and the everyday worries of life and spend time in a foreign place? But, what would be even more amazing is getting the fulfillment of helping out someone in need in the process. The feeling that goes with service is one of great achievement and joy. Why not go back to work the following week feeling accomplished and knowing that you have bettered the life of someone else? If you want this feeling, the perfect trip for you would be a service trip.

You don’t need to travel far to be philanthropic. You could spend time around your own neighborhood for the week and volunteer at local soup kitchens and homeless shelters or you could travel to a foreign country with an organization whose purpose is to help. Start the decision by realizing that a service trip isn’t all about hard labor and going to the poorest region of a country. There are opportunities to assist the lives of others by just spending time with that person. Use your free time to help struggling people get back on the right foot. Where to start? Use these tips to plan a fulfilled vacation with something that you would enjoy.

Decide To Take Time off From Yourself

There are holidays and days off from work that can be spent with your family or days to just sleep in. These days can be spent as renewal time for you. Use those extra vacation days, no matter the number in which they may be, and decide that you’ve spent a lot of time in becoming who you are today, spend a few days in the hopes that someone will benefit from the person that  you have become.

Is leaving your family an issue? Bring your family with you. No matter how old your family members may be, they are never too young or old  to learn a sense of justice. Instill a sense of service in your children at a young age. There are opportunities for all age groups to get out and lend a hand to people in need.

Pick a Destination

The most important part of any vacation deliberation process is deciding on the destination. Planning a “service” vacation is no different. Wherever you travel, a need for service is bound to be nearby. Go to the Appalachian Trail. Go to Europe. Go to Africa. Go to Australia and you’ll still find something or someone to help out with. There is always going to be a need for help, so why not get two important things covered in your travels: exploring a new country and experiencing something new. Both can be done while enjoying your time on a service exploration. Once you find your destination of choice, start exploring the type of service you could like to perform.

Chiise A Place That Is Interesting To You

Find something that you would enjoy doing. There are many ways in which you can help other people. Are you strong or want to work on your carpentry skills? Work for Habitat for Humanity and help build a needing family a house. Do you love working with children? Travel to Mexico and play with the children in an orphanage. Do you want to have time for site-seeing, and work with construction, children, and the elderly? Join Project FIAT and travel to El Salvador helping the people in a nearby village. All are just suggestions, but also a great way to have time to experience something new. There are a million different ways to help people around the world. Once you’ve chosen your destination, type in “service in (your destination)” into a search engine and you’ll get a great number opportunities waiting for people like you to help out.

This post has been provided by Nicolas D’Alleva. Nicolas is the president and CEO of Specialty Answering Service, a high volume answering service for Fortune 500 businesses. When he is not running his business, Nicolas is volunteering his time and talents to help others in need.